2018 Election

York Region District School Board

Headquarters: Aurora
Voting Regions: 12
Total Trustee Seats Available: 12


Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Cynthia CORDOVA
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Aurora, King

Number of Available Seats: 1
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  • Placeholder image of Bob MCROBERTS
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    About Me:

    My name is Bob McRoberts and I am a candidate for public school board trustee for the Town of Aurora and the Township of King.

    I'm a retired high school mathematics teacher who is still wanting to contribute to school life in York Region. I have been an educator in the Region for the past 42 years, taught over 7000 students, tutored over 180, coached 37 school teams, been a member of School Councils in Aurora for 11 years, and have worked with the Ministry of Education in developing curriculum for Ontario. My focus has always been on students and helping them to achieve their potential.

    As trustee, I will keep a focus on student achievement and well-being, maintain an open line of communication with the public, identify the needs and priorities of the schools in Aurora and King, and ensure they are considered in Board decisions.

    As a parent, teacher, coach, school council rep., and former Deputy Mayor of Aurora, I will bring a unique perspective to the table. I have attended every regular school board meeting since June of last year. I care about all issues that pertain to students. For a list of some of them, please visit my website at I would appreciate your vote on October 22!

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East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch-Stouffville

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Lena SINGH
    About Me:

    My name is Lena Singh and I am running for York Region District School Board (YRDSB) trustee in East Gwillimbury/Whitchurch-Stouffville.

    The role of a trustee is very important. I'd like to share with you some of the important roles that your trustee has.

    The trustee is your local representative who advocates for effective public education. He/she has a responsibility to all the taxpayers in your community, not just families with school-aged children. Approximately 20% of your taxes goes to the School Board the responsibility for overseeing York Region School Board's annual 0perating budget of $1.5 Billion falls to trustees. The trustee is often the first point of contact for parents and community members who have questions and/or concerns about their local school.

    I believe that my experience and character makes me very qualified for this role!

    I am a mother of two school age children and for the past 6 years I have been actively involved in School Council. I was appointed to the Equity and Inclusivity Advisory Committee at YRDSB and also serve on the Parent Engagement Advisory Committee. It is often said that experience with YRDSB Board Committees and School Councils is essential as a starting point to being a trustee and I know this to be true. I also sit on the Board of the East Gwillimbury Public Library and Hospice Georgina. In addition to my extensive volunteer work, I have been a financial advisor, human resource manager and worked in the not-for profit, healthcare and retail industries. I have collaborated with small and large teams to create and deliver programs that promote diversity, inclusion, financial awareness, and many others, within York Region.

    I am very passionate about making sure that every student has the opportunity to achieve the highest potential and this starts with safe and welcoming schools. I believe that collaboration between schools, parents and the community is essential and I plan to work to increase this.

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    Elizabeth TERRELL
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    About Me:

    Our teachers are our frontline helpers for our children. Thank-you for being there for the students. Thank-you for all your hard work!

    Both my parents were teachers and they actually met at teachers college in Toronto. I was born and raised in Toronto. I grew up in the Toronto Public school system. I learned at a young age the value of our teachers and even after school, I had to respect my parent teachers.

    If I am elected, I will work for you, I will help you achieve a better working environment, enjoy fair budgets and advocate for school safety and traffic safety.

    I have the free time to dedicate to our public school system!

    This is my 4th Stouffville municipal election, my passion is this trustee position. Finally there is a trustee vacancy and I am asking for your support on October 22nd. In 2014, I placed second (out of 4) to our trustee incumbent.

    My Canadian experience & education is extensive, from the early 90's to current: Medical Secretary, Trust Accountant, General Accountant (1995 - 2005) Bookkeeper, Payroll & Government Tax Preparer, Real Estate Sales Representative, Durham College Business Course Instructor (2005 - 2015) & last but not least, being a mom!

    I have been to Whitchurch-Stouffville town council to help get 36 traffic calming signs approved. Community Safety Zones are approved for 9 schools, minimum of 4 signs each school, I asked for a minimum of 6 and where the road frontage allows, 6 signs will be considered. I can make a positive difference, help elect Elizabeth for a better tomorrow!!

    I will work hard for a smarter, safer & more efficient public school system. I am available 24/7 to work for our community! Please view my website for my trustee platform. Please feel free to contact me anytime! Together we can accomplish great things!

Richmond Hill Wards 1,2 & 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Simon CUI
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    Corrie MCBAIN
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    About Me:

    I am a parent. I am a volunteer. I am an engineer, albeit in mindset rather than formal practice these days.

    My 4 children span from elementary through to postsecondary ages. They keep me deeply connected and vested in public education. In addition to my trustee hat, I also maintain a volunteer presence in local schools.

    I value education and understand the power it has to equalize and open doors for all. My own formal education includes science and engineering degrees from the University of Western Ontario. Through work at 3M Canada and Celestica, I further developed the analytical and problem solving skills which I am well known for as a trustee.

    As a current trustee and Chair of the Board for the York Region District School Board (YRDSB), I continue to leverage my deep understanding of policy and governance to ensure all students receive a strong education. Throughout my term I have engaged in committee and leadership opportunities aimed at increasing transparency and accountability of the Board. I am particularly proud of the policies and frameworks created to support the management of the Director and to connect our Multi-Year Strategic Plan with both student outcomes and allocation of resources.

    At the provincial level, I represent YRDSB as a Board of Director Member and member of the Policy Development Work Team for the Ontario Public School Board Association.

    Relationships are important to me. I am responsive and always make time for constituents and students. If you would like to connect, you may call, email or visit my website and Twitter account: @CorrieMcBain

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    Jonathan NADLER

Richmond Hill Wards 3,5 & 6

Number of Available Seats: 1
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  • Image of Thomas CHONG
    Thomas CHONG
    About Me:

    Thomas Chong, MSc, P.Eng., FCAE, FEC, PMP is running for the York Region District School Board Trustee for Wards 3, 5 and 6 in Richmond Hill in the upcoming municipal election on October 22, 2018.

    I am a grassroots candidate and have volunteered for 20 years, starting at the York Region. I am a former President and Chair of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) 2016, governing 90,000 Professional Engineers in Ontario. I am currently PEO’s East Central Region Councillor.

    I earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, in 1973. As a Professional Engineer, I care deeply about the school board’s obligation to serve and protect the public interest in quality education.

    I have lived for the last 30 years in Richmond Hill with his wife and two children. I have actively participated in community activities with his church, local schools, parent councils, charities, popular music centre, dragon boating sport and helping new immigrants for over 20 years. I have also been an educator and mentor of students in the primary, secondary, post-secondary schools and new immigrants acquiring professional designations.

    I have outreached to the primary school and secondary school with the Engineers in Residence program, by going into the school classrooms and presenting to the students with lived experiences and real life examples of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), in order to inspire both girls and boys to learn STEM. I have also organized educational events at the National Engineering Month, such as Mathletics, Design challenge, Bridge Building competition, and other new design projects at the York Region schools.

    I have been recognized with 29 awards in the last nine years, including winning twice the Ontario Government Amethyst Award (Ontario government’s highest award) in 2009 and 2014; Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Award in 2013; Mentorship Program Award 2014 from the Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC), twice the Achievement, Commitment & Excellence Awards from the Ontario Ministry of Health 2014 and 2009, Mentorship Achievement Award 2014 from the York University.

    I was inducted as a Fellow in the Canadian Academy of Engineering in 2017 and as a Fellow of Engineers Canada in 2011. I also received the International Project Management Professional designation in 2009.

    Why Trustee

    Like many of you, I experienced alarm and disbelief at the loss of public confidence in the YRDSB in recent years. The Ministry of Education ordered an urgent review in 2017 pointing to serious performance problems within YRDSB, including culture of fear, racism, Islamophobia, lack of leadership, governance and equity, and trustees needless spending on international travel.

    YRDSB is at a crossroads. It is time ordinary citizens, like you and I, rise up to get the Board back on track.

    CHONG brings you experience of:

    1. Ethical leader – as a Past President and current Councillor of Professional Engineers Ontario, regulating 90,000 Professional Engineers, and executives with 4 other Boards.

    2. Educator and Mentor of students in the primary, secondary, post-secondary schools and new immigrants acquiring professional designations.

    3. Successful business owner with active community involvement, living 30 years in Richmond Hill.

    4. Project professional in a $50 billion organization. I have accounted for my project budgets.

    5. True Change Agent for equity, inclusive diversity, accessibility and anti-racism as a founder of the East Asian Network Group and the Diversity Council.

    6. Courageous Human Rights fighter - former Board Member of Legal Aid Ontario.

    7. Innovative Professional Engineer and problem solver providing creative solutions.


    York Region District School Board (YRDSB) needs total reform. It has become dysfunctional. I stand for my 5-point plan to bring the Board back on track:

    1. Restore public confidence – Comply with all 22 directions issued to YRDSB in 2017 by

    Ministry of Education to rebuild the Board’s governance and regain public trust.

    2. Respect our students and parents –Ensure open, accessible, equitable and respectful

    learning and working environment, where the Board, employees, parents and unions working together to develop policies, programs and services meeting the needs and expectations of the students.

    3. Strengthen leadership –Increase transparency, accountability, and efficiency; work harder and smarter to better serve the needs of all students and you.

    4. Responsible use of taxpayers’ money –Eliminate wasteful spending. Increase the value

    for money of your hard-earned dollars.

    5. Raise the value and relevancy of education system – Inspire learning, increase the

    value of student achievement, well-being and healthy living via innovative educational programs, address issues including unsafe drinking water, marijuana, sex-education, math and mental health.

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    Jennifer FANG
  • Placeholder image of Susan GELLER
    Susan GELLER
  • Placeholder image of Haiyan JIANG
    Haiyan JIANG
  • Placeholder image of Cindy LIANG
    Cindy LIANG
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    Bruce MCINTOSH
  • Placeholder image of Ali NIKJOO
    Ali NIKJOO
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    Salwa STEITIEH
    About Me:

    I am married with 2 children attending schools within wards 5 and 6 in Richmond Hill. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts Specialist Degree, I worked with corporate companies in progressive management positions. As an experienced professional and leader with over 20 years of strategic planning with a proven track record of driving process improvement and results, I am an effective and strong communicator focused on success.

    As a volunteer, council member and passionate advocate for my children, I understand first hand how to successfully develop collaborative ties with schools, principals, administrators, parents and teachers. I want to build on those relationships and commit to serve you on the York Region School Board as your Trustee.

    School Board Trustees have a broad scope of responsibilities, and to that regard, I want to translate my professionalism, proven leadership, financial acumen as well as collaborative skills to effectively deliver results at the School Board, from budgetary decisions to effecting policies for our children, to engaging directly and clearly with the community.

    I am passionate in serving you at the School Board through:

    Advocating for Quality Education and Student Success: I will support all diverse learning students in our schools, whether it be students in our French Public schools, or those with an exceptionality requiring Special Education and accommodations, or students pursuing an IB program in secondary school. I will ensure all of your needs are represented and served at the School Board. I will advocate and ensure allocation of the education funding continuously supports and encourages our children's learning and improve student success and well-being.

    Building Stronger Engagement with the community: I will build towards engaging with the community through active and transparent collaboration, and ensure that the role of Trustee upholds that direct link between you and the Board. That would include attending School council meetings and holding Town Halls and Coffee chats so that I can engage with each community member so that your voices are heard and represented at the School Board.

    Championing an Inclusive and Barrier free environment for all: I will champion an inclusive, welcoming and safe learning environment for our children. With your support, we will create strategies with parents and community members in soliciting and maintaining your support in our schools, removing any barrier that may prevent someone from not only getting involved, but staying involved with our schools.

    Let my strong and clear voice represent you all at the School Board. Let me be your voice!

    Twitter: @SalwaSteitieh

    Instagram: salwasteitieh4trustee

    Facebook: @SalwaSteitieh4Trustee


Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Kristine CARBIS
    Kristine CARBIS
    About Me:

    Hello, I am Kristine Carbis and I am a candidate for YRDSB Trustee for Newmarket. I am an education advocate, community resource liaison, anti-poverty activist, and accessibility advocate. My priority is students, their health and well-being. That includes their families and the community we live in. Everything comes back to ensuring students have the opportunity to succeed regardless of background, identity or personal/familial circumstances. I have been a strong voice for Equitable, Inclusive and Accessible Education for ALL Children and Youth in York Region and will continue to ensure that they also have the opportunities to speak for themselves. I strongly believe in grass roots organizing where change starts with hearing from those experiencing the system.

    My passion is who I am. I have been a very active community member of YRDSB Equity and Inclusivity Advisory Committee (EIAC) since March 2012. We have had many spirited conversations in our meetings especially concerning the challenges that the Board has faced over the past few years and I feel we are now on the right track. Change does need to happen, and at EIAC we have been instrumental in building the relationship between the Board, including Trustees, and the advisory committees. This past winter I was the EIAC Classism Sub-Committee Chair and Facilitator of Community Conversations on Classism and Poverty. We held 6 conversations across the Region with 2 of them in Newmarket and have a 25 page report that is full of recommendations for the Board to move forward on.

    I have also organized and facilitated a number of presentations on classism and poverty for YRDSB Equity Symposiums, QUEST and Parent Symposiums. I have coordinated and partnered with others to host consultations and raise the awareness of poverty in York Region, including public discussions for the Federal Poverty Reduction Strategy, the Provincial Basic Income Consultation as well as the very first Social Audit in York Region in 2010.

    I have lived in Newmarket since 1995 and am a single parent of my son who went to school in Newmarket through all of his school years. Throughout those years he experienced a lot of bullying at school and that is where I started my advocacy journey. That was 15 years ago and I am still going strong. I believe that everyone has the right to be heard. A vote for me will be a vote for student, parent and community voice.

    Facebook: 'Kristine Carbis for Newmarket Trustee' Twitter: @kristine_carbis

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    Linda GILBERT
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    About Me:

    I am passionate about learning and making a difference for our children. I have strong credentials to fill the role and responsibilities of School Trustee. I have a B.Sc. Business and an M.B.A. With over 20 years of volunteer board and business experience, I understand what is required to effectively communicate ideas and move projects forward to successful completion. I served 4 years on the York Region District School Board's Parent, Family and Community Engagement Advisory Committee (PEAC). After 10 years, I continue to serve on the School Parent Council at a local Newmarket High School. I organized many parent education events including: Mathletes, Internet Safety, Raising Resilient Children & Healthy Eating. "As an engaged parent with a child in our school district, I bring a fresh perspective to the role of School Trustee. I aim to be accessible, responsive, make informed decisions in the best interest of student learning, achievement and the well-being of ALL students. Together, let's collectively bring our voice back to public education.

    "Together we can create exceptional learning experiences for our children to help them reach their potential and prepare them for their futures."

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    Martin VAN BEEK

Vaughan Wards 1 & 2

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Miranda GOLDBERG
    Miranda GOLDBERG
  • Placeholder image of Charline GRANT
    Charline GRANT
  • Placeholder image of Nadeem MAHMOOD
    Nadeem MAHMOOD
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  • Placeholder image of Vivek MEHTA
    Vivek MEHTA
  • Placeholder image of Sabrina PAINDA
    Sabrina PAINDA
  • Placeholder image of Mandeep RAI
    Mandeep RAI
  • Placeholder image of Azadeh YEGANEH
    Azadeh YEGANEH

Vaughan Wards 3 & 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Linda AVERSA
    Linda AVERSA
  • Placeholder image of Sam Sanath BARUA
    Sam Sanath BARUA
  • Placeholder image of Justin RANGOONI
    Justin RANGOONI
    About Me:

    When my wife and I were thinking of where to raise our growing family – we chose Vaughan. With its rapid growth and diverse communities, Vaughan was the ideal place for our family and our needs. One of our deciding factors was the impressive reputation of its schools.

    However, with all 3 of our children now in the elementary public school system, we have become disappointed with the reputation of the York Region School Board.

    As parents, we trust the School Board to provide a safe and secure environment for our children that is fair and treats each child the same regardless of their background and abilities.

    As parents, we trust that School Board Trustees are accountable for their actions and make responsible decisions as these decisions can impact our children's learning and educational future.

    Unfortunately, that trust has been damaged.

    That is why I am running.

    To restore the trust.

    As a lawyer who lives, works and volunteers in Vaughan, I want to make sure that all kids have the opportunity to succeed. The last four years has shown that most of the current trustees did not share that same goal.

    This cannot happen again.

    We need a School Board that represents the voices of all parents and students in the community and one that demonstrates a stronger sense of accountability to the families they represent.

    If elected I will bring a fresh perspective that reflects and appreciates the diversity of our students.

  • Placeholder image of Elizabeth SINCLAIR
    Elizabeth SINCLAIR
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Vaughan Ward 5 & Markham Ward 1

Number of Available Seats: 1

Markham Wards 4 & 5

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of George M. GEORGE
    George M. GEORGE
  • Image of Michael KIM
    Michael KIM
    About Me:

    As a well-established resident of Markham for past 10 years, I am very proud of what we, as residents of Markham, have accomplished together in growing our homes into one of the most vibrant, diverse and affluent cities in Ontario. With Markham's unprecedented growth in the last 10 years, our city has spent great effort and focus on building our economic infrastructures while cutting corners in our school infrastructures thereby keeping success of our students at bay. Let’s work together to change old-status-quo and business as usual mindsets that have put grinding halt to call for real change wanted by our parents and students in the last election. On October 22, 2018, it is about time to bring real change that will bring innovative solutions with fresh new perspective, and strong leadership to our Markham Wards 4 & 5 who will listen and work with parents and students. Let us together build better schools for better tomorrow, and better prepare our younger generation for ever so competitive global community.

    After my graduation from the University of Toronto, downtown campus, I have been very fortunate to have worked for and still working in the field of my choice in Health and Science. My professional experience gained over 20 years working for both Fortune 500 Companies and Government, and with extensive experience in leadership, serving as chairs and co-chairs on various committees, and currently as a Vice President of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, Toronto (Midland-Queen), representing over 200 members, it would be my honor to represent the parents and students of Markham, and become your voice in bringing right people and resources to achieve desired education system in our City of Markham. Let us together bringing real change and build strong education systems that can truly help and ready our students for the better future in this ever so competitive global community.

    On October 22, 2018, you will be voting to bring real change to our education system in the City of Markham. Early online voting starts on October 12 and will continues through October 22, 2018. Register your name and exercise your right to vote so that together we can help pave the successful future for our students. From October 12 to October 22, 2018, exercise your right to vote and have your say in shaping the future of our education system in the City of Markham!

    I encourage everyone to visit my website – – to view my platform so that we can make informed decisions on who can best represent the interest of our parents, students, and educators to build best education programs that our students deserve.

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    Rukshan PARA
  • Placeholder image of Amit SHARDA
    Amit SHARDA
  • Image of Allan TAM
    Allan TAM
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    About Me:

    Whether as Youth mentor, School Council member, and your School Trustee since 2010, giving back to the community of students, parents, and schools has been my greatest passion for over a decade.

    I’ve enjoyed being right with the students in programs, consulting with parents, building new schools, creating safe and respectful learning and working environments, and championing issues to the government. I’m honoured and proud of the work we’ve accomplished together.

    We are one community - a home and springboard for our young people. I envision YRDSB to continue to be leading edge, and raise up positive leaders in the globalized and evolving world.

    I’m looking forward to lend my experience and serve you as your School Trustee with transparency and accountability as always.

    There is still so much to do for our next generation, together.

Markham Wards 7 & 8

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Sonia BABRA
    Sonia BABRA
  • Placeholder image of Ali CHATHA
    Ali CHATHA
  • Placeholder image of Sabbir CHAWALA
    Sabbir CHAWALA
  • Placeholder image of Jenny CHEN
    Jenny CHEN
  • Placeholder image of Gagan GARCHA
    Gagan GARCHA
  • Placeholder image of Charanjeet Singh LAMBA
    Charanjeet Singh LAMBA
  • Placeholder image of Juanita NATHAN
    Juanita NATHAN
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  • Placeholder image of Kavitha SENTHIL
    Kavitha SENTHIL
  • Placeholder image of Taha SHAIKH
    Taha SHAIKH

Markham Wards 2,3 & 6

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Kevin CHAN
    Kevin CHAN
  • Image of Edward CHOI
    Edward CHOI
    About Me:

    Edward Choi wants to be a strong voice for you – the students, parents, teachers & the community of Markham Wards 2, 3 & 6.

    Edward lives, works, and volunteers. He is a practicing lawyer in Markham.

    Edward has knowledge and experience in law, accounting, education, business, and government. He holds a business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, and law degrees from Queen Mary, University of London, University of Hong Kong, and University of New Brunswick.

    As a graduate of YRDSB elementary and secondary schools, Edward knows what it is like to be a student in York Region.

    Edward worked with students as a Teaching Assistant, Exam Invigilator, and a Co- Facilitator of a university transition program.

    Edward was elected as a member of a university senate where he scrutinized the academic curriculum and policies. Edward heard and fairly decided academic appeal cases. He served on the Academic Planning Committee, Bookstore Committee, Residence Committee, Admissions and Curriculum Committee, Law Library Committee, and the Student’s Union Council.

    Edward is a member of the City of Markham Race Relations Committee. Edward served as a Victim Services of York Region volunteer.

    Edward will listen to and consult with you - the students, parents, teachers, and the community.

  • Placeholder image of Catherine LEUNG
    Catherine LEUNG
    About Me:

    My name is Catherine Leung, is running for YRDSB trustee, Markham wards 2, 3, and 6. My education background was Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from California State University, Los Angeles, .and had more than eighteen years of full time experience as accountant, accounting supervisor, and accounting manager in Greater Los Angeles. After I relocated to Ontario in 2001, besides doing volunteer work, I had worked for accounting agency, taught part time at Yip's Choral and Performance Academy, Montessori School, and at music studio as piano, and piano keyboard teacher, etc. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and could speak both Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. More

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    Jerrica LIN
  • Placeholder image of AJ LUO
    AJ LUO
  • Placeholder image of Ron LYNN
    Ron LYNN
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  • Placeholder image of Lisa REN
    Lisa REN
  • Placeholder image of Ada YEUNG
    Ada YEUNG