2018 Election

Toronto District School Board

Headquarters: Toronto
Voting Regions: 22
Total Trustee Seats Available: 22

Ward 1 Etobicoke North (City Ward 1)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Zakaria ABDULLE
    Zakaria ABDULLE
    About Me:

    My name is Zakaria Abdulle. I was born and raised in Etobicoke North, and offer perspectives as a father, husband, educator, and advocate with grassroots community experience.

    As a resident of Etobicoke North, I have pushed both the city and province to increase services to bring stronger public education to our schools, advised the Ontario government to review the funding of schools in Etobicoke North, and successfully worked with families to collect thousands of signatures to turn a closed school into a community hub to bring services like childcare and recreation into the community.

    As an educator in Etobicoke North, I have put our community first. I supported the academic progress of children in Etobicoke North to help them reach their potential, and taught leadership classes to youth across Etobicoke North. I listen to the voice of parents, and work with them to ensure they play an active role in their children's education.

    As a youth outreach worker and volunteer in Etobicoke North, I serve our community with passion, experience, and leadership. I volunteered at a local food bank to fight poverty, lead mentorship programs, and helped increase youth employment in Etobicoke North by bringing new programs that has helped youth gain jobs.

    I've worked with many of you over the last few years and have heard your frustrations regarding the lack of advocacy to help improve our public schools. You've told me how what we need now is the alignment of passion, ideas, and urgency to Move Hope Forward in our schools.

    We need to do this together. I'm running to be your trustee because I believe great schools should be the backbone of strong and inclusive communities. I'm running to be your trustee because investing in our local schools is investing in our children's education and future. It's time for us to come together as a community to ensure our children's future gets the advocacy its waited too long for, and that our priorities set the agenda for how our schools and community are served.

  • Placeholder image of Akhtar AYUB
    Akhtar AYUB
  • Image of Pat BRAR
    Pat BRAR
    About Me:

    My Name is Pat Brar , I am born and raised in Toronto. I have lived in Ward 1 for the past 14 years. I am committed to putting our children first and ensuring all students receive a high quality public school education. I ask that you support me by casting your Vote. Together we can create stronger schools for our children.

    I am a parent with 2 children in the public school system. I was also educated in the public school system. I understand the challenges parents and student are facing and I can address those challenges.

    I have a engineering and social services background. I am currently working for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. My extensive experience assisting clients with addictions, homelessness, immigration, mental health, poverty and unemployment related challenges provides a fresh perspective to the trustee position. I have seen first hand the growing number of youth in the mental health system. I know we can ensure youth in our ward have a healthy experience in school. I have been a youth leader and helped develop youth programs for west Toronto youth.

    Sudent leader and board member representing Southern Ontario College, I took the concerns of students to the Minister of Education. I also have experience conducting board meeting, developing maintaining budgets and project management. I am also fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu allowing me to serve you better.

    My Toronto District School Board (TDSB) related experience is as follows:

    -I am a TDSB parent with 2 children in Elementary School

    -I have Served as Co-chair on Parent council and currently I am a Treasure

    -I am a TDSB school volunteer coordinating pizza lunches for students

    -I worked at TDSB with children in JK/SK and special needs programming classrooms

    A vote for me is a vote for:

    -Well maintained schools

    -Stronger Special needs programming

    -Better Student Engagement

    -Stronger youth leadership programs

    -Higher level of learning

    -Accountable, Efficient and Transparent leadership

    If voted as your TDSB trustee on October 22, 2018, I will work hard to meet your expectations.

  • Placeholder image of Ankit DHAWAN
    Ankit DHAWAN
  • Image of Harpreet GILL
    Harpreet GILL
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    My name is Harpreet Gill. I was born, raised and currently reside in Etobicoke North. Over the last several years, I have worked with many individuals and organizations in our community to strengthen it. I have done this through volunteering my time to organizations and initiatives targeted towards building community engagement and creating better opportunities for youth. This work has shown me that my commitment for making change in Etobicoke North is shared. It has also taught me that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. I hold a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Western University and Master of Management from the Schulich School of Business. I am currently employed in the healthcare sector and have worked at various professional organizations, taking on roles of increasing responsibility. As someone who was a student in this community from my earliest years till completing high school, I have a vested interest in seeing the school system that provided me such great opportunities do the same for others. Ward 1 needs a Trustee who will promote community involvement and student leadership. I belong to this community, realize the unique challenges of its education system and will advocate to deliver solutions. My education, professional experiences and community involvement will assist me in championing our concerns, to ensure our voices are heard in solving key challenges in our education system. By doing so, we can commit to ensuring our students receive the highest quality of education to succeed. More

  • Placeholder image of Kim KING
    Kim KING
  • Image of Rajinder LALL
    Rajinder LALL
    About Me:

    I hope to become your next school trustee of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Ward 1. As an active learner I attended Humber College and later in life got my Real Estate License. I have lived in Toronto for 30 years and today I work as a Real Estate Broker and Finacial Advisor in Etobicoke, Ward 1. I have two children ages 26 and 23 who went to and grew up in the TDSB. I was actively involved in their education and school environment, which I believe will be an asset as your Trustee. Seeing the issues my children dealt with in the school system will help me to change this for your children today. Working with families and members of the community I have heard many concerns involving the school board, which is why I am here today to advocate for you. As your Trustee I will push to improve school rating by providing more teachers to create a smaller class size. By doing so, your child will have better individualized learning and deliver more jobs for teachers. Students need opportunities for one-on-one learning and by having a smaller class their learning should greatly improve. Students and teachers have also complained about the classrooms being too hot to learn or teach in. I believe that by adding air-conditioning into the schools we can eliminate this problem and allow students to continue to learn on those days. By providing air-conditioning units into the classrooms, students learning will not be interrupted. I also plan to improve the safety of your children by improving the TDSB door security as well as examining and replacing closed circuit television cameras in schools. By doing so, your child’s school will eliminate the entrance of personnel’s who should not be entering your child’s environment. I would also like to increase the amount of time the Toronto District Police spend in schools to provide more security and workshops around safety with students. More

  • Placeholder image of Alexander LISI
    Alexander LISI
    About Me:

    My name is Alexander Lisi.

    I was born, raised and currently reside in Etobicoke North.

    I had the pleasure to attend the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) schools from kindergarten through to grade 12. I attended Westmount Elementary School till grade 5. I then moved to Hilltop Middle School and took French in grade 6 through grade 8. I have many relatives and friends who have taken French immersion programs at the TDSB and elsewhere in Ontario. French language knowledge is beneficial for students in the multi-lingual world that we live in. I support policies and practices that promote French language and culture for students whose parents choose to enroll them in French immersion programs.

    I attended both Richview Collegiate and Scarlett Heights Collegiate in secondary school.

    Running for office is something I have wanted to do for quite a while. During the time I helped campaign for my friend and mentor Rob Ford, I learned first-hand what it means to be in public service, and how you can make a positive impact every day. Rob had ‘service before self’ written on the back of his business cards, and this is a motto that I want to embrace.

    There are many perceptions of me that are inaccurate that have been reported in the media. It will always be a challenge to change certain perceptions, but I intend to focus my time and energy as trustee improving the student experience in Ward 1. Actions speak much louder than words.

    I have had an overwhelmingly positive response from neighbours and residents.

    I was inspired to run because of a recent increase in violence in our schools. Violence in our schools concerns me. Schools should be ‘safe havens’ for all students in every Ward.

    -I’m in favor of inviting back Toronto Police school resource officers to build relationships and to promote law abiding behavior in our schools.

    “Schools and students in Rexdale need to be as safe as schools in Rosedale”. If elected, it will be my mission to achieve this.

    -We need more consultation with and between all stakeholders - parents, teachers and administrators, especially involving major decision making.

    -Many schools are in drastic need of significant repairs. The TDSB leadership is failing all students by their inaction, and by bad decision making. We need to prioritize repairs and have a plan to eliminate the repair backlog.

    If elected, I will donate 50 per cent of my first term salary to worthy community causes, charities and grassroots organizations.

    Over the last twenty years, I have worked in my families’ automotive service business. While I enjoy working in my families’ business, the time to give back to the community that has given me, and my family so MUCH is NOW.

    That’s why I’m running to be the next TDSB Trustee in Ward 1 Etobicoke North.

    To my fellow candidates – Bon chance and Good luck!

  • Image of Ali MOHAMED-ALI
    About Me:

    Ali is a former student of the Toronto District School Board system

    In 2004, Ali completed a Bachelor of Public Administration and Governance and in 2007, a Masters of Public Policy and Administration, from Ryerson University.

    Ali lives in Etobicoke North and is a married father of four children, all are currently in the Toronto public school system.

    Ali Mohamed-Ali has spent his work career and volunteer time tirelessly contributing to the Toronto public education system, enhancing accessibility for persons with disabilities and persons across the range of ethnocultural backgrounds and advancing social and economic justice causes.

    Electing Ali as Public School Trustee for Etobicoke North will introduce an enthusiastic newcomer with fresh ideas, a history of filling volunteer roles within the TDSB and wide-ranging and deep knowledge of TDSB policies and processes.

    Ali, as he has so often done over the past decade, will draw together and facilitate communication between parents, educators and the community, with the goal of all activities to be provision of the best possible education to each and every student within the Toronto public school system.

    Thank you in advance.

    Ali Mohamed-Ali, Ward 1, Etobicoke North, Toronto District School Board

  • Placeholder image of Millicent QUIST
    Millicent QUIST

Ward 5 York Centre (City Ward 6)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 4 Humber River-Black Creek (City Ward 7)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 2 Etobicoke Centre (City Ward 2)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 3 Etobicoke-Lakeshore (City Ward 3)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Wanda ALLEN
    Wanda ALLEN
  • Image of Tracy BOWIE
    Tracy BOWIE
    About Me:

    Quality Education – The Key to Canada’s Future

    My name is Tracy Bowie and I have lived in Ward 3 all my life, and my husband Guy and I have raised our 3 sons, Timothy, Devin and Curtis here attending local schools including Norseman, Seventh Street, Etobicoke Collegiate and Royal York (now ESA.) I believe in the importance of a quality education system and know the investments we make now will reward our community in the future. Together, we will ensure the continued improvement of our public education system and the formation of healthy, happy and engaged students.

    Community Involvement

    - Chair of the Outreach Committee and Co-Chair of the Refugee Resettlement Committee at Royal York Road United Church.

    - Past Chair of the Seventh Street School Council.

    - Volunteer at Out of the Cold program, Canadian Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity and others.

    - Proud Hockey Mom who played for the Etobicoke Dolphins and managed my son’s Humber Valley Sharks “A” Hockey Team.

    30 years of Business Experience, Leadership & Mentoring

    - Vice President at IIDEXCanada/Informa Canada, working in the areas of art, design, architecture, and real estate.

    - Strong financial, networking, collaboration, marketing and presentation skills.

    - Recipient of a Leadership Award from the interior design industry in Canada.

    - Mentored over 20 youth through college internships to successful rewarding career

  • Image of Christopher CALDWELL
    Christopher CALDWELL
    About Me:

    Chris earned an Environmental Studies graduate degree (MES) from York University in Urban Planning and Sustainability, completed a graduate diploma in 'Business and Environment' from Schulich Business School and received a national award for research on Human Impacts on the Environment. He received an Information Systems Management designation in 2002 from Ryerson University and qualified for project manager credentials from the Project Management Institute in 2011. Chris is a published author having released his second edition 'Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness' the Leadership Edition in late 2017.

    Chris also has a Masters of Education degree from the University of Toronto (M.Ed.), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Chris speaks widely on the topics of corporate well-being, communication and development, connectivity to social and environmental issues and devotes his spare time to volunteerism and the arts. He currently works as a learning and development consultant for organizations in leadership and social responsibility.

    Past community involvement includes:

    -3 years as Director on a prominent ratepayers' association

    -Volunteer for Children's cancer organization (14+ years)

    -Volunteer for York Region Food Network

    -Volunteer for Toronto Crisis Centre

  • Placeholder image of David KALBFLEISCH
  • Placeholder image of Patrick KING
    Patrick KING
  • Image of Marcello LAVALLE
    Marcello LAVALLE
    About Me:


    . An Etobicoke resident for 26 years

    . Life-long community service beginning at age 17

    . Volunteer St Joseph hospital

    . Volunteer and head coach Etobicoke Jaycees Gymnastics

    . Gymnastics supervisor for Etobicoke recreation programmes

    . Presently provide handyman services for senior citizens MDR condominium

    OTHER :

    . Elected to Citizens Advisory Board (Brampton)

    . 34 Years in Education

    . B.A., MEd. (Master of Science in Education)

    . 19 years school Principal

    . 4 years Physical and Health Education Consultant

    . Teacher of grades Kindergarten to grade 10

    . Founder and president of the Board Kindergarten Association

    . Founder and head couch of Etobicoke Jaycees Gymnastics Club

    . Co-founder of first accredited School of Gymnastics- York University-1968


    . Introduced first School Board Arts Festival-1972

    . Introduced first School Board 25 th School Anniversary-contributed to writing of Board Policy re. Future celebrations

    . First male Kindergarten teacher in the Board

    . Served on and or Chaired numerous Board Committees

    . Wrote the Early Primary Education Report on behalf of the Principals’ for submission to the Ministry of Education

    . Co-writer of the Special Needs Report and the Board Language Arts Programme and other reports

    . A group leader for the Family Life Course-University of Waterloo

    . Delivered numerous workshop/inservice for teachers , principal, administrative staff including Trustees


    —because I have a deep concern with the evolution of our society and an equally deep belief that Education is the best and most effective way to address present and future issues that may arise for our children. In addition to the usual broad issues such as : safety, student achievement, infrastructure, violence/bullying, sex education etc. we need to revisit the role of the Trustee, the Parents, Term appointments, the delivery of renewable, sustainable energy, and begin to explore ways of improving parent engagement, explore ways of generating more revenue by “saving costs” other than the cutting of programs or staff or delaying needed school repairs.

    I have the knowledge and experience at all levels of the educational process to get the job done. With your input and support we will succeed .

    As I am retired ( for the 2nd time ) and with no dependants, I will be at your service.

    I invite you to contact me at anytime : email :

  • Image of Aziza MOHAMMED
    Aziza MOHAMMED
    About Me:

    Aziza was born and raised in Etobicoke and lives in Ward 3. She attended Sir Adam Beck and John English before completing a Master of International Public Policy degree. Aziza has experience working at Queen’s Park and serving on boards. She has the hands on experience and education to be an effective trustee. More

  • Image of Patrick NUNZIATA
    Patrick NUNZIATA
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Patrick Nunziata has been a lifelong resident of Ward 3 (Etobicoke-Lakeshore).

    Growing up in a political family – his father, John Nunziata, a former MP, and his aunt, Frances Nunziata, a city councillor for Ward 11 – has taught him the importance of commitment and integrity in politics.

    Patrick received a BFA from Western University and is a practicing visual artist and entrepreneur. Through his studio practice and his art-to-wear clothing line Beausejour Co., Patrick has had the opportunity to collaborate with brands such as Levis, Pink Tartan, Aritzia, TIFF and Canada’s Walk of Fame.

    Patrick believes in inspiring youth to be free, independent thinkers. Every young person deserves to be believed in and to be supported in the pursuit of their own unique dream. Patrick will work tirelessly to inspire excitement, curiosity and achievement.

    Patrick will be an advocate for well-maintained and modern schools. He will push for mentorship programs that will be available to all students and will promote increased availability of job placement and internship opportunities. He also believes in engaging mental health professionals to ensure the well-being of all students.

    Patrick will be a strong, effective and transparent representative. He will always be available to listen to and advocate for students, parents, teachers and community members.

  • Image of Felicia SETO-LAU
    Felicia SETO-LAU
    About Me:

    Let's get to know TDSB Trustee candidate for Ward 3, Felicia Seto-Lau. Chances are, you may have already met Felicia in and around our beautiful "it takes a village" ward. Maybe your family has shared a sand box shovel (or two) with Felicia or you've attended one of the many neighborhood events that she has organized. A perpetually smiling face in our growing and bustling community, Felicia has built her educational and familial platform from experiencing the school system on all levels. From the playground to the conference room, Felicia has worn many hats!

    For the past five years Felicia Seto-Lau has been serving you as an active community member as:

    Your TDSB Ward 3 Representative at PIAC

    Chair and grant writer at local school council

    * Volunteer at Ward 3 Trustee office

    Community center guest speaker

    Co-lead for the 2018 TDSB PIAC School Council Appreciation and Information Event which hosted key members of the TDSB, including: the Minister and Director of Education, and Board of Trustees Chair.

    These fulfilling experiences have given Felicia an unfiltered perspective into our school system. With this "inside scoop", Felicia will be able to strengthen our existing TDSB values. By identifying the successes and acknowledging structural weakspots, Felicia has a head-start on changing the game!

    For her family and yours, Felicia will champion important issues, such as:

    Student Achievement

    Parent and Community Engagement

    Effective planning for Infrastructure and school space usage

    Accessing Program resources, Student Nutrition and Safer streets

    Professionally, Felicia has a powerful foundation. Felicia has a practiced Chemical Engineering career with a Hon. Bachelor degree (University of Waterloo) for over 20 years. As a parent, volunteer and engineer, Felicia has been a staunch supporter of STEM programs in the classroom and continues to educate on the benefits of this endeavor.

    On October 22, let's elect someone with an impressive track record of involvement and commitment. Elect someone who shares your genuine belief in our Public Education System.

    For their future, join us now - Vote Felicia Seto-Lau!

  • Placeholder image of Moussa TAHLIL
    Moussa TAHLIL

Ward 9 Davenport and Spadina-Fort York (City Wards 9 & 10)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Nancy CAETANO
    Nancy CAETANO
  • Placeholder image of Inga CERNEI
    Inga CERNEI
  • Image of Stephanie DONALDSON
    Stephanie DONALDSON
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    As a proud resident of downtown Toronto, and a mom to two young girls, Stephanie is committed to working together to make the Toronto District School Board a leader in equitable, inclusive, and high quality public education.

    Stephanie has a long standing passion for public education - from her early days teaching English overseas, to working in the non-profit sector supporting youth employment, to her years of work in education policy, to the important role of TDSB parent. Stephanie has the right skills and experience to become Ward 9's new Toronto District School Board Trustee.

    Through her experience serving as co-chair of her daughters' School Advisory Council, Stephanie deeply understands and values the perspective of parents and guardians. In her work on school council, she has advocated for greater equity and inclusion at the school level, pushed to increase parent engagement in student achievement, and planned and delivered school community building events.

    Through her 10+ years working in policy within the Ontario Public Service, Stephanie has a keen understanding of how to get things done with government. As a Director, Stephanie led a policy team working at the intersection of labour relations and education policy to support a fair and balanced approach to safeguarding rights and supporting the achievement of all educators and students.

    Through her non-profit work at a youth-focused community based training organization, she developed a passion for creating more employment opportunities and skill-building resources for young people. Stephanie believes in valuing student voice and respecting all of the pathways to success beyond secondary school. She is committed to working to ensure each student has full opportunity to chart their own path.

    Through her years of organizing at the local level, Stephanie understands how to work within communities. Whether it is organizing families and residents to take action for a cause, re-designing a local public park, or advocating for a more liveable and affordable city - Stephanie leads with heart and a strong voice in the community. Stephanie also serves on the Board of Sistering, a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.

    Stephanie and her family have called Dovercourt Village home for the past 11 years.

  • Image of Nila GUPTA
    Nila GUPTA
    About Me:

    I am a parent, proud Torontonian and Davenport West resident, and an involved chair of my child’s Parent Council. I came to Canada when I was 6 and my siblings and I all went to TDSB schools. Like many of you, I was a newcomer navigating a different educational system, and now I’m a parent advocating, like many of you, for my child’s unique learning needs.

    I am running for School Trustee as a woman, racialized immigrant, and an openly gay candidate because, now more than ever, we need diverse voices who will champion equity and understand the lived experiences of those they serve.

    I am running for Trustee because I am that determined advocate who believes that investing in our children, in our educators, and in our public education system, is the right thing to do. I believe one of the few remaining paths to equity – that is, a good career and a better quality of life, is a great education taught by great educators.

    I am running for Trustee because I have the skills to make a difference. As a community worker, I developed Parent Advisory Councils and Community Councils, and supported parents who needed help navigating the complexity of the school system. I delivered programs to underserved communities such as breakfast programs, before and after school programs, daycares and more. Now, for the last dozen years, I have been teaching college students in the field of Community Services how to do the same.

    I am running for Trustee because, like so many of you, I believe that schools should be safe, inclusive, equitable spaces that are respectful of diverse families, and respectful of students’ unique learning profiles and needs. Schools should be a space where we all are actively working against hate and bullying and exclusion -- so all kids can succeed.

    I am running for Trustee, because like so many of you, I believe our children need more education, not less. Our children need modern, forward thinking, community-minded curriculum that covers consent, healthy relationships, cyber-safety, sexuality, gender diversity and diverse families. Our children need more physical education and arts programming as active and expressive kids are healthier kids.

    Like you, I believe that our society understands its obligation under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to tell the truth about Canadian history and to include Indigenous histories, issues, and perspectives into the curriculum. We desperately need a paradigm shift in our thinking if we are to save our planet from the ravages of climate change -- and learning about Indigenous thought can offer us an alternate way of looking at our world.

    Like you, I believe that, now more than ever, our communities need Trustees who are not deterred by Premier Ford, the biggest bully in our Ontario schoolyards, and his regressive policies. We need strong, experienced, effective advocates who possess a vision for a better future and the determination to make positive change -- and to do all of that with integrity.

  • Placeholder image of Viktor MIHAYLOV
    Viktor MIHAYLOV
  • Placeholder image of Mandip PADDA
    Mandip PADDA
  • Image of Andre PAPADIMITRIOU
    About Me:

    With two decades of experience as a dedicated public education advocate, Andre is ready to help lead the TDSB through the daunting challenges it faces. Andre has been in the classroom, as well as having a proven track record of building partnerships among concerned communities. But most important of all, he keenly understands that our next generation of young people in Toronto trust the school system to prepare them to be successful in an increasingly challenging world.

    Andre is proud to emerge from a lower income family with strong family values. His hard-working father is an illiterate ethnic minority and an immigrant to Toronto. His mother retired as a school bus driver while his father is over 70 and still works in a factory. Both of Andre’s parents do not have high school education, so it has taken him a long time to rise through the ranks. He has deep respect and appreciation for the hard work and care his parents provided. These days Andre is honored to be an adoptive father of an indigenous son and currently lives with his disabled brother in the Ward where they assist the homeless.

    In 2017 Andre boycotted the Trump Travel Ban. He rejected the discriminatory U.S. policy by cancelling his flight to a Boston conference and attended a peaceful protest with allies. Andre participated in the TDSB Pride March, March for our Education, the Women’s March – as well as having supported the wellbeing of his former roommate who transitioned as a trans woman. Lastly, Andre’s partner is a person of colour where they continue to champion the virtues of good faith and freedom for diversity.

  • Image of Connor PIERCE
    Connor PIERCE
    About Me:

    Connor is a former executive and professional project manager, successful business owner, published author, and proud parent of two bright children in public school. In his long career Connor has achieved deep hands on experience with the accountable use of public funds and resources. A graduate of University of Toronto, Humber College, as well as having obtained the Project Management Professional designation from the Project Management Institute, Connor firmly believes in the value of education.

    Facebook: @ConnorPierce4TDSBTrustee2018

    Twitter: @Connor4Trustee

  • Placeholder image of Tania PRINCIPE
    Tania PRINCIPE
    About Me:

    I am currently an independent consultant, a PhD candidate and a mother of two. I’m running for TDSB Trustee (Davenport Ward 9 and Spadina- Fort York Ward 10) because I believe an inclusive, forward-looking, high quality, student-centred education is essential for all students and communities to thrive.

    -I am a mother of two elementary school boys with diverse needs and experiences with schooling.

    -I am proud to call Regal Heights community home, and am a long time resident of the west end of Toronto

    -For the last twenty years, I have been a leader in local community and international non-governmental organizations advocating for social change including food security and gender equality.

    -I have experience working with different levels of government and diverse communities, all towards making positive and lasting change.

    -For the past five years, I’ve advocated for families struggling with the school system.

    -And, I have an extensive understanding of school system reform, education, and best practices in teaching.

    As your trustee, I will advocate for

    -Inclusive education. I believe that all learners — regardless of ability, race, gender, income level, language, or background — are taught together in classrooms in their neighbourhood school. Every student deserves a high-quality, forward looking education.

    -Re-imagining school lunch hour. Today lunch is part of the school day, but not as a learning opportunity. Together we can create a path forward to use this space to develop student social skills, build community as well as to get outside and play.

    -Re-thinking how budgets are allocated. By looking at the system holistically, I am certain we can create a future to ensure all students’ learning needs are met, school infrastructure is safe, and the environment is optimised for learning.

    -Increased support to teachers. I have yet to meet a teacher who is not fully committed to their students. And as teaching practices evolve and student needs change and grow, teachers need more. More resources and support. More opportunities for professional development. More paid time to support their learning and that of their students.

    -More Transparency. I will listen to your ideas, concerns and will ensure that decision-making processes are inclusive and transparent. This means working to ensure consultative processes are respected and community members, parents and students have a strong voice that is heard in decision-making process.

    When I’m not working, parenting or researching, I advocate for families who need disability supports. I enjoy a great cheese plate and I run, spin and kayak.

  • Placeholder image of George STEVENS
    George STEVENS
  • Placeholder image of Svetoslava TOPOUSOVA
    Svetoslava TOPOUSOVA
  • Placeholder image of Jean WILLS
    Jean WILLS
  • Image of Paul WILSON
    Paul WILSON
    About Me:

    I am seeking to be elected as the Ward 9 Trustee for the Toronto District School Board. I am running because I believe that my experience would provide responsible financial oversight for the TDSB’s $3 billion budget.

    There is no shortage of people with expertise in how to spend your tax dollars. The possibilities are limitless. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the money available to our school board. As Trustee, my objective would be to ensure we provide the best education to our students at the best possible cost.

    If elected, I will donate a portion of my TDSB salary to an education-focused charitable organization.

Ward 6 York South-Weston (City Ward 5)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Rose KIRBY
    Rose KIRBY
  • Placeholder image of Abdullahi SID-AHMED
    Abdullahi SID-AHMED
  • Placeholder image of Michael STERLIN
    Michael STERLIN
  • Image of Chris TONKS
    Chris TONKS
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I was born and raised here in York South-Weston. It is where I am raising my own family. It is where I have built many friendships.

    I have had the privilege of representing our community as your Trustee and I am looking for your continued trust and support as we move forward over the next term.

    As your Trustee, I have consistently advocated for getting the resources that our community schools need. I have obtained investments that help make a difference: Inner City Model Schools funding, infrastructure and playground improvements, and staffing. We have seen many successes, however more needs to be done.

    We need a strategic focus on improving student achievement in numeracy and literacy in our children's earliest years. We also need to continue to rebuild and invest in many of our aging schools. I pledge to continue continue the fight for our community on these important issues.

    I currently work at Prouse Dash Crouch LLP, a community law firm where I assist people in solving their legal issues. In this role, I have come to deal with many of the problems and concerns that many people in our community experience on a daily basis.

    When I am not working or trying to mediate arguments between my four very active children over whether to watch Dora the Explorer or Thomas and Friends, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing guitar, and watching the Raptors!

  • Image of Hugo-Vladimir VALLECILLA
    Hugo-Vladimir VALLECILLA
    About Me:

    My name is Hugo-Vladimir Vallecilla. I am a life-long resident of Toronto who is a racialized millennial and proud uncle. I graduated from the TDSB. I am a committed volunteer in various sectors within Toronto. I have an academic background in Human Rights, Social Work, Psychology, and Business. I am also a small business owner and currently work at Centennial College as the Manager, Global Citizenship, Equity & Inclusion Programs in the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion with oversight of all Centennial College Campuses.

    I am a former employee of the TDSB and worked in various Gender-Based Violence Prevention, Equity, and Human Rights roles. I actively supported children, youth, parents, and community members during my various roles in the TDSB

    I have passionately worked with children, youth, seniors, and families at various organizations within Toronto. I believe in creating vibrant community hubs in all schools.

Ward 7 Parkdale-High Park (City Ward 4)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Reade BARBER
    Reade BARBER
    About Me:

    Experienced Educator

    Reade is the only Ward 7 Candidate who has actually spent time as a teacher. Reade taught both primary and secondary levels for approximately three years. This time in the classroom gives Reade insight and understanding of what actually goes on in the classroom, and the challenges that teachers, students, parents, and administrators face.

    Professional Leadership

    Reade has vast corporate experience running large, complex organizations. He understands the need for effective planning, governance, and budgeting, something the TDSB has been lacking with their current trustees. This professional management experience will help him make the tough choices when necessary.

    Tech Savvy

    Reade understands technology and how it can advance an organization. He's spent the last few years helping organizations digitally transform, and he'd like to help the TDSB evolve as well. In order to contend in the global economy, the TDSB will need to give their students the tools and training necessary to excel.

    Proud Parent

    Reade cares about the quality of the schools. As a recent parent, Reade is keenly aware that a quality education is a fundamental right for everyone in Canada. His goal is to make sure every school provides the necessary training and support to allow all students the opportunity to prosper.

  • Image of Robin PILKEY
    Robin PILKEY
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Robin Pilkey is a high energy, professional accountant with a demonstrated commitment to public education.

    She was first elected as Toronto District School Board (TDSB) School Trustee in 2014. In 2015 she was elected as Chair of the TDSB, a position which she still holds. In these roles for the TDSB she represents local students, families, and educators, and works closely with the Director of Education to ensure the board functions professionally and effectively, and with a clear focus on students.

    Providing the best education possible in an economically sustainable environment is the guiding principal of every decision she makes.

    Robin currently serves on the following TDSB committees:

    Priorities & Planning Committee Chair

    Director Performance Appraisal Committee Chair

    French as a Second Language Advisory Committee Trustee Co-Chair

    Audit Committee Member

    Program & School Services Committee Ex-Officio

    Governance & Policy Committee Ex-Officio

    Finance, Budget & Enrollment Committee Ex-Officio

    In addition to her roles as School Trustee and Chair of the TDSB, Robin continues to oversee her private accounting practice. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 30 years' senior level finance, accounting and tax compliance experience.

    Robin lives in the High Park area with her family. She has 3 grown children who have graduated from TDSB high schools. Robin continues to be actively involved in her community.

    "I am proud of what I have accomplished over the past four years to support public education and deliver quality education programs to our students. I promise to continue to work with you for a strong, responsible public education system." Robin Pilkey

Ward 8 Eglinton-Lawrence and Toronto-St. Paul's (City Wards 8 & 12)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Kaydeen BANKASINGH
    Kaydeen BANKASINGH
    About Me:

    Kaydeen is a resident of Eglinton-Lawrence with her daughter and son for 11 years. She has dedicated these years to supporting residents to be active and engaged citizens in their communities. She is currently co-chair of the Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network (LHION) a coalition of residents, partners and stakeholders leading collaborative community development initiatives in Englemount-Lawrence and Yorkdale-Glen Park. Kaydeen is committed to making local schools Accessible, Inclusive and Community-focused bringing consistent and relevant information to families when it is needed. More

  • Placeholder image of Robb COOKE
    Robb COOKE
  • Image of Thomas GALLEZOT
    Thomas GALLEZOT
    About Me:

    A former engineer and patent attorney from France, upon arriving in Canada I had to start at the bottom and have steadily worked my way up professionally. Today I am a Master of Public Service candidate at the University of Waterloo and French Programs Manager at the Ontario Justice Education Network. My wife Lauren and I recently were blessed with an amazing daughter, Amélie. My core values are honesty, empathy, audacity, care, and respect. My political vision is focused on speaking truth to power to serve youth, parents and communities. More

  • Image of Shelley LASKIN
    Shelley LASKIN
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Shelley learned the value of public service as a child in Thunder Bay where her father, Saul Laskin, served as Mayor, and her mother Adele was active in a number of social causes. A cartographer by profession, when her children began school, Shelley became an active and engaged parent at both the local and board level.

    Shelley served as a trustee on the Toronto District School Board from 1997-2003, and then returned to the board in 2010. Shelley was able to effect changes that strengthened neighbourhood schools – everything from launching ground breaking policies on community involvement, Eco-Schools, equity, literacy, academic excellence, school safety and healthy schools to finding creative solutions for rebuilding schools as evidenced through North Toronto Collegiate Institute. Shelley has been instrumental in getting a number of facility improvements and program enhancements in local schools and continues to champion meaningful parental involvement and supportive system relationships to advance student mental health and well-being as well as academic success.

    In her last two terms, Shelley served on the Program and School Services Committee, the Budget and Enrolment Committee, the Operations and Facility Management Committee and the Planning and Priorities Committee. In the 2014-2018 term, she was champion behind the Board creating a standing committee on Policy and Governance and served as its first Chair. She currently is a member of that committee, the Planning Priorities Committee and Chair of the Health and Mental Well-being Committee. She is especially proud of her work in contributing to the Board's Equity Framework, Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy, Active Transportation Charter, Mental Health Strategy and the new Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

    Shelley has been a leading voice for regulation changes for the TDSB to receive Education Development Charges (EDCs) which is finally being acknowledged as an urban issue by the province. She also was returned to the Ontario Public School Boards' Association representing Toronto as Vice-President on the Executive and elected to the Policy Development Working Table where she advocates for changes to provincial policies to improve the experiences of all Ontario students.

    Shelley is an experienced trustee, bringing a track record of strengthening public schools and healthy communities, active in community groups and her synagogue.

    With a Bachelor of Arts degree and a graduate diploma in Cartography, Shelley blends planning and action. She has managed various projects within the federal and provincial government and run her own business. Currently, as Senior Advisor within the Ontario Public Service, she supports governance within provincial agencies. Shelley remains active in community groups and her synagogue.

    Most importantly, she is a parent of three graduates of Toronto's public schools.

  • Placeholder image of Voula STEVENS
    Voula STEVENS

Ward 10 University-Rosedale and Toronto Centre (City Wards 11 & 13)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Mahbubul ALAM
    Mahbubul ALAM
  • Image of Fos ASHKIR
    Fos ASHKIR
    About Me:

    Reason for running:

    For over 14 years, as a mother of two young leaders, I have served on TDSB school councils and have been a relentless advocate and community trailblazer in improving the educational experience in our neighbourhoods. I am committed to making schools better for our children and the community.

    Career previously:

    Constituency Assistant for the Hon. Bill Morneau, MP Toronto Centre.

    Most important election issue:

    Ensuring children/families are well supported in obtaining a quality education.

    Accomplishment you are most proud of in the last five years:

    Regent Park Meals - 40,000 people fed to date.

    Why voters should give you a chance:

    I will maintain inclusive, safe and sustainable schools for those in our community. I will make sure that the values and concerns of our students and families come first.

  • Image of Ted CRYSLER
    About Me:

    I have been a parent advocate for the past 6 years and will continue to advocate for parents, children and change within the TDSB if elected as Trustee for Ward 10. As a parent, I intimately understand the challenges that the Board is facing, and the need for real dialogue with parents and the community. I believe that Ward Councils would be an effective way of ensuring the parent voice is heard. I am passionate about education, and hope you will consider a vote for me.

    Twitter: @TedCryslerTO

  • Placeholder image of Kate FRISCHKORN
  • Placeholder image of Baquie GHAZI
    Baquie GHAZI
  • Image of Olivia LABONTE
    Olivia LABONTE
    About Me:

    Olivia Labonté is an economist with a passion for inclusive youth engagement and sustainable cities. She is currently running to be the Toronto District School Board Trustee for Ward 10 (University Rosedale and Toronto Centre).

    She has advised and worked with a number of local and international institutions, including the IMF and the United Nations. She is currently the Executive Director of Young Diplomats of Canada, a national non-profit organization focused on creating spaces for young people to engage at the highest levels of decision-making. She also advises organizations promoting positive urban change in order to achieve green, productive, safe, healthy, inclusive, and well planned cities such as the UN-Habitat, Century Initiative and Congress for New Urbanism. She holds a Masters of Applied Economics from the University of Montreal.

  • Placeholder image of Jooheon LEE
    Jooheon LEE
  • Image of Aaron MACGREGOR
    About Me:

    I am a trustee with five years of experience with Superior-Greenstone District School Board. As a sitting trustee and a recent graduate of our public education system, I understand the needs of our students. During my time with Superior-Greenstone, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to advocating for my constituents. As a student of the University of Toronto Class of 2019, the Toronto community and its educational needs are important to me. The parents and students of Toronto Centre and University-Rosedale need a strong voice for teacher funding, mental health support, and modern educational policy. I will be that voice. More

  • Image of Chris MOISE
    Chris MOISE
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Chris Moise is the Toronto District School Board Trustee for Ward 14, Toronto Centre-Rosedale. Since being elected in 2016, Chris has led many initiatives, each designed to promote fairness and enhance equity for the thousands of students under his watch. Chris has championed initiatives like the Enhancing Equity Task Force, and is an active member of the TDSB Black Student Achievement Community Advisory Committee. He has been a vocal advocate for the elimination of streaming, and was successful in the peaceful removal of SRO officers from “at-risk” schools in his ward. Chris recently worked with local City Councilors to allocate millions in resources towards the refurbishment of both Jesse Ketchum Public School and the revitalization of Jesse Ketchum Park. Chris was Vice-Chair of the Board until 2017.

    Before being elected to the TDSB, Chris was a Counselor at St. Mike’s Hospital, as well as a police officer with Waterloo Regional Police Service.

  • Placeholder image of Alamgir MUHAMMAD
    Alamgir MUHAMMAD
  • Placeholder image of David OLIVER
    David OLIVER
  • Placeholder image of Arnella RENDA TARANTINO
    About Me:

    I'm a REALTOR (r) by professional trade 31 years and a mom with 2 teenagers i wear many hats and now I'm ready to take Public School Trustee Ward 10

    I know how to handle the issues facing our educatiin system. Start by creating Leadership roles for the young to grasp at an early age. Street Smarts i have aquired along the way has helped tremendously. I'm self taught and happy with where i am today. I recently got married to a wonderful man Imed Touihri and for me its now or never to be helping where i know i can make a difference.

    Growing up in the Public school system since 1967.

    I got involved because i see a depletion of direction. Nobody knows anymore where to go. In life we need to look at the true sense of security and these are our children and teachers. Everyone needs to work together for our kids sake.

    I look forward to giving an article after i win. How everything unfolds is truely lifelong. Now is that time.

    Please vote for me on October 22nd, 2018. You'll be glad you did.

Ward 16 Beaches-East York (City Ward 19)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Michelle AARTS
    Michelle AARTS
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I am a parent of three children aged 5-15 years, a Scientist, Writer, and Community Volunteer. My love of learning lead me to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and a career in neuroscience research, teaching, and consulting. I have been awarded national research grants and served as the Regulatory Officer and Facilities Director at the University of Toronto. Supporting my children and our local schools lead me to increasing roles in advocating for students and families in the education system and ever greater roles supporting the community. I enjoy connecting with and helping people find the resources they need. As the elected Ward 16 Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) Representative since 2015 I have supported local school councils and fostered parent engagement in education. As the PIAC Consultations Lead I provide TDSB staff with family-focused recommendations on school board policies, procedures, and protocols. As the Communications Co-Lead I provide website development and development of education resources for parents across the TDSB. My focus is on accessible education that serves the need of every student, a Board that is transparent and accountable, improved communication, and a return to local schools as community hubs. More

  • Placeholder image of Ejona BALASHI
    Ejona BALASHI
  • Image of Brandy HUFF
    Brandy HUFF
    About Me:

    Originally from Kearney, Ontario, Brandy has lived in Toronto for 10 years, and has spent the last four years living in Ward 16 with her husband Tom. Brandy and Tom recently welcomed an addition to their family with the birth of their daughter Ava. With Ava’s future in mind, Brandy’s main concerns with the Toronto public school system are:

    -Class Sizes: we need smaller class sizes to help our children learn

    -School Zone Safety: our children need to get to and from school safely

    -Outdated Curriculum: our children need to be prepared to thrive in the diverse and modern community we live in

    -Lack of Funding: funding should reflect the needs of our growing community

    Brandy worked with children as a drama improvisation teacher at Toronto’s beloved The Second City comedy theatre before beginning her career in the public service, working at both the municipal and provincial levels. Brandy is an active member of our Ward 16 community, representing Beaches-East York through our Federal Member of Parliament’s executive board, volunteering at school fun fairs, and attending community meetings and events to ensure her family’s voice is heard.

    Brandy’s Priorities For Our Schools

    If elected, Brandy is committed to listening to your concerns about our children’s schools and representing our community’s voice to influence positive change we can all be proud of. These are her top priorities based on what she’s heard so far:

    More Resources for Students

    -Expand supports that encourage academic, behavioural and social growth for all students

    -Create more afterschool childcare programs in schools

    -Eliminate school overcrowding and create smaller classroom sizes

    -Advocate for a sex-ed curriculum that includes consent, cybersafety and LGBTQ inclusive material

    Safer and Stronger Schools

    -Fight for more infrastructure funding from the provincial government to repair our crumbling schools

    -Work with municipal government to improve school zone safety so our children can get to and from school safely by prioritizing Ward 16 in the City’s Vision Zero initiative

    Better Transparency and Community Input

    -Create more online and in-person opportunities for community members to voice their interests and concerns

    -Improve the participatory planning process to ensure new infrastructure developments are appropriate for our community’s growing needs

  • Placeholder image of Phil POTHEN
    Phil POTHEN
    About Me:

    A lawyer and former Policy Chair with the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, Phil Pothen has two elementary school children who will be enrolled in TDSB schools for at least the next 12 years. He is presently Overcrowding Committee Chair at Secord Elementary School, Chair of Visioning for the Danforth Village Community Association, and lead organizer for the network of parents pushing for a more proactive and coordinated approach to student safety on the walk to east-end schools.

    As Trustee, Phil will stand up for:

    -modern Sex-ed and schools that welcome everyone

    -skilled advocacy on disrepair and overcrowding

    -improved special education, enrichment and support

    -community hub that keep local schools open

    -a safe walk to school standard and an updated policy regarding bussing.

    An experienced east-end community organizer, running on a joint platform with City Council candidate Matthew Kellway, Phil is endorsed by Councillor Janet Davis, MPP Rima Berns-McGown, June Hall (Toronto Coalition for Better Childcare), Yona Nestel (Plan Canada), Michael Prue (former East York mayor), Denise Pinto (former Janes Walk ED), and many other leaders in the Beaches-East York community.

    Follow @pothen on Twitter and Phil Pothen for TDSB Ward 16 Facebook.

Ward 12 Willowdale (City Ward 18)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 13 Don Valley North (City Ward 17)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of James LI
    James LI
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I was born into a family of scholars. My father was a professor and one of the first postdoctoral scholars in China, while my grandfather was the president of a uni­versity. My family environment and upbringing led me to develop an enduring passion for learning and shaped my belief that a solid education builds a critical foundation for every child's future. I arrived in Canada with my family at the age of 10, after which I attended the public school system in the TDSB before moving on to earn a bachelor's degree from the University of Western Ontario, an MBA degree from the Schulich School of Business, and an accounting designation with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

    Professionally, I am a business manager who leads a team of professionals in driving business strategy for one of the largest telecommunications compa­nies in Canada. Personally, I love helping children in the Don Valley North community succeed. In recent years, I had been heavily involved in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets 166 Squadron as a Civilian Instructor and have acted as a member of the senior leadership team behind a youth educa­tional program that helped elementary school students learn important STEM- and programming-related skills typically only taught to children at a much older age.

    I want to use my knowledge and experience in business management, my love of my community, and my passion for helping children succeed through education to make the schools in Don Valley North better with every passing day. I want to listen to the voices of the parents of Don Valley North so that the TDSB can address the issue that you care about. I want every student to achieve their goals in life. I believe I am the best candidate to be your TDSB Trustee in Don Valley North (TDSB Ward 13).

  • Image of Shawn LIN
    Shawn LIN
    About Me:

    Shawn’s passion for education and teaching came from his Ph.D. research after finishing his Master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. He has since helped hundreds of post-secondary students achieve their academic goals during their university years. Throughout his years of teaching experience, he also has developed an assorted set of skills including not only outstanding academic achievements in the education field, as well as in the fields of Project Management (PMP) and Engineering(P.Eng). This diverse expertise has given him a unique advantage for the challenges in several specialties.

    He believes that the role of education is not only teaching the knowledge of a subject, but also helping students build building up their confidence to overcome the various difficulties they may encounter and to fulfill their pursuit of their lifelong dreams.

    One of the most important areas Shawn has been focusing on is improving our children’s analyzing, leadership and decision-making capabilities. Shawn is very pleased to help many students in our community pursue their academic dreams at the top universities both Canada and the United States.

    Shawn deeply understands that leadership, knowledge, hard work, and giving back to the community play a very important role in a person’s daily life. With his diverse experience, he’d love to be your “Education Hotline”: a communication between our students, parents, community and the TDSB.

    Shawn has decided to run his campaign for TDSB Ward 13 School Trustee, because he’s concerned about students’ academic especially in mathematics; as well as the school safety after the legalization of marijuana.

    Shawn believes the schools in Ward 13 can do better.

    Together let’s make Ward 13 a strong community where our kids learn more, grow stronger and are more prepared for a successful futur

  • Placeholder image of Maria MONTERO-RIOS
  • Image of Siham RAYALE
    Siham RAYALE
    About Me:

    Dr. Siham Rayale is a scholar, author, researcher and development consultant. Dr. Rayale has consulted for UN agencies and INGOs and has written op-eds for Open Democracy, LSE Africa and co-authored an influential policy report with Oxfam. Dr. Rayale is passionate about humanitarian development and women's rights. Dr. Rayale has lectured at International conferences including Harvard and Oxford University. , Dr. Rayale's expertise extends to project management, evaluation, policy development and analysis and currently she teaches at the University of Toronto (Scarborough). Her passion for community development and advocacy has led her to working with community-based organizations in Toronto doing research and advocacy. She is equally passion about increasing representation for women in elected office. More

  • Image of Cathy REID
    Cathy REID
    About Me:

    I am born, raised and educated in Toronto. I am married, have one daughter and three young grandchildren.

    Professionally, I was a GTA Coordinator for an international accounting firm until deciding to retire early at the end of 2017.

    My varied volunteer experiences have been mostly in a leadership capacity. Currently, I am Chair of an 11-member Church Missions Committee. When I was Acting Chair of the Parkway Forest Community Association, I successfully coordinated meetings with community residents, agency representatives and local leaders. For three years I volunteered as a teacher at the Toronto Don Jail (Prison Fellowship Canada liaising with TDSB) and I was once recognized as volunteer teacher of the year. You may have seen me volunteering at City of Toronto special events (Open Doors and the Pan Am Games). I have enjoyed participating in school advisory council meetings at the elementary and secondary levels in both leadership and supporting roles.

    Politically, for two years, I was President of a federal riding association.

    In my spare time, my hobbies include Scrabble, reading and swimming.

    As your TDSB Ward 13 Trustee, I will:

    advocate for special education resource support;

    encourage democratic engagement;

    promote life-long learning; and

    recommend that ongoing increased annual funding for school repairs and maintenance be prioritized.

    I am confident I possess the passion, skill set, communication and leadership abilities to successfully represent Ward 13 as a TDSB trustee and, if elected, I would be honoured to do so.

Ward 11 Don Valley West (City Ward 15)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Kevin CARTER
    Kevin CARTER
  • Image of Rachel CHERNOS LIN
    Rachel CHERNOS LIN
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    A proud product of our city’s public school system, I am a long time resident of Don Valley West and mother of 3 (1 each in Leaside TDSB elementary, middle, and high schools).

    I have a 12+ years record of advocating for students and parents and schools. At the Northlea EMS Home & School/Parent Council, among other things, I helped build playgrounds, co-wrote safety plans, co-chaired community events, and consulted on the introduction of Full-Day Kindergarten. In addition, I was Co-Chair of the entire H&S/Council (100+ volunteers) for a two year period, and co-chaired communications for the school community for 2+ more years.

    My experience extends beyond my own children’s school into supporting various other schools, as well as leading a community lobby for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to receive school improvement money and additional school space where needed because of development.

    A fiercely independent advocate for families, I am also a proven bridge-builder and believer in the power of collaboration. When co-creating Northlea's Safe Routes to School Travel Plan, we partnered with Green Communities Canada and involved stakeholders like Toronto Police Services, Public Health, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, our City Councillor Burnside, and TDSB Staff. Through this group effort, we came up with and implemented positive changes to deal with safety and traffic around our school, changes that benefit our community to this day.

    From a young age, I loved school. I looked forward to it in September and felt sad when school was over in June! I loved school so much, in fact, that I didn’t leave until I had an undergraduate and two M.A. degrees. Today, I still walk into schools feeling excited and inspired. I want all children to have that same feeling when they enter their own schools each and every day.

    To do this, we need to plan properly and proactively to deal with the rapid intensification and growth within Don Valley West to ensure we continue to have safe, local, and well-maintained community schools that meet the needs of our growing population. We also need to focus on implementing programming in ALL our schools that enables students to develop skills for the 21st century — such as STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) curriculum.

    Lastly, a prominent School Board like the TDSB should leave no student behind. We know a “one-size fits all” solution does not work, and that methods such as differentiated instruction ensure all children are able to learn. However, this philosophy and approach needs to be backed up with resources and supports for both students AND teachers. We need to build a public education system that not only meets the needs of all children, but allows them to flourish.

    Please read more about my platform at, follow me on Twitter at, and like me on Facebook at

  • Placeholder image of James HAYDEN
    James HAYDEN
  • Placeholder image of Hafiz Abdul Sattar KHAN
    Hafiz Abdul Sattar KHAN
  • Placeholder image of Christine MCGIRR
    Christine MCGIRR
  • Image of Amara POSSIAN
    Amara POSSIAN
    About Me:

    Don Mills is my home. It's where I learned to take care of people and to give them the tools to succeed. My early support system made me who I am - teachers who believed in me, libraries where I could dream.

    I know firsthand the power of young people when they're supported. I've taught teens at wilderness camps. I've led youth delegations to the United Nations. I've trained and coached thousands of young people to take action in their communities.

    I'm an advocate and community organizer who leads meaningful engagement. I bring diverse groups together to achieve big things. I've run campaigns on affordable housing and voting reform, often meeting leaders at all levels of government to advocate for bold reforms.

    I understand how organizations like the TDSB run — and how they could be even better. I chair a Board. I run a successful consulting business where I help organizations set and achieve ambitious goals.

    I'm running for trustee because I believe we all deserve to reach our full potential. Find my full platform at

  • Image of Stavros ROUGAS
    Stavros ROUGAS
    About Me:

    I led the campaign to ensure the health and safety of John Fisher students during the construction of a 35-storey tower next to my son's playground.

    School for me was a struggle. I was in special education. Today I run a successful tech business I co-founded. I was a journalist at TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin.



Ward 15 Toronto-Danforth (City Ward 14)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Nilofar ASIF
    Nilofar ASIF
  • Image of Jennifer STORY
    Jennifer STORY
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    My name is Jennifer. I'm a school board trustee, and a working mom. Like you, I care about our neighbourhood schools. I have two school-aged children of my own. I've seen first-hand how much our communities' well-being relies on public education. And I believe that elected trustees matter. They make our schools more responsive, more accessible, more connected to the communities they serve. That's why I stepped up to run four years ago. At that time, the TDSB's turmoil never seemed to end. Week after week there'd be another bad news story. All this scandal and bad management had eroded public confidence in our public school system. I've worked hard for the last four years to turn the ship around: to improve communications between the board and our families; to make the system more responsive to student and parent concern; to improve accountability and governance, to recruit an exceptional Director of Education and strong central staff. That's why I stepped up to lead the hiring of an Integrity Commissioner and that's why I've worked hard with my colleagues to keep the board well managed for the past four years. I've also worked hard to find solutions to problems that can't be solved by the Board alone: I've worked with leaders from across the city to stop school closures; I've worked with our Councillors to improve safe routes to school; I've worked with the film and television industry to bring revenues to the Board and create opportunities for students; I've worked with the childcare sector to stop proposed funding cuts to school-based childcare centres, and to create new programs in schools that lack them. With the recent change in provincial government, one that seems intent to cut some of the services and supports our communities rely on, we need strong, experienced leadership for our schools now more than ever. I've served our community with vision, energy, drive and passion. I am devoted to protecting and defending public education in our city, and I want to continue to serve our neighbourhood families and schools. Above all, I believe trustees are servants of the community first. No matter what faces our Board I will always keep my focus on my community, our families and above all, put students first. For all of these reasons, once again, I'm asking for your vote. More

Ward 19 Scarborough-Guildwood (City Ward 24)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Samiya ABDI
    Samiya ABDI
    About Me:

    I am a mother, a consultant, a public speaker, an educator and a community mobilizer who strategically fosters collaboration, connection and builds consensus to shift systems. I have over 15 years of creative community engagement experience focusing on education excellence and career diversity. I also hold a Masters in Public Health and Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation. I am deeply rooted in Scarborough and committed to education excellence. I have mentored 100s of students transitioning from high school to post-secondary education and into the job market. I have managed multimillion dollar project in the corporate sector. I have also led federal and provincial initiatives alongside local grassroots projects.

    Furthermore I have been endorsed by the Campaign for Public Education, the Toronto Education Workers/ Local 4400, the Toronto & York Region Labour Council, and Progress Toronto.

    My commitment as your Trustee is to ensure that our schools are excellent, supportive and welcoming places for all students to thrive. I strongly believe in schools as gathering places for knowledge and community hubs where learning across the life span takes place.

    This election is a great opportunity for us to build an accountable and inclusive public education system.

    I look forward to working together with you to provide the leadership that is so needed for a public education system that prepares our students for success in whatever field they choose.

    Best Regards,

    Remember to Vote on October 22.





  • Placeholder image of Alonzo BARTLEY
    Alonzo BARTLEY
  • Placeholder image of Paul FLESIAS
    Paul FLESIAS
  • Placeholder image of Angus GRANT
    Angus GRANT
  • Image of Senai IMAN
    Senai IMAN
    About Me:

    My name is Senai Iman and I am a graduate of Cederbrae CI and hold a BA in Economics from UofT and a law degree from the University of Ottawa (J.D.). A practicing lawyer, I also served as a Learn4Life instructor for the TDSB and I volunteer for nonprofits such as FixOurSchools, Campaign for Public Education and People 4 Education. I am son to hardworking immigrant parents, a loving husband and a devoted father. More

  • Placeholder image of Baldev PATEL
    Baldev PATEL
  • Placeholder image of Zakir PATEL
    Zakir PATEL
    Image of checkbox
  • Image of Jody THRIFT
    Jody THRIFT
    About Me:

    I am a single mother of 3 boys, all in varying stages of schooling; until this coming school year, in fact, I had one in every section of the public school system - one in Junior Public School, one in Senior Public School and one in High School. Having dealt with the education system for my own children going on 14 years, I have had to deal with all kinds of situations where my children’s education is concerned.

    I have watched from the sidelines for a long time now and have decided that I want to take action. The only way I can affect any real change is from within.

    In my professional life I am a licensed paralegal, an occupation that requires strong research and advocacy skills. This is not a political jumping off point for me - I am not a career politician. I am a Mother who wants to try and work with the education system to make it work better and smarter for all - parents, students, community and educators.

    I will listen, I will consider, and I will work for the community in a logical and reasonable way.

  • Image of Andrée VERNON
    Andrée VERNON
    About Me:

    Andrée Vernon is running to build a stronger Scarborough - Guildwood to educate, elevate & EMPOWER today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders of excellence, purpose & change!

    I was born in Toronto and raised in the Scarborough region. I have had the opportunity to volunteer, mentor, create and facilitate workshops, conferences, teach and be schooled within the Toronto District School Board. I am also proud to say that I am a former West Hill Collegiate Institute graduate. Our incredible schools, spaces and people provided me with the opportunity to do more than just thrive, it allowed me to become a passionate educator, the woman who advocates for the needs for ongoing student and parent engagements; and the community builder that I am today.

    I have 19 years of teaching experience coupled with a BA Honours, B.Ed. from York University, and a Masters in Education specializing in the area of Curriculum Social Justice & Cultural Studies from the University of Toronto, and have worked as an Educator within the TDSB and the YRDSB, as a Host Teacher, Facilitator, and Principal Designate.

    I was also part of a Technology Pilot program that focused on implementing technology into the classrooms. I will continue to directly support students, parents, teachers, the Ward 19 community, to help resolve issues that pertain to education; these are a few of my many strengths.

    I am a business owner, the Author of four inspiring and motivational books, a Certified Life/Empowerment Coach, Mentor for ‘engaging and empowering’ at promised youths, a community advocate and a speaker who is best known for addressing issues pertaining to The Unspoken Dialogue. The Unspoken Dialogue is used as a platform to empower the youth and addresses issues pertaining to cyber-bullying, violence, racism and body shaming within the various District School Boards and Greater Toronto Area Communities.

    Ward 19 continues to grow and change - so should our approach to curriculum and instruction, and our educational leadership. We need shared leadership that brings students, parents/guardians, residents, and the public school systems together. This campaign is all about identifying services, building relationships and focusing on ones needs and potential gaps as it relates to our curriculum, instruction, and cultural diversity. Together we must push for what is deserved, and for ALL students to know that they are premised on excellence, built to empower and are an instrument of inspiration.

    I will continue to be a responsive and accessible voice for Ward 19, and as your Public School TDSB Trustee candidate, I am ready for more and I know that you are, too. Let's work together to bring about Big Change, Better Educational Leadership, to Scarborough and the City of Toronto NOW!

    See you around the public schools & in the community soon.

Ward 17 Scarborough Centre (City Ward 21)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 18 Scarborough Southwest (City Ward 20)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Ferduse BARI
    Ferduse BARI
  • Placeholder image of Christina BLIZZARD
    Christina BLIZZARD
  • Placeholder image of Ian GIBSON
    Ian GIBSON
  • Placeholder image of Shamin JUMA-JIWANI
    Shamin JUMA-JIWANI
  • Placeholder image of Parthi KANDAVEL
    Parthi KANDAVEL
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  • Placeholder image of Michelle PARSONS
    Michelle PARSONS
  • Placeholder image of Douglas PEGG
    Douglas PEGG
  • Image of Anna SIDIROPOULOS
    About Me:


    I have lived in this ward for over 40 years. In fact my three children attend the same school I did as a child. For the past 8 years I have seized the opportunity to be a dedicated and active volunteer for their School Council. As the Chair, I have been the voice of parents and have been instrumental in increasing parent engagement, as well as introducing new curriculum programs to enhance student learning.

    As an agent of change, I look forward to continuing my advocacy for parental engagement, to being your voice and to supporting our children's success in the community that I love.

    My plan is threefold

    -Promote parental engagement and foster relationships with all key players in our children's education.

    -Support equitable opportunities for all children by focusing on their unique skill set through differentiated and individualized learning.

    -Strengthen and support streamlined communication and improved accountability.

  • Placeholder image of Bret SNIDER
    Bret SNIDER
  • Image of Robert SPENCER
    Robert SPENCER
    About Me:

    Dear TDSB Ward 18 Voters,

    I am a candidate for TDSB School Trustee in Ward 18 (Scarborough Southwest), a resident of the ward, the parent of a child in a local school and an environmental educator. I hold two degrees from the University of Toronto: M.Ed. (Comparative International Development Education) and B.Sc. (Math, Physics and Chemistry).

    The next trustee for Ward 18 must be able and willing to challenge Doug Ford's austerity agenda. I care about our school community and will fight hard to improve our education system. I am willing to dedicate myself FULL TIME to this effort and I am fully committed to PUBLIC education. I believe in supporting parents and grassroots activists in their efforts to achieve adequate provincial funding. Ontario provides the lowest public-school funding per pupil in Canada. That must change.

    Having decades of experience as an education and community activist, I understand key funding, facilities, staffing, and curriculum issues. I am a skillful negotiator and work effectively with diverse groups.

    As a past Chair of the Toronto Board of Education I helped organize a city-wide committee of trustees overseeing an annual budget of more than a billion dollars. Recently, I founded the Beach Community Energy Cooperative to put parent-community ownership of a shared school solar array on the policy agenda - an Ontario first that won a prestigious environmental prize. I will work to ensure all our schools are safe and green-powered.

    I encourage you to email me with any questions you might have. I would be honoured to have your vote on Election Day, October 22.

Ward 20 Scarborough-Agincourt (City Ward 22)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Gregory RODRIGUEZ
    Gregory RODRIGUEZ
    About Me:

    “When educating the minds of youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” Dali Lama

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

    My name is Gregory Rodriguez I was born in Toronto Ontario in the city of North York. I’m a single father with a 7 year old boy who has autism and Currently working as close protection security specialists and consultant as well as an educator in the field of Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts and Soccer.

    I strongly believe in equality. we should all be equal in opportunity, but it's our attitude, demeanor and mindset that defines and separates us in our successes.

    My promise is to construct a realistic vision for the TDSB by exercising and participating in rational and analytical thinking and making critical decisions and being the first in executing and applying them.

  • Placeholder image of Manna WONG
    Manna WONG
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  • Placeholder image of Guo Qiang ZHAO
    Guo Qiang ZHAO

Ward 14 Don Valley East (City Ward 16)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Shahnaz CHAUDHRY
    Shahnaz CHAUDHRY
  • Image of Trixie DOYLE
    Trixie DOYLE
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    About Me:

    I've lived all my life in Don Valley East, volunteering in our community, serving on school councils and representing our ward in board committees. I've spent over a decade learning how the school board works and helping other parents navigate its complex systems. I've successfully advocated for our ward's parents, and provided them with the information they need to help their children succeed.

    And now, I'm running for trustee in Don Valley East because I have the knowledge and experience to help make our school system work for our children.
    I grew up in Don Valley East. I'm raising my family here. My children attend schools in our ward. Don Valley East is my community, and I can continue to serve it best as our ward's trustee.

  • Placeholder image of Michael Sean HARRISON
    Michael Sean HARRISON
  • Image of Margaret MCBEATH
    Margaret MCBEATH
    About Me:

    I grew up in Toronto and was educated in the TDSB. I was fortunate to have a wonderful experience as a student in Toronto public schools and the opportunity to attend one of our city's best arts-based secondary schools. I am a parent, proud resident of Toronto, Director at an Engineering firm, PhD Candidate, researcher, and passionate advocate for high quality public education.

    I am concerned about the quality of public education and the fair funding of our schools. Our schools need to inspire students to reach their true potential. Public education should move children to become lifelong learners. A supportive school environment that promotes equality and personal development is essential to reaching that goal.

    I am also extremely concerned about the ability of our public schools to provide high quality special education and supports for children with disabilities and special learning needs. As the mother of a child with autism and a researcher with a high level of expertise on the subject of learning disabilities, I have firsthand knowledge of the difficulty parents face in navigating the system and effectively advocating for their children. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE NOW and I will make this issue a top priority at the school board.

    I will be a strong, effective voice for community involvement and partnerships. I will work hard to rebuild and protect public education.

    Please show your support for public education by voting for Margaret McBeath for School Board Trustee in Don Valley East - TDSB Ward 14 (City Ward 16) on Monday October 22.

  • Image of Deepti NETO
    Deepti NETO
    About Me:

    I am a working mother, immigrant with a multicultural family. I have real world experience with navigating and mentoring kids successfully. I was an active parent volunteer at the 7 TDSB schools that my children attended in Don Valley East and West.

    I am running to be the voice of Don Valley East at the TDSB and to use my skills to communicate effectively with the community. I recognize there are many voices in the education debate and we all need to feel that we are heard, respected and included in the conversation.

Ward 22 Scarborough-Rouge Park (City Ward 25)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Rigaud BASTIEN
    Rigaud BASTIEN
  • Image of Kirsten DOYLE
    Kirsten DOYLE
    About Me:

    As a 15-year resident of TDSB Ward 22, I have strong connections with the community and the issues that it faces. I have two children in TDSB schools, one of whom has autism. I have immersed myself in TDSB activities since my older son entered the school system in 2007, serving as a community coach and school council chair, and volunteering in classrooms with students with a wide range of needs and challenges. With varied professional experience that includes youth advocacy, writing & communications, and project management, I am qualified and ready to take on the role of Trustee for TDSB Ward 22. More

  • Placeholder image of Vito GRETO
    Vito GRETO
    About Me:

    Long time resident of ward 22, parent and volunteer at the local schools. Board Member of the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care. Tri -Bilingual, and firm believer in Public Education. Main points for running; disrepair of our schools, updating the English/ Math curriculum from an in school execution and ensuring accountability to parents and students at ALL levels of the system- including the Ministry of Education. More

  • Image of Cecilia KUTAS
    Cecilia KUTAS
    About Me:

    I’ve lived in Ward 22 for 27 years. My daughter was educated in the public school system here and became a successful professional. Now my grandchildren attend school here, so I am invested in keeping the quality of our public education system high.

    I am a Professional Educator with a PhD from OISE/UT in early math education. I have taught organic chemistry and innovative teaching methods at U of T for many years. My passion for early math education came about because I realize the importance of having a good understanding of mathematics in a constantly evolving technological world. I believe that methods of inspiring young children to creatively explore the world around them is paramount for building a solid foundation for future career opportunities.

  • Placeholder image of Kabirul MOLLAH
    Kabirul MOLLAH
  • Placeholder image of Anu SRISKANDARAJAH
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  • Placeholder image of Tharshigan VIJAYAPALAN
    Tharshigan VIJAYAPALAN
  • Image of Roxanne WRIGHT
    Roxanne WRIGHT
    About Me:

    TDSB Ward 22 Trustee candidate Roxanne Wright is a life long ward resident and graduate of Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute (the only high school in the ward). She processes a Degree, Diploma and certificates. Her work history includes business entrepreneur, law enforcement, model/actress and Developmental Service Worker. Roxanne is well known for extensive volunteer and community work. She received a Leading Women Award from the Ontario Government acknowledging her leadership and a Recognition Award from her University Alumni Association for making a difference. More

Ward 21 Scarborough North (City Ward 23)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Ganesh KULASEGARAMPILLAI
  • Placeholder image of Yalini RAJAKULASINGAM
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  • Placeholder image of Joy SEBASTIAN
  • Image of Louis WANG
    Louis WANG
    About Me:

    I want better education for my daughter!

    My name is Louis Wang. I am a professional accountant with CPA, CGA designation.

    Ever since high school, I have been actively volunteering in the community and try to

    provide the best I could.

    I graduated with honour from York University Schulich School of Business with an

    International Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I believe in the importance of

    great education,so the foundation must be solid. Our kids, our future generation will be

    a great place to start. Good education will benefit our children, or even us, as adults.

    As a father of a 2-year-old daughter, I am just like anyone of you: one that cares about

    our community, one that cares about our future, and one that cares about our kids. As a

    young professional who lived many years in this community, I have seen cuts to school

    programs that make things worse for kids. I want to bring changes that make our

    programs better, and MAKE THINGS RIGHT.

    It is time for a new person to bring fresh new ideas to Toronto education. I want to be

    your voice as TDSB Ward 21 Trustee. I believe together we can make a difference for

    our future.

    Please support Louis Wang for TDSB Ward 21 Trustee.