2018 Election

Toronto Catholic District School Board

Headquarters: North York
Voting Regions: 12
Total Trustee Seats Available: 12

Ward 1 (Includes City Ward 1 Etobicoke North)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Alison CANNING
    Alison CANNING
    About Me:

    My name is Alison Canning; a new voice that advocates and represents the parent’s needs of North Etobicoke. I want to be the voice at the Toronto Catholic District School Board , as your School Trustee for Ward 1.

    Our school communities are in dire need of fresh ideas and strong leadership. They continue to struggle with low EQAO scores, bullying, language barriers, lack of resources for students with disabilities, schools in disrepair and low parent engagement. These issues can be improved through strong leadership, with a clear vision, strategic plan, and community involvement.

    My 24+ years of work experience with universities, cultural centres and charities has allowed me to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in the role of trustee bringing a unique community-education based perspective.

    I am the School Trustee Candiate that brings a wealth of experience, a clear vision, engaged partners and revolutionary ideas to the table. I will listen to your concerns and respond. I will be that strong voice at the board that champions what we need in our community and in our schools. Our students deserve nothing less. Our future depends on it.

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    Joseph MARTINO
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Ward 3 (Includes City Ward 7 Humber River-Black Creek)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 2 (Includes City Ward 2 Etobicoke Centre)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Nicole ARSENAULT
    Nicole ARSENAULT
    About Me:

    I am a Strong Advocate & Candidate for TCDSB trustee Ward 2 in the 2018 Election.

    As a Parent Council Co-Chair for the last 6 years and a member for the last 9 within Ward 2. I have seen a growing demand for Catholic Education in our communities and for Faith based learning. we are always striving to improve the system and eventually expand the structure.

    I want to help facilitate this growth and implement the changes needed to support it.

    I want to build on what's working and evaluate what's not. Equipping our kids with the tools and opportunities to grow spiritually and individually. I have already started doing this in my many activities in the community.

  • Image of Theresa BRADSHAW
    Theresa BRADSHAW
    About Me:

    As an active resident of Ward 2, with children in the school system, I have the knowledge and experience to understand the issues and successfully develop partnerships that will drive improvements.

    My passion is for the young, especially the marginalized – those who are bullied and challenged. I will work very hard to find and implement solutions that address the issues in Ward 2. More

  • Placeholder image of Rob DAVIS
    Rob DAVIS
  • Image of Markus DE DOMENICO
    Markus DE DOMENICO
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    About Me:

    As co-chair of Father Serra for the past two years and Catholic Parent Involvement Committee Co-Rep with responsibility for a dozen schools in my area, I have extensive experience advocating for and achieving successful outcomes at the board for my community.Two years ago I was a founding member of the Silver Creek Park Rejuvenation Project, a parent led community group that partnered with families and the City to design, fund and implement a plan to replace our aging public playground. I raised over $100,000 and all stages were completed in a year.

    My Priorities for Ward 2

    Boundaries: I advocated at the board to ensure that students remain educated from Elementary through to Secondary schools in Etobicoke and successfully fought a board proposal to send our kids to North York for high school.

    Scarlett Heights: I chair a committee advocating the quick acquisition of Scarlett Heights,a closed public high school, to be converted into a Central Etobicoke Catholic High School. I am working with Public School Trustees and our local MPP to quickly facilitate this. This will provide a local high school for our children and relieve pressure on Bishop Allen and Michael Power, both of which are heavily over subscribed. I will also propose a moratorium on the sale of VISA placements at our schools to offshore students until Etobicoke tax paying parents can be certain their child will be able to attend a local school, and one that is not 120% over subscribed as is Bishop Allen.

    Special Education: As a faith based school we need to do better when providing services to Special Education students. This is the last place funding should be cut when needed, not the first as has happened before.

    Air Conditioning: The board is proposing a 4 year plan to relieve schools from excessive heat by installing cooling stations. The timing needs to be accelerated. Kids can't learn and staff can't teach in 35-40 degree heat.

    International Languages: I presented at the board to oppose the cancellation of the International Languages Program. This valuable and successful program deserves sustainable funding. Learning a second language makes our children globally prepared

    Fiscal Responsibility: With a budget of over One Billion dollars, how is it that students are without textbooks, attend crumbling schools, use out dated technology and are relying more and more on parent fundraising. I want an audit of the books to identify waste and duplication at the administrative level so that the money saved can be immediately diverted to the classroom

    Communication: One of the most common complaints is the lack of transparency and communication to parents from the board. Trustees that don't return calls and are generally absent from the community. Not acceptable. Term limits should be imposed, professional standards imposed. We must do better and as your Trustee for Ward 2 I will be responsive and your advocate for your children at the board

    On October 22nd Vote Markus de Domenico!

    Twitter : Markus4Ward2

    Facebook: Markus4Ward2

    Instagram: markusdedomenico

  • Image of Katie PICCININNI
    About Me:

    · CSPC Co-Chair for 3 consecutive years

    · Substantial experience with school renovations

    · Strong advocate for our children’s safety as a Safe School Representative

    · Excellent collaboration and relationships at the TCDSB

    · Understands and supports the need for additional Special Education funding

    · Believes in the importance of the International Languages Program

    · Envisions a bright future with a new Elementary and Secondary school and will continue to build on the excellent foundation laid by those who have served before her

    · A strategic thinker who anticipates and troubleshoots problems before they happen

    · Anticipates budget disparity and will work to find creative ways to manage short-falls to reduce the stress on our students and families

    · Professional Communications background having held Senior Management roles in the private sector

    · Proudly serves in Christ as a CSPC Parish Representative

    · Values the important connection amongst home, school and Church

    · Catholic Education is not optional

Ward 4 (Includes City Ward 3 Etobicoke Lakeshore and City Ward 4 Parkdale-High Park)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Ann ANDRACHUK
    About Me:

    Ann was first elected as a member of the Board of Trustees in 2003 and is completing her fourth term of office. She served as Board Chair from 2010 - 2013; trustee representative on the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) for most of her 14 year tenure; other positions include chair and vice-chair to the Administrative and Corporate Services Committee, chair of the Student Achievements, Human Resources and Religious Affairs Committee and vice-chair of the Trustee Services and By-Laws Committee, now Governance & Policy Review. She participates at Expulsion hearings, on search committees for Directors of Education, Associate Directors and Superintendents. She sat on the Provincially mandated Executive Compensation Committee to review compensation levels for Board senior executives. Ann is also a Director on the Ontario Catholic Schools Trustees Association (OCSTA) appointed to a second term by her colleagues and participates on a number of their committees. She participated in, and graduated from, the first offering of the Catholic School Governance course which was especially designed for Catholic School Trustees and offered by the University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association.

    She has established positive relationships with the various levels of government, always focusing on student success and improved facilities, with great success.

    Trustee Andrachuk has been involved in Catholic education for more than 25 years. Both her children attended St. Gregory’s Catholic Elementary School where she volunteered on the CPTA then the CSAC to improve the school facilities and provide resources for all students. Both are graduates of TCDSB schools and have successfully completed their University studies.

    Her career has been in administration, event planning, and sales. She is recently retired from a design firm she established which specialized in home staging. Ann started her public service as a community activist spearheading and representing hundreds of local residents to successfully stop the expansion of a local roadway, working with city staff and community representatives to develop a mutually satisfactory solution.

    Ann and her family have been members of St. Gregory’s Parish in Etobicoke for over 30 years. She is a 26 year member on the Catholic Women's League and has served as their Treasurer, President, and Historian. She organized many CWL fundraising events to provide funds for various charitable organizations. She served as Chair of the Parish 50th Anniversary celebration and World Youth Day 2002 – Parish Host Family Coordinator. She brings this passion of service to her position as Trustee.

  • Placeholder image of Teresa LUBINSKI
    Teresa LUBINSKI
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Ward 6 (Includes City Ward 9 Davenport)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Frank D'AMICO
    Frank D'AMICO
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  • Placeholder image of Phil HORNAK
    Phil HORNAK
  • Image of Edith PEARSON
    Edith PEARSON
    About Me:

    My name is Edith Pearson and I am running to become the next Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee for Ward 6.
    I am running because I believe that providing an excellent education is essential to ensure that the students have the opportunity to reach
    their full potential. I have been an advocate for parents since my children started school. I have been a member of the Catholic School Parents Council
    for more than ten years, as well as secretary and co-chair. I have lived in Toronto for the past eighteen years and I received a Bachelor of Art degree
    with a double major in Economics and in Mathematics. I am currently working in the finance department of a Not for Profit organization.
    Before taking this position, I worked for a law firm for many years as a conflict of interest clerk.
    My objectives in the upcoming term as a Trustee include continuing to expand the Board's dialogue with the community,
    increasing high school completion rates, and a focus on overall student well being.

Ward 5 (Includes City Ward 6 York Centre, City Ward 8 Eglinton-Lawrence and City Ward 18 Willowdale)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Gianfranco CRISTIANO
    Gianfranco CRISTIANO
    About Me:

    Gianfranco has been a hardworking resident of Ward 5 (under the new TCDSB Trustee Ward Boundaries) for over 20 years. As an active member of his community, Gianfranco has contributed to numerous projects and organizations supporting community wealth, development, and partnerships. He organizes the annual Dufferin and Lawrence Community Picnic and has worked closely with the Columbus Centre on cultural events and programs.

    Gianfranco attended St. Charles Elementary School. He then completed High School at Chaminade College and went on to earn a diploma in Business Management from George Brown College. With 15 years of experience in customer service at “The Hudson’s Bay Company” Yorkdale location and 10 years at “Green For Life Environmental”, Gianfranco has gained extensive skills that can be applied to the role of School Trustee. He is well versed in management and conflict resolution, often leading teams and offering strategies for improvement. Further, Gianfranco has contributed to political campaigns in the municipal, provincial, and federal governments; supporting and standing for the rights of the community. Gianfranco has strong roots in this community as he was born and raised in the Dufferin-Lawrence neighbourhood, where his family continues to reside.

    Gianfranco is dedicated to give the much needed attention to Catholic Schools in the ever-changing Ward 5 to improve them significantly. As our community and society on a larger scale, continue to change at a drastic rate, it is vital that parents and children are informed and equipped for the future.

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    Yenny MUSALEM
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  • Placeholder image of Maria RIZZO
    Maria RIZZO
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Ward 7 (Includes City Ward 21 Scarborough Centre and City Ward 22 Scarborough Agincourt)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Mike DEL GRANDE
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    About Me:

    I am seeking re-election as your School Trustee. I have a balanced educational background which includes degrees of Commerce, Education and a Master of Theological Studies. I also held the position of Chartered Accountant from 1979-2014 until retirement. I served with the Ontario Auditor General and with Shoppers Drug Mart as Controller.

    I gave up my position as City Councillor to become a Trustee as my passion has always been improving the lives of our youth through education.

    The direction and input of the School Board requires a background such as mine, in management, finance and personnel skills along with a classroom working knowledge. I was inherited a 50-million-dollar error. As the one-year Chair of the Board I help reduce first year expenditures by 29 million dollars and helped institute more direction and solutions to correct cost over runs while keeping an eye on providing support for children in the classroom.

    I have been applauded for having a steady, firm and balanced hand in dealing with issues and problems faced by our Board specifically and Catholic Education in General.

    I have been a welcomed and valued member of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association.

    My Association with the Parish of St. Aidan has been ongoing in various capacities. I was the lay founder of the Parish.

    A Trustee's role is to make Board Policy and to be an advocate for Parents and to defend our right to exist as a Constitutional Entity. I return calls and e-mails promptly and I do not sugar coat my words. I tell it as it is and advise accordingly.

    I take on just causes when no one else will. I was the one that raised the alarm about parents being sued because of their young children's horseplay in the school yard. The children were being sued with their parents. Two families are grateful that I advocated for them when everyone else abdicated.

    You will never be alone in the system when I am in your corner.

  • Placeholder image of Enzo DI MAURO
    Enzo DI MAURO

Ward 8 (Includes City Ward 23 Scarborough North and City Ward 25 Scarborough-Rouge Park)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Luis CASTILLO
    About Me:

    I am running for the TCDSB based on my extensive expertise, knowledge and leadership gained through all my years working at many different levels within large and complex organizations (private and public), as well non-profits. But these efforts are not only based on my expertise and leadership, it is also based on my experience as parent, observing and watching in our day-to-day routine on how our children will able to reach their full potential, for the common good in the future society where they will perform with the required knowledge they will need, and that knowledge must be acquired today. The only and best way to reach that potential is investing in their present education. More

  • Image of Miguel POTENCIANO
    About Me:

    Miguel Potenciano is a long-time Scarborough resident and an active member of the local community. He attended Catholic schools in Ward 8 before graduating from Ryerson's Radio and Television Arts program in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts. He's been a television and video producer for 15 years, and in 2010 he co-founded News Minute Network, Inc., an online video production company with operations out of Toronto for local and international clients. Since 2004, Miguel has volunteered his time and expertise with the Catholic Children?s Aid Society of Toronto. His years working in the production field have honed skills such as negotiating and budgeting large scale projects and productions, while managing teams of professionals to achieve a common goal. He finds solutions to problems through compromise and by working collectively. More

  • Placeholder image of Garry TANUAN
    Garry TANUAN
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Ward 9 (Includes City Ward 10 Spadina-Fort York, City Ward 11 University-Rosedale, City Ward 12 Toronto-St. Paul's and City Ward 13 Toronto Centre)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Norm DI PASQUALE
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    About Me:

    Norm is a proud member of the St. Mary's Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC),

    Chair NoJetsTO,

    Member of Sidewalk Toronto Data Governance Committee,

    Speaker at Microsoft Inspire,

    Endorsed by Toronto Labour and local councillors. More

  • Image of Iola FORTINO
    Iola FORTINO
    About Me:

    Iola Fortino has the education, skills, smarts, know how, common sense, experience, familiarity with board procedures/ policies, the passion for the education of the youth and most importantly she is a practicing Catholic who desires what the students desire –true authentic Catholicism in the Catholic schools.

    Iola Fortino has what it takes to be an effective Catholic school trustee who will be accountable to the Catholic constituents not any government mandate. The constitution provides for our Catholic schools and we are lucky. Together we must use it for the benefit of the childrens' academic, psycholgical and spiritual well being and growth. I believe It is time to do right for our children and restore Catholicism in our schools.

    I have been involved with the Catholic Ed system for a very long time. I attended Catholic schools and my sons also attended Catholic schools and I was a member of the parent councils in my sons' schools (both at elementary and Hs Level) and also a member of CPIC and attended many school Board meetings and know what can be bettered both on the spiritual level and academic level.

    I graduated from York with B.A.french specialization in 1986 and worked with the Federal Government/ Canada Customs as a bilingual officer ever since for 30 years (retiring in 2016) It has provided me much experience at many levels. I worked at various positions namely Customs Officer, Client Service Officer , Compliance Verification Specialist and Field Auditor. I have experience in enforcement , administration, client service, compliance and auditing. I have excellent analytical skills, financial skills communication skills. I can read any memorandum or policy and quickly understand the gist of it. I can analyse any report, policy , stats, bill, financial report etc

    I am fluent in the French and Italian language.

    I am opposed to the liberal sex-ed agenda that has attacked our Catholic students. I have been a strong voice and advocate against this since the onset of this agenda with Bill 13 and GSA clubs in 2011. We need a Health program that brings awareness of the Ills of Sex both physical and emotional and teach Chasity, love and Marriage. We need to go back to the Gospel Teaching. We need to change the I generation to a Christian generation.

    I will work to keep out any speakers, books, partners etc that contradict Catholic Faith teachings out of the schools. I want to help implement back to basics curriculum for both math and reading. Core math is nonsense and has not worked as . according to the Eqao tests 56% of gr 6 last year have failed to meet provincial math standards. We need to go back to simple math and memorization and rote. We need to go back to phonics for better literacy I believe French teaching also needs much improvement. back to rote with the verbs.

    The budget needs to be scrutinized line by line and re juggled cutting red tape and waste and using the monies to directly assist the students academic and spiritual growth. Also I will work to ensure schools are safe. I believe hall monitors/ security guards are needed in the schools and a Lock door system for todays reality

    Campaign Life Coalition has endorsed me.

    I have the character, strong personality that is required to be a Catholic Trustee. I am honest, straight forward and will not compromise Catholic Faith teachings

    I am pro life, pro family and I am pro Culture of life. The youth want a culture of Life and it is their right being Catholic school students.

    I hope I get the opportunity to be your trustee. I desire to use my love for the Catholic Faith and my passion for the youth and community service to serve the Catholic school constituents and give the youth Hope and a Culture of Life.

  • Placeholder image of Afredo GARCIA
    Afredo GARCIA
  • Placeholder image of Denise GRACIAS
    Denise GRACIAS
  • Placeholder image of Angelo HARRISON
    Angelo HARRISON
  • Placeholder image of Marnie MACCALLUM
    Marnie MACCALLUM
  • Image of Sandra WEBER
    Sandra WEBER
    About Me:

    Sandra Weber is a University of Toronto graduate, Holistic Nutritionist, and the business owner of a thriving wellness centre in King West. She regularly contributes to the Huffington Post and has also been featured in local publications such as,, and Tonic Magazine. Over the years, Sandra has consistently invested in different children's initiatives and organizations like Mindful Charity and St. Felix Centre here in Toronto. As your school board trustee, her goal is to be an empowered voice for you and the community to strengthen our educational system, communities, and the next generation of leaders. More

Ward 10 (Includes City Ward 5 York South-Weston)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Edzel BOCAYA
    Edzel BOCAYA
  • Placeholder image of Frank CAPISCIOLTO
  • Placeholder image of Jason CARVALHO
    Jason CARVALHO
  • Placeholder image of Daniel DI GIORGIO
    Daniel DI GIORGIO
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  • Placeholder image of Barbara POPLAWSKI
    Barbara POPLAWSKI
  • Image of Paul SALVATORI
    About Me:

    Dr. Paul Salvatori, professor of ethics, is an achiever and committed to educational excellence. Inspired by his late mother, Maria, a devoted high school teacher, his father, Fidenzio, professor at the University of Toronto and his hardworking and humble immigrant grandparents that so encouraged him to pursue higher education, he successfully completed the entire gamut of Ontario's educational system.

    A pre-school education at High Park Gardens Montessori School was followed by a Catholic education at Immaculate Conception Elementary School, and later at St. Michael's College School. His university education earned him an Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto (St. Michael's College), in Political Science and Philosophy, which laid the foundation for his post-graduate degrees from University of Ottawa, namely a Masters of Arts and Doctorate in Philosophy.

    Paul has taught in the role of professor at both the University of Ottawa and Heritage College (Quebec), was educational assistant at the former West Toronto Collegiate Institute and is individual tutor to students at various academic levels. He has tirelessly served marginalized young people, as youth projects coordinator for the Bereaved Families of Ontario (BFO) and as music facilitator volunteer at the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH), as well as represented unheard voices through his compassionate journalism for NOW Magazine, Panoram Italia Magazine and documentary work, including his recent Ontario government-funded community film, Amesbury Speaks.

    Paul now wants to give back to Ward 10, applying his deep knowledge and understanding of education. He seeks your approval to sit on your Toronto Catholic District School Board as a Trustee, and help to make Ward 10 an exemplary community--where all residents are heard, have a say in the decisions that affect student education and remain meaningfully engaged with school administration.

    Paul firmly believes education is one of the cornerstones and rights of a democratic society. In keeping with this, he is sensitive to and mindful of all family voices in creating schools where young people are well-supported and have ample opportunity to succeed. True to the selfless legacy of his mother Maria, in particular, who committed much of her life helping students with special needs, Paul goes the distance so that each young person can realize a promising future.

    As Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee, and on the behalf of his constituents Paul will work to ensure:

    • Safe and positive school environments
    • Engaged student learning, performance and success
    • Open and respectful communication between student families and school administration
    • No student is ever hungry
    • Accommodation for students with special needs and disabilities, with dignity and care
    • Fair and effective allocation of school board budget, to procure ideal (and innovative) resources for students and schools
    • Respect for the community's unique diversity in the development and implementation of school board initiatives
    • The Catholic tradition of caring and compassion for all, through responsible student and community life

Ward 11 (Includes City Ward 14 Toronto-Danforth, City Ward 15 Don Valley West, City Ward 16 Don Valley East, City Ward 17 Don Valley North and City Ward 19 Beaches-East York)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 12 (Includes City Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest and City Ward 24 Scarborough Guildwood)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Nancy CRAWFORD
    Nancy CRAWFORD
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  • Placeholder image of Dennis HASTINGS
    Dennis HASTINGS
  • Placeholder image of Maria MONTEMAYOR
  • Image of Enrique OLIVO
    Enrique OLIVO
    About Me:

    Born in the Philippines and raised in Toronto, Enrique is a proud alumnus of Scarborough's Catholic schools: Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School and Neil McNeil High School. An experienced representative, Enrique has previously served on the TCDSB Board of Trustees from 2013-14 where he was proud to speak out against cuts to educational assistants and social workers. A graduate of the Ivy League, Enrique also holds degrees in Statistics and Political Science from Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris More

  • Placeholder image of Russell WORRICK
    Russell WORRICK