2018 Election

Thames Valley District School Board

Headquarters: London
Voting Regions: 6
Total Trustee Seats Available: 12

Elgin County

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Chris GOODALL
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    Peter ROCHUS
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    Meagan RUDDOCK
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    Bruce SMITH
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    James TODD
    About Me:

    Who should lead a changing education system? I invite you to choose James Todd.
    With eight years’ experience, I know how to help parents navigate a complex school system. I know where the pressures are in the system, and see clearly what must be done next to achieve the best possible for the most students. In particular, I have learned what Elgin and St Thomas needs in order to serve students well.
    By electing me, you are assured you are selecting a person of integrity, a person who cares deeply about schools and learning, with a deep understanding of the way the system works best, and a keen enthusiasm for the promise and potential of the future in Elgin and St. Thomas.
    Schools Matter
    Like too many children, I was raised in difficult circumstances. So for me, school was a welcome refuge, a safe and nurturing place, a greenhouse where I could grow tall and free.
    Much later in life, I discovered that this wasn’t the case for everyone. I learned that for some, school was a place of risk, stress, and even danger. As I absorbed these stories, I came to the realization that it wasn’t enough to hear the stories, and that I had to do something.
    Three Driving Forces
    Early in my career, I had the honour of being appointed to the board of trustees of a large multi-branch library system in a major city. At this table, I learned about the crucial importance of stewardship, of nurturing resources to ensure continuous and steadily improving service to successive waves of people.
    I have been involved in politics and public policy from the inside on and off throughout my life. From this I learned that the greatest impact on people’s lives was in politics at the local level.
    Later in my career, I became a college teacher and saw firsthand the results of our school system. For every story of positivity and achievement, I heard stories of boredom, frustration, failure and lost opportunity. There had to be a way to achieve better learning resultsfrom such a resourceful system.
    Putting these three themes together – stewardship, local leadership and better learning – I decided in 2010 to seek election as a school board trustee.
    Now, as a trustee, I touch the school system in some way almost every day. Each time I do, I remember how important it is to make schools safe, welcoming, nurturing places. I try to ensure that every plan, program, policy or budget decision I touch will make school a better experience for the most students.
    Any success I have had is only because I am an effective part of an effective team. It takes all 13 of the elected trustees to make a decision, and from our healthy debate comes better schools. Success also requires close interaction and cooperative leadership shared with the senior administration, and from this constructive tension comesbetter learningfor all students.
    Along the way, we have indeed had successes in Elgin and St. Thomas. Redeveloped schools like Locke’s or June Rose Callwood faced some short term challenges, but the new physical surroundings and new programs have made these strong schools that have erased past reputations. New programs like Aspire in Aylmer have welcomed new students into our system, on their own terms. And a new French Immersion school for Elgin County has relieved the growth pressure at Pierre Elliot Trudeau French Immersion Public School, which together with a redeveloped Port Stanley School will certainly become strong, healthy schools as they create a new future.
    · I support the growth of robotics as a co-curricular activity
    · We must create best-in-class French Immersion schools in order to attract French teachers
    · Ensure delivery of all four pathways (to work; to apprenticeship; to college; to university) in every secondary school
    · We must measurably improve English literacy results in all grades
    · We should renew the Character Education program
    · I will work to assure adequate funding to help students learn the global competencies (1. Critical thinking; 2, creativity; 3. Communications; 4. Collaboration; 5. Citizenship; and 6. self-management)
    · I will continue our commitment to investment in 1-laptop-per-pupil program
    · I will aim to find a creative solution to the lack of affordable bussing for field trips
    · Promote building the new SE St. Thomas Elementary School as a priority
    · Promote building the new rural Belmont Elementary School as a priority
    · Ensure a full program of improvements to the new French Immersion School
    · Ensure a full program of expansion and improvements to Port Stanley School
    · Address the population decline in Arthur Voaden Secondary School
    · Address the program improvements at West Elgin Secondary School
    · Address the empty pupil places in Bayham
    On October 22, I’d ask you to vote for me. I will continue the work of stewardship of the school system as a local leader committed to achieve better schools and better learning. On October 22, please choose James Todd. To explore an idea, contact me at

London: Wards 1,11,12,14

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Christine MORGAN
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    Lori-Ann PIZZOLATO
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    About Me:

    Hello! My name is Lori-Ann Pizzolato and I am running for School Trustee in Wards 1, 11, 12 and 14.

    For the last 10 years, I have been volunteering and advocating for families through my role in School Councils, Home and School groups and as a member of the Thames Valley Council of Home and School Associations (TVCHSA) and Ontario Federation of Home and Schools Association. Currently, I sit on three local school councils and am a member of two committees at the Thames Valley School Board (Environmental, Parent Engagement). For the past three years, I have been the TVCHSA Area Chair working with 15 schools as a means to support and encourage parent engagement.

    I made the decision to run for a Trustee position because I believe families need an advocate who will push for improved dialogue and more transparency when it comes to school and board decisions. I am focused on building community and helping shape a unified and consistent approach so that we can provide feedback to our schools and board. I strongly believe that parents need a voice when it comes to decisions that affect not only the education of their children but their health, safety and social wellbeing. With my experience and my passion, I would be honoured to represent YOUR voice.

    I am a married mother of three children (all still in the public school system) and grateful for my family’s support throughout this current adventure!

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    Sheri POLHILL
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    About Me:

    Sheri Polhill was elected to the Board of Trustees in November 2006, representing London Wards 1, 11, 12 and 14. She serves on a number of Board Committees. Sheri is a lifetime member of the Thames Valley Homes and Schools and serves as the Trustee member of the Thames Valley Home and School executive..

    Within her community, Sheri works extensively with adults with development disabilities providing support in the areas of life and social skill development. She is currently a Social Worker for the City of London, providing ongoing support to Londoners in need. Sheri is passionate about providing mental health supports for Londoners and students of Thames Valley

    Educated from Junior Kindergarten to University in Thames Valley, Sheri graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honors Degree in Psychology. She has two children currently being educated within Thames Valley schools.

    Sheri brings a unique perspective to the board through her Social Work background and advocates for student mental wellness and our Special Education programs. Sheri prides herself on her constituent work and advocacy for the families of the board.

    With the Voters support Sheri would like to work the next 4 year term seeing the High school innovation projects develop and further support real world learning in our secondary schools.

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    David SMITH
    About Me:

    Hi. My name is David Smith, candidate for School Board Trustee with Thames Valley District School Board – Wards 1, 11, 12 and 14 in London Ontario.

    I'm born and raised in London Ontario. I was educated in the Thames Valley District, followed up by obtaining a Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDSc), and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Ivey Business School at Western University. I have nearly a decade of experience in school-based population health in the public healthcare sector. My volunteer experience includes President of the Regional HIV Aids Connection Board of Directors and Board Director with the London Convention Centre.

    If elected as a School Board Trustee, I endeavour to:

    Advocate for our children and youth to develop the crucial skills needed to meet the demands of continuous education and the workforce.

    Engage with parents and guardians regarding school concerns, issues or requests.

    Support teachers with the tools and resources needed in the classroom.

    Partner with parent groups, community organizations, and educational institutions to obtain further opportunities for our students.

    Advocate for all students to have equal access to educational opportunities.

    Ensure tax dollars are spent with the goal of maximizing student growth and success as the number one priority.

Oxford County

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Kelly BAIROS
    About Me:

    Kelly started volunteering in classrooms in 1999 and has worked in education since 2011, when she also received her masters in Education Policy from the University of Western Ontario. She is currently a Project Manager for a provincial education network focused on bringing research and practice together. She regularly connects with education stakeholders from across the province, including educators, researchers, policy-makers, and communities.

    Kelly promotes evidence-informed decision-making in education. She believes trustees need to be well-informed, including:

    Doing research;

    Consulting constituents and other key stakeholders;

    Working with school board leadership; and

    Asking questions and demanding answers.

    She also strongly believes in and advocates for well-being, a holistic approach to education, equity and inclusion, transparency, and accountability.

  • Image of Graham HART
    Graham HART
    About Me:

    25+ years experience as a School Board Trustee advocating for students, parents and tax payers in Oxford County

    First elected as a school board trustee in 1993, I have had the privilege of working with and advocating for students, parents, and taxpayers within Oxford County for over 25 years.

    I have worked hard to defend rural schools, while also building new facilities and schools to improve the learning environment for students throughout Oxford County.

    I believe we must continue to expand our investment in education to ensure the success of future generations.

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    About Me:

    Bill was elected in 2010, he has served as Chairperson and Vice Chair of the Board. Bill has chaired various committees including Policy, Negotiations, Professional Development.
    Bill sits on various boards and committees in the community including the Thames Valley Education Fund, Future Oxford, United Way Stair Climb, and Back Pack for Kids. More

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    Barb YEOMAN
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Middlesex County

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Sean HUNT
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    About Me:

    I live in Middlesex County. I am proud to be raising my family in the vibrant growing community of Ilderton, where my wife and I are active in our local Lions and Optimist service clubs. I am committed to serving my community and I believe that our rural schools are the very heart of our communities. I have established relationships and developed an in-depth understanding of educational policy, procedure and politics through three years of advocacy on behalf of rural families across the TVDSB. I have earned a reputation with trustees and municipal leaders as a persistent, resourceful and collaborative voice for rural schools and communities. I am running for public school trustee to be a bridge between the board and our local municipalities, to improve collaboration in order to support and enhance strategic plans; for growth and sustainability, in the municipalities of Middlesex County. More

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    Arlene MORELL
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    About Me:

    Arlene was first elected to serve as a Middlesex County Trustee in the 2014 Municipal elections and is serving her second year as TVDSB Vice-Chair. Arlene is a lifelong resident of Middlesex County, with over 15 years of experience serving education in numerous leadership capacities locally and provincially.

    As a trustee for the past four years Arlene assists parents and community members, her skills and experience has translated to serving on many board committees including the Policy Working Committee, Audit Committee, First Nations Advisory, Board Review Committee, Chairs Committee, Culture for Learning, and the Parent Engagement Review Committee.

    Arlene has demonstrated knowledge and leadership skills that enables her to be an advocate, a collaborator, an empathetic listener and an effective problem solver with a vision for innovative strategies that supports all students and champions Middlesex County schools.

London: Wards 2,3,4,5,6

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Peter CUDDY
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  • Image of Brian GIBSON
    Brian GIBSON
    About Me:

    Brian Gibson is an engaged and active community member having worked with and currently working with youth for the past several years. Brian himself was a student with TVDSB for 14 years and comes with a perspective of being someone who went through the entire system from elementary to secondary school. Brian has worked with several Student Advisory Groups under TVDSB as well he sat on the Arthur Ford Public School Parent Council for 2 years. Brian has worked with and was a member of the Alternative Parent Participating Learning Experience (APPLE) Program. Brian has also been a huge supporter of STEM/STEAM and is an activist for improving Skilled Trades Education/Career Preparation in our schools. Outside of TVDSB, Brian has worked in provincial and municipal politics for several years. He has worked with the Canadian and Ontario Building Trades in improving Skilled Trades Initiatives in Pre Post-Secondary Education. Brian is currently also an active volunteer with the Ronald Mcdonald House and is currently the President-Elect of the Oakridge Optimists. More

  • Image of Maryna GREER
    Maryna GREER
    About Me:

    I have engineering degree and I'm a mother of 4 kids. I run for School Board Trustee because I want to make a difference.

    My main objectives are:

    1. Finding ways for more efficient use of funds (minimizing school closures)

    2. Updating school equipment (indoor and outdoor)

    3. Creating clubs of interest in public schools

    4. Increasing number of after school programs

    5. Supporting programs for mental and physical health of students

    Your voice matters! Let's make a difference together!

  • Image of Adam KHIMJI
    Adam KHIMJI
    About Me:

    Hello! Iím Adam Khimji and Iím running to be your Thames Valley School Board Trustee in Wards 2,3,4,5 and 6. I am not a politician, I just have unique life experiences, a wide array of skills, and a lot of experience. Before I get to my platform let me tell you a bit about myself. I was raised by my immigrant single-mother, and have a sister. We have lived in shelters and government-housing, this life experience early on allowed me to not take things for granted in life. Being raised in poverty has allowed me to gain first-hand experience of the many struggles that families face, such as the burdens of child care costs, transportation needs, after school programs, and much more.

    Furthermore, having been diagnosed with a learning disability at a young age, in addition to having ADHD, Iím personally aware of the importance of having an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and the importance that personalized help for students with disabilities, or students otherwise needing accommodations, can make. I have been ëthrough the systemí in many different ways, and these rare life experiences have allowed me to understand the struggles families and students face. I routinely have gotten above average at Western University, and have went above and beyond at every job Iíve had. Despite unfortunate circumstances, I have gone significantly beyond the statistics stacked against me because I worked hard, and if elected that hard work will not stop.

    I plan on prioritizing the following:

    * Mental Health & Awareness

    * Special Needs & Accommodations

    * Extracurricular Activities

    * Transportation Needs

    * Technology & Infrastructure

    Below is a list of some of my experience that qualifies me for the position of Trustee. For more visit the platform at


    * Board of Directors,†London Down Syndrome Association†(2018-Present)


    * Marketing Intern,†Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation (Ontarioís Southwest/SWOTC)†(2018-Present)

    * Founder & Principal,†Khimji & Co.†(2014-Present)

    * Photographer,†Westernís Varsity Fencing Team†(2017-2018)

    * Working directly under†Josh Morgan, Councillor for Ward 7, City of London ñ City Hall (2017)

    * RezNet Staff,†Western University†(2015-2018)

    * Contributor (Photographer),†Getty Images†(2016-2018)

    * Research & Teaching Assistant,†Ivey Business School†(2017)

    * SEO Intern,†Wall Street Oasis†(2014)

    * Manager,†Imiís Landscaping & Snow Removal†(2009-2014)

    * Founder of a Multi-Channel Network (MCN),†YouTube†(2007-2014)

    * Google Chrome Extensions Developer,†Google†(2010-2013)

    * Manager,†Meena Jewellers†(2009-2012)

    * iOS Applications Developer,†Apple†(2011-2012)


    Leadership Roles

    * President & Founder,†Western Crypto†(2017-Present)

    * Varsity Fencing,†Western University†(2017-Present)

    * Social Science Councillor,†University Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

    * USC Councillor,†Social Science Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

    * Model,†Purple Spur Charity Fashion Show†(2017-2018)

    * Internet Commissioner,†Social Science Studentsí Council†(2015-2017)

    * VP Technology,†Personal Finance Association†(2014-2017)

    * VP Technology,†Westernís Marketing Association†(2015-2017)

    * TMT Researcher,†Western Investment Club†(2014-2016)

    * Web & Tech Executive,†Ivey Ace Conference†(2015-2016)


    * Governance and Finance Committee,†University Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

    * Student Experience Committee,†University Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

    * Ad-Hoc Council Training Development Committee,†University Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

    * Ad-Hoc Bus Pass Review Committee,†University Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

    * Finance Committee,†Social Science Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

    * Internal Review Committee,†Social Science Studentsí Council†(2017-2018)

  • Image of Leroy OSBOURNE
    Leroy OSBOURNE
    About Me:

    Leroy Osbourne has been an active community leader and resident of London for over 20 years. With current volunteer experience in both the Thames Valley School Board and the City of London, Leroy is familiar with advocacy and the processes for change.

    Leroy is a university administrator passionate to see that all students succeed academically and strives to ensure that all students find their university experience to be a rewarding and positive one.

    With an eight-year-old of his own, Leroy understands the concerns of parents and knows that parents deserve a trustee they can count on to ensure their children and ALL children have the opportunity to succeed.

    To find out more about Leroy, email: or visit the website,

  • Image of Corrine RAHMAN
    Corrine RAHMAN
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    About Me:

    My name is Corrine Rahman and I am running to be a Trustee for the Thames Valley District School Board in Wards 2-6. I’m running because I know I can make a difference. I love this city and I am committed to making change for the better. I've been an active volunteer for children and families across our community. I've served two consecutive terms as a school council chair, I’ve served as vice-chair of a Home and School and worked with the ad-hoc strategic planning committee on the current strategic plan. I’ve worked with parents on an attendance area review and advocated for a school expansion. Currently, I am serving as a member of the Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee. I am passionate about education and creating better tomorrows for our students.

    - married mom of three children and we are a TVDSB family.

    - I grew up in Toronto and Windsor.

    - I earned an Honours BA in Communications studies and a Political Science degree from the University of Windsor.

    - I went on to complete a Masters degree from the University of Guelph in Leadership Studies. a post-graduate certificate with distinction in Human Resources Management from Seneca College and a certificate in Alternative Disputes and Conflict Resolution. I've also completed a Master class in Mediation at Harvard Law School.

    Teaching is my passion, and I am dedicated to supporting my students in achieving their goals. Currently, I teach in the Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College. I teach classes in ethics, leadership, conflict resolution etc. I have also worked in politics with the Mayor of London in several capacities from 2014-2018. I spent 7+ years working in non-profit leadership and fundraising.

    I am a member of the board for Mainstreet and serve as the West Regional Lead for the Justice of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee. In this role I assist in the recruitment and selection of Justices of the Peace. I am an active volunteer, organizing parent-child volunteer opportunities for local non-profits, hosting webinars for political campaigns, encouraging more women to get involved in politics.

    I’m passionate about all of these things, because I believe, that in our own way, we can and we must, strive to make our community better!

  • Image of Eric SOUTHERN
    About Me:

    Eric Southern is a proud father of two young boys - Isaac and Xavier - as a parent and uncle, Eric is invested in our public school system and has a strong personal desire to see all of our children succeed universally. As a member of the London Transit Commission, Eric has the experience to work cooperatively on a board and to understand the rules and procedures of that type of role in our community. Eric is an alumni of the Western Engineering program with both a Masters and Bachelors in Software Engineering and he currently works as a Senior Data Engineer for a healthcare privacy analytics and artificial intelligence company, which gives him an inside perspective to the STEM disciplines, so that he can help our Board increase the interest of our students in pursuing those topics of study. Please visit the website: to find out more. Eric is also happy to answer any questions you may have More

London: Wards 7,8,9,10,13

Number of Available Seats: 2
  • Image of Joyce BENNETT
    Joyce BENNETT
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    About Me:

    Joyce Bennett is a Trustee representing London Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13. She was first elected to the Board of Trustees for the former Board of Education for the City of London in November 1988 and has continued to serve her community in this capacity since that time. She was elected as Chair of the Thames Valley District School Board in 2002, and re-elected as Chair for a second consecutive year in 2003. She was honoured to serve as the Chairperson again in 2012, followed by a second year in 2013.

    Some of the Board Committees Joyce has served on include:

    Budget Committee;

    Bylaw Committee;

    Chairs' Committee;

    Equity and Inclusive Education Committee;

    First Nations Advisory Committee;

    Mental Health and Wellness;

    Negotiations Advisory Committee;

    Policy Working Committee;

    Special Education Advisory Committee;

    Supervised Alternative Learning for Excused Pupils Committee;

    Transportation Committee; and

    Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee.

    Within her community, Joyce has had extensive involvement with numerous groups and committees over the years, including, but not limited to, Craigwood Youth Services, London Parent Safety Patrol, City of London Safety and Crime Prevention Committee, Youth Opportunities Unlimited, YMCA Children's Safety Village, and the Community Safety Councils of Ontario.

    Joyce is the recipient of the Dr. Harry Paiken Award of Merit from the Ontario Public School Board's Association. She is also a life member of the Thames Valley Council of Home and School Associations.

    In June 2010 Joyce was selected as the recipient of the Steve Cordes Community Star Award recognizing her "exceptional long-term commitment to youth in London and area."

    Joyce has always been an effective advocate for students, families, and public education.

  • Image of Linda LUDWAR
    Linda LUDWAR
    About Me:

    As a retired Registered Nurse with 3 adult sons, I will work tirelessly and unbiasedly for all wards. Students' safety, mental health and their success in school are my priorities. I am passionate about serving others, as my 35 years of volunteering in various positions can attest. I will be a steadfast negotiator and advocate for all.

    "I believe the role of a Trustee is to act as a catalyst between the board administration, teachers and parents, while providing the best welfare and achievement opportunities for ALL students." -Linda Ludwar

  • Image of Sherri MOORE
    Sherri MOORE
    About Me:

    Sherri Moore is a mother of 3 with a background in curriculum administration as well as marketing & communications at Western University. She enjoys making sense out of complicated educational and administrative policy and sharing information.

    Over the past 17 years that her children have been in the TVDSB system, Sherri has also gained skills in negotiation and collaboration while working and volunteering with a diverse population.

    She is ready for the challenge of representing your needs at the Thames Valley District School Board.

  • Image of Jake SKINNER
    Jake SKINNER
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    About Me:

    Jake Skinner is running for a second term as a TVDSB Trustee in London, Ontario in Wards 7,8,9,10, and 13. He is a small business owner, TVDSB Trustee, and PhD Candidate at Western. As trustee he has championed STEM education and safer schools. He has pushed for more curriculum supports for coding, the funding of high school robotics teams, and technology tools for teachers. He also passed a policy for AEDs and successfully lowered speed limits in school zones. More

First Nations Trustee

  • Candidate information is not yet available.