2018 Election

Simcoe County District School Board

Headquarters: Midhurst
Voting Regions: 11
Total Trustee Seats Available: 11

Township of Oro-Medonte, Township of Springwater

Number of Available Seats: 1

City of Orillia, Township of Ramara, Township of Severn

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Debra EDWARDS
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    Jodi M. LLOYD
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    About Me:

    I believe that a strong education system builds a strong society and trustees are the vital connection between the local community and the school board. I am the current Vice Chair of the SCDSB and have been for three years, with 12 years experience as trustee. I have been the boards representative on the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium Board for 8 years and have held various leadership roles including Chair of the Business and Facilities, Audit and By-Law Committees. I currently sit on the First Nations Education Advisory Committee and previously on the Special Education Advisory Committee. In July 2017 I was selected to present at the Supervisory Officer Qualification Program and will do so again next month. Married with three children, I have a BA from Western University and have earned the Chartered Insurance Professional Designation. I am employed as an insurance adjuster working in Ramara, Severn and Orillia, and have lived in all three communities. I have actively volunteered in our community for years and believe in enhancing the lives of others, especially children. I currently sit on the board of the Orillia and Area Community Foundation, their grants committee and am the Treasurer of the Orillia Lakers Basketball club. As a second-generation trustee I strongly believe in the role of trustee as they are the only elected representative in the education system, and that boards must ensure students are taught the fundamental knowledge and skills to provide the foundation they will require to build their future. For more information please visit my website or contact me at More

Town of Innisfil

Number of Available Seats: 1

Town of Midland, Town of Penetanguishene, Township of Tay, Township of Tiny

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Tyler BOSWELL
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    Michele Louise LOCKE
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    Steven MARKS

Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Debbie CONNORS
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    Donna DASILVA
    About Me:

    I am running for English/Public School Board Trustee for Area 4 because I am committed to supporting student engagement and acting in the best interests of all our students to ensure their concerns are heard. I continue to advocate for safe climates in all of our schools and continue to help improve and enhance the safety of all.

    I am running for re-election because I believe that I still have much more to contribute to my community. I feel as though I am not finished effectively enriching student achievement and well-being.

    I can be reached at and I look forward to having your vote during this year’s election starting October 12th to October 22nd.

Township of Adjala – Tosorontio, CFB Borden, Township of Clearview, Township of Essa

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Robert NORTH
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    Brandy RAFEEK
    About Me:

    I have been a resident of Essa Township for over 35 years. I have three children, in grades 6, 11 and 12. I have always been an active volunteer in my children's schools, as it is extremely important to me to have relationships with the other students in their schools, as well as the teachers, administration, and all staff members.

    I have spent many years chairing school councils (including the Simcoe County District School Board's, Parent Involvement Committee), organizing parent engagement events, and various fundraisers. I've worked with my fellow community members to develop, implement and maintain a breakfast club at my children's elementary school. Throughout my volunteering I have seized every chance that I was given to attend conferences, engagement sessions, workshops, etc. These learning opportunities have given me a unique view into the inner workings of our school board. In May 2018, I was thrilled to be appointed as interim Trustee for our area.

    Children's time in school, and the education that they receive, has a huge influence on who they will become. Through public education, we have incredible opportunities to make positive changes in people's lives. We have great potential as to what we can do for families. When done properly, education can be the great equalizer, and can truly bridge the gap.

    Over the years, I have worked diligently to build and maintain strong connections within our community. As school Trustee, I will work to be an effective and informed link between our community members and the school board, as I believe this is crucial to the success of our students and families. I volunteer with children on a weekly basis, and connecting with and speaking to families is a top priority for me. I would be honoured to continue to represent your voice at the table.

Town of New Tecumseth

Number of Available Seats: 1

Barrie Wards 7,8,9,10

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Derek DATH
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    Heidi MACNEIL
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    Ajmal NOUSHAHI
    About Me:

    My name is Ajmal Noushahi, running for Simcoe County District Public School Board trustee for wards 7 to 10. I am excited to bring my combination of educational, work and business experience to the board. I have been a resident of Barrie since 2003. I am a university graduate in commerce and have a diploma in microcomputer analyst.

    I have 15 years experience teaching/coaching commerce students, while simultaneously serving as owner/administrator of an educational institution. I was a school bus driver for four years, and a Barrie Transit driver for 10 years.

    I can serve the school board in much better ways due to my diverse experience and connection to schools.

    My teaching/coaching background will be help me to understand the teacher’s role in any school or educational policy.

    My administration experience provides me opportunity to understand the difficulties and responsibilities of the administrator in an educational environment.

    My school bus driving skills enable me to have first-hand knowledge of how the school buses run, difficulties in extreme weather, student’s safety in school buses, and so much more.

    As a Barrie Transit driver, I have first-hand knowledge of the city transit system and many students take the city bus to go to school or home.

    I would be taking full advantage of my experience while performing my duties as a school trustee

    As a school trustee my focus will be listening to parents, students and community, carrying the motions to appropriate meetings and following up until resolved. I would be available any time to resolve the issues and concerns for my office.

    I support:

    -An educational policy/system that gives full control to parents for moral, social and ethical upbringing of their children.

    -More emphasis needed in career and job counselling, private businesses should have more involvement.

    -Smaller class size and opening more public schools and adult learning centers in Simcoe.

    -More work needed to prevent bullying and cyberbullying policies.

    -School buses or minivans for every elementary student unless parents have other options.


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    David QUIGLEY
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    Lisa-Marie WILSON
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Barrie Wards 4,5,6

Number of Available Seats: 1

Barrie Wards 1,2,3

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Gillian MACLEAN
    About Me:

    Vote for Gillian MacLean a retired Simcoe County District elementary classroom school teacher, who has the insight, experience and responsible leadership to be school trustee in wards 1,2,3, for Municipal Governance. Every year, I collaborate with Barrie Public Library team-mates paddling, racing and fundraising for the annual Barrie Dragonboat Festival. I demonstrated 6 years of leadership as vicepresident, president and past president of the Canadian Federation of University Women. In this advisory position I lead in fundraising for university scholarships and created resolutions and examined legislative policies in government. My service involves providing and serving community dinners, donations to the Busby Centre, and support of the Womens’ Shelter and Out of the Cold Programs. I live, work, spend and play in Barrie, I want to give back to my community, advocating for lifelong learning and well-being for people of all ages and providing feedback to the constituents of wards 1,2,3. More

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    David William O'BRIEN
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    About Me:

    I am David William O'Brien. I would like to represent Barrie Wards 1,2 and 3 as your Simcoe County School Board Trustee for the next four years. I am an active volunteer at my sons school including chairing the parent school council for the last five school terms.

    I joined the SCDSB Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) that supports all school councils within the board in 2013. I was then elected to chair this committee for three terms from 2014-2017. In that role I was able to attend a number of education conferences put on by the Ministry of Education and by a parent led organization called People for Education where I gained a much broader understanding of the current status and possible directions of education in Ontario.

    I have attended in person every Simcoe County District School Board council meeting this past school year where I have kept myself informed of the activities and actions of the current board of trustees.

    I believe that everyone should be working towards the shared goal of providing the best education for our children within the available funding and resources. I would like to play a part in achieving this continued goal as your trustee representative.

  • Image of Amanda TRINACTY
    Amanda TRINACTY
    About Me:

    I am submitting my candidacy for school board trustee to represent wards one two and three. I have made Barrie my family home for over 23 years. I have two beautiful children, my son who is in grade 2 and my daughter who is in grade one. When my son first began year 1 at his school, I was astonished just how small their playground area was for them. I knew if I wanted to make a difference I needed to join parent Council immediately. My son’s first year at school became my first year, of many, to be awarded the position of Chair of Parent Council. Although this was a new position for myself, being chair of the Opticianry Committee during my two college years was an excellent experience.

    Accomplishments during my first year as chair of the parent council include completely revamping the school’s playground area for the kindergartens, acquiring 20 new IPads at no cost, successfully obtained multiple financial grants, organized many free events and constructed numerous successful fundraisers. I also created strong, lasting relationships with our area’s parent involvement committee representative and our school nurse. Our school’s Parent Involvement Committee representative was a member of Kiwanis and she soon recruited me to join this amazing organization, that I still continue to reside with. I have been with Kiwanis for 3 years and I currently sit on the Allocations Committee with our chair Jennifer Lehman. Every year Kiwanis supports our local schools with over $400 in school supplies. Kiwanis also allocates funds each year to help schools obtain the necessary funds, for such things as their music program.

    During my second term chairing Parent Council, I continued to foster even more healthy, strong relationships within our community. One of these relationships was with Cathy Mills, program coordinator for Jumpstart. Cathy was able to pre-approve certain schools, within our wards, that reside in needy communities. This allowed us to help children from low-income families to join extracurricular activities. Since Cathy and I have partnered together, Jumpstart has received a record amount of applications. In order to provide funding for everyone, Jumpstart synergized with other local charity organizations who strived for the same goals. One of these organizations was ‘We are the Villagers' (WATV). I have been with WATV for over a year now, as their event coordinator. WATV has made it their goal to make a difference in the life of a child today, under the mission statement “It takes a village to raise a child”.

    I truly believe schools are the foundation and heart of our community. My position, as your school board trustee, will be to ensure the school boards are accountable for parents, Guardians and local communities for Student Success and well-being.

    Facebook: Amanda Trinacty for School Board Trustee 2018

Town of Collingwood, Town of Wasaga Beach

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Rob POTTER
    About Me:

    H.B.A., M.B.A. (Western Ontario), B.Ed, (York)

    Twenty six years with Georgian College and Simcoe County District School Board (teacher)

    Eight years supervisory experience, mostly with Goodyear

    President, Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Park

    Treasurer, Fighting Owls Football Alumni

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    Tanya SNELL
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    About Me:

    My name is Tanya Snell and I am running to be your School Trustee for Collingwood/Wasaga Beach.

    As the proud parent of a student in Grade 7, I have seen firsthand that there are areas for improvement within our school system and I am prepared to dedicate the next 4 years to advocating for our young people and parents at the Board level. I am excited to be able to contribute my experience to ensuring that all students have equal access to quality programs, services and facilities.

    Having previously worked for 8 years as a Youth Worker in the City of Vancouver, I developed strong programming, fundraising, critical thinking and presentation skills to advocate for youth and to prepare them to be leaders in the future.

    Serving my community has always been a priority. I have been on the Wasaga Beach Women's Business Association Board of Directors for the last 7 years, serving 5 of those years as President. I was a member of the Wasaga Beach Youth Centre Support Committee for 3 years and I have served on Parent Council at Birchview Dunes Elementary. These volunteer efforts along with my entrepreneurial drive have been recognised with awards including Wasaga's Finest Citizenin 2017 and 2018.

    I simply want to listen, learn and contribute in all areas that my experience can be of service. Let's connect; follow my Facebook Page. On October 22, we are Making It Count.

    Thank you for considering and supporting me as candidate for School Trustee.

First Nations Trustee

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    Paula Jade SANDY
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