2018 Election

Limestone District School Board

Headquarters: Kingston
Voting Regions: 9
Total Trustee Seats Available: 9

Township South Frontenac

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Roger CURTIS
    Roger CURTIS
    About Me:

    Roger is a recently retired High School Teacher who spent more than 25 years at Sydenham High School. During his career he formed an understanding of what it takes to make students successful and the Board of Education's role in making this happen. More

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    Suzanne RUTTAN
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Town of Greater Napanee

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Laurie FRENCH
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    About Me:

    Having served Greater Napanee for 5 consecutive terms since election to the Limestone District School Board when my children entered The Prince Charles School, it has been a privilege to represent our town as the voice with experience in education governance and accountability to the community.

    I am seeking re-election to continue to ensure the needs and successes of our community are heard at the board table, and advocate for the great programs and facilities our kids have access to along with those they will need into the future. I was proud to represent Greater Napanee as Chair and Vice Chair of our board, and saw many improvements in our schools through some difficult but important decisions. I have recently had the great opportunity to work at the provincial and national level for education as Past President of the Ontario Public School Boards Association, and President of the Canadian School Boards Association. Sharing the views of small towns in developing rural municipalities like ours has been critical to work to influence funding and decision-making that reflects our local needs, but there is more to do.

    I have advocated on behalf of school boards to ensure the democratic voice is strong, and am pleased to see a vibrant election and high interest in the role of Trustees. #SchoolBoardsMatter

    As a local graduate and nurse/Manager in our healthcare system, I have many links to this community. I have served for the last three years on the Community Foundation for Lennox and Addington, and am a proud member of the '100 Women Who Care L&A' since its first year. I have also been a Director on the Limestone Learning Foundation board, raising funds to provide for enhancements to the Arts, Math and Innovation in classrooms.

    I look forward to speaking with many public education supporters in advance of the election and ask openly for your continued support on October 22nd. Please contact me with any questions.

    Twitter: @FrenchLaurie

    Facebook: @LaurieFrenchforTrustee


  • Image of Roberta LAMB
    Roberta LAMB
    About Me:

    Democracy only works when citizens have the opportunity to make a choice. Through my candidacy for LDSB trustee in Greater Napanee, I am offering citizens an opportunity to vote for LDSB trustee for the first time in over 20 years.

    I've lived in Stone Mills, Lennox & Addington County, since 1991. Napanee is my "city"; I prefer coming to Napanee to driving into Kingston. I am an organic gardener and history buff, researching local history of the area from Roblin to Adolphustown to Yarker, especially the one-room schools. In addition, some of my family came to Ontario from Pennsylvania as Mennonite farmers around 1800. Unfortunately, they moved to Illinois in the late 1800s.

    My lifelong career is in education, although I have been involved in community activism throughout it. Most recently I was active in Rural Schools Matter and Ontario Alliance Against School Closures. Community schools are the heart of our rural communities. Once the schools close, the community disappears. School boards need to work with municipal and county councils to keep single school communities open, such as Selby PS. I work hard and will do my best to represent all the citizens of Greater Napanee to the LDSB and represent the LDSB and Ministry of Education to you. I seek out communication with constituents. LDSB has good schools but we must always seek improvement, so that no students fall through the cracks.

    I taught music in elementary school in the 1970s. I then went on to grad school and became a professor of music and music education. I was a music education professor at Queen's University for 28 years. I obtained administrative experience throughout this time, as head of Women's Studies, Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Music, and through service to the union. As a professor, I took university students into the LDSB schools during those years and saw a change in morale since 2006. After I retired, I began to think I could contribute to the schools and give back to the community as a trustee for Greater Napanee. I want to put trust back into #TRUSTee. I know the Ontario curriculum and the Ontario Education Act. I have experience in education at different levels and in different contexts. My commitment is to education of Greater Napanee's children and young people, being accountable and transparent to the electorate, and committed to our communities within Greater Napanee.

    I look forward to hearing from you before the election on October 22. I hope you will support me as your choice for LDSB trustee. Please contact me with your comments and questions:

    Facebook @lamb4trustee

    Twitter @rlambr

Townships North Frontenac, Central Frontenac & Addington Highlands

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Karen MCGREGOR
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City of Kingston: Portsmouth, Trillium & Meadowbrook-Strathcona

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Garrett ELLIOTT
    Garrett ELLIOTT
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    About Me:

    My name is Garrett Elliott and I'm running for Portsmouth, Trillium & Meadowbrook-Strathcona School Board Trustee in Kingston. I am an active member of the Kingston community, trying to help where I can. I've been Vice Chair of School Council at Fairfield Elementary School in Amherstview, and Chair of School Council at Truedell Public School.

    I'm a Trustee with Awesome Kingston, a local group who gives away monthly $1,000 microgrants to people/groups/initiatives trying to make our city more awesome.

    I coach basketball for two divisions with the Kingston Lakers.

    I work for an organization called Launch Lab and we provide support and mentorship to tech-based entrepreneurs in Southeastern Ontario.

    I'm a photographer who shoots weddings, portraits, and commercial work for Queen's University. I volunteer my skills for not-for-profits and community organizations in town who are doing great work. I also teach photography with the Loyalist Township Recreation Department in Amherstview.

    My wife has been an elementary school teacher for fifteen years and both of our kids currently attend public school here in the Limestone District School Board.

    I feel like I can bring a fresh perspective to our School Board as the Trustee for Portsmouth, Trillium, and Meadowbrook-Strathcona and am passionate about the direction and future of our kids' education.

  • Image of Laurel Claus JOHNSON
    Laurel Claus JOHNSON
    About Me:


    The Trustee position with the Limestone District School Board is a position of importance to me. With trust as a factor, my intentions are to focus on building strong relationships with parents, teachers, civic and public committees. Community and corporate interests in education will be included when education of children is the priority focus.

    As a senior, parent and grandmother with family currently in the system, I've come to recognize learning from birth to formal training to life long learning requires attention and commitment.

    Children, each unique in their own stead, are the future. Their learning experiences need to be prime in all decisions and situations.

    I look forward to working alongside other trustees as the current and future of education for this district is determined.

    It will be an honor to serve in this capacity. I am ready for the responsibility.

  • Image of Nour MAZLOUM
    Nour MAZLOUM
    About Me:

    I am Nour Mazloum and I am passionate about the physical, intellectual and mental health of my community. That is why, as a student and young professional, I have committed my time over the past three years on the Board of Directors for Sustainable Kingston and on the Board of Directors of Sexual Assault Centre Kingston. During my time on Sustainable Kingston’s board, we expanded our Green Economy Program into municipalities in the surrounding areas. Our Green Economy Program helped reduce over 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide just in 2017.

    While I was on the Board of Directors of the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston, We expanded its services to support survivors from all genders. As the chair of the Policy Committee, part of my role was to help update the by-laws to fit our progressing community standards.

    I believe in supporting my community and giving back to it. I want to enhance the experience of all public school students. By fighting to keep local schools open, enhancing extracurricular activities, and putting the mental and physical health of the students first. I want to empower the next generation and show them that their creativity and dreams matter to the community by helping to prepare them for the new technological and social challenges facing our communities. By supporting the future generations’ needs we will be looking at a prosperous future for our community. With your support, I will make sure parent and child concerns are heard and addressed.

  • Placeholder image of Terri MCDADE
    Terri MCDADE
    About Me:

    I have lived and raised my twin daughters in Portsmouth Village for 25 years. I am a proud graduate of St. Lawrence College and Queen's University.My life long career in education began as an Adolescent Care Worker at the Limestone District School Board and continued on at St. Lawrence College as faculty, culminating as Dean Faculty of Arts. These roles gave me the opportunities to create many collaborative community partnerships and implement numerous student success initiatives. Recently retired,I now devote my time as Co-chair to Pathways to Education Kingston Cabinet and Vice-chair for the Dress for Success Board. This knowledge of governance, fiscal responsibility and leadership in directing policies and priorities is a strength I will bring to the role of school board trustee.As an avid volunteer with extensive board experience I have been recognized by the Ontario Government for my past commitment as President of the Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Children's Aid Society Board.

    I have heard many issues by concerned constituents in our districts; transportation, community use of schools, health and development curriculum, declining literacy scores. However, resoundingly I heard that mental health issues and behavioural problems are impeding learning in our classrooms. I intend to advocate for the most efficient use of resources so that the learning environment is safe and conducive for all children and youth to reach their full potential.

    I am passionate about education at all levels; elementary, secondary and post-secondary, I believe student access and student success are critical to personal well-being and to the health of our communities.My goal is to support equal learning opportunities and programs that meet the strategic priorities of the Limestone District School Board.

    As an engaged trustee I look forward to being a responsible voice and strong leader in our community.

City of Kingston: Countryside, Pittsburgh & Frontenac Islands

Number of Available Seats: 1

Loyalist and Stone Mills

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Wess GARROD
    Wess GARROD
    About Me:

    For the past four years, I have been privileged to represent Loyalist and Stone Mills as the area Trustee for the Limestone District School Board. This important role requires commitment and dedication, and for the past four years, I have worked hard to fulfil this significant requirement. I believe that we have an obligation to prepare our children for the future, providing quality education and a healthy lifestyle. I am seeking re-election because I believe that I have and will continue to make a difference.

    For the past 42 years, I have lived in Stone Mills with my wife Pat on a 53-acre hobby farm. Our two sons attended schools in the Limestone District School Board, and our oldest son Wes, is a teacher at KCVI. He and his wife Mel and their 2 young sons live in Sydenham. Our son Chad and his wife Sarah and their infant daughter live in Loyalist Township.

    I was directly involved in education for 32 years, first as a teacher, then a principal of 3 secondary schools, and finally as a Supervising Principal and member of the Senior Management Team of the Limestone District School Board. I have a comprehensive understanding of the system; I know many educators and parents, many of whom are former students. As a Trustee, I am involved. I visit all the schools in Loyalist and Stone Mills at least once per year. I attend public speaking contests, graduations, and special events in the schools. I attend school council meetings when invited. I am the Trustee representative on the SAL, Supervised Alternative Learning Committee, the PIC, Parent Involvement Committee, the Disciplinary Committee, and I have served on SEAC, Special Education Advisory Committee.

    I am currently a Board Member of the Limestone Learning Foundation, which provides funding in our schools to take learning beyond the curriculum.

    For the past four years, I have been on the Board of Directors of Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington Public Health, currently serving as the Vice Chair. I am the Provincial Vice President of ALPHA, Association of Local Public Health Agencies in Ontario.

    I am the President and Co-founder of the Kingston Track and Field Club. This organization provides opportunities for youth, ages 8 to 18, with positive learning experiences in athletics.

    Each spring, I organize and provide the electronic track timing and crew for all the LDSB elementary and secondary track meets involving over 4000 students at the Invista track.

    Past Accomplishments:

    Chair and lead organizer for the development of the Kingston Track & Field Facility at the Invista Centre

    LDSB's Wess Garrod Healthy Active Living Award was created in my name to recognize a teacher or staff member who contributes to the health and well-being of students and staff in their school.

    Final Medal Bearer – chosen by the City of Kingston for Chris Hansen's "Man in Motion Relay"

    Outstanding Service Award – Recognized by the LDSB for my volunteer work with the Track and Field facility development during my retirement.

    I am committed to working to provide quality education and equal learning within the budget provided for all students in the Limestone District School Board. I believe in fiscal responsibility, open communication, strong leadership and accountability. I will continue to advocate for schools in our Loyalist and Stone Mills communities.

    I look forward to meeting and speaking with you in advance of the upcoming election on October 22nd. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

  • Placeholder image of Robin HUTCHEON
    Robin HUTCHEON
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City of Kingston: Kingscourt-Rideau & King's Town

Number of Available Seats: 1

City of Kingston: Williamsville & Sydenham

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Bob BURGE
    Bob BURGE
    About Me:

    My commitment to making a difference for students, through effective school board governance, is why I am interested in working on behalf of Williamsville & Sydenham district families as an LDSB Trustee.

    My experience on boards and panels, like the City Committee of Adjustment or the Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Review Team, has led me to value listening to viewpoints and opinions of those individuals and communities who are, or will be, impacted by decisions. My guiding belief system is equity focused. That is what I promote and work towards in my professional, personal, work, and volunteer commitments.

    Governance and leadership experience: two terms on Committee of Adjustment, City of Kingston, adjudicating applications for minor variance and consent, in a public, accountable forum; two terms on Board of Trustees, Queen's University, with oversight of budget and administration, strategic planning, health & safety, risk management.

    Comprehensive educational organization and curriculum knowledge: 10 years leading Student Services/Registrar portfolio at Queen’s Faculty of Education, including operationalizing changes to the Ontario curriculum for the enhanced/extended teacher education requirements, and data-informed enrolment planning; Doctor of Education degree, including public accountability and administration of education systems.

    Service in support of local organizations: provincial appointee to the Quinte-Kingston-Rideau Grant Review Team of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (on leave during this campaign) adjudicating proposals from community groups seeking to build healthy and vibrant communities; have volunteered with diverse groups such as Kingston Pride!, Wolfe Island Music Festival, Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

  • Image of Jim JODOIN
    Jim JODOIN
    About Me:

    I am father to 5 and grandfather of 1.

    I am a member of the Parent Council at my grandson's school. I attend the Parent

    Involvement Committee (PIC) meetings at the school board office on behalf of our school.

    On Monday mornings you will find my grandson and I at the school volunteering for

    the breakfast club program.

    And when the Parent Involvement Committee created a sub-committee to review the issue

    of screen time and technology in the classroom, I joined. We continue to work on this ever

    important issue.

    So yes, I am involved.

    If anyone has a question or would like to have a conversation please feel free to contact me.



  • Image of Joy MORNING
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    About Me:

    (I’m a Kingston resident since 1990 and live in the Williamsville/Sydenham Board division)

    I bring a fresh perspective to LDSB. After 45 years of teaching and programming for K-12 young people in 2 provinces for large and small boards, I offer invaluable insight on best practices and policies to ensure the success and well-being of every child. I bring with me the knowledge and conviction that all kids can learn based on working with children of all abilities and exceptionalities from gifted to developmentally-challenged in innovative and enriching programs that restore a child's sense of worth.

    I disagree with the current board's lack of transparency and accountability, leaving their constituents feeling their concerns are ignored. Particularly sensitive is the closure of schools where opportunities for alternate solutions are ignored. To protect our children from exploitation, I do agree with the Board's stated support for staff who are teaching the updated Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

    If elected, I would bring all constituent concerns to the Board, insist that we gather all sides of contentious issues and reveal them before any vote is taken. I would also push LDSB to develop strategies to reverse the negative effects of its size so that more resources filter down to the child. My focus is also on improving and monitoring the quality of the Board's special education services. I stand for the integration of all marginalized groups, but integration that is responsible and real, not just another version of exclusion or cramming more kids into classrooms.

  • Image of Iain MUNRO
    Iain MUNRO
    About Me:

    Given the lack of transparency and accountability of the present LDSB Trustees, I am committed to complete openness in all Board debate and decision-making, as well as to community consensus building, promoting strength through diversity, youth engagement and to ensuring an energetic LDSB embrace of education and curricula for the 21st Century.

    My priority agenda will be as follows--to provide

    - a collaborative community voice in education,

    - open governance,

    - equality of education and opportunities in the classroom,

    - schools as hubs for community and continuing education,

    - ensuring strategies for democratic citizenship and human rights education infuse our curricula at all levels.

    I will bring to this task over four decades in education as a teacher, administrator, researcher and textbook writer including 10 years as a History teacher and department head and 35 years as a professor with Queen's Faculty of Education. My family and I have resided in Sydenham and Williamsville districts for some 40 years which has allowed me to serve actively in many leadership roles in my own local schools and neighbourhood community.

    I welcome your support and will commit to honouring your trust.

City of Kingston: Loyalist-Cataraqui, Collins-Bayridge & Lakeside

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Judith BROWN
    Judith BROWN
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  • Image of Peter DENDY
    Peter DENDY
    About Me:

    Recently, I retired from the Limestone District School Board, as a school principal, after almost 30 years and joined Queen's University's Faculty of Education. I believe the public is entitled to trusted leadership. I have a comprehensive background in education including Special Education and Technology. During my career I served in over 10 different schools in the LDSB, in all geographic areas of the Board, as a Teacher, Vice Principal, and Principal. My family and I have lived in the community for almost 50 years. I look forward to giving back, as a Trustee, to the students, parents, and people of Kingston and the area. More

  • Image of Paul SMITH
    Paul SMITH
    About Me:

    Paul is an active volunteer in community minor sports, including the Kingston Area Minor Hockey Association and the Kingston Clippers Soccer Club. For more than ten years he has coached, trained or managed teams for Kingston’s youth. He has also served on the KAMHA Executive Board, where he holds the position of Treasurer.
    He owns and operates a consulting business offering services in higher education, employment, communications and governance. He is an effective communicator with an impressive record as a published writer, public speaker and conference presenter.
    Paul is an acknowledged leader in career development for youth. Before launching Collegial Consulting, he served as the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE). Before that, he held leadership roles at Queen’s University and Memorial University. Paul has contributed to the development of the careers field in higher education through research, innovative programming and the development of best practices.
    Paul lives in Kingston’s Loyalist-Cataraqui, Collins-Bayridge & Lakeside District with his wife Catherine, their children Evan, Hannah and Cameron, and their dog, Hank.