2018 Election

Lakehead District School Board

Headquarters: Thunder Bay
Voting Regions: 1
Total Trustee Seats Available: 8

At Large

Number of Available Seats: 8
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    Marg ARNONE
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    Ellen CHAMBERS
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    Adrienne KROMM
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    Debbie LAPIERRE
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    Cheri LAPPAGE
    About Me:

    I am a strong, outspoken and enthusiastic leader, a passionate advocate for causes I believe in, and an involved parent with two children currently attending Lakehead Public Schools. My experience in broadcast television news, media relations, and provincial government program delivery makes me a dynamic voice for today's issues and tomorrow's opportunities.

    I have been the School Council Chair at Hammarskjold High School for the past two years. The year prior, I was the Chair of the Choose Hammarskjold campaign that successfully lobbied the Lakehead Board to keep the school open. I am also a member of the Lakehead Board's Council of School Council Chairs. Throughout this time, I have been a strong advocate for Hammarskjold working to ensure the Board is aware of the needs of our facility and our school community.

    Working in Strategic Communications for the Ontario Government (Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services), I understand provincial legislation, program policy and the decision-making processes of government. My work has helped me gain an understanding of Indigenous issues, the child welfare system, the Ontario Autism Program, Ontario's Special Needs Strategy and mental health supports for students in schools. Previously, I worked for the Ontario Student Assistance Program helping colleges and universities administer student grants and loans to Ontario students.

    As a stay-at-home mom, I drove a school bus for several years and gained an understanding of transportation logistics, financial pressures, school bus/traffic safety and school bus service delivery in urban and rural areas.

    I believe we need strong voices, new ideas and new perspectives at our school board.

    It's going to take energy, enthusiasm, and real change, so let's get started!

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    Deborah MASSARO
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    Ryan MOORE
    About Me:

    Hello, I am Ryan Moore.

    I've attended school in Thunder Bay: McKellar Park School, Fort William Collegiate and eventually Lakehead University.

    Currently, I work at the Community Economic Development Commission, in charge of the Entrepreneur Centre.

    I am married to a wonderful wife and we have a son who's attending Agnew H. Johnston's French immersion program.

    I'd like to ensure that my son, and every student, has all the opportunity they deserve as they navigate through our excellent school system.

    My vision as trustee would be to work with our excellent teachers and administration to ensure that we are doing the best we can for our students. I know our teachers care for their students' success and are consummate professionals with a high passion for teaching. I believe they are the key to our students' success.

    I believe that we can work with our colleagues in the other school boards to see where we can collaborate appropriately.

    I believe that the employers within our city have a vested interest in the future workforce we are developing and we can work with them to ensure we are duly preparing our students.

    With your vote we can make sure it all happens with your input as I plan to conduct my role as a trustee with an approach of open and honest communication.

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    Dwayne RADBOURNE
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    George SAARINEN
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    About Me:

    I have been involved in my Children's Education since they entered Junior Kindergarten. Initially as part of the PTA then when we became a School Council as School Council Chair at McKellar Park Central School Further I became Chair of School Council Chairs for 3 years All the school councils came together once a month to share information PD and policy discussions.

    I feel very deeply and strongly about Inclusions and Diversity in our schools. Our schools have always been inviting students We welcome everyone to our publically funded system. We need safe schools with breakfast and nutrition breaks for all students Many students come to school hungry due to social economic concerns in the family. We need to learn from other cultures, languages religions and customs and by learning from all we work on eliminating racism. As school board trustees we need to be transparent. Share information with our school community. When need to be open, honest and transparent about everything we do as publically funded trustees.

    Our needs are different from larger metropolitan centres and we have many small and remote schools we are funding and keeping open to meet the needs of those communities. We need to remind our MPP's and support and funding for our northern rural and remote schools.

    We need to support our students to get the best possible education they can get in our system. Far too often Special Needs are under funded so we need to lobby the government to ensure we have funding to meet the needs of our special needs students.

    It has been a pleasure to be a trustee on Lakehead Public Schools since 2006 three terms I would sincerely welcome a forth term as a school board trustee.

    I am very passionate and will continue to fight for the best possible education for all students in our publically funded system at Lakehead Public Schools

    Remember to Vote for George Saarinen Trustee Lakehead Public Schools on October 22nd

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    Ryan SITCH
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    About Me:

    Born and raised in Thunder Bay, I am a hard-working professional with a family that includes young twins. I believe an excellent education is the best tool you can have in life, and that helping to foster and support young minds is a responsibility we all share.

    I am passionate about ensuring an inclusive, accepting, and supportive environment in our schools. As a trustee I will be committed to defending a progressive curriculum that includes keeping modern sex education, anti-bullying and consent materials in our schools, as well as updating Indigenous content. The recent threats to this progress and the values Thunder Bay supports inspired me to step up and make a difference in my community.

    I have experience sitting on local boards and committees, including assisting with curriculum development for the Computer Programmer program at Confederation College. I have a long involvement in the local food movement and value nutrition education in our schools.

    I am excited to bring my skills and experience to the role of Public School Board Trustee. Thank you for your support!!

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    About Me:

    As a father of two young children, age 4 and 7, I am running for Trustee in the hope of bringing a younger perspective to the Board.

    I first became involved with Lakehead Public Schools in 2016 when it was announced that a number of schools in the city would be closing. Like many of you, I was frustrated by the lack of public input into this process. Since this announcement, I have been actively involved with the school council at Agnew H. Johnston, most recently serving as its Chair during the 2017-2018 school year.

    During my time as chair, I worked to ensure that parents were consulted regarding major decisions that would impact the school and their children. In addition, I organized fundraisers, advocated for parents, and served on a number of committees.

    My focus as a trustee will be to:

    - Bring a voice for parents with young children to the Board.

    - Ensure that public consultation is an integral part of any major decision.

    - Promote academic excellence, with a special focus on reversing the decline in mathematics.

    - Factor in the unique circumstances of the region when making decisions.

    - Promote the benefits of the Public school system.

    - Ensure fiscal responsibility.

    I was born and raised in Thunder Bay and attended Agnew and Sir Winston Churchill before continuing my education at Lakehead University and Queen's University. I now work at Lakehead University as a professor in the Department of Economics.

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