2018 Election

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Headquarters: Hamilton
Voting Regions: 11
Total Trustee Seats Available: 11

Wards 1 & 2

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Christine Anne BINGHAM
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    Rahimuddin CHOWDHURY
    About Me:

    I am Rahim Chowdhury, a candidate for Hamilton Wentworth District School Board trustee. I currently hold the position of Chairman of New Hope for World Organization executive committee. I was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh and obtained a Degree of Applied Chemistry from University of Dhaka in 1980. In 1997, I came to St.Catherines, Ontario, and resumed my studies.

    In 2001, I completed Computer science diploma from Niagara College. In 2004 I owned my own business in Taj Mahal Super Market in Hamilton. I have also participated in several different socio-cultural organizations in Bangladesh and Canada.

    Starting in 2005, I have taken part in several initiatives in both Hamilton and Toronto. I was previously an “Advisor” in both the Bangladesh Association of Hamilton and Bangladesh Association of Toronto from 2004 to 2007. For the Bangladesh Association of Hamilton, I formed several different sports clubs for Bangladeshi citizens across the city to become active in, including Cricket and Badminton. In 2004, I started working for Toronto’s most popular Bangladeshi Newspaper “The Desher Alo “and have stayed a columnist and an Advisor since then. Apart from being extremely active in the Bangladeshi community in Ontario. I was also involved in volunteering in various organizations. In 1989, as a part of the team telethon “Operation Infant Soleil”, I entered data in related to donor records at the St.Justine Hospital in Montreal, QC.

    In 1979 with a group of my class-mates, I went to Calcutta in India promoted by Dhaka

    University for 3 months and actively was participating in a Mother Teresa Ashram for helping sick and poor people and also joined in Nobel Prize ceremony of Mother Teresa, when she was awarded Nobel Prize. I have hosted multiple global crisis rallies in front of Hamilton city hall for humanitarian causes. I held a rally on August 6 th 2017 for Rohingya crisis. All MP’s, Mayors, counsellors and communities were in attendance. After that, we arranged a sub-committee session meeting on Parliament Hill, Ottawa. We presented in front of 140 MPs. Senators and special Envoy Mr. Bob Rae and others for Rohingya issues. Government of Canada accepted our demands and donated $342 million for Rohingya refugees. We carried medicine which valued $60,000 CAD to

    Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh refugee camp and distributed the medicine. You can see an article written on Hamilton Spectator on the 15 th of June 2018.

    My intention to run as a trustee is to ensure a safe and better Hamilton Wentworth school board, to create opportunities for diverse communities and single mothers, more attention and care for students with disabilities, and to prevent drop-out rates of students. I am cordially urging you to please vote for me for a better and changed HWDSB trustee. Please feel free to add me on my Facebook


Ward 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
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Ward 5

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 13

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Sukhi DHILLON
    Sukhi DHILLON
    About Me:

    I am an educator/dental hygienist. I married my high school sweetheart who is a local pediatric nurse.We have two amazing hockey kids who both currently attend an HWDSB school. I took the initiative to start annual summer youth camps and student career path programs in order to inspire, educate and mentor our children. I have lead and organized multiple events throughout our city which have raised awareness of our diverse communities. I’ve been a speaker at mulitfaith events, symposiums and children’s schools, in order to spread awareness, shut down prejudices and teach self-acceptance and love. I was an educator for years at the local dental hygiene school. Later, when I became the Program Director, I lead a team of educators in revising the entire dental hygiene curriculum in order to meet the new requirements. I developed partnerships for my students with community organizations such as Public Health, St. Peter’s Hospital, the community dental bus, McMaster University’s Faculty of Nursing and the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry. I’ve always been an advocate for my community, the children and their families. I’ve met so many wonderful parents, teachers and students and learned about some of the personal challenges faced by them with the public education system. Knocking on doors while canvassing has allowed me to hear what the community needs and wants. My priorities for Ward 13 are based on your priorities and concerns. We need to work together so that we can build the best possible education experience for our children. I hope you will join me in “Learning to Lead Together.” More

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    Steven James LAUR
  • Image of Noor NIZAM
    Noor NIZAM
    About Me:

    I am Noor Nizam. My wife is Fowziya Nizam. I have a son and 3 daughters and 3 grand children, Thank god.

    With my exposure to the Public School system in Hamilton as a newcomer parent in 2000, I couldn't understand what HWDS Board was all about. I then became a Home and School member to learn about the system. We were only heard, but the Board implemented what they wanted.

    More parents were crying for answers, Canadians of all diversities who were also not been heard out there. Then I decided to learn about the issues, but wished for educational achievements of my children, doing good parenting and guiding them through the mishaps of educational bureaucracy which is today called Public School Board administration. All my 4 children who are adults have reached high educational achievements, and are giving back Canada their best in Medical Research, Law and Business Management by the help of God AllMighty, their teachers and my dedicated wife. 2 grand children have just have started high school.

    After being a worker, then Teaching Assistant at McMaster University, an Associate Director of UHN (University Health Network) Toronto, I was confident that I am now fit to be a Board Trustee of the HWDSB for Ward 13, Dundas and West Flamborough. The mixture of my political interest and interaction with the community makes me be an efficient HWDSB Ward 13 member. In 2003, was awarded the Hamilton VISION 2020 AWARD and the "NEW COMER CHAMPION AWARD" in 2010, by Immigration Ontario.

    My platform is:

    1. No closing of Schools, No selling of Schools, No selling of School properties.

    2. Retain the given Provincial allocations for School betterment. We are losing $. 2.16 million due to new regulations adopted by the Provincial government due to the inefficiency of the incumbent HWDSB.

    3. Provide better transport services to students of Dundas.

    4. Provide better drinking water for our school children. 57 taps at 32 schools are bad as of July 17 for drinking.

    5. Provide facilities to upgrade English and Maths in schools to reduce tutoring.

    Will implement an interactive dialogue program with parents to introduce new subjects beneficial for economic development and social upliftment of our growing generations.

    Vote me and I can be your voice at the HWD Public School Board after October 22nd., 2018.

  • Image of Chris PARR
    Chris PARR
    About Me:

    Chris has been a passionate educator for over 30 years at both Toronto and Peel Boards of Education. She resides in Dundas Ontario.

    As a teacher she taught grades K to grade 10 with a passion for students at risk, special education and providing well rounded opportunities for learning. She became an expert at differentiated instruction and equitable assessment practices.

    Prior to becoming a Principal Chris was a Special Education Resource Teacher with a portfolio that included providing support and resources for students with mental health and behavioural challenges. She frequently was asked to facilitate/present at teacher training and parenting workshops on topics pertaining to student well being and factors impacting student success.

    Since 2001 and until her retirement in 2016, Chris provided leadership at elementary, middle and secondary schools as Vice Principal and Principal.

    Prior to working as an educator Chris was a counsellor and family therapist at Youthdale Treatment Centres in Toronto working with youth at risk.

    She is the proud mother of three children, one foster child and grandmother to six grandchildren.

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    Paul TUT
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    About Me:

    Paul believes in the power and importance of education. As a proud father of two young children, Paul has a personal interest in ensuring that the education system in Dundas and West Flamborough provides a fulsome and robust curriculum that prepares its students for real life.

    In his professional life, Paul is a dedicated advocate for children. In his role as a lawyer at the Children’s Aid Society, Paul works tirelessly to protect the rights and interests of children by ensuring that every child is afforded the basic rights of a safe home and access to education. Paul also has a strong background in public policy development. In his role as special assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term care, he has spent countless hours, drafting public policy.

    Paul has seen first hand the power of education. Paul obtained a bachelors degree and masters degree in Social Work, and worked for several years as a social worker, with a focus on the protection of children and youth. In his role as a social worker, he witnessed disenfranchised children excel when given access to a supportive school environment, which is a testament to the adage that education is the ultimate equalizer.

    Paul and his family are active members of the Dundas community. Paul’s wife is a family physician with a practice located in Dundas, and their daughter attends preschool in Dundas.

Ward 3

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Livia JONES
    Livia JONES
    About Me:

    With an education divided between business and the arts, I believe that schools should provide more than the basics. A passionate learner myself, I hopes to encourage decisions that support the whole student, not just what can be shown on tests.

    Like many people in Hamilton, I am in a low income bracket with unstable employment. It gives me a personal and unique understanding of the difficulties encountered by many parents and neighbours in Ward 3.

    I promise to be available to all constituents in Ward 3 as well as those from other wards whose children cross over for school. I found the time to attend the school board meeting that decided the name of our new highschool and I will always find time for you.

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    Maria Felix MILLER
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  • Image of Gail TESSIER
    Gail TESSIER
    About Me:

    Why throw my hat into the ring?

    After a 37 and a half year career with Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board in various roles serving the Hamilton community (retiring in 2015), I feel I still have much to contribute.

    I feel that my years of serving school communities in the role of School Office Administrator in a number of schools throughout Hamilton, and my last 15 years, as Executive Assistant to Superintendents of Student Achievement, most of which served the Ward 3 area school community, has prepared me for the role of Ward 3 School Trustee. I am a past resident of Ward 3, Hamilton, and currently reside "next door" in Ward 4.

    Experience encompasses comprehensive work involved with past school renewal projects in inner city and Ward 3 areas over many years, integrating new technology into schools, and most of my 37 years were directly serving school communities, assisting parents with interpretation of policy and resolution of a variety of challenges.

    Throughout my career with HWDSB, I've participated as a member of Board-wide, in-school, and employee committees, such as Profiling Excellence (championing students for their innovative and sustainable programs), Healthy Workplace and Professional Development Committees; School Policy committees, School Councils, and School Anniversary committees to name a few. I've participated as "guest judge" at school Oral Communication Festivals, as well as volunteer, serving Holiday dinners to classrooms in our inner city schools.

    My vision for School Trustee, Ward 3, has five areas of focus that I believe require continuous attention: Safe Schools; Accountability; Students' Career Path; Smooth Transitions for Students; and Celebrating Diversity.


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    Marlene A.S. THOMAS
  • Placeholder image of Jocelynn VIEIRA
    Jocelynn VIEIRA

Ward 6

Number of Available Seats: 1

Wards 9 & 10

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Cam GALINDO
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    About Me:

    Cam Galindo is a long-time resident of Stoney Creek and came to Canada as a refugee from Colombia when he was seven years old. Recognizing the incredible opportunity he was granted, Cam decided to roll up his sleeves and dedicate his life to community service.

    Cam's service on multiple provincial and municipal advisory committees, including policy experience with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Children & Youth Services has prepared him to be your public school trustee.

    Cam Galindo graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Degree in Political Science, a minor in Economics, and a Business Studies Certificate from Mohawk College.

    As an active member of his community, Cam volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, the City of Hamilton's Youth Strategy, McMaster Alumni Association, and a local health-advocacy group called Unfiltered Facts through Hamilton Public Health Services. Cam is a member of the Stoney Creek Historical Society and helped create the Olde Town Stoney Creek Community Association, where he served as its first Vice-President.

    As trustee, Cam's priority will be to put students first!

    Cam served on the Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities where he helped design a $5 million youth opportunities fund and advised on a $295 million youth jobs strategy. In addition, Cam influenced several pieces of provincial legislation including the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the Ontario Education Strategy, future directions in Youth Justice Services, Ontario's Youth Action Plan, Culture Strategy, and the provincial Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan.

    Cam has also volunteered for the Hamilton Youth Advisory Committee, Minister of Education's Student Advisory Council, McMaster University Students Union, St. Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton Warplane Heritage Museum, Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games and the 2017 North American Indigenous Games.

    In 2016, Cam volunteered for the Rio Olympics in Brazil as a National Olympic Committee Assistant and was selected to serve as a flag-bearer during the Closing Ceremony. Earlier this year, Cam and his brother Daniel volunteered for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

    This year's municipal election is on October 22, 2018.

    We need a trustee that belongs to the community. A trustee that understands the unique challenges of our education system and will advocate to deliver solutions. Cam's passion for giving back is what inspired him to run for public school trustee and he will devote his time and energy to put students first!

  • Placeholder image of Wayne MARSTON
    Wayne MARSTON

Wards 8 & 14

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Becky BUCK
    Becky BUCK
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    About Me:

    Becky is a mom with three children in the public school system and understands the repercussions Board decisions have on families. Becky is focused on making improvements in our Ward 8 & 14 schools that have been neglected, responsibly keeping neighbourhood schools open, and getting rid of programs that don't work to make way for programs that focus on the basics. Parents experience the results of decisions that the School Board make firsthand and need to have a strong voice on behalf of their children. More

  • Image of Rochelle BUTLER
    Rochelle BUTLER
    About Me:

    When I noticed the opening for the Trustee position in what is now Wards 8 & 14, I thought, 'I should run'. Why? Because I have the right experience for the role. I have volunteered at Hamilton Wentworth District schools for 12 years and, at the board as a member of the Parent Involvement Committee for 5 years now. I live in what is now Ward 8 (for 14 years) and my children attend high school in Ward 14. My professional background has provided experience in negotiating and/or interpreting contracts, policies and various legislation which will prove useful in a position as HWDSB Trustee for Wards 8 & 14. Please look for me on LinkedIn. More

  • Placeholder image of Yousaf MALIK
    Yousaf MALIK
  • Image of Erica VILLABROZA
    About Me:

    Born and raised in Hamilton, I believe by being your Trusted Trustee, I will use all my government, consultant and educational experiences to help better the system and to resolve problems that need solving. Without prejudice, I understand what a child, a student and a family might have to endure. More

Ward 7

Number of Available Seats: 1

Wards 11 & 12

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Bruce CARNEGIE
    Bruce CARNEGIE
    About Me:

    I was born, raised, and educated in Hamilton. I am the father of 3 incredible women all of whom have graduated from the public-school system. I was educated as a chemist but spent the majority of my career as an entrepreneur, owning a paediatric rehabilitation company. As Public-School Board Trustee my focus will be on increasing math scores, stopping overspending, and self-imposing a 2-term limit. Eight years is long enough to get the job done. More

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    Blake HAMBLY
  • Placeholder image of Alex JOHNSTONE
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Ward 15

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Janet CREET
    Janet CREET
  • Image of Penny DEATHE
    Penny DEATHE
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    About Me:

    Reason for running

    I don’t want any child to slip through the cracks. As Trustee, I’ve helped set strong goals around mental health, student achievement & communication. I want to make sure these goals and expectations are met. I’ve built strong partnerships to support student success that I want to see grow.

    Why should residents vote for you

    Experience & a proven track record:

    -2014-2018 School Board Trustee

    -10 years co-chaired school councils

    -4 year HWDSB Parent Involvement Committee

    -Waterdown Education group – negotiated WDHS expansion/new elementary schools

    -2008 - Founded Healthy Community – Healthy Youth, a community led initiative supporting positive youth development.

    -Business & leadership development background