2018 Election

Halton District School Board

Headquarters: Burlington
Voting Regions: 11
Total Trustee Seats Available: 11

Burlington Wards 1,2

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Jason K. BARTLETT
    Jason K. BARTLETT
    About Me:

    My wife and I have been Burlington residents for over 15 years and have two children that attended Burlington schools. My daughter graduated with Honours, my son is still in school enrolled as a student with special needs.

    I am well placed to serve as your trustee as I have had a front row seat to what is happening at the Halton District School Board for eight years. I am the current chair of the Special Education Advisory Committee and I am concerned that many of our students are not being well served. Through my experience as a parent and on SEAC, I know the 'system' and where it could be improved.

    My focus has always been board-wide. Recent decisions on important matters such as program cancellations and school closures did not put students needs as first priority. Trustees are responsible to all students, not just the families in their ward. As a trustee I will give my ward and all of Halton equal emphasis and importance.

  • Image of Leah REYNOLDS
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    About Me:

    Leah is a proud Burlingtonian, residing in Ward 2, for over 20 years.

    With both a Bachelor’s degree from McMaster University and a graduate certificate from Humber College, Leah is a strong believer in life-long learning noting graduates from high school pursue many pathways including university, college, apprentice, work and community.

    She is happily married to her husband Desmond for 25 years and they share two children, both of whom have successfully graduated from the Halton Public School system. Leah’s daughter Carleigh is embarking on post-graduate work at College and son Alex is studying second-year business at university.

    Throughout her children’s elementary and secondary school time, Leah was actively involved as a parent council member. Leah’s passions for enhancing education and connecting with community members was evident in her long-haul volunteerism projects that included community playground refurbishment, championing capital school renewal projects and serving healthy breakfasts and snacks at school nutrition programs.

    Leah has gratefully served fours years as trustee for the Halton District School Board to improve student success and community awareness of school initiatives and to increase parent involvement through transparent communications. She is running to work with residents, whether they have kids in the schools or not to ensure that student achievement and well-being are a priority and that our community schools are better for the next generation of learners.

Burlington Wards 3,6

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Andrea GREBENC
    Andrea GREBENC
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    About Me:

    As a mother of three children in HDSB schools and a lecturer at McMaster University, I am passionate about education and our community. I believe education is key to developing productive and confident young adults. Halton provided me with an excellent education through all of my formative years and I am dedicated to ensuring my children and yours experience the same.

    Currently, I hold the position of Chair of the Board of Trustees, but I have also recently Co-Chaired the Communications Standing Committee, sat as Vice-Chair for Policy By-law and Governance Standing Committee, and Chaired the Transportation Standing Committee for two years. I have also sat on a number of Board committees as a Trustee Representative: including the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) for three years, the Equity and Inclusive Education Steering Committee for two years, the Innovation and ICT Committee for two years, the Mental Health Steering Committee and the School year Calendar Committee. I have very good working relationships with Burlington City Councillors that represent my areas as well as the Mayor and local MPs and MPPs and believe that different levels of government that work well together help the whole community move forward in a positive fashion.

    As your HDSB Trustee, I am committed to working with students, parents, teachers, administrators and fellow Board members to provide a safe, equitable and productive educational environment. As a North Burlington resident for over 30 years, I am dedicated to serving this community and look forward to continuing to look for opportunities to maintain educational excellence in Halton.

  • Image of Diane MILLER
    Diane MILLER
    About Me:

    My name is Diane Miller and I am a candidate for the Halton District School Board trustee position. This is the first time that I have run for public office.

    I am the Mother of three amazing children – two sons and a daughter. My sons have graduated from the HDSB and are now in their first and third year of university with my daughter currently in grade 11.

    Throughout their school years I have been an advocate for each of them, along with my husband. My involvement has included Parent Council and various volunteering roles (including on sports days, class outings and as a scribe during EQAO testing days). With the contract work that I do as a Health Researcher, Patient and Health Care Interviewer and Facilitator during focus groups, my schedule allowed me to work as a Lunch Room Supervisor. The latter role involved working with children with special needs. This presented the opportunity for a whole different lens into the school system.

    Both my husband and I instilled in our children the need for a quality education. I want to ensure that for all children within the HDSB boundaries along with access to resources, tools, assessments and through policies and program availability.

    A life-long resident of the Halton region I am passionate and dedicated to putting what is in the best interests of our children at the heart of any decisions I make. This includes their safety, a learning environment conducive to effective learning, and two-way communication with parents and the community at large.

    I am invested not only in the children but in the community. A long-time volunteer with community outreach, including the Friday night community dinner, a mentor for prisoners (marking their studies) across Canada, providing kits (food and hygiene) for the homeless and sitting as a board member of two not-for-profits, is a rewarding experience and a chance to engage with marginalized members of the community. It was an honour to receive the Canada 150 award recognizing community involvement.

    Advocating or fighting for what is right is second nature to me. I want to ensure your voice is heard. This is what I do in my health research work – I listen to individuals' stories to learn what is working, what could be improved upon, what is an issue that needs to be revisited or changed, where are the disconnects and opportunities. I hope to bring these skills to the trustee table.

    During my time within the school as a lunch room supervisor I saw the impacts of poverty (lack of clothing, lack of snacks, nutritional food) and how that can impact learning. The schools that offer snack programs, breakfast programs have seen a noticeable improvement in learning.

    As a candidate in Ward 3 and Ward 6 it would an honour to have your endorsement through your vote. Thank you.

Milton Wards 1,2

Number of Available Seats: 1

Halton Hills

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Jeanne GRAY
    Jeanne GRAY
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    About Me:

    Jeanne Gray is completing her first term as a Trustee representing Halton Hills in the Halton District School Board. Her background includes 36 years of working in public education – mostly as a teacher and administrator. She is known for her collaborative approach and excellent communication skills. She is approachable and always open and receptive to innovative ideas. But most importantly, she is a tireless worker who is committed to ensuring that fiscally responsible decisions are made to ensure equity of opportunity so that safe, inclusive and engaging learning environments exist for all students.

    Jeanne Gray’s strong track record in public education has provided her with leadership experiences in addressing current issues in education such as student safety and wellness, transportation, class size and composition, special education supports, assessment and evaluation, facility renewal, enrolment and boundary changes, and student attraction and retention.

    She is currently Chair of the Audit Committee, Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee, and a committee member on the Fair Funding, Inspire, and PIC committees. She Chairs of the Halton Hills School Community Council which represents the parent councils of all fifteen schools in Halton Hills and is on the Board of Directors for the Halton Learning Foundation. For the past three years, she has served as one of the two Central West representatives on the OPSBA Policy Development Work Team.

  • Placeholder image of Shari WHITE
    Shari WHITE

Oakville Wards 1,2

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Tracey EHL HARRISON
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    About Me:

    Tracey is running for re-election for a second term. Tracey has lived in Oakville with her husband Doug and two children (and one Moose) since 2002. She is an award winning registered professional planner, a master public participation practitioner and a certified professional facilitator whose career has focused on environmental planning and education, communication and community engagement. Tracey is passionate about public education, and is a lifelong learner herself, currently working towards a PhD in Environment and Resource Management. She is a rookie community theatre and voice actor, poet and improv participant, an adventurer, cyclist and a long-distance walker. Tracey is an energetic community volunteer who was recently honoured with a Paul Harris Fellowship for service above self.

    During her first term as a Trustee, 2014-2018, Tracey participated in many committees including: Communications Committee; Equity and Inclusive Education Committee; and Environmental Management Team. This year, Tracey was recognized by her peers who gave her to opportunity to act as Vice-Chair of the Board for 2017-2018. More importantly, there were actions implemented in the HDSB as a result of the work of these teams, including: a new multi-year plan, an overhauled website and social media presence, new internet safety approach, new approach to French Immersion, Truth and Reconciliation action in each school, awareness campaign about HDSB funding, proposed new by-laws and policies, new Inspire Awards program to recognize people who provide great support to students, and banning of single use plastic bottles. Tracey also started a local Family of Schools initiative, bringing together school councils in our area at least twice a year to learn about the other schools, exchange ideas and identify ways to collaborate.

    Tracey's ideas and actions are based on her values of inclusion, collaboration, transparency, progressiveness, creativity and safety. Tracey is committed to helping families address issues and to moving the entire system forward collaboratively and positively. Being re-elected would be an honour and privilege. As an HDSB trustee, she will continue to focus on:

    creating opportunities for ALL students to find and build their strengths and happiness;

    proactive communications and creating an environment for collaboration;

    building strong community networks to leverage best practices and community programs to stretch limited resources; and,

    addressing the funding gap, aging school infrastructure and internet safety.

  • Image of Abdullahi JAMA
    Abdullahi JAMA
    About Me:

    My name is Abdullahi Jama. I am a long time Oakville resident and a retired school teacher.

    I taught Kindergarten and Grades 9 - 12. I am also a certified ECE (Early Childhood of Education) educator with 30 years of experience in solving all kinds of school problems.

    I am also an avid support of funding early year programs in the Halton Region for young children

    I know first-hand that an education can make all the difference.

    I believe in the potential of our children and I will work hard to prepare every child for the future.

    When I am elected as your School Board Trustee

    I promise to ensure that Local Federal, Provincial and Municipal Politicians understand local issues and needs and encourage them to make education a higher priority.

    Public Schools are funded with tax dollars that come from your pocket. I guarantee that your tax money will be valued and that all school funding will go to the programs from which our students will get the most benefit.

    I promise, on your behalf, that I will regularly visit and volunteer at schools in the Halton Region to make sure our students are on the right track.

    I will ensure that there is clear communication between the trustees, the board, schools and parents in order to keep students on the path to success.

  • Placeholder image of Jerry Danes KALATA
    Jerry Danes KALATA
  • Image of Hamzah KHAN
    Hamzah KHAN
    About Me:

    My campaign is principally based on the reversing of the Robert Bateman High School closure as well as the ending of further unneeded school closures. I believe that these school closures are unnecessary and the process in which they were conducted is wholly unfair.

    Furthermore, my goals are centred around the "3 F's", area where the HDSB can do better. Specifically, these topics are Funding, Fractions, and Fitness. The HDSB, per student, receives far less in funding from the provincial government. This funding shortfall is unfair to the residents of the Halton area and their tax dollars. Fractions, or more generally, math, is another area where we can improve. Math scores for Grade 6 and 9 students have been unsatisfactory, often falling below the provincial standards. By investing further into teacher training programs, we can seek to improve these scores and meet or exceed provincial standards. Lastly, fitness is an issue. Children today are spending excessive amounts of time in front of computer screens. School mandated fitness programs, with a specific focus on exercise and healthy eating should be promoted in schools. This, with the addition of more rigorous PE classes and fitness goals should help improve health and wellness across the HDSB.

Milton Wards 3,4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Ghulam ABBAS
    Ghulam ABBAS
  • Placeholder image of Iram AMJAD
    Iram AMJAD
  • Image of Neel BHATT
    Neel BHATT
    About Me:

    My name is Neel Bhatt and I’m running for the Milton School Trustee for Ward 3+4. I have been on the Boyne School Council for the past 3 years. I was the co-chair last year, and the communications chair this year. I was the Boyne representation for the Boundary Review Committee for Milton #10 (Viola Desmond PS). I have lived in Milton for over 12 years. I currently work as an Assoc. Director in Project Management for a clinical research organization. I understand the further growth is imminent with the approval of Milton PS #11 and Milton HS #3, and one of my goals is to that Milton remains a capital and resource priority. More

  • Image of Heather GERRITS
    Heather GERRITS
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    About Me:

    My passion for public education runs deep. This past June, I retired as an Educational Assistant in Halton after 19 years. I loved making a difference in the classrooms of so many schools (the majority of my years in Milton).

    While being an EA, I sat on the collective agreement negotiating team for HDEAA and was also an Elite Athlete Manager/Agent negotiating corporate sponsorships for one of Canada’s Olympians whom happens to be my eldest son. Currently, you can find me sitting on various organizing committees raising funds for important community fundraising events and alongside my youngest son, I help run a successful real estate business. I have been married to my husband, Rob, for 28 years and have resided in Milton for over 40 years.

    I would love to continue making a difference in public education because i believe in facilitating relationships within the Board and the community by promoting accountability, equality, professionalism and lifelong learning.

Oakville Ward 3,6

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Tanya ROCHA
    Tanya ROCHA
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    About Me:

    My name is Tanya Rocha and I'm running for Public School Trustee in Oakville Wards 3 & 6. Along with my husband, we are proud parents to three boys in an elementary public school. As a Ward 6 resident, I am fully committed to representing every community in both wards. I'm the only candidate who lives in the ward and sends her children to public school. I earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and broadened my education by taking courses at two other universities. I worked in a corporate environment for over 17 years in several leadership roles and 5 years ago, I shifted my focus from my career to my family and volunteer work. Having been on School Council for 6 years in different capacities, most recently as Chairperson, I've been able to engage with parents, hear their concerns and effect change.

    I decided to run for Trustee because I truly care for the students, parents and residents of these wards. I'm a very dedicated parent volunteer and community leader who always has the best interests of others. Many have said that this roles is a natural fit for me.

    This election is not about me ... it's about the needs of parents and the needs of their kids. I've been listening attentively to parents and now I have the opportunity to be their voice. I want to be your partner in education.

    FB @tanyarochatrustee

    Twitter @trusttanyarocha

  • Image of May XIE
    May XIE
    About Me:

    May is married and has two elementary school children. Her expertise in business and accounting are strengths that are valuable as a Trustee. May has completed her MBA and CPA. Her successful professional experience includes being a Controller at a major legal recruitment firm, Senior Accountant and Finance Manager at two Canadian companies. This excellent experience will enable her to ensure that budgets are balanced and public funds will be spent in an effective and efficient manner.

    May has been very involved in all aspects of her community including volunteering in the language program at a local school since 2014 and a member of her children's school council since 2017.

    As a first- generation immigrant, May believes that "great education most often leads to success".

    As a school trustee, "I will be honest and transparent and students will be "first"!

Burlington Ward 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Richelle PAPIN
    Richelle PAPIN
    About Me:

    I am happy to announce that I am running for re-election as Public School Board Trustee for Ward 4 in Burlington. As the trustee for the last four years, I value the contribution that trustees made in our community and our education system. Our students played an important role during my term in many of the schools in Ward 4.

    By trade, I am a library technician and currently working in Taxpayer Services and Debt Management for the Public Service Commission. I have a degree from the University of Toronto, with a double major in English and Sociology. I also have a diploma from Sheridan College in Library and information Technology and a certificate in French from Université Laval.

    I have worked in the public school system in Brampton and Mississauga. Navigating through the education system can be a daunting task for students and parents. My goal is to continue to work hard to make sure your voice is heard at all levels within the school board.

  • Image of Margo SHUTTLEWORTH
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    About Me:

    Margo is running as a candidate for the Halton District School Board as a Trustee in Ward 4. Margo is a Lecturer at Brock University in the Department of Education with courses focusing on Assessment and Educational Psychology. She is a proven leader and researcher with a focus on inclusion and diversity, and has published, presented and edited work for Educational Journals and conferences in the UK, the US and Canada.

    Margo has a Doctorate and Masters in Education and is a licensed school inspector. She has been very active with schools, boards and the community. Her goal is to actively represent parents' concerns for their children.

Burlington Ward 5

Number of Available Seats: 1

Oakville Wards 5,7

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Kelly AMOS
    Kelly AMOS
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    About Me:

    Kelly is running for re-election for the Oakville Ward 5 & 7 community and is the only Trustee to actually live in Oakville. She has been an active part of the Oakville community for over 30 years, She is married and lives with her husband and family in Ward 5.

    Kelly is committed to public education and her motivation to run as a trustee is the children. She’s involved because of her children and yours.

    Over that past 18 years Kelly have been very active in the public education system. She’s volunteered in her children’s schools, was on School council and has been your School Board Trustee for over 14 years including 4 years as Chair of the Board.

    She is out in the community, knows what the community is saying and it’s concerns, and makes sure they are heard at the Board. And more importantly Kelly has been successfully advocating, making sure there are community schools built, such as Oodenawi and the new NE Oakville #2 elementary school which will be built for Fall 2019. She has spoken to the Minister of Education and MPP’s to make sure that this communities needs are recognized and so that we get the schools we need. Kelly has been continuing to work on getting the new high school and next elementary school which are badly needed in North Oakville. She has also worked to deliver upgrades to White Oaks Secondary School, River Oaks, Montclair, Sunningdale & Post’s Corners Public Schools, including the WOSS renewed track & almost completed new artificial turf playing field

    As your Trustee representative at the Board, Kelly has brought forward important issues including spearheading a campaign to provide Fair Funding for all HDSB students, due to in part reductions in Special Education Funding, which she Chairs. She has also brought forward motions which have resulted in the Inspire Awards, which provides recognition of the many inspirational students, staff and community in the system, looking at later start times for High School, reduction in wait times for special education screening and many more.

    As well as being Chair of the Board, Kelly has been Vice-Chair of the Board, Chair of the Communication committee, Chair of the Director performance committee, Chair of the Transportation Committee, and has been active on all standing Board committees. She has also been the Trustee representative on the Halton Learning Foundation and the Halton Student Transportation System.

    Kelly has proven she is financially and politically astute and makes sure all decisions are what is best for all students. She has the time and energy to dedicate herself to this role.

    Kelly helped create the HDSB Parent Involvement Committee (PIC), and for the first 2 years of its existence was Chair and is still actively involved.

    Kelly believes communication is important. Since 2000 she has brought all the school councils in our community to meet regularly throughout the year and discuss many different issues, which has improved communication with and between schools and she communicates regularly through email, Facebook and Twitter.

    Kelly believes in student success – from positive learning experiences in classrooms to recognizing all student achievements. She believes each student should learn to the best of their ability in safe and welcoming school environments.

    A trustee needs to balance the needs of individual children versus the needs of a school area and the needs of the whole system. Kelly has proven she can make that balance and make the decisions necessary to give our children our best. Kelly always votes with the children in mind! Kelly looks forward to continuing to represent you as your trustee for Oakville Wards 5 & 7 at the Halton District School Board. When you vote for Kelly Amos, you are voting for our children.

  • Image of Cheryl DELUGT
    Cheryl DELUGT
    About Me:

    I am a proud Halton Region Resident who lives with my husband and our two beautiful children for the past 21 years. Our son is thirteen and our daughter is seventeen. I am a full time Emergency Room Registered Nurse in a busy GTA hospital I feel that I have a different lens when it comes to the safety and well-being of our students. As a nurse I advocate each and evert shift for my patients and families. I will be the voice for Oakville Ward 5 and 7 communities bringing their concerns to where they need to get to. They have my word

    Things that I have successfully been able to change as a mom- Just think of what I can do as your School Board Trustee

    Having Video Camera Surveillance installed in my children's elementary school

    Advocating for all elementary schools locked during school hours- Safe Welcoming System was created

    Advocating in removing polling stations out of elementary school putting our students and staff at risk. I have advocated to every level of government including Ottawa

    Why am I running:

    The students and families in Oakville as well as Halton Region need a strong voice to represent them at the Board meetings bringing fresh ideas and perspectives and to ask the tough questions and demand answers and hold the school board accountable and transparent to the students and families it represents. We know that there will likely be cuts ahead of us with the new PC government to help with the 16 billion deficit left from the previous government. The students of Halton will need someone with a strong voice to advocate for them. Overcrowding of Schools, with many students learning in portables “Portable Learning” which is not conducive to any of our children's while other schools are closed, this has to change. I will advocate for the student(s) to ask for more schools to keep up with the growth demands that our Region is facing.

    I am enthusiastic for education and I look forward to partnering with the families in Ward 5 & 7 to navigate the education system . This election is about the changes we need to see happen in our education system for every student to become their best self, they need to be supported in our schools.

    My promise to the students and families is that I will advocate for your student(s) to ensure they have a positive learning experience, you have my word.

Oakville Ward 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Renzo MESIA
    Renzo MESIA
  • Image of Joanna OLIVER
    Joanna OLIVER
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    About Me:

    Joanna Oliver has lived in Ward 4 for 20 years. She's a married mom of an HDSB high school student and step-mom of two young adults, both HDSB graduates.

    Joanna was first elected as Public School Board Trustee in 2014. Her passion for education and accessible neighbourhood schools is what initially inspired her to run for the role of Trustee. Joanna's passion for student achievement, student engagement and high quality education in neighbourhood schools continues. The values of equity, inclusion and respect for students' mental health and well-being continue to guide her. These are the values that Joanna will apply in her work as Trustee, that guide her decision-making and that inspire her advocacy for all students.

    As Trustee, Joanna created the first Ward 4 Super Council and continues to serve on a number of committees directly related to her passion for high quality education in neighbourhood schools; student engagement and achievement, and student well-being.

    Joanna's recent volunteering experience includes serving 4 years on school council, volunteering with the SafetyNet and Halton Food for Thought, serving as a member of the United Way Campaign Cabinet, and volunteering as co-ordinator of a Halton Food for Thought Breakfast Program at a Ward 4 elementary school.

    Prior to being elected in 2014, Joanna held a 20 year career in public health. Having received an Hons. B.Sc. from University of Waterloo and an M.Sc. in Epidemiology from Queen's University, Joanna's career as a public health Epidemiologist and Health Planner spanned positions at the provincial, regional and local levels. As a public health professional, she served on a number of regional and provincial public health committees. Joanna was also an executive member of her professional association and served two terms as its president.

    For more information please refer to and follow her on Twitter @ReElectJoannaO