2018 Election

Halton Catholic District School Board

Headquarters: Burlington
Voting Regions: 4
Total Trustee Seats Available: 9


Number of Available Seats: 3
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    Brenda AGNEW
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    Jason CRAWFORD
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    Briana HAMLET
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    Kathleen HAUWERT
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    Vincent IANTOMASSI
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    Danielle C. INGRAM
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    Declan KEOGH
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    Maria LOURENCO
    About Me:

    I am running for school board trustee because I am passionate about education and student success, which I believe is best achieved in an environment of strong parent engagement. I believe that our Catholic students should have the same opportunities and supports available as our public counterparts, if not better, while also benefiting from a Christ centered education strongly rooted in Catholic values. I have much more to offer than just volunteer and community experience. I have a proven track record of advocating for both community voice and parent engagement at the local school as well as the board level. I bring a unique combination of perspective, experience and skill to the position. As a business school graduate and professional accountant (CPA, CMA) with 16 years experience in the financial services industry, I have the necessary skills to interpret, evaluate and advise on the Board’s $400 million budget. With 14 years as a parent in the system and volunteering in various capacities, I am able to bring a broad parent perspective to every decision. With family in the system for another 10 years, I have a vested interest in both the short and long term impact of every decision, and I will ensure that student success is always the top priority at Halton Catholic. More

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    Joel MACLEOD
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    Tim O'BRIEN
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    About Me:

    I value working with students, parents, the church, school board and members of the community in promoting student well-being and achievement.

    Our students have a vast spectrum of strengths and needs. As varying stakeholders we have a common mission to provide them with the guidance and resources required to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of today and the future.

    As a Trustee I will be committed to the collaborative process in providing an education for our students so they may fulfill their potential in becoming successful members and contributors in our society.

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Halton Hills

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    About Me:

    I am running to preserve Catholic Education by ensuring all of our students, teachers and staff have the best resources to provide a Christ centred education.

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Number of Available Seats: 2
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    About Me:

    I am a mom of two and a community leader. One of my strongest motivations is to ameliorate our system and our society and engage our children's minds to have a global outlook with strong local origins.

    Vote for me, and you are sure to have your voice heard, and your issues brought forth to where it matters the most. More

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    Samantha ATTEW
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    Kanakam DAVIS
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    Marvin DUARTE
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    About Me:


    Student Success

    I am committed to the development, growth, and well-being of every childby preparing children to be responsible adults in today's technological society, supporting student voice and anti-bullying initiatives, and meeting student learning and school achievement objectives.


    I will strive for stronger integration of Catholic faith and valuesinto the HCDSB system, greater Parish involvement in school programs, and increased support for faith-based youth programs.


    I aim to keep families informed and engagedthrough monthly newsletters, regular consulting and feedback from parents and stakeholders, and floating surveys for major policy decisions.


    Church and School

    · Director | Halton Catholic Children's Foundation | Supporting students in financial need

    · Past President, Adviser, Volunteer | Conquest Boys Club (2009 – Present)

    · School Council Member | St. Benedict (current), Our Lady of Fatima (former Co-Chair / Parish rep), Queen of Heaven (former Parish rep), Lumen Christi, Bishop Reding

    · Active member of 4 HCDSB boundary review committees for developing school boundaries

    · Member | Knights of Columbus, Holy Rosary Parish

    · Active Parishioner | Holy Rosary Parish


    · G.O.A. Milton Chapter | Organizing Committee | Celebrating traditions and culture

    · Milton Special Olympics | Conquest/KofC Volunteer | Sports for students with special needs

    · St. Peter Sports Club | Organizer | Sports club for Holy Rosary and St. Benedict Parishes

    Education and Work

    · Hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering

    · Employed for 28+ years with global high-tech firms as a Design Engineer

    · Successful entrepreneur - established and ran a business for 10+ years

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    Bob GRYNOL
    About Me:

    My wife Betty and I relocated to Milton to be closer to family in October, 2017. I resigned as a trustee for The Northwest Catholic School Board when I moved. I was ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Thunder Bay Diocese in 1999 and have been appointed Deacon to Holy Rosary Church in Milton. I have a long history in education as teacher, vice- principal, principal, University supervisor for student teachers, College teacher and coordinator for Post Secondary for Seven Generations Education Institute in Fort Frances, Ontario for nine years. I received The Outstanding Catholic Leadership Award from The Northwest District Catholic School Board and I am a Lifetime Fourth Degree member of The Knights of Columbus.

    Over many years, I have conducted numerous workshops and retreats for the purpose of evangelization(full details on my website)The " New Evangelization", is calling us to renew our faith as Catholics and to experience this gift of encountering Christ which can transform us. The Heart of Catholic Education is the Fire of Pentecost. It is an experience with Jesus, Our Lord. That is my Hope for Catholic Education and I will work prayerfully and tirelessly to help make the difference in proclaiming Christ to all in the Halton Catholic District.

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    Patrick MURPHY
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    About Me:

    I am proud to say that I have been a resident of Milton and parishioner at Holy Rosary Church for the past 28 years. I am putting my Name forward for the position of School Trustee for the Halton Catholic District School Board in order to serve my family, parish and community.

    As a married father of 3, with 2 of our children currently attending a Catholic Elementary school in Milton, maintaining a strong Catholic Education system is very important to our family. Additionally, with the high volume of growth planned for the community of Milton, it is essential that we have strong representation at the HCDSB, to ensure that we can meet our Catholic educational needs in the future.

    Given my educational background, involvement in charitable organizations and 25 plus years of senior business management, I believe I posses the required experience, knowledge and strategic thinking, that will ensure that I can communicate effectively, the needs of our schools to the board, to ensure that the resources available are allocated to support our rapid growth.

    With regards to my credentials, I received a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University in Montreal, class of 1986, I am the Grand Knight for Holy Rosary Knights of Columbus #6777 and I have over 25 years of senior business management experience, the last 19 years as the General Manager of a Corporation.

    I look forward to the opportunity to be your voice on the Halton Catholic District School Board


Number of Available Seats: 3
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    Peter DEROSA
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    Nancy GUZZO
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    Helena KARABELA
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    About Me:

    I am seeking re-election to continue to build on the successes of passionately serving the community of Oakville to represent your voice as a Catholic ratepayer, parent, guardian, student, and teacher. I will work with you to achieve excellence in Catholic education focusing on faith formation, academic excellence and accountability. I will work to maintain smaller class sizes, advocate for children with special needs, continue to preserve Early French Immersion programs and much more. More

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    Jeff MAMER
  • Image of Giuseppe PERITORE
    Giuseppe PERITORE
    About Me:

    I am a lifelong Oakville resident. Along with our children (1 elementary, 2 secondary), my wife and I are both products of the HCDSB. Our household has over 54 years of experience with our board. Our experiences include: extended French, bullying, frustrations of needing after-school tutoring (Kumon, Math Academy), member parent council, kiss’n ride volunteer, multiple uniform votes, single source uniform vendors, classes in portables, organizing multi-school events such as the Angels for Angel Hair events (2010, 2014, 2017), receiving attendance notifications of a student's absence after 5:30pm, sports field lighting debates, HPV vaccinations, recent charity donation controversy, etc.

    I am not perfect, but as a parent of 3 current HCDSB students, I will understand many of your frustrations when you share them with me.

    I am the only 3rd time candidate (2010, 2014, 2018), which I hope demonstrates my long term commitment to work for you and your family.

    I’m running an environmentally friendly/green, $0 budget campaign. You will not see any of my signs littering the roadway, nor pamphlets stuffed on your cars or in your mailbox. I am not taking any donations. The only support I’m asking for is your vote, so I may have the opportunity to work for the taxpayers and students of Oakville/Halton.

    My campaign is not focused on any single issue or recent concern. I can appreciate there are many needs and that they will evolve over time. I will do my best to address them as they come in a transparent and open way.

    For me, improved communications, with all stakeholders, is a priority. Working in healthcare for 17 years and as a Past Grand Knight of Ontario’s largest community-based Knights of Columbus council (in Oakville), I have a lot of experience serving our community and I've learned the importance of good, two-way communications in building productive relationships.

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    Anthony QUINN
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    Chris SAUNDERS
    About Me:

    • Member of St Matthews Parish (Oakville)

    • 20 year resident of Oakville, family have been inHalton since 1832

    • Married father of 3 children (all have graduated from

    the HCDSB)

    Chartered Accountant and Tax Specialist

    • Bachelor of Commerce and a Master in Business

    Administration (McMaster University)

    • Member of the Knights of Columbus and the

    Oakville Optimist

    • Over 21 years experience Managing at the Canada

    Revenue Agency and Ontario Ministry of Finance

    • Campaign Chairman for the Government of Canada

    Workplace Charitable Campaign

    • Hockey Coach, (MOHA), Baseball Coach – (OGSA),

    Soccer Coach (OSC)

    • Published Author “Taxes for Canadian Dummies”

    • Speak and Read French and English


    • Develop a comprehensive Mental Health Strategy that

    Identifies and Supports Children in Distress

    • Increase support and funding for Special Education

    and Teachers working with Special needs students

    • Work with the Bishops, Ministry of Education,

    Teachers and Parents in the development of the new

    Sex Education Curriculum

    • Engage Students and Parents in the development of

    the Charitable Giving Policy

    • Enhance Communication and Cooperation with

    HCDSB Administration, the Bishops, Teachers,

    Parents and students

    • Defend and Enhance Publicly Funded Catholic


    • Develop a strategy to improve Student Transportation

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    Ante SKOKO
    About Me:

    I left my career as a Civil Engineer this past Spring to work as a Catholic Youth Minister at the parish level and felt called to run for Catholic Trustee to positively impact youth at the school level. I will work towards helping our students become well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the workforce, living as exemplary citizens, and thriving as faithful Catholics. I am married to my loving wife Roberta, and we pray that you and your family vote and put your trust in me on Election Day. More