2018 Election

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

Headquarters: Mississauga
Voting Regions: 11
Total Trustee Seats Available: 11

Caledon, Dufferin

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Frank DI COSOLA
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    Sheralyn ROMAN
    About Me:

    Your Catholic School Trustee plays an advocacy role for community. On a platform of Supporting Success in EducationI will assist families, schools and parish by being a good listener and fostering open communication.I will champion concerns raised by constituents but also believe bus safety; curriculum change, special education access/resourcing, fiscal responsibility, STEM and Apprenticeship programming and school/community partnerships are critically important. Adequate geographic representation is also a concern.

    I have a B.A. (McMaster), B.Ed. (Brock) and an Adult Education Teaching Certificate from Sheridan College where I taught for numerous years. I've worked as an on-call emergency supply teacher and have published a children's book.

    Volunteer experience includes various roles on Parent Advisory Councils at elementary and secondary school and with a number of literacy initiatives. I'm on the Board of Directors with Caledon Parent Child Centre and on the Executive of South Caledon Soccer Club. Numerous other community and parish volunteer experience round out my portfolio. or on facebook at Sheralyn Roman 4 Catholic School Trustee

Brampton Wards 7-10

Number of Available Seats: 1

Brampton Wards 2,5,6

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Darryl D'SOUZA
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    About Me:

    As a practicing catholic and a father, I want to share in the joy of providing an education that addresses the spiritual, moral, academic and physical needs of our young people. I will ensure and safeguard the integrity of the Catholic school system which is based on the religious ideals of our Catholic faith, and will be dedicated to sharing gospel values to be used in life and in the programs in our schools.
    Over the last 4 years as your Catholic School Board Trustee we have successfully built 2 new schools in our wards.
    - St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Elementary School - 120 Veterans Drive, Brampton ON , L7A 3Z7
    - St. Jacinta Marto Catholic Elementary School- 40 Fallowfield Road, Brampton, ON, L6X 0W1
    I look forward to your continued support and prayers so that I can continue to represent you.
    Thank you for supporting Catholic education

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    Damien JOSEPH
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    Theresa LAVERTY
  • Image of Neville MANT
    Neville MANT
    About Me:

    I am seeking the position of Separate School Board Trustee for wards 2, 5, and 6 in Brampton.

    As a former educator with Dufferin-Peel, I do have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will guide me to make informed decisions, to best serve our children, parents, Catholic rate payers and educators in our Catholic School Communities.

    As an experienced Educator, in the past, I have served in many different capacities with Dufferin-Peel;



    Department Head,

    Teacher (in both The Secondary and Elementary panels),

    Supply Teacher.

    Currently I am an Educational Consultant for International Global eLearning Communities.

    On a personal note, my wife and I have served in a variety of Ministries at our local parish and our children were graduates of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

    On October 22, 2018, I am kindly seeking your vote of approval to be your Catholic School Board Trustee for wards 2, 5, and 6 in Brampton, as I will be deeply humbled and honoured to be your Servant Leader representing the Catholic rate payers of Dufferin Peel.

    Thanking you in advance for your support!

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    Vincenzo SICILIANO

Brampton Wards 1,3,4

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Anna DA SILVA
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  • Image of Hope Irabor DION
    Hope Irabor DION
    About Me:

    Hope is a long time resident of Brampton, married with 2 children, with one on the Autism Spectrum. He is also a proud beneficiary of the Catholic education, both at the elementary and secondary levels.

    Hope has a BA in Arts from Université Paris 8, France, a master’s degree (MSc). In Project Management, and Jurist Doctor (JD) in Law, from Massachusetts School of Law in Boston MA.

    Professionally, Hope was an Immigration Counsel for several years, and currently a Project Manager/Consultant. He has always been very active in the Catholic schools his children attend, especially in the special needs sector.

    Hope was very instrumental in the approval and creation of the Preparation for Independence Planning (PIP) division, of his son’s elementary school.

    He is currently running as a Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board Trustee, in Wards 1, 3 & 4 in Brampton. With view to championing new and innovative ideas, and improving the Catholic educational system; and above all, to give back as an advocate

    for an inclusive Catholic education in the DPCDSB, with emphasis on our students with special needs.

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    Patrick J. DORAN
  • Image of Cheryl ROY
    Cheryl ROY
    About Me:

    My Objective:

    To serve the community on issues that truly matter to families, through connection, competence and conviction by serving as a Catholic School Board trustee in Brampton Wards 1,3 and 4.

    · I am truly passionate about Catholic Education and serving the community.

    · I will work with the Board to ensure that there are additional resources for mental health issues.

    · I will ensure that regulations are in place for students with electronic devices and cell phones.

    · I am a strong supporter of the Anti-Bullying Bill 14.

    · I am passionate about ensuring that our children learn the skills, knowledge and values to be successful in the 21st Century.

    Professional background:

    · Cheryl Roy holds a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Psychology (Major) and Sociology.

    · Cheryl is currently in the financial services industry and is a licensed investments and insurance professional for the past 17 years.

    · She has an enterprising personality and has been a business owner of a consulting company and a retail business.

    · Cheryl has global work experience having previously worked at multinational Banks such as HSBC Bank and Grindlays Bank.

    · Cheryl has spent time assessing and scoring Grade 9 English Literacy Test papers in Ontario for EQAO for many years.

    Personal Bio

    Cheryl Roy has lived in Ward 4 Brampton for 18 years and is an active parishioner of St. Jerome's Parish. Cheryl and her husband, Francis are married for 38 years and are both practicing Roman Catholics. Their two adult daughters, Deanne and Darriel attended Catholic Schools from kindergarten to Grade 12. Currently, both her grandchildren attend Catholic elementary schools in Brampton.

Mississauga Wards 1,3

Number of Available Seats: 1

Mississauga Wards 6,11

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Bismarck GONSALVES
    About Me:

    I have lived in Mississauga since 1992 and in Ward 11 for the past 18 years. I am an active parishioner of St Francis Xavier Church, in Ward 6 and have the great privilege of serving our Community as a Eucharistic Minister for 14 years at St. Francis Xavier Church. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus Council 12067 at St. Francis Xavier Church since 2009 assisting in a variety of services and fund raising activities. I enjoy playing soccer, tennis, volleyball and travelling around the world.

    For 26 years I have worked with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, the Ontario Ministry of Finance and the Government of Canada. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and have a Chartered Professional Accountant designation (CPA, CGA).

    My children attended separate Catholic schools in Mississauga from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Lorraine, my wife of 34 years is part of the Rosary Apostolate group, a Eucharistic Minister and a member of the Catholic Women's League.

    Why I am running for Catholic School Board Trustee?

    Catholic schools are a valuable treasure close to my heart. I was privileged to receive all of my primary and secondary education through Catholic schools. My passion for Catholic Education burns deeply within me and I will work with students, parents and the community to protect and further develop the spiritual, moral, academic and physical needs of our students.

    I am ready to bring my energy and devote my time to this important role. I have a tremendous understanding of the needs and challenges faced by students, parents and teaching staff. That understanding together with my work experience as a professional accountant will ensure that decisions relating to financial and academic matters are made with maximum integrity, thereby, safeguarding and sustaining the Catholic education system.

    Volunteer work/community involvement:

    Eucharistic Minister for over 14 years at St. Francis Xavier Church, Mississauga (Ward 6)

    Member (3rd Degree) of the Knights of Columbus Council 12067 at St. Francis Xavier Church since 2009. Assisting in a variety of services and fund raising activities.


    Work together with students, parents and the community to discover enhanced measures to provide a safe and healthy educational environment, whilst also focusing on student achievement.

    Act as a role model to engender confidence in students.

    Emphasize the importance of Catholic faith based morals in the Catholic School Board education system.

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    Sabeena PHILIP

Mississauga Wards 9,10

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Tom COOK
    Tom COOK
    About Me:

    The education of young children to young adults should be at the core of any society, that is interested in the academic development of its students.

    My commitment is to do what is possible to further develop an education program second to none for the elementary and high students of Wards 9 &10.

    I believe it is vital for students and educators to understand that the teaching of Jesus in our Catholic schools is more than just a subject. Jesus is the cornerstone of our Catholic faith.

    There are over 80,000 students in our Board a true mosaic of people of Canada and we all should embrace this within our communities of Dufferin-Peel.

    For the next term of office Trustees should consider the following:

    Establish a formal ten-year vocation plan for students interested in becoming Catholic religious leaders.

    Students should have some formal safety training in swimming.

    The Board should consider issuing of a School Board Bond(s) to raise necessary funds for current and long-term school repairs and maintenance projects.

    Tom supports the presence of community police officers in our high schools so that students, staff and visitors feel safe to learn and work.

    Tom is a proponent of financial literacy training for both elementary and high school students.

    The School Board should continue to teach basic cursive writing skills. It should be of concern to all parents, educators and Trustees that we a graduating high school student that struggle to hand write essays. Today many employers still require good hand writing skills as a prerequisite for employment.


    Married with 2 children (both graduates of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School)

    Degree in Canadian Political Science York University

    Several years of election volunteer experience for candidates at all three levels of government within the GTA

    Work experience: Over twenty years of Corporate credit services

    Active member of St. John of the Cross parish and the Knights of Columbus

    Community Experience

    Parent volunteer with the (Mississauga) 105 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

    Raised funds for the Arthritis society and Sick Kid's Telethon

    Streetsville Bread and Honey festival and Santa Claus parade

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    Brea CORBET
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    About Me:

    As a mom of three school aged children, I value our Catholic education system and I know that a positive school experience is essential to our children's success. As a regulated health professional in cardiovascular care and prevention, I am passionate about supporting a healthier community. I look forward to making an impact in learning, growing and leading with Christ...because our children only get one childhood.

    As your candidate for Separate School Board Trustee serving Mississauga in wards 9 and 10, I am committed to being your child's advocate and a voice for what is important to you. I will be working closely with our municipal and provincial elected representatives to ensure a collaborative approach in partnering for our community. On Election day, I'm counting on you, counting on me! We can make a difference together!

  • Image of Tomasz GLOD
    Tomasz GLOD
    About Me:

    Hello! My name is Tomasz Glod and I am running as a candidate in this year's upcoming election for the office of Separate School Trustee in Mississauga, Wards 9 and 10. As an individual who grew up within these wards, I believe it is now my turn to give back to this community. I have previously had the opportunity to serve the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, as I had the privilege of being elected as a Student Trustee during my final year in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School. Through this position, I observed how vital a rich and well-rounded education is for our youth to attain their goals. Most importantly however, it provided me the chance to voice the concerns of students at regularly held Board meetings and conferences. Having sat at the Board table, and worked alongside teachers, Principals, Board Staff, Superintendents and Trustees, I am aware of the challenges that community leaders face and am looking to use the experience obtained during my own Catholic education within my future term. For information about my plans as trustee, please visit my website or contact me! More

  • Image of Mathew JACOB
    Mathew JACOB
    About Me:

    My name is MATHEW JACOB and I am excited to inform you all that I am running for the office of TRUSTEE representing wards 9 & 10, for the Dufferin Peel catholic District School Board. As a firm believer of the above statement, along with well over a decade of active involvement in the Catholic Educational system in Mississauga, belongs to a Practicing Catholic family and an ardent supporter of catholic faith and lastly, but not the least, as a parent whose children attend the catholic school make me the most eligible candidate to proudly represent you in all in ward 9 & 10 at the Dufferin Peel

    Catholic School Board.

    My close association with the Catholic School environment has made me realize the importance of parent’s involvement in catholic school activities in a number of areas. The need to create a unique home, parish and school partnership for a sound catholic community is of paramount importance. The time has come that we build and shape our future generations to lead from front and to be at the helm of affairs by providing faith and value based education, so that a stable, safe and egalitarian society is

    developed. Conscious and deliberate efforts are also to be made where every child is provided with the required care and attention that would place every student at par in terms of skill development and competency.

    Issues that I plan to Champion if elected.

    1. Advocate special attention to the quality of relationship between Teachers and Students in the school environment that would have a positive impact on the overall learning and teaching experience for both students and the teachers. This would warrant that every student is treated as an individual whose cerebral growth is attuned the overall growth that would help them turn into an individual who would

    contributes to the community where he belongs and to the society in particular.

    2. Ensure the school environment is of asseverating and confirming of what you do at home and not conflicting, contradictory and mitigating.

    3.Accelerate the awareness initiatives so that the parents get themselves familiarize with the morning and evening routines at schools, understand the attendance protocol, how to get access to the teachers and also the general rules at the school. This may sound insignificant and inconsequential, but eventually it would convey a very robust message to the student of the admiration that you have for the institution that he/she would be spending the rest of the year.

    4. Hammer and tongs campaign for commencing pragmatic real life curriculums mandatory in schools. Initial introduction of such courses may be in High schools that would prepare and equip the students with the ability to handle day to day issues involving household and mechanical nature, without external help.

    5. Champion a caring and inclusive learning environment providing opportunities for lifelong learning

    6. Bolster community involvements and ensure diversity is reflected in every community engagement

    7. Committed to a clean, healthy and safe school environment that enhances the scope for learning in a meaningful and peaceful atmosphere

    8. Promote step by step progressive curriculum structure at appropriate grade levels.

    9. Support the active involvement of Teaching Staff in the formulation of sequential syllabus settings for most of the subjects.

    10. Ensure adequate Pupil Teacher ratio and reasonable classroom sizes for effective learning

    11. Aggressively brace progressive educational curriculum in schools

    12. Provide substantial support to ensure a disciplined learning environment so that the schools are safe learning places and also ensure the anti-bullying programmes are effectively in place

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  • Placeholder image of John G. KENNEDY
    John G. KENNEDY
  • Image of Nestor PEREIRA
    Nestor PEREIRA
    About Me:

    I am very pleased to inform you that I am running for English Separate (Catholic) School Board Trustee for Ward 9 and 10 Mississauga.

    I have grown up in a Catholic community and have been fortunate to have been educated through the Catholic school system. Growing up, I have always been involved in the Catholic church by being an altar server, singing in the choir, being an active member of the youth group and teaching confirmation classes to young teens.

    I am a member of the Knights of Columbus (4th Degree), and have participated and organized many community and fund raising activities for the Knights. I'm an active supporter of the Family of Faith and the PKD Foundation of Canada and have had the opportunity to give back to charities close to my heart.

    I married with two 2 boys who are 8 and 12 years and are students in the DPCDSB. Stefan my older son and I are part of the Church Choir at Merciful Redeemer Parish and my most ardent supporter.

    Today, as I see the challenges faced by the Catholic School Board such as reduced funding, school closures, insufficient resources, inadequate bussing, etc., I feel compelled to be an advocate of the catholic school community, devote my time, and contribute my skills to help make a difference, so that all our children can benefit from it.

    As Trustee, I will focus on: (A) Advocating for new job-oriented programs, including fiscal education for our children so that they are truly ready when they enter the work force. (B) Protecting our right to a Catholic Education by promoting greater enrollment in our separate Catholic schools. (C) Additional education on legalized drugs, its effects and impact on physical and psychological health of our children. (D) Appropriate allocation of funding and resources for schools that need upgrades and equipment to provide for a safer & better education.

Mississauga Ward 5

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Margaret PAKULA
    Margaret PAKULA
    About Me:

    I am an investment and insurance advisor. I earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in business management from Ryerson University. I have a Level 1 Financial Planning certification.

    I have over 15 years experience in the financial industry with strong financial acumen and business sense to ensure the best interests of the Catholic school community are upheld without wasting tax payer funds.

    My life is lived fully in the Catholic faith with prayer and regular mass attendance. I participate in the annual walking Pilgrimage to Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland with the Polish community from St. Maximillian Kolbe church in Mississauga. I grew up in a traditional home with strong Catholic values.

    During the past 3 years, I have been the elected Chair of St. Alfred School Council and regular volunteer. Our strong team effort in fundraising initiatives allowed us to purchase Smartboards for each classroom, and programs such as Scientists in the classroom etc.

    As a mother of three girls, I have a personal interest in providing the best possible faith-centered learning environment for our children. I am ready to work hard to advance an education founded upon prayer and Catholic principles. I will actively defend our schools and our children against policies that seek to weaken our mission of Catholic discipleship.

  • Image of Caroline ROACH
    Caroline ROACH
    About Me:

    "I believe that Education is an investment in our future. It is the best, mobile asset we can provide to our children. Peel and Ward 5 in Mississauga has been impacted by reduced funding to our education programs, cuts to the Ontario school repair fund and school closures. I will collaborate with parents, school boards and the Community to introduce innovative ideas, new perspectives and greater accountability and transparency."

    I will champion and am committed to:

    -ensure enhanced transparency and accountability to the electorate

    -ensure that our children learn the skills, knowledge and values to be successful in the 21st Century

    -advocate for increased funding for special education, technology, arts, music, sports and textbooks

    -advocate for better conditions in schools that need repair and re-purposing

    ü advocate for youth leadership, fiscal responsibility, communications and personal safety including cyber security programs

    Caroline Roach is an entrepreneur and successful business leader. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL). Caroline has global experience working at HSBC Bank, Fidelity Investments and RBC Insurance with a track record of tenacity and perseverance for getting things done. Caroline well appreciates the commitments, sacrifices and impact our teachers make on our children and believes in increasing the collaboration and communication between teachers, school boards and parents to better serve our children and positively impact our community.

    Caroline is a resident of Mississauga and a working mother of two wonderful children who attend Catholic Elementary Schools in Peel. Caroline graduated from a Catholic High School and believes in the need to preserve and encourage the Catholic Education that she received and cherished as a child for future generations. Caroline is a practicing Catholic and has been a parishioner of St. Francis Xavier Church for the past 15 years. Caroline has volunteered at school events at St. Gregory, St. Rose of Lima and St. Gertrude. She has also volunteered and supported numerous charitable organizations and not-for-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, JDRF, MS Walk and CAMH.

  • Placeholder image of Thomas THOMAS
    Thomas THOMAS
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Mississauga Wards 2,8

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Sharon M. HOBIN
    Sharon M. HOBIN
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  • Image of Matthew KORNAS
    Matthew KORNAS
    About Me:

    Vote for Leadership and a Strong Voice to represent your Concerns at the Board

    Born and raised in the city of Mississauga, Matthew Kornas has been committed to education and Catholic faith his entire life. A graduate of the University of Toronto in the fields of political science and history (BA), Matthew has followed his family tradition and is an alumni of St. Michael's College at U of T, St. George. A dedicated follower and volunteer of the Mississauga's largest Roman Catholic parish, St. Maximillian Kolbe. He volunteers in local drives and initiatives to bring Canadian youth closer to worldwide Catholic events. Matthew has attended World Youth Days in Krakow, Poland and Madrid, Spain and has worked to give this same opportunity to others at his parish.

    Matthew was the youngest member of St. John Paul ll Foundation (Toronto Branch), an organization based in Rome. Responsible for supporting Catholic universities in Asia and Eastern Europe through exchange programs and funding bursaries. Since elementary school, Matthew was part of the foundation's efforts to help those from less fortunate backgrounds and give them an opportunity to a Catholic education. The foundation organizes events and raises money to support scholarships for students attending Catholic post secondary institutions.

    In his youth, Matthew was a dedicated supporter of Catholic education and took advantage of many wonderful programs offered by Ontario School Boards. He traveled with the Toronto Catholic District School Board twice as a music student, a saxophone player, and played inside churches and seminaries in Italy and Germany.

    Matthew has experience working with people of all backgrounds and faiths. Employed at Toronto Pearson Airport, he assisted persons with disabilities during the 2015 Toronto Panam Games. He is open-minded, acceptive and approachable and has volunteered at St. Maximillian Kolbe.

    Most importantly, Matthew is accessible and accountable to students, parents and teachers. He wants to be an advocate for students and strengthen them to be great members of society with virtues and values. Faithful to the Catholic doctrine, Matthew believes in his spiritual calling to become the next Ward 2 and 8 Catholic School Board District Trustee.

Mississauga Ward 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of John COLETTI
    John COLETTI
  • Image of Carmela Zita KAPELERIS
    Carmela Zita KAPELERIS
    About Me:

    Carmela is running in this election to ensure:

    -that our Catholic rights as a school system & our rights as Catholic parents are respected & maintain strong relationshiups between home, school & Parish

    -promote continuous imporvement, expansion of student programs, setting goals technology funding, text book funding, special education & safe schools

    -Better kiss & Ride Programs, Improvement of EQAO Results

    -to ensure parents needs and requirements are communicated to the Schools and the Board and that all genuine requests have been met

    -creating a Vision for a strong educations system measured by progress & accountabily while being a strong representative for our local community

  • Image of Biju PAPPACHAN
    About Me:

    I am a resident of Ward 4 and a proud father of 3 school going children. I am an active member of the catholic parish and volunteer in some programs. For a period, I did help at the school as a member of the parent teacher council.

    My degree studies included Education, Philosophy and Theology and proceeded to my MBA.

    I have been part of various educational systems in Asia and Africa where I worked as a teacher and as an administrator. After working in non-formal educational system, I moved on to Sales and Marketing and worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager for companies such as Panasonic.

    It is my experience, passion for education, skill sets, an openness to embrace change and eagerness to contribute in building the future based on human values rooted in Christian teachings through a holistic approach in education which are the qualities that makes me a better candidate.

    Some of the questions and issues that were bothering me, and I was contemplating on, are the basis for my candidature as a separate English school trustee for ward 4. The below mentioned are those questions and issues: the physical safety and security of our children is a worry for any parent. How can we improve safety at our educational institutions? How can we improve the financial literacy of our children? How can we best utilise our funds for modernising the class rooms and teaching methods that will cater to the abilities and needs of our children? How can we empower our children to harness the power of the internet to improve the quality of life and remain safe?

    I truly believe that education is an all-round development of the child, targeting their spiritual, social, intellectual and physical development. I want you to support me to give that well rounded educational experience to our children by addressing the above-mentioned concerns. Let's be holistic in our approach. Let's bring up a generation of good and honest citizens who hold human values close to their hearts.

    Together, building the future

  • Image of Stefano PASCUCCI
    Stefano PASCUCCI
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    About Me:

    I am a lifetime resident of Mississauga and a graduate from the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School system.

    I have been married for 8 and have 2 children. Our eldest child currently attends a Dufferin-Peel Catholic school.

    I graduated from the University of Toronto in Mississauga (Hons. Bachelor) with a double major in Political Science and Economics and hold a Post-Graduate Diploma from George Brown College in International Business Management.

    I have worked in the Freight Forwarding industry for over 10 years; and my position requires me to work with tight deadlines and ensure that all parties are happy with the outcome of their transportation needs.

    I am a member of the George Brown Program Advisory Committee and a Fourth Degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus. I have held many executive positions within the Knights and have completed hundreds of hours of community service for those in need.

    I am a devote Catholic and believe our children’s education must centre on Christ and what He has taught us through scripture.

    I believe in creating a strong bond between our Church, our schools, and our homes.

    Some key points that I believe in are:

    -I strongly believe in Catholic education and will fight to protect it for the future.

    -I will ensure that our voices are heard at all levels of government.

    -Our children are first – We must provide the best education possible so our children can meet future challenges.

    -I do not accept closing schools in Ward 4.

    -I will fight for funding to renovate and retrofit Ward 4 schools.

    -Bullying is unacceptable. I want our children have a safe school environment.

    I will be visible in our schools, by attending school council meetings, events, and graduations.

    -I will ensure our schools continue to meet and exceed eco certification requirements.

    -I will look to strengthen school enrolment in Ward 4 by enhancing programs that will draw students to our elementary and secondary schools. This Includes STEM and SHSM programming.

    I respectfully ask for your support on October 22nd.

  • Image of Miroslaw RUTA
    Miroslaw RUTA
    About Me:

    My name is Miroslaw Ruta, I am running for English Separate School Board Trustee in Ward 4. My Catholic faith is very important to me, married to my wife of 30 years Janina, we have four children all who went through the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board system. I understand the importance of a quality Catholic education. I am passionate about protecting the right to a Catholic education, and wish to see its standards improved for future generations. The knowledge and experience I have from my professional career and community involvement with the Knights of Columbus and other organizations will allow me to offer accountable governance and new ideas. I will be a very active trustee attending events and school meetings to ensure parents and students concerns are heard and brought forward. More

  • Image of Mathew THOMAS
    Mathew THOMAS
    About Me:

    My family and I immigrated to Mississauga over 15 years ago, and we are proud to call this growing and thriving community our home. Like many families, our driving force was to find a better education for our three children. While our kids have now grown up and graduated from university, I still believe that a strong and stable Catholic education system can raise us up, allowing all young people to reach their full potential.

    As your trustee, I will advocate for the continuity of our faith-based education system, ensuring our schools are welcoming places of trust for students and their families. I will work with families to make sure that our Catholic schools reflect the growing diversity of Mississauga.

    With hundreds of new families joining our community every year, it's important to have diverse voices at the table. Whether it's advocating for student nutrition, ensuring safe school bus transit or building partnerships with local employers to reduce unemployment - I'll be there working with you.


    Parish Council Secretary 2010 and 2017

    Pastoral Council Member from 2012 to 2014

    Ecumenical Churches Toronto Treasurer from 2013 to 2015

    Ecumenical Churches Event Coordinator from 2015 to 2017

    Union President for Red Cross Transportation 2017 to 2018

    Member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHRC) for Canadian Red Cross 2017 to 2018

    Member of the Labour Management Committee for Canadian Red Cross

    Former Treasurer and current Secretary for The Canadian Malayalee Association (CMA)

    Regional Secretary for the Federation of Malayalee Associations North America (FOMA)

Mississauga Ward 7

Number of Available Seats: 1