2014 Election Archive

Toronto District School Board

Headquarters: Toronto
Voting Regions: 22
Total Trustee Seats Available: 22

Ward 1

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Tahir AHMAD
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    Michael FORD
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    Dahir GALBETE
    About Me:

    My Name is Dahir Galbete. I came to Canada 28 years ago. I am the father of five beautiful children and two of them are in TDSB schools, one in grade 5 and other in grade 10.

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    Richardo HARVEY
    About Me:

    A Life-long Educator, Strategic Thinker, Community Developer, and Youth Advocate with skills in Restorative Practice and Mediation, Richardo Harvey launches his election campaign for Public Education Trustee, Ward 1. WARD 1 (city wards 1 and 2) VOTE HARVEY. Please visit for more information. As a Child and Youth Worker with the Toronto District School Board, Mr. Harvey has always used an authentic approach to leading change and development. His personal and professional development focuses on skills acquisition and education for our students. He works with our hard to service and special needs students, continues to be passionate, and believes in inspiring people to achieve well-being and a ‘can-do’ attitude in accomplishing their goals and aspirations. By focusing on the `right fit` for our students and staff, he will works with his colleagues to attain: Good Governance of Board Resources, Healthy, Inclusive, Safe and Caring Environments, Promote Confidence and Resiliency in our students, staff and parents, Increase Partnership in our schools with our Community Service Provider, Work with the Ministry of Education in dedicating a new funding formula for education, Strong, Adequate Support and Services in our Kindergarten, ESL, & Special Education, Programs "I have known Mr. Harvey for several years now and over the course of his career, he consistently and passionately established integrity, advocacy and professionalism to those he work with by accessing a wide-ranging of services to meet their needs" said S. Modeste Community Worker in the City of Toronto. More

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    About Me:

    John Hastings (born March 16, 1942) is a politician in Ontario, Canada. He was a Progressive Conservative member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1995 to 2003. Hastings has degrees from the University of Western Ontario (1963) and the University of Toronto (1967). He worked as a political researcher and as a teacher in Ontario's Secondary School system. In 1975, he worked as executive assistant to provincial cabinet minister Lorne Henderson. Hastings was a member of the Worker's Compensation Board from 1977 to 1994, and also served on the Advisory Board of the Institute of Study of Antisocial behaviour in Youth before entering public life. Hastings ran for the City of Toronto's Hydro Commission in 1985, and was elected on the second position. He was elected to the Etobicoke City Council in 1988, and held this position until 1995. Hastings was elected to the Ontario legislature in the 1995 provincial election, defeating long-serving New Democrat Ed Philip by fewer than 1,000 votes in Etobicoke—Rexdale. He was not appointed to the cabinet of Mike Harris, and remained a government backbencher for his entire tenure in the legislature. In the 1999 provincial election, Hastings ran for re-election in the redistributed riding of Etobicoke North, and retained his seat with less than 40% of the popular vote. He supported Ernie Eves to replace Harris as party leader in 2002, even though his riding executive endorsed rival candidate Jim Flaherty. On November 13, 2006, Hastings was elected to the Toronto District School Board as Trustee for Ward 1 (Etobicoke North), defeating incumbent Stan Nemiroff. Hastings took office in December 2006. More

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    Hodan NURSED
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    Sandy ZAJAC

Ward 5

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Jerako BIAJE
  • Placeholder image of Jordan GLASS
    Jordan GLASS
    About Me:

    Jordan Glass is the proud father of a beautiful girl, Rachel, whom he raises with his wife, Christina. Rachel has autism. The TDSB's inability to meet Rachel's special needs has been Jordan's driving force to seek a seat on the School Board. Jordan has been a political aide and advisor with experience in political offices at all three levels of government. He regularly comments on issues pertaining to municipal politics in Toronto. His insights have been featured on numerous websites. Jordan has also served on the Summit Heights Public School Parent Council as Trustee Rep. His responsibilities include reporting on TDSB meetings. Jordan currently works for Lindt & Spüngli and writes on a freelance basis on the side. He holds a Bachelor's degree in 20th century European History and Political Science. More

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    Alexander GLAUBERZON
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    Howard KAPLAN
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    About Me:

    I was elected to the Toronto District School Board in 2010, representing York Centre (Ward 5). I bring to the TDSB my extensive experience, a passion for improving the lives and futures of our families, and a commitment to improving our community through education. I have a strong connection to Ward 5, having lived here with my family for over 13 years. I attended Regal Road Public School, Oakwood Collegiate Institute, and Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. I went on to Ryerson University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I continued my education at York University where I received a Bachelor of Arts, and at the University of Toronto, where I received a Bachelor of Education. I have two children, Ari and Elyse, who attended and graduated from TDSB schools and I now have three grandchildren. I worked in Information Technology for 35 years, and I also worked in film and television, and fundraising prior to my retirement. My life long interest in politics, social justice, and peace compelled me to run for office, to serve the community and make a long lasting impact on public education. As Trustee, I work hard for York Centre to break down barriers, protect the most vulnerable students in the ward and across Toronto, and strengthen public education to ensure students have what they need to succeed. More

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    Stephen KAZMAN
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    Tibor MARTINEK
    About Me:

    Tibor Martinek was closely collaborating with then trustee Mae Wease, while his children attended Mackenzie High School. He was active member of the Bathurst JCC; won several trophies at the Basketball House League. Successfully developed condiment products for President's Choice and Master's Choice in the 1990's and obtained multi-year supply contracts with Loblaws and A&P Canada. Was also engaged as a sales and marketing consultant with ethnic food importers. Successfully ran a Sacramental Wine importing business' under LCBO's authorization, from 2002 to 2010 Has been semi-retired since 2012, importing and distributing heavy-duty microfiber cloth and remained a part-time sales consultant with his former partner's food importing company. Has been a long time member of Congregation B'nai Torah. He is well aware of the challenges facing the education system in Toronto; the challenge of integrating of various ethnic groups, the challenge of the adult education, the challenge of adequate support for special education and the challenge of meeting special programs for groups within the community in Ward 5. He considers the biggest challenge to put the TDSB into fiscal order to enable funding the needs of the pupils within the public school system, including keeping schools in good order. Has the time and passion to represent the pupils, the parents, the teachers, the support staff and the taxpayers in Ward 5. Tibor speaks fluently English, French, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech and passively Russian. More

Ward 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Mirtha CORONEL
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    Matias DE DOVITIIS
    About Me:

    Matias de Dovitiis has worked for the last fifteen years to help create opportunities for youth, establish new community associations, and serve the needs of families. Matias believes that household income should not be a barrier for education. Matias has helped established two full entry scholarships to York University, bursaries through Teach2 Learn, and 18 local bursaries over the last year for Grade 5, 8 and 12 students in schools in York West. Matias is also dedicated to creating positive learning experiences for students. He is active in local schools and community centres where he regularly meets with youth and helps run important learning activities such as park cleanups and tree plantings. Bringing people together and building a sense of community has always been a priority for Matias. As such, he has helped found a number of important organizations and projects including the Downsview Advocate community newspaper, the Organization of Latin American Students, Mosaico 21, Toronto Area Council, CONOSER and Teach2Learn. Matias currently works as an Executive Assistant to Toronto Councillor Anthony Perruzza and has worked with Trustee Stephnie Payne. Working with both local representatives, Matias has solved casework issues for many individuals and families and helped create a number of initiatives and progressive policies. He has helped in organizing festivals such as the Tour de Black Creek bike race, Point of Encounter and the Caribana Parade. Matias has also had a hand in the creation of a number of intiatives, activities and programs including Green Change, the Black Creek Farm, El Sistema, advertising for the Canada Learning Bond, and the Back to School Back Pack Give Away. He has also worked tirelessly in campaigns such as ACORN's tenant advocacy work, the Refresh program and the campaign for recycling paper cups. Matias has faced the challenges that are well known to many members of the community. Having immigrated to Canada in 1991 from Uruguay at the age of 11, Matias was raised by a single mother who worked as a social worker to support her family while living in rental housing. Matias has both an Honour's and Masters degree and is now a homeowner here in our community. More

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    Kasim DOGAN
    About Me:

    As a teacher, I realized that there are many issues that extend beyond the parameters of schools. It is with this line of thinking that I have decided to run for the school trustee seat for Ward 4. Kasim Dogan has been part of the York West community since 1997 and is a proactive, concerned, passionate educator and citizen. Kasim is part of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and continues to volunteer in various inner city public schools throughout the city while working at a community based school in Toronto. Kasim aims to create positive change in the community that is sustainable and believes that this must be locally driven and grassroots-based. Kasim is a passionate learner and seeks to help in the making of a stronger community. Kasim is a staunch advocate of intercultural dialogue. He endlessly works with community members to help in the making of a more harmonious, understanding, and compassionate Toronto. Kasim has recently been the recipient of the Volunteer Recognition Award 2013 by Honourable Judy Sgro. Kasim completed his Bachelor of Arts (Honours, Double Major) in Political Science and History in 2008-2009 at York University. He later pursued his Master of Arts at Wilfrid Laurier University in International Relations and Comparative Politics and completed his Bachelor of Education at York University. More

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    Tiffany FORD
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    About Me:

    Born and raised in the Jane-Finch community, Tiffany Ford has an authentic perspective of what it means to be labeled an “at-risk” youth, while striving beyond the stereotypes and stigma that marginalized people are faced with in Toronto’s York West community. Raised in Toronto Community Housing in a female-headed household, Tiffany was registered in numerous youth programs in and outside of her community and excelled in recreational sports, which provided her opportunities to engage in team building skills and fostered her goal-oriented spirit. Attending all levels of education within the York West community, she gained her education at Firgrove Public School, Oakdale Park Middle School,Westview Centennial Secondary School, and later York University, where she received an honorary bachelors of Arts degree in Communications and Sociology. Upon graduating from York University, Tiffany decided to take a brave risk and launched the Ford Global Group, which is the parent company of marketing communications firm entitled Ford Publicity, providing 8 years of service to a range of global clients. In 2014, Tiffany expanded her entrepreneurial portfolio and ventured into the telecom industry with Pepeyee Communications. Tiffany Ford was listed on the 2012 Top 100 Global Publicists and PR Firms for Social Media, and won the Service Award at the 2013 African Entertainment Awards. Tiffany is the founder of Beyond 'at-Risk', which aims to dismantle negative connotations associated with the term ‘at-risk’, by challenging and deconstructing harmful stereotypes to enhance meaningful programming for youth living in ‘high-priority’ neighbourhoods. More

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    Sabrina GOPAUL
  • Placeholder image of Michelle MINOTT
    Michelle MINOTT
    About Me:

    Michelle Minott is a business owner, a mother of 2 young girls, and an active role player in the TDSB in support of the education system. She has an amazing heart for the community, just this summer receiving the Wall of Fame Award for Community Service honour for her charitable spirit. Michelle is the founder and president of TWOCANADA, an organization with programs and initiatives benefiting women, orphans and children. Michelle strongly believes that youth mentorship is vital to their empowerment, especially for young girls to become the progressive leaders of tomorrow. Under her direction as part of TWOCANADA's initiatives, her daughters were inspired to form their own group -- Kidz 2 the World -- a powerful, youth led initiative, that organizes fundraisers such as an annual Christmas gift drive for families in the local women’s shelters. Michelle is dedicated to parent outreach and engagement, and currently sits as the Ward 4 Alternate on the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) Toronto District School Board (TDSB). She is also the co-chair of the Cluster D5 Parent Academy Committee (CPAC) Model Schools for Inner Cities (TDSB), and also the Co-chair for Elmlea Junior School's Parent Council. Her passion for parent- child advocacy led to her mobilizing a team of committed parents in establishing an annual Etobicoke Parent Conference which had its inaugural meet in March 2014. Moreover, she recently organized a Parent & Community Forum in Summer 2014, where parents and key community organizations began a dialogue with City of Toronto's Parks, Forestry & Recreation around improving programs/services for families in the area. This recent initiative has many parents excited and they have formed together as a concerned Parent Group called PASS (Parents Advocating for Student Success), to continue their efforts in bringing change to programs within the community. With her busy schedule, Michelle still finds time to write children's books. She currently reports for Caribbean Headline News on Rogers CH10. This show is designed to highlight community leaders, events, and initiatives not often profiled in mainstream media. In addition, Michelle sponsors/supports many worthy community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Ernestine's Women's Shelter, Maddbakh, Ghanaian Festival of Arts & Culture, Jamaica Day, Caribana and the African Canadian Social Development Council. More

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    Giancarlo MOSCA
  • Placeholder image of Spiros PAPATHANASAKIS

Ward 3

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Shane BANNETT
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    Pamela GOUGH
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    About Me:

    Pamela Gough is an experienced public school trustee who has represented her home area in Etobicoke-Lakeshore area for a total of thirteen years. She is a University of Toronto graduate with two graduate degrees: Master of Science and Master of Teaching. Her priorities are: top-quality educational programs, resources where they are needed for maximum student engagement, fiscal responsibility, schools as community hubs for children's services, forward-thinking policies, and system management to promote student/staff health and well-being along with environmental stewardship. More

Ward 2

Number of Available Seats: 1
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  • Image of Chris GLOVER
    Chris GLOVER
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    About Me:

    I am a parent, a research consultant, and Adjunct Professor at York University. I have a daughter who has graduated from university and a son who will be graduating from high school and they have kept me up-to-date on what is happening in our schools. As well as teaching at York, I have taught at the University of Toronto, Centennial College, and East York Collegiate. As a research consultant, my clients include Toronto Public Health, the United Way of Greater Toronto, Parent Action on Drugs, and Trustees Bolton and Rodrigues of the Toronto District School Board. My recent research projects have included surveys of community education needs and evaluations of student health programs. As Trustee I have worked to make the budget process at the Board more transparent. To this end, I championed the TDSB’s first Participatory Budget in March of 2012. More

  • Placeholder image of Stephen THIELE
    Stephen THIELE
    About Me:

    Stephen is a life long resident of Toronto. For the last 20 years, he has resided in Etobicoke Centre. Stephen is married, and his child is a student in the Toronto District School Board system, attending school in Etobicoke Centre. In 1990, Stephen graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School. He is currently a partner at Gardiner Roberts LLP. Stephen has been a very active community volunteer in Etobicoke Centre. He created the Princess Anne Manor Ratepayers' Association to successfully stop an inappropriate severance of a property within the community and was heavily involved in organizing Toronto's first aerial spray of the destructive gypsy moth caterpillar to protect the urban forest in Humber Valley Village. Stephen is also a member of The Rotary Club of Toronto West. He is a past-President of the Club and for the last five years served as Chair of the Club's Rotary Youth Impact Awards gala dinner. Under Stephen's leadership, the Rotary Youth Impact Awards event raised over a total of $250,000. A lot of this money has been used to support local programs and projects in Etobicoke, including the building of a basketball court at Rathburn and The West Mall, the funding of school literacy programs and after-school learning programs at Montgomery's Inn, and recently the funding of upgrades to MicroSkills. In 2014, Stephen received Rotary's Paul Harris Fellowship award. Stephen has also volunteered his time as a coach in the Humber Valley Hockey Association and in the Royal York Baseball League. With respect to politics, Stephen has been very active too. He is currently the President of The Toronto Party for a Better City. The Toronto Party (one of two civic electors' organizations in Toronto now advocating for formal provincial recognition) was created in October 2006 to fight against mismanagement at City Hall and to oppose the numerous unpopular tax increases being implemented by then Mayor David Miller. He is also an active member of the Liberal Party of Canada. Stephen is an active writer both in and out of the legal community as well. He has written on various topics including electoral reform and Canadian football. Lastly, he is a current member of The Canadian Abridgement Editorial Advisory Board, established by the Canadian Association of Law Libraries to liaise with Thomson Reuters on its leading legal research product, The Canadian Abridgement. More

Ward 8

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Jennifer ARP
    Jennifer ARP
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    About Me:

    Jennifer believes that there are four keys to making the TDSB a model for excellence in public education: TRANSPARENCY - Jennifer wants to bring more openness and accountability to the board’s activities. As a public institution, the board should demonstrate a commitment to sharing information, explaining its decision-making processes, and operating in an open environment. It appears that too much board business is currently conducted behind closed doors, which hampers the board’s ability to achieve consensus. Jennifer believes that if we unlock those doors, the board will become more accountable to all of its stakeholders. DELIVERING EQUITY - Jennifer recognizes that the TDSB is not only the largest school board in Canada, but also the most diverse. She sees the challenge of delivering a high quality education to all students, regardless of family circumstance, as an opportunity to enhance public education in Toronto. SCHOOLS AS COMMUNITY HUBS - Jennifer believes our schools could be vibrant hubs for their neighbourhoods. The TDSB needs to lower permit fees for community-based organizations, encourage active use of its green spaces, as well as expand seniors’, ESL, and continuing education programming. Instead of closing underused schools, the TDSB should be partnering with local organizations to use the space in a way that would benefit the entire community. BRIDGING - Jennifer understands that the single biggest challenge for any trustee is to balance the needs of the community with the work of the TDSB. She believes that establishing an effective ward council consisting of representatives from each school in the ward and community leaders would be the first step towards consensus building, and bridging this gap. More

  • Image of Aaron GRINHAUS
    Aaron GRINHAUS
    About Me:

    Aaron Grinhaus is a lawyer who is passionate about education and volunteering in the community. After having worked several years in the downtown grind, Aaron now has his own law practice in his home town of Toronto, where he grew up attending TDSB schools and now lives with his family. Today, Aaron's daughter is a student in a Ward 8 TDSB school. More

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    Ron SINGER
  • Placeholder image of John VASSAL
    John VASSAL
  • Image of Claudia WEBB
    Claudia WEBB
    About Me:

    As a proud Canadian, I wish to serve the public in the same way that I have served my family. I am the mother of four children who are in or have been in public schools. My eldest daughter graduated from the Claude Watson dance program at Earl Haig. My other daughter is currently in the Gifted program. My sons both attend our local public school. I believe that our education system should be the best education that Ontario and Canada has to offer. We should be able to provide excellent schooling to the average child as well as children who don't fit inside the classic "box". I am also a former teacher having taught Kindergarten to Grade 8. This experience allows me a broader perspective when making decisions as a school trustee. I have taught both in Ontario and BC and have worked with both provincial curriculums. I hope to make a difference for Toronto children and their families. More

Ward 6

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Kevin MILBURN
    Kevin MILBURN
    About Me:

    My wife, daughter and I have lived in the Weston community since 1983 and I have been a School Advisory Council member at HJ Alexander Community school since 2000. My daughter has graduated through the TDSB educational system and is now attending her 2nd year of university. I have spent hundreds of hours volunteering inside the school and have a unique perspective on the TDSB. I am also a paralegal who specializes in tenant matters at the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario. My mediation and alternative dispute resolution skills would be extremely useful as a TDSB trustee. As a paralegal I am required to be trust worthy and honest. My clients need to trust me with their money and they have to have the confidence that I will put their best interests before my own. That is not unlike a school trustee, who has to be able to be trusted with the taxpayers money and also to be trusted to do what is in the best interest of the students. I believe that the skills I possess, the fiscal and moral responsibility I feel towards the parents and students, and my unique perspective would make me an ideal candidate to be a TDSB trustee. More

  • Placeholder image of Naima MIRE
    Naima MIRE
  • Placeholder image of Randa OMRAN
    Randa OMRAN
    About Me:

    Randa Omran immigrated to Canada in 1986 and has been a proud resident of the York South-Weston community since 1998. She is an engineer and a mother of 3 kids. All of her children graduated from public schools in Ward 6. As a concern parent, she placed a great importance upon the quality of education her children were receiving. She became active in school parent councils, where she served as secretary and a treasure for several years. If elected, I will ensure the voices of students, parents, educators and community members are reflected in the operations and management of our community’s public schools. I will strive to effectively communicate our community’s unique goals, to ensure that each and every child is equipped with the ability to reach his or her full potential. I am passionate about community and education. With your support, we can restore integrity back at the TDSB and give our children the best opportunity to build a better society right here in York South-Weston. More

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    About Me:

    Kenny is a father of 4 and a member of the Shuswap First Nations.

  • Image of Chris TONKS
    Chris TONKS
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    About Me:

    I have had the honour and privilege of representing our great community as your Trustee for the past 2 terms, and I hope to gain your continued support on October 27th. My family and I are proud residents of Ward 6-York South Weston. I was born and raised here. I am a lawyer with a small community law firm, where I have helped many people with practical legal issues and problems that they face on a day to day basis. This is an extremely important election. The TDSB is faced with several critical issues at the present time. Financial and Institutional accountability, meeting educational objectives of our children, and school closures are all at the top of the educational agenda. I believe in a collaborative approach when it comes to decision making. Working with the community and seeking input in making the decisions that affect us and the broader school system as a whole is essential. Only by working together can we build a dynamic, equitable, and inclusive education system for all. I thank-you for your continued trust and support. Together, we can build strong and vibrant local communities for our children. It starts with education. Regards, Chris More

Ward 7

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Gordon FOSTER
    Gordon FOSTER
    About Me:

    My name is Gordon Foster and I’m a candidate for Ward 7 TDSB Trustee. I have lived in the ward since December, 2008 when my daughter and I moved back to Canada from South Korea. My daughter was born in Korea and I worked there as an English instructor for twelve years, the last four of them at universities in Daegu and Ulsan. I have also taught for two summers in Poland and at a private language institute here in Toronto. I received a BFA in Visual Arts from York University in 1996 and worked in professional theatre, dance and film while still a student. I studied bronze casting during an exchange to Newcastle, England in 1992. I have been an associate member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada and am currently a member of SOCAN, which collects author and performer royalties for composers and musicians. My daughter has just begun grade eight. More

  • Image of Jeffrey FREEMAN
    Jeffrey FREEMAN
    About Me:

    I'm a native born Torontonian of English, Irish and Ukrainian decent. As a first generation Canadian I was instilled with a strong sense of hard work and perseverance. I have deep roots in the ward; My Father grew up on Durie Street and the ward's Ukrainian community make me feel at home, a perfect homage to my Mother's roots. I've been a resident of the ward for 13 years. I'm a former media professional with 15 years experience in e-commerce marketing, advertising and sales. I'm pursuing a new career in health care, training to be come a Registered Massage Therapist. Being an avid reader I'm particularly keen on reading about politics, economics, the arts and travel. I attended Ryerson University for Public Administration & Politics. I am currently a second year student at Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy and Holistic Health. I believe education is the best social program that there is. It's intrinsic value in shaping who we are as people and as citizens can't be denied. I personally had a rough go in school in the early grades. I was found to have to dyslexia and needed some extra help. That extra help was critical to me eventually becoming an honour roll student in high school. But it was tough. Some politicians think that school nutrition, psychological or special education supports are a frill. Nothing can be further from the truth! I'll always draw on my past to know how important a good education is for everybody. You and I need to fight for good and inclusive public schools. I'm also an unabashed fan of democracy, especially when ordinary people are willing to roll up their sleeves to make democracy work. The democratic tradition is something we need to instil in our kids. Unfortunately, too often some of our leaders make very poor examples. We need leadership and integrity at our school board. With your help we can bring the TDSB back to a place of respect and civility. More

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  • Placeholder image of Noel KENT
    Noel KENT
  • Image of Robin PILKEY
    Robin PILKEY
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    About Me:

    Robin lives in Swansea with her husband and three children. All three attend public secondary schools in Toronto. For the past four years Robin has chaired TDSB Trustee Atkinson’s Ward 7 Council, which is made up of parent representatives from each of the TDSB schools in the ward. She has previously chaired parent advisory committees at Swansea Public School and Western Technical-Commercial High School. Robin has successfully led and completed multi-faceted projects, delivering results with superior organizational skills and a no-nonsense approach. Her energy and strong sense of fairness are admired by everyone she meets. She has taken leadership roles with each voluntary position she has held. She has represented the regional United Church in the areas of governance, human resources and property portfolio management, working with many local congregations.Other volunteer activities include running free income tax clinics through CPA Ontario in the Jane/Finch area of the city for the last 10 years. Robin is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 25 years of experience. She is currently in private practice with a specialty in tax consulting. Originally from Montreal, Robin is a graduate of McGill University. Robin welcomes the opportunity to represent you as your Toronto District School Board Trustee. More

  • Image of Marcela SAITUA
    Marcela SAITUA
    About Me:

    Marcela Saitua is a mother of two, and a long-time resident of Parkdale-High Park. She is a lawyer and mediator by profession and brings energy, passion and intelligence to what she does. Marcela will bring honesty, accountability and integrity to the position of TDSB trustee. Important issues including aging infrastructure, education development charges and the overpopulation of many schools in the ward need to be tackled in a direct and meaningful way. Communication needs to be improved so that parents can feel engaged in school board governance. More

  • Image of Linda TORRY
    Linda TORRY
    About Me:

    Twelve years ago, I started a family in Roncesvalles Village and our choice for a community in which to raise a family couldn’t have been better. This fall my children, Michael in grade 6, Jack in grade 5 and Natasha in grade 2, will be returning to Howard Public School. We are all so fortunate to live in this part of Toronto with the diversity of Parkdale, the nature of High Park and vibrant communities and commercial neighbourhoods. More at More

Ward 9

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Dean EYFORD
    Dean EYFORD
    About Me:

    Hello Toronto! My name is Dean Eyford, I intend to be your next Trustee. I am happily married and blessed with two incredible children!! We are a public school family! Both my wife and I, our four parents and our children were and are part of the public school system. I was born in Prince George, BC and moved to Toronto in 1983 to live in the big city. I love living in Toronto, such and incredible vibrant metropolis! My teaching experience has included both adults and children, having been certified as a CanBike Cycling instructor for Toronto Parks & Rec. I’ve also developed and taught adults and developed curriculum for post secondary programs. Professionally for three decades, I’ve been involved in several aspects of sales & project management, overseeing a variety of projects in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Of my many attributes both professionally and personally, I believe it is my vision, foresight, though fullness and consensus building that makes me a very ideal candidate for the position of Trustee. At its core, the position acts as a non partisan liaison between family, school and board and I couldn’t think of a better spectrum of qualities to ensure my success. With your enthusiasm and input we can chart our own course for a better and brighter future! I’ve heard people say the greatest responsibility and our legacy is to leave a future full of prosperity and hope for our children. Anything is possible with a plan that includes clear and concise goals. So let’s get to work together. ALL you need to do is put an X beside Eyford on Monday October 27th. More

  • Image of Elizabeth JACKSON
    Elizabeth JACKSON
    About Me:

    Born in Toronto, Liz Jackson has a strong commitment to the City of Toronto and the Davenport community. Liz is active in advocacy for autism and aboriginal issues and active on political campaigns at both the municipal and federal levels. Liz currently has three children attending elementary schools within the TDSB. Therefore it's not surprising that she empathizes with Toronto residents' desire to maintain the Toronto District School Board as a strong public school system. As the parent of three special needs children, and as an Autism advocate, Liz understands the diversity of needs among Toronto's student population, and the goal to make every school effective at meeting the needs of its entire student body. More

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  • Placeholder image of Sandra MARTINS
    Sandra MARTINS
  • Image of Jacqueline MCKENZIE
    Jacqueline MCKENZIE
    About Me:

    I have been a Davenport resident for 9 years. I am a mother, a Senior Manager at a North American logistics firm, and the Treasurer of the Student Advisory Council at the school my son attends. I am passionate about education and community; I believe that schools and students thrive when their communities do. When our first child started daycare, my husband and I decided to join a parent-run Co-op in Davenport where families worked cooperatively to build a childcare space for children that was nurturing, creative, playful, and based on principles of social justice. Here, I learned to collaborate with other parents and guardians on the sensitive issues related to child development and care. While our discussions could sometimes be heated and it was a lot of work, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned that children and their families thrive in environments where there is thoughtful discussion on the issues that matter to them. When my son started JK at a Public School in Davenport I continued to be involved in his education and joined the Student Advisory Council ("SAC" aka the PTA). It was a very different experience from the Co-op but my focus on collaboration and getting things done has made our school a positive resource in our community. Things like starting Google Group email lists for SAC and parents at the school, after-hours programming (initiating and helping facilitate an "Art Club" for students and caregivers), assisting in exciting fund-raising events and developing a school-community bond are just some of the things I've been able to contribute to our SAC and neighbourhood. I want to make sure all public schools in our Ward can share experiences, resources and offer the same things to their respective neighbourhoods. I've had the pleasure of working with amazing parents, students, teachers and administrators. While all communication within our school was great, there were questions that I needed answered. Each time I emailed or called our current trustee, she was unresponsive. To me, that is unacceptable from a school board Trustee who has been elected by their community. It is my mission to make sure that questions get answered, and constituents are heard and given the respect they deserve. No question is too small, or too silly. Our schools need to be the best they can be, and offer support to students and families of all types. The communities and SACs of Ward 9 can learn from each other - let's share our experiences and make things work on a larger scale. More

  • Placeholder image of Kowser OMER HASHI
    Kowser OMER HASHI
  • Image of Marit STILES
    Marit STILES
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Marit Stiles is a mother of two school age daughters in the TDSB system. She and her husband, Jordan, have lived in Davenport for 20 years. Marit has a long history in community engagement. A long time volunteer and board member at West End Parents Daycare, she also volunteers at her daughters’ schools, with many community organizations, and revitalized her street’s annual festival. An experienced communications and public policy professional, Marit has devoted her professional and personal life to working for progressive change. Born and raised in Newfoundland, she spent her first years out of university working throughout southern Africa, supporting Canadian organizations providing educational resources and books to refugee camps, and studying the way that women were organizing collectively to make change in rural areas. Marit became active in local community initiatives soon after moving to Toronto. As Public Dialogue Coordinator for Canadian Policy Research Networks’ national “The Society We Want” dialogue on Canadian values, she partnered with organizations like Frontier College, the United Way and Community Foundations of Canada. Later, working at the Ontario Legislature she worked with community advocates and organizations to provide better support for families of children with autism, better funding for public health, better safety and protection for residents of Long Term Care facilities, and shorter wait times for home care. For the past ten years she has worked with ACTRA, the Alliance of Canadian Television and Radio Artists, building support for the arts, for the rights of self-employed, temporary, part-time and contract workers, advocating for a strong Canadian film and television industry and working to save the CBC. Marit appears frequently on national and local television and radio, commenting on public policy, and has worked with all levels of government and politicians of all political stripes to make progressive change. More

  • Placeholder image of Marjolein WINTERINK
    Marjolein WINTERINK

Ward 16

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Sheila CARY-MEAGHER
    Image of checkbox
  • Image of Marietta FOX
    Marietta FOX
    About Me:

    Marietta is an experienced educator and passionate advocate for the wellbeing of our children. Marietta is a local activist and long-time resident invested in the health of our schools and communities. Marietta is an approachable listener and an energetic doer with a fresh perspective on your hopes and concerns for education in 21st century Toronto. More

  • Placeholder image of Navarius MOMBO
    Navarius MOMBO
  • Image of Jen SAGAR
    Jen SAGAR
    About Me:

    As School Council Chair at Glen Ames and parent of three teens, I know the challenges, opportunities and changes kids experience today. I want to be your Ward 16 TDSB Trustee because I have a sincere desire to work on behalf of our children, our families and our communities so that we may each realize our full potential in this time of great change. I will address even the most difficult issues and stay focused on helping all our students learn, achieve and grow. As your Trustee I will: use new technology and social media to engage all parents on all issues at their convenience; facilitate results-oriented communication between Beaches/East York residents and the TDSB; build issues-based networks to bring us together and ensure our success; work towards responsible solutions that reflect our social, environmental, and fiscal goals; be a positive and respectful voice for our Ward. In my professional life as a Real Estate Salesperson with Bosley Real Estate, I pride myself on a "no stone unturned" approach to meeting my clients' needs with hard work, perseverance, creative thinking and proven strategies. I work diligently with a sharp focus on my clients' best interests and I uphold a high standard of competence, professionalism, integrity and respect. I have lived in Beaches/East York Ward 16 with my husband Marcus and our three children, Matthew (12), Ben (15), and Nathalie (19) for over 16 years. My family and I have strong ties to the community and are very proud to call Toronto’s East End our home. More

Ward 11

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Kristian CHARTIER
    Kristian CHARTIER
    About Me:

    Kristian Chartier is a graduate of McGill University and has spent his entire career working to promote education and social justice. First working as a teacher and then completing certifications from Cambridge and Trinity College and becoming a teacher trainer in Africa, his work was cited by Prince Andrew, Duke of York as an example of the importance of intercultural development. Since moving back to Canada, Kristian has established himself as an entrepreneur and a leader in Toronto's learning technologies industry. Fluent in English and French and working hard to learn Arabic, Kristian values the strong ties he has built within his community and looks forward to the opportunity to serve as TDSB trustee for St. Paul's. More

  • Placeholder image of Mark HENICK
    Mark HENICK
  • Image of Shelley LASKIN
    Shelley LASKIN
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    As your elected representative on the Toronto District School Board from 1997 - 2003, and from 2010 to present, I have been able to effect changes that strengthened our neighbourhood schools - everything from securing additional funding from the province, to finding creative solutions for rebuilding and renovating schools, to launching Eco-Schools, and entrenching parental involvement in board decision-making. During my tenure my fellow trustees elected me Chair of the School Board on two separate occasions. I also served in leadership roles as Vice-Chair of the Board and Chair of the Budget Committee. As a former Vice-President representing Toronto on the Ontario Public School Boards Association, and now as a Director and Chair of the Policy Work Group, I work with fellow trustees, elected officials and civil servants to improve the quality of education here in St. Paul's and across the province. More

Ward 13

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Gerri GERSHON
    Gerri GERSHON
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Gerri Gershon, a former psychiatric nurse, was first elected as a public school trustee to the North York Board of Education in 1985. Along with her regular trustee responsibilities, she chaired many Board and Community Committees including the Budget Sub Committee and the Strategy Team for Negotiations. Gerri became involved with broader citywide issues when her peers elected her to be Vice Chair of the Metropolitan Toronto School Board, an umbrella Board for all seven Boards of Education in Toronto. In 1996, Gerri became Chair of the North York Board of Education.When the provincial government amalgamated the Boards of Education in Toronto, Gerri was selected by her peers on the previous Boards of Education to chair the transition team to prepare for the united Toronto District School Board. Since 1997, Gerri served as a Trustee on the Toronto District School Board, representing Don Valley West. She has been on numerous external education-related committees such as Toronto Board of Health, The Learning Partnership of Canada, O.I.S.E/University of Toronto Advisory Board, EQAO Advisory Committee, Ontario Declining Enrollment Workgroup, Association for the Preservation of the History of World War II in Asia (Toronto ALPHA), and Ontario Citizen's Council. In 2002, trustees from across the province of Ontario elected Gerri as President of the Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA). She served as President during the Rozanski's Hearings and Report, the supervision of School Boards and the change from a Conservative to a Liberal Government. Adding to her achievements and responsibilities, she was then elected by School Boards across Canada to be President of the Canadian School Board's Association in 2005. In 2009, Gerri Gershon was appointed by the Provincial Government to Chair the Citizen's Council which makes recommendations to the government on ethical issues related to drugs and other health related issues. She continues to serve as Chair of this council. Gerri’s extensive leadership experience, along with her comprehensive knowledge of education, and excellent interpersonal skills has placed her among the most experienced and effective educational leaders in Ontario. Communication is an important component of how Gerri represents the Don Valley West community. Throughout her many years as a trustee, Gerri has monthly or more often with community educational leaders including: parents, teachers and principals, to discuss and keep updated on local concerns and to share information about central educational issues. She also uses Twitter, Facebook and Newsletter emails to communicate. More

  • Image of Don HEDRICK
    About Me:

    Former TDSB Teacher, Curriculum Leader, Guidance Counsellor and Continuing Education Principal. 34 years teaching experience in over 20 school communities. Currently employed as associate teacher and test site supervisor for TVO-Independent Learning Centre. Stands for: Increased trustee accountability including posting of monthly expenses. Improved electronic resources about TDSB including full board minutes and reports including voting on matters. Elimination of many permitted trustee expenses. Want to move the school board towards full school choice for parents and students – Elimination of school boundaries. Less trustee interference in the day to day running of schools. Principals, teachers and members of the school with greater authority on appropriate school budgeting and in-house policy application. Development of 450 unique school programs open to all. Failing schools not meeting academic targets and other established school goals to be reorganized and/or closed. Full accountability for Special Education and ESL dollars. Less politicization of TDSB curriculum. More

  • Placeholder image of Pushpa MATHANALINGAM

Ward 10

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Tony AIRES
    Tony AIRES
  • Image of Ybia ANDERSON
    About Me:

    Ybia Anderson lives and works in Trinity-Spadina, and she’s proud to be raising her family in Toronto’s bustling downtown. Her desire to serve as TDSB Trustee comes from a deep sense of responsibility to our community. With a passion for turning ideas into actions, Ybia’s leadership history includes her recent work as Chair of a Diversity Committee at a multinational audit firm. There she helped mobilize staff across Canada to create inclusive workplaces. Her familiarity with budgeting, governance and consensus-building make her a strong asset to our schools. As a professional Billing Administrator, Ybia understands the importance of transparent cost reporting. That's why she'll post monthly expense reports online, along with supporting receipts. Ybia wants to spread the message that everyone is a stakeholder in public education, regardless of their age or family makeup. With a focus on community engagement, Ybia will be collaborative, responsive, and respectful of voters’ trust. More

  • Placeholder image of Hans BATHIJA
    Hans BATHIJA
  • Placeholder image of Kenneth CHAN
    Kenneth CHAN
  • Image of Colleen KENNEDY
    Colleen KENNEDY
    About Me:

    I believe that all TDSB students deserve an education that is vibrant as our city itself. I come from 3 generations of public school educators, I was educated in Toronto public schools and my two children are currently enrolled here in Trinity-Spadina. The public school system has given so much to my family and I, and now I want to give back. The TDSB needs: Innovative, forward-thinking solutions to the many challenges public schools face., More open dialogue with our community., Greater focus on fiscal accountability and transparency., Trustees that work together in a civil, respectful and constructive manner. I offer: Integrity, respectfulness and a willingness to listen. I am committed to working with you in a positive way., Fiscal responsibility and a strong voice for sound financial planning and implementation., Innovation and creative problem-solving., Enthusiasm and dedication that reflects my passion for public education. More

  • Placeholder image of Richard KLAGSBRUN
    Richard KLAGSBRUN
    About Me:

    Being a municipal public office holder has never really been one of my ambitions. Politicians tend to give rise to cynicism; municipal politicians are the most junior type of politician, and among municipal politicians, you don't get any lower on that totem pole than School Board Trustee. But the paradox is that the more local the politician, the more they affect our day-to-day lives, and there are few things as important than ensuring our children get an excellent, fact-based education. That's not even close to happening in Toronto to the extent we need. The system is badly broken and as much as I'd rather not be a politician, I feel I should at least try to make a greater civic contribution in an area I've been writing about and involved with for some time. So for the sake of our kids and our community, I have become a candidate for Public School Board Trustee in Toronto's Ward 10. My son goes to school in Ward 10, in an area where I was born, grew up, and resided for more than half my life. I have been a co-Chair of the School (i.e. parents') Council for the ward's most populous secondary school, Central Tech and among other related experience I've served as Vice-President of my son's day care board (St. Michael and All Angels) when he was of that age some years ago, and have written about education issues for the National Post, and commented on them for the Sun News Network. For those interested in my political background, many years ago, I was the Vice President of the Spadina Liberal Youth for the federal Liberal party's riding association. Other aspects of my background include being a Creative and Strategic Planning Executive with Participant Productions in Los Angeles, for which I helped create the organization's unique marketing model that was used extremely effectively for the Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, in addition to many other major motion pictures. In Canada, I have been an entrepreneur and have worked in both the public and private sector, including consulting work with the human rights and educational organization, The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies. With regard to Ward issues, there are a number of concerns which I believe need to be addressed. One of those issues is what I believe to be an unfortunate decision by the TDSB to proceed with a commercial development on the grounds of Central Technical School. That TDSB decision has placed the School Board in a position of conflict with the surrounding neighbourhood. Were I to be elected, the Board's position is one I would want to re-examine and I believe it is essential to find a compromise which the area residents find acceptable. I also a firmly believe the TDSB needs to explore innovative and productive methods of education, which the Board have not effectively utilized to date, to benefit our children. One of those methods is the Khan Academy approach of providing recorded lessons which students can review and re-review at a pace best for them, and then have any questions on the material addressed in class by the teacher. This approach has proven to be highly effective, and an expanded trial and more extensive pilot program of Khan Academy methods by the TDSB is long overdue. I have been quite outspoken about the issues I think are of great importance. If you want a Trustee who will equivocate and try to avoid telling you the truth, vote for someone else. I will honestly, and sometimes bluntly tell you what I think about matters that are relevant to the position I'm seeking. To that I would add that I welcome and want to hear viewpoints that differ from mine. It is critical to listen to and discuss outlooks other than one's own, because that is one of the best ways for all of us to learn and develop. Often people who think they have irreconcilable outlooks can, through exploration, discover that they have many common views and values from which they can develop ways of cooperating. I am very proud to have a group of outstanding Canadians supporting my candidacy that reflect diverse opinions and approaches and show how we can work together for the common goal of bettering our children's education. Among them are the courageous activist, reformer and author Tarek Fatah, esteemed academics, including Professors Werner Cohn and Don Donderi, and eBay co-founder and philanthropist Jeff Skoll, who also created the Skoll Scholarship Program in place at the University of Toronto and other universities, founded Participant Media, and was the Executive Producer of movies such as Lincoln, An Inconvenient Truth, and Waiting For Superman. I believe in equal rights and opportunities for all our children. I also believe that education should not be about teaching children my values or your values. Toronto's public education system should focus on providing students with objective, verifiable facts and knowledge so they can reach their own conclusions and function effectively in an increasingly competitive world as productive, self-fulfilled citizens. The financial waste and incompetence at the Toronto District School Board, as well as a system that promotes some disturbing ideologies at the expense of actual education, are matters that cannot be ignored. I've personally spoken to a number of teachers who actually, and I believe quite appropriately, refuse to strictly adhere to the provincial directives in the curriculum, because the curriculum has been hijacked by ideologues more interested in teaching our kids their own values than facts. We have many great teachers, school principals and vice principals in Toronto, but for some time, we have had some very poor leadership at the School Board level. Proper oversight at the TDSB is something else I believe is long overdue. While the curriculum is the responsibility of the Provincial government, we need more Trustees who will draw attention to the curriculum's deficits and speak out about them in order to try to press for change. We also must to ensure that the School Board focuses on the needs of the students and not the ideological agenda of some bureaucrats and faddish, radical education theorists. We need change. It's time to get better. If the voters of Ward 10 decide to make me their next Public School Board Trustee, I promise to do my best to bring about that change and make things better for our children and our communities. Thank you for taking the time to read this. More

  • Image of Ausma MALIK
    Ausma MALIK
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I believe that public schools are at the heart of our community, and the foundation of Toronto’s future. Like never before, public education needs passionate, skilled and credible champions. People who have a track record of community organising and making a difference. That is why I am running for trustee in Toronto District School Board Ward 10, our community of Trinity-Spadina. This community is my home. I live here. I work here. I have learned here. I believe our community deserves the best public education possible. I want to work with you, and for you, to make that happen. I have spent my life organising, advocating and helping create coalitions that make change and support communities like ours. Downtown neighbourhoods, like the ones we belong to, are unique. From students to parents, teachers to education workers, school leaders to elected representatives – there is no place that showcases our diversity and dynamism better than public schools. We all benefit when families choose to live and raise children downtown. Providing each student the supports to thrive today, nurtures tomorrow’s leaders and well-maintained schools can be vibrant community hubs that serve all residents. Ensuring that members of the public school community are heard, represented and have the opportunity to contribute is vital to a healthy community. If elected, I consider it my job to make that happen. Together, we can improve the quality of education, the health of our local schools, and the collaboration of our community, to give children in TDSB Ward 10 every opportunity to succeed. We all know this is an important election year for Toronto. In the same way we want real leadership at City Hall, we need responsive, connected and progressive representation at TDSB. I am committed to providing that. More

  • Image of Michael SIMS
    Michael SIMS
    About Me:

    I grew up in the United States, in a few different places including Maryland, Hawaii, California and New York. I’ve always been a die-hard progressive with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and a desire to be an activist for good. In my 20’s, I lived in a roach-infested one-room apartment in New York’s Lower East Side. I led the apartment building in a rent strike against the scummy landlord. I learned that sometimes the system is stacked against you. The American Dream today leaves most of the population behind, and the barriers to change in the U.S. are massive. Luckily for me, there was a better country just to the north. I immigrated to Canada from New York City ten years ago. My lovely wife and I have three adorable children now, all attending our neighbourhood public school (Givins-Shaw), ages 7, 7, and 5 (yes, the first two are twins). When I was a kid, I attended some very good and some very bad schools; I’ve seen both brilliant teachers and ones that should have been anywhere except in the classroom. Toronto’s schools are good. They have a great foundation of caring teachers and decent facilities. However in recent years, the TDSB has been deeply dysfunctional. Trustees screaming at other trustees and staff. Homophobic trustees. Mismanagement of major construction projects - millions of dollars in cost overruns. The supposed star education director, hired at great expense, turned out to be a serial plagiarist. $143 to screw in a pencil sharpener, $3000 to install a single electrical outlet in a library. The most recent chair of the TDSB embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from elementary schoolchildren, and had the theft covered up by other trustees. It’s a mess. “We don’t need to f------ prove anything to anybody about costs,” said the boss of the TDSB’s construction union to the Toronto Star, when contacted about grossly inflated charges for work done. I disagree. The TDSB must be accountable, to parents, school children and to the public. For the past couple of years I’ve been involved in the local daycare in our elementary school. I’ve seen a lot of the challenges faced by daycares, parents and kids. When full-day kindergarten came to our school, the first response of the TDSB was to try to kick our daycare out of the school building. We fought back and found a good compromise, and we still have a thriving daycare going at the school, but it wasn’t easy. I know all the problems facing daycares in schools, and I promise you I care very much about making sure daycare is available to all parents who need it. I want to be a parent representative on the board. I’m at my local school every day picking up my kids, talking to the teachers, and I want my children to have the best education possible. I want the board of trustees to be full of people who care about making it the best public school system in the world, not political aspirants looking at the TDSB as a way station. The modern world has plenty of people chanting about low taxes and saving a buck or two. No one is talking about building a great society that we all want to live in, that treats everyone fairly, and where everyone can get a great education, for free. That’s what I want to do. And I can’t change everything, but I can change some things. The TDSB is desperately in need of some reform. I’m going to open it up. I’m going to shake it up. The TDSB needs a fraud, waste and abuse hotline, so that anyone - parent, teacher, or staff - can report problems and nip wasteful practices in the bud. It needs a new focus on parents. It needs leadership that is both competent and caring. It needs schools that are integral parts of the local community, not separate silos. And the time for all of that is now. That’s my vision. Will you join me? More

  • Image of Sabrina ZUNIGA
    Sabrina ZUNIGA
    About Me:

    Sabrina Zuniga is a skilled educator and administrator with a passion for learning and community engagement. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry from Baker University in Kansas, a Master of Education Degree from the George Washington University in Washington, DC and an a PhD in Higher Education from OISE at the University of Toronto. Sabrina worked as a teacher for nearly 15 years and has taught Biology, Chemistry and English as a Second Language at the High School level, as well as at the Adult Education level. She co-founded and administered the Toronto Film College, and developed its curriculum. She has also designed an ESL curriculum that is currently used in Toronto schools. Sabrina has chaired or co-chaired two TDSB School Councils and been active in the Ward 10 Council for many years, including sitting on a variety of committees. She has also mentored promising women scholars at Waterloo and Laurier Universities and has volunteered for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. A 20-year resident of Ward 10, Sabrina is a mother of two, Nicolas & Alicia, and is married to Juan Carlos Zuniga-Pflucker, Professor and Chair of the Department of Immunology at the University of Toronto and Senior Scientist at the Sunnybrook Research Institute. More

Ward 15

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Cathy DANDY
    Cathy DANDY
    About Me:

    For nearly two decades, Cathy Dandy has devoted both her personal and professional life to children and youth, public education, and our community. These are her key priorities not just at election time, but all the time. She is running for re-election because there is still much to be done. Experience matters when getting things done for our students, schools, and communities. Cathy has the knowledge, skills and expertise to represent our ward, combined with a track record for getting things accomplished. Read more about Cathy's record. Combining her professional expertise and her ability to build consensus, Cathy has stayed focused, optimistic and energetic during a particularly challenging time at the Toronto District School Board. In our ward, Cathy has created three new French Immersion sites, prevented local schools from closing and saved local pools. She has been vice-chair of the TDSB, chaired the Human Resources Committee, served on the Mental Health Leadership Team, co-chaired the Relationship Committee and served on the City of Toronto’s “School Board’s Task Force”. As the Director of Parent and Youth Engagement at Kinark Child and Family Services, her work in the children’s mental health sector dovetails with her work as trustee. She has been able to put mental health on the radar at the TDSB and reduce the stigma for children and youth struggling with mental health challenges, while promoting mental health and advocating for increased resources to support children and youth. Trustee Cathy Dandy lives in our ward with her three children. She has spent most of her life advocating for public education beginning at her local parent council, later co-founding Toronto Parent Network with Kathleen Wynne. Cathy's dedication and enthusiasm for education and for children and youth, continues to grow. More

  • Placeholder image of Robert JOHNSTON
    Robert JOHNSTON
  • Image of Maria SARAS-VOUTSINAS
    About Me:

    Maria is the Executive Director at the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, a non-profit organization that works with and for diverse communities across Canada to advocate free speech, equality and human rights by working with all levels of government and private sector partners. Prior to this, Maria worked in the financial services sector as a relationship manager. Maria is a regular contributor and serves as an editor for a Greek Canadian Monthly where she writes about contemporary cultural issues. In her spare time, she serves on the board of the Diabetes Hope Foundation Scholarship review committee, and is a fundraiser for various charities, including The Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. During the school year, Maria is an active volunteer at the schools her children attend and is a member of the Parent Council Executive. More

  • Image of Jennifer STORY
    Jennifer STORY
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Like you, I'm very concerned about the leadership and direction of our education system. As we see in the news, week after week, there’s a new story about board members’ behaviour, conflicts of interest, or cuts to programs. And like you, I’ve wondered why parents have to fill out the same forms year after year, why communication between board, parent and school is so uneven, and why parents and the community are generally on the outside looking in when it comes to school board decisions. Your trustee needs be approachable and responsive. She needs to come to your meetings, answer your calls, and make the education system better for our kids – and life easier for parents. She needs to inform us when policies change, and rally us when things have gone wrong. That’s the kind of leadership I will deliver to Toronto-Danforth. I’m running to help bring integrity and transparency back to the TDSB. You deserve an elected representative with vision, energy, drive, and passion for our community. As your trustee I will keep a laser sharp focus on helping our children, families and schools succeed. More

Ward 17

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Robert CERJANEC
    Robert CERJANEC
    About Me:

    Robert has been a proud and dedicated member of our Don Valley East community for over 25 years, living, studying and working in this great neighbourhood as both a tenant and a homeowner. Born at the North York General Hospital, Robert was raised by his dedicated single mother in a low-income household. As the first in his immediate family to graduate from post-secondary education, Robert knows the importance that strong, high-quality, public education can have on youth and is dedicated to defending and strengthening Toronto's public education system. Putting you first: From our community. For our community, A strong advocate for public education, Against cutbacks and closures of schools and school land, Support measures to foster safer and more inclusive schools, More community consultation in decision making, Defend and expand our school nutrition programs, Spending your money responsibly, Make our public schools centres of community social life. More

  • Placeholder image of Sean-Michael HARRISON
    Sean-Michael HARRISON
  • Placeholder image of Tracy LAMOURIE
    Tracy LAMOURIE
    About Me:

    Tracy Lamourie is a business woman who lives in North York, has been married for 20 years and is a mother of two children. Her daughter is an adult currently pursuing studies in London, and her son is a ten year old special needs child currently in the Toronto District School Board. She is a long time social justice advocate, with a decades long history of successful and attention getting advocacy for the causes she champions. Tracy was born in Ottawa, grew up in North York and East Toronto, and now lives with her family back home in North York after having spent 3 years in a small Southwestern Ontario city where she promoted diversity in a community where such efforts are much needed. She also hosted and produced local television; choosing to cover stories of import to the community that would not otherwise have received coverage including reports on cyberbullying, internet safety for children, youth doing outstanding things, child sexual abuse, black history, senior abuse, civil rights and other important topics. On the political side, Tracy is also a seasoned political campaigner with a twenty year resume of work that has taught her how to deal with different levels of government. In the 2011 Ontario Provincial election she was a Campaign Manager, and she’s been approached to run federally and provincially by different political parties. She’s worked as an advisor on municipal, provincial, and federal campaigns – but she’s never taken the leap into politics herself until now – galvanized by the clear lack of services so many of our children are receiving after recent cutbacks, and stories in the news about TDSB mismanagement of funds. From her public debut as a radio show host on Toronto’s CIUT 89.5FM in the early 90s to her recent advocacy for special needs children, not to mention the many issues she’s been a passionate activist for in the years between, Tracy has ALWAYS been known as a woman with a strong voice who is never afraid to stand up and speak out. She garners support from and is able to reach people across political, economic, ethnic and social divisions. To say that Tracy LISTENS, gets HEARD and is able to BUILD BRIDGES is no exaggeration! She knows how to make effective change. She GETS RESULTS. And now, Tracy is answering the call of community members, making the jump into electoral politics -and asking for your support. EVERY child matters! Help Tracy to support the children of Ward 17 – and the Community we ALL live in! More

  • Image of Ken LISTER
    Ken LISTER
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I'm Ken and I am a proud resident of Don Valley East. I believe part of what it means to be a Canadian is to step up and serve when you think you can make a positive difference. I am running because I believe Don Valley East needs a new trustee who can provide leadership. More

  • Image of Harout MANOUGIAN
    Harout MANOUGIAN
    About Me:

    As the school board trustee for Don Valley East, I have been working hard to ensure the community is well-represented at the Board table and within our schools. Some areas to highlight from my work, in partnership with school board staff, are financial accountability, bullying prevention, technological innovation, and facilities renewal. I hope you get a chance to read through the other sections of this site to see how we are making it happen. In my day job as a Professional Engineer, I see how a solid foundation is required before one can build a house, a transmission line structure, or the CN Tower. A solid public education system is the foundation on which our students build their passions, perspectives, and careers. In turn, it is what makes our city, province, and country such a wonderful place. Drop me a line using one of the many methods below and, together, let's make sure our graduates are ready for the challenges of the 21st century. More

  • Placeholder image of Anna SAJNOVIC
  • Image of Sonny YEUNG
    Sonny YEUNG
    About Me:

    I was born and raised in Toronto and educated at the University in Toronto. I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Minor in Finance.

Ward 19

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Christopher COPEMAN
    Christopher COPEMAN
    About Me:

    My name is Christopher Copeman, and I'm committed to making your voice heard on The Toronto District School Board. Like you, I am a resident of Ward 19 and want to play an active role in making my community and Toronto a safer, better place to raise children. A place where every student can dream of a future filled with unlimited promise. The current Trustee has a very poor attendance record, only attending 38% of Regular, Special and Organizational meetings in person for the first 5 months of 2014. If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference - for our families, our communities, and our schools. More

  • Placeholder image of Paul FLESIAS
    Paul FLESIAS
  • Image of Scott HARRISON
    Scott HARRISON
    About Me:

    Scott Harrison completed all of his education in schools within Scarborough; North Bendale J.P.S., then off to J.S. Woodsworth before graduating from Woburn C.I. Scott is a husband to Carla, father of two sons and a grandfather to Sophia (she will be starting Junior Kindergarten this year). He is full time firefighter (Captain) with the City of Toronto, serving the community for over 25 years, currently stationed at the Midland Road Fire Hall (station 232). Prior to joining the City's Fire Service, Scott served with the Toronto Police Force for 10 years. Scott has been a resident of Scarborough and business owner his whole life; his two sons (Mark & Blake) started their education in the former Scarborough Board of Education and they have both since graduated College and University. Scott has two step-children both graduated from the University of Toronto. Scott is the oldest son, of the late former Metro Councillor Brian Harrison who served the residents of Scarborough for more than 30 years. Brian Harrison started his political career in 1962 as the local school trustee in Scarborough and went on to represent Scarborough as Alderman, Controller, and Metro Councillor. More

  • Image of Marg KERR
    Marg KERR
    About Me:

    As a leader Marg has always stressed focusing on what is in the best interest of the students. She has been tireless in developing the strengths and skill sets of those with whom she has worked so that the needs of students are the number one priority. Not afraid to take on the difficult and sometimes controversial issues, she has always striven to do what is right for children. Her direct involvement with students and young people has extended to her coaching track, working with young people in her church and tutoring students on a regular basis. Her motto is: What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right. She is committed to always doing what is right! More

  • Placeholder image of Sameer RABBANI
    Sameer RABBANI
  • Placeholder image of Muhammad SAEED
    Muhammad SAEED
  • Placeholder image of David SMITH
    David SMITH
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    One of Toronto's most dynamic, active and community-minded school board trustees. Representing you at the TDSB! Ward 19. Keep checking for updates, events and happenings!

Ward 18

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Abida ABIDA
    Abida ABIDA
  • Image of Gaye DALE
    Gaye DALE
    About Me:

    I took a direct role in the education of Scarborough’s children at kindergarten through grade 8 level as a parent volunteer for 14 years. In 1994, I was elected to the Scarborough Board as Trustee. After one year in office, I was elected to be the Chair of the board. During this time, I became a member of the Crime Prevention Committee and presented at the federal government reviews of the Young Offenders Act. In 2002, I was appointed to serve on the College of Psychologists of Ontario and served two terms. The last 15 years I worked with the students of Borden B.T.I. in the Technology and Special Education Departments. I have a vested interest in the future of our schools...My husband and I, our children and our grandchildren live in this ward. My grandchildren attend Toronto Schools and I want them to have the highest quality education possible. More

  • Placeholder image of Greg DENNIS
    Greg DENNIS
  • Placeholder image of Azim DEWAN
    Azim DEWAN
  • Image of Tim HEFFERMAN
    About Me:

    Tim is a retired High School teacher. Since coming to Canada in 1986, he has worked as an ESL and Social Studies teacher first in the North York Board of Education and then in the amalgamated TDSB. Prior to that, Tim taught High School in England (3 years) and English as a Foreign Language in Barcelona (5 years) and Paris (4 years). He has two adult children, both of whom graduated from Toronto public schools. Tim has always been politically active in education issues, mainly through involvement in the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. The photos above relate to an action that Tim helped to organize in Dundas Square in June 2012. He is also passionate about the environment. While teaching at York Mills C.I., he was instrumental in setting up the school’s Environmental Council to which he was the staff advisor. He continues to be a member of the TDSB’s sustainability committee. This programme that Tim is running on cannot be achieved by one school board, let alone one Trustee. The struggle to achieve one school system is just one example of a broader political struggle involving the whole province. Going even further, the struggle to achieve full funding for education is part of the fight for a decent health care system, affordable housing and expanded public transit which may require an all-Canada solution. There may be successes here and there in these campaigns but there will be nothing lasting while the current economic system remains in place. For that reason, Tim’s politics are unabashedly socialist. The kind of education system that he wants could only be guaranteed in the context of a democratic, socialist transformation of Canada. More

  • Placeholder image of Naser KAID
    Naser KAID
  • Image of Parthi KANDAVEL
    Parthi KANDAVEL
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Parthi has lived, learned and worked in the Kennedy and St. Clair area of Scarborough Southwest for more than 25 years. He understands the triumphs, realities, and challenges of the ward. Parthi and his wife, Anu, are homeowners and appreciate the value of our hard earned tax dollars. As Chair of the Corvette Residents Association, Parthi successfully led the representation at City Hall and the OMB for the closure of a local bar’s illegal patio. Hailing from three generations of teachers, Parthi understands the value of a strong education. Parthi’s father was a high school calculus and chemistry teacher in the TDSB, and his wife (Anu) teaches at McMaster University. Parthi holds a Masters degree in Education and taught at two schools in the ward, John A. Leslie Public School and Regent Heights Public School. Parthi is active in the local community as a tutor, playwright, director and a Big Brother in YAY. More

  • Placeholder image of Henry KIRUPAIRAJAH
  • Image of Elizabeth MOYER
    Elizabeth MOYER
    About Me:

    Elizabeth Moyer bought her first home in Scarborough Southwest over 26 years ago and has never left. SSW is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. It has been my privilege to serve my community from 1994-2003 as first a Scarborough Trustee and from 1997 on as a TDSB Trustee. Elizabeth left the trustee role in 2003 to pursue an opportunity to service underprivileged students by giving them access to technology. Elizabeth returned to the role of Trustee in 2010. Elizabeth has served many roles from Capital Chair, Human Resources and Professional Learning Chair, Audit Chair. Ontario School Boards Director. She brings her vast experience in business, IT and education to the role. Elizabeth does many presentations on the new role of learning including topics such as "Flipped Classroom", the new learner, etc. She is currently working on a broadband strategy for Ontario. She is a graduate of University of Waterloo and holds a MBA from Ted Rogers School of Management in IT. She continues to advocate for those students who don't have access to all the resources that they need. More

  • Image of Michael OPOKU
    Michael OPOKU
    About Me:

    Michael Opoku, founder and owner of PINDAB LTD, community leader and lifelong Ward 18 resident is running for School Board Trustee. As a resident of Ward 18, Michael has developed a solid platform in response to the needs of children, youth, adults and families. There needs to be strong impact in the public school system and Scarborough Southwest communities. On Monday October 27th, let's make a solid investment in the health of our schools, and our community. Let's invest in change for the better for Scarborough Southwest. More

  • Placeholder image of John STERGIANIS
  • Image of Don STUART
    Don STUART
    About Me:

    Who is Don? Retired TDSB Principal, Ward 18 resident since 1985, parent of child who went through Ward and Scarborough schools (Birchcliff, Charles Gordon, Cedarbrae C.I.), avid woodworker for more than 40 years building furniture, life long learner (fulfilling lifelong desire to play piano), member and regular user of Variety Village, rose gardener, member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers, avid rugby fan- go All Blacks! More

Ward 20

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Matthew GREGOR
    Matthew GREGOR
    About Me:

    My name is Matthew Gregor and I’m running to be your local public school trustee in Scarborough-Agincourt. Like many of you I have watched as the Toronto District School Board has continuously run into scandal after scandal with wasted money and inappropriate behaviour. I have long believed that the best course of action to effect change is to take action yourself and thus I decided to enter the race for trustee. I have lived in Scarborough-Agincourt my entire life and attended school here. I remember what it was like when education funding was cut because I lived through it firsthand. I want to ensure that provincial funding is adequate and that the money is spent intelligently. I believe that by bringing the community together and working hard we can all make a difference to improve our education system. Our public school system does not belong just to students and parents but to the community at large. I look forward to the coming months to connect with all residents of Scarborough-Agincourt and hope I will have the pleasure of being your representative on October 27th. More

  • Image of Shopana PANNERSELVAN
    About Me:

    As a long term resident of the ward, I have had the pleasure of attending elementary and secondary school in the area. I have volunteered at the local library, did after school tutoring at schools, participated in the Big Brother and Big Sister program and assisted in the Toronto Outreach Program for 4 years running. I am currently working at the Leadership Centre at Camp Robin Hood. My current role at CRH focuses on promoting teamwork, creating trust and lasting bonds through various activities. The activities help build leadership skills, trust and confidence within the students. With a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Confederation College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ryerson University, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lakehead University and will pursue a Bachelor of Education from York University in the upcoming year; my passion for education involves both teaching and continuing my own learning. Granted, my passion for education and working with children did not grow overnight, however; it grew out of the uncertainty and confusion that started from events outside of my control or the control of my parents. Growing up in a Sri Lankan household it was my parents’ expectation to excel at my studies. I found that this helped me stronger and pushed me further to succeed; to continue to learn and grow. This created a “shy” and a “quiet” girl that was just generally at the receiving end of teasing from bullies. One day, I met my mentor; my grade six homeroom teacher that changed my outlook on how to perceive myself, my peers and the society around me that I was trying very much to fit into. My mentor pushed me to realize that I could be a better me. Based on the way I grew up; I found it a passion of mine to pursue education because I could perhaps also one day be a mentor to a child that needs encouragement and nurturing. When working with children and I get to see how they learn something new, on a daily basis, I get to see their joy, awe and pleasure in discovering a new secret. It makes for a heart warming experience when they discover scientific knowledge or a mathematical equation or that two colours mixed together can create another. From the simple to the complicated; the emotions with experiencing new sights, sounds or information is stunning to children. I was fortunate as a child to have a few teachers that made a sincere impact on my opportunity to grow as a person and a student. As an education student myself, I would like to be able to make a large impact on a child’s life by creating strong and nurturing relationships. As someone that works with children; I enjoy meeting new students and seeing the excitement of their learning something new. As an independent, self-motivated individual, I feel such personal qualities have enabled me to be an effective educator in the field of Early Childhood Education, along with learning new things from children and watching children become better at interacting at each other and the environment around them. I find that through working with children I have been able to express my inner child, which allows me to relate and create unique bonds. Throughout the two years I had spent working on my Early Childhood Education diploma I have experienced several work based placements which have given me the chance to strengthen my theoretical knowledge with practical experience, therefore allowing a more inclusive and all around understanding of child development and the development of curriculums. More

  • Image of Sam SOTIROPOULOS
  • Image of Manna WONG
    Manna WONG
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    As an immigrant, I know the obstacles that all immigrants must overcome in making a life in Canada. As a parent with four children who have all gone to TDSB schools, I believe nothing is more important than how well our schools meet the needs of our students. Every learner deserves an equitably-funded education system. Every educator deserves an equitably-resourced and meaningful and democratically negotiated environment to fully support the learning community. From my own experience working with parents and students, I am convinced that the role of the school trustee is crucial for the continued well-being of our public education system, in keeping with needs of the neighbourhoods and protecting City programs and services within school settings. I believe I have the passion, energy, knowledge and skills to be an excellent school trustee to advocate for students and parents at the Toronto District School Board. More

Ward 12

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Hillar AQUAR
    Hillar AQUAR
  • Image of Alexander BROWN
    Alexander BROWN
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Alexander Brown is an ESL teacher and career councilor. He lives in Toronto with his partner and campaigns tirelessly to ensure that community needs in Willowdale are reflected in services, infrastructure and planning. As a proud supporter and advocate for public education and life-long learning he understands that we must do a better job at the Toronto District School Board and that our schools are not sustainable under the current situation. Alexander was born in Oshawa, grew up in Toronto and was educated at McMaster University where he studied Biology and English as a Second Language (ESL). He has worked for the Board of Education in Osaka, Japan; at the Burlington YMCA as a career councilor; and as a labour market specialist helping people get back to work and into better life situations. Alexander's career path has always involved deep and meaningful interactions with people on a personal level. Currently, he enjoys teaching ESL to a diverse community of International Students at a downtown school. He has been an ESL teacher for 22 years. He speaks English and Japanese, and is learning Mandarin. Alexander's extensive experience as a teacher in the classroom, in unionized work environments and with school board staff means that he has a deep understanding of education issues as an educator. His community perspective of the impact education has on the wider community is also clear. As an active community organizer and chair of several different grassroots organizations, he motivates people to become directly involved in their neighborhoods, including family access to health care services, support for young mothers, child care training and services, environmental issues, services for seniors and education initiatives such as walkable schools, music & art programs, and health and safety issues that impact students on a daily basis. On the political side, he started canvassing door to door with his parents at the age of seven for a local candidate. Since then, Alexander has helped other candidates win elections and bring positive change to their communities. He ran as a Public School Trustee candidate in Willowdale in the 2010 election and gained solid support (33%) for his progressive ideas and positive attitude that resonated with many members of the community. Sadly, the same issues still plague our schools today. He has also been a vocal advocate for progressive change in education as a provincial candidate in two elections. Every year the TDSB is forced to balance the budget by cutting staff and programs and neglecting school infrastructure and student supports. Our children, educators, school staff and communities suffer because of it. Real leadership is needed at the TDSB to get it right and to ensure our kids and schools are stronger and reflect community expectations. Alexander would like to dedicate his Community Campaign for Better Public Education to the memory of his mother Margaret Brown who recently passed away from Parkinson's Disease. She dedicated her life to educating and nurturing many children, and she instilled Alexander with the integrity and respect for others that he will bring to the Toronto District School Board as your Public School Trustee. More

  • Image of Michael CHEN
    Michael CHEN
    About Me:

    Michael is an active leader in communities he serves. He speaks French and Mandarin fluently and always has a heart to serve the public. Currently working as Citizen Service Officer at Service Canada, he treats his duty not simply a 9 to 5 job but an opportunity to perform outstanding citizen service to people who need social security assistant. Michael is married to a beautiful wife that supports his career. Knowing one day their children will attend TDSB public school, Michael wants to make sure his children will be educated in a safe and sound environment. As an elected school Trustee, the values he brings are simple. It is to respect educators and to engage parents in their children's education because he believes successful education is cultivated though collaboration of school and family. His leadership doesn't limit in community volunteers. Michael is currently an elected Board of Director and Corporate Secretary at an Ontario accredit credit union. His corporate leadership has shaped him to become a visionary person and a careful decision maker. Michael is well respected by others for his professionalism and commitment at work.Today, he is seeking nomination to become a TDSB Trustee for Willowdale. He will inspire others through his positive character and demonstrate leadership through his actions. Come support him today! More

  • Image of Mari RUTKA
    Mari RUTKA
    About Me:

    Mari Rutka is the mother of 3 wonderful children, all of whom have attended Willowdale schools. Her youngest daughter is working full-time as a film editor in New York City. Her older daughter is pursuing studies at the University of British Columbia and her son is writing and producing television and film projects in Los Angeles. As a parent and trustee, Mari has been involved with Willowdale schools and school councils for 21 years. She served as a school council chair, served as a ward council representative and as Willowdale’s representative to the city-wide TDSB parent council, which she helped to form and which she co-chaired for 2 years. Most recently, she has served for the last eleven years as Willowdale’s public school board trustee. Mari attended junior high at St. Andrew’s Junior High and high school at York Mills Collegiate. She received a BA in Linguistics from Princeton University in the U.S. and a post-graduate degree in Communication Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. Her working career has been in business, journalism and film post-production. Her work in film includes the development of the Ewok language for Lucasfilm in California, work on a number of Lucasfilm and other theatrical features as well as work on television and commercial productions, including the Canadian show, SCTV. Mari has been happily married to her husband, Dr. Jim Rutka, for 35 years. Jim is a neurosurgeon at the Hospital for Sick Children and the Chair of the Department of Surgery for the University of Toronto. More

Ward 14

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Murphy BROWNE
    Murphy BROWNE
    About Me:

    A vote for Murphy is a vote for: Promoting strong school community relationship, Promoting capital investment and accountable spending, Promoting equitable and inclusive education. On October 27 elect Murphy Browne as trustee for Ward 14. Murphy Browne has lived in Ward 14 for more than 20 years and has been involved in education and other social justice issues advocating and raising awareness. As an active member of school and ward council she has represented students, parents and community members at school, ward and board (TDSB) level. Over the years she has served as co-chair of the Organization of Parents of Black Children, the Parent Community Network and the Campaign for Public Education. As a representative of these organizations she made deputations to the Toronto Board of Education and the Toronto District School Board and was instrumental in persuading the Board of Education to put in place inclusive and relevant curriculum and policies. For an education system that develops a systemic approach to inclusive and equity-oriented education, elect Murphy Browne on October 27. More

  • Placeholder image of Michael GUENTHER
    Michael GUENTHER
  • Image of Chris MOISE
    Chris MOISE
    About Me:

    For over 15 years, Toronto Centre-Rosedale has been my home. I work at St. Michael's Hospital and I own a pet supply business in the St. Lawrence Market area. I love this community and want to help ensure that we continue to invest in its growth and diversity. The diversity of our neighbourhoods reflects the diversity of our children. Our schools should therefore reflect our communities in curriculum, programming, and elected representation. Urban schools should respond to urban needs. I believe that we need to think of schools as the hearts of our communities. We should therefore invest in education to ensure that young people can, in turn, invest in their communities' futures. In order for downtown neighbourhoods to thrive, we need to offer incentives for young families to live and raise their children downtown. Schools are important not only for parents and children, but also for anyone who cares about the future of downtown. If young families are forced to move to suburban areas, then we will all suffer - economically and socially. More

  • Image of Sheila WARD
    Sheila WARD
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Sheila Ward was born in Toronto and educated both in Toronto and Regina. She graduated from Saskatchewan Teachers’ College and completed two years toward (but did not finish) a B.Admin. degree at the University of Regina. Sheila’s professional background includes 4 years as a secondary school teacher in Ancaster and Dundas, Ontario. In the not-for-profit sector, she has been Executive Director of the Regina and Kitchener-Waterloo YWCAs, and Director of Marketing and Communications for the YWCA of Canada. Her media background began as a reporter with the Regina Leader Post and then as Assistant City Editor. Her freelance work included being on-camera public affairs commentator for CBC TV and CBC radio, both in Saskatchewan and on the national network as a political commentator and reporter for programs such as Marketplace. She was a panelist on a weekly political television show for CTV in Regina and she also filed stories with the Toronto Star for several years. Sheila was Special Assistant to the Ontario Minister of Energy from 1976 to 1978, leaving to join Imperial Oil as an Employee Relations Communications Consultant. She established her own communications company in 1985. Sheila was elected as a school trustee for the former Toronto Board of Education in 1991. She successfully introduced a motion that decreased the number of trustees in her own ward of Midtown, believing that being represented by 3 trustees with only 11 schools was a shameful waste of taxpayer money. The voters agreed and she finished third out of a field of seven candidates in the election of 1993 and thus lost her seat! She ran again when the Harris government amalgamated the six education boards in Toronto and was elected to the inaugural board of the TDSB in 1997. Re-elected in 2000, Sheila was acclaimed in 2003 and re-elected to a 4-year term in 2006 and again in 2010. She has never been a candidate other than for the school board, believing very strongly that there is no other level of politics that has as profound an impact on the future of a nation as the quality of education it delivers to its citizens. “I am glad that others are willing to spend their time looking after potholes, sewers and snow ploughing. Those are essential and important tasks but for me education is where I want to serve my community and I am extremely fortunate that the voters of Toronto Centre Rosedale allow me to continue in a job I love.” Sheila was a member of the board of the Toronto YWCA and designed its Women of Distinction program, now in its 29th year. She is a member of the Ontario Parole Board. She has been a devoted genealogist for 20 years and is an avid baseball and football fan. More

Ward 21

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Shaun CHEN
    Shaun CHEN
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Described by Maclean's as "a veteran community leader," Shaun Chen is a passionate advocate for children and youth. He was first elected to the Toronto District School Board in 2006. As Trustee, Shaun championed programs to support newcomers, launched an annual Rouge Park tree planting initiative, and started a parent leader training program. Since 2011, he has been elected three times as TDSB Vice Chair. A lifelong Scarborough resident, Shaun graduated from Sir John A. Macdonald CI as "Best Boy" of the class of 1999. He earned his BSc in computer science and MA in sociology of education from the University of Toronto. More

  • Image of Aasia KHATOON
    Aasia KHATOON
    About Me:

    Nothing can matter more to us than our children and our youth, their present and their future. The parents - especially the MOTHERS are loudly communicating to me that the past news on TDSB Trustees is negatively affecting all of them. Together we can change this lack of accountability, lack of participation of parents & youth, this misdirection, mismanagement, secrecy, and also of one person wearing too many hats and losing focus on what really should matter. I consider, Trusteeship not as a career or business but as a moral obligation to you to our children and to our youth. ABOUT ME – I am a mother, the primary caregiver of my three young children, the breadwinner, an educationist and a proud community volunteer. I had & have been entrusted by individuals & parents like you - to safeguard treasury of Parent Councils of two different TDSB schools. In just one program that we introduced we were able to secure active parents’ & students participation at a level never seen before by the school. More

  • Image of Jeevitha Deborah LIEBERMAN
    Jeevitha Deborah LIEBERMAN
    About Me:

    Jeevitha Deborah Lieberman is a strong advocate for education. She believes that all children in schools should be provided with a balanced education that equips them with the tools necessary for the real world. J.Deborah also believes that our schools must become a place of resources and support for our parents and community members. J.Deborah has a wealth of community involvement working with families in social work and mental health. She is passionate about empowering individuals, communities and organizations to benefit society. As a Supervisor and Executive director in the social work field, she has dedicated 14 years fighting for social causes in non-profit organizations. J.Deborah works tirelessly for the community as President of a grassroots organization known as Society for the Aid of Community Empowerment (SACEM). SACEM helps youth, children, adults and older adults participate in civic engagement, health and education, which has become J.Deborah’s priority. She received the Ontario Volunteer Service award for her dedicated services to the community in 2011. As an immigrant to this country, J.Deborah has embraced Canada as any other proud Canadian. She understands the struggles immigrants and low income parents experience everyday with employment, housing and especially their children and their education. She also believes that parents need a better understanding of their children’s education system and strongly encourages parents to work with their local schools. J.Deborah completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Business (Carleton University) and post graduate degree in Social Work (York University), and has acquired other credentials along the way. She is also a registered professional with the Ontario School of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. She is fluent in English, Tamil and German, has lived in Sri-Lanka, Germany, and has travelled around the world obtaining education in different institutes along with personal experience. Upon arrival in Canada, J. Deborah and her family made Scarborough their home. J. Deborah attended Lester B. Pearson High school among many other secondary schools in Toronto. As a caring mother with a child in school in Ward 21, she is passionate about the future of education, and where it will lead our children. Deborah has been calling Scarborough Rouge-River ward 21 (City wards 41 & 42) her neighbourhood for over 23 years. More

  • Placeholder image of Krishanthy SAROJKUMARAN
    Krishanthy SAROJKUMARAN
  • Placeholder image of Piravena SATHIYANANTHAM
  • Placeholder image of Phoenix YUAN
    Phoenix YUAN

Ward 22

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Jerry CHADWICK
    Jerry CHADWICK
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Following a 33 year career as Teacher and Principal in Scarborough schools, Jerry decided to use his experience, training and qualifications to serve the community as Trustee. During his four year term he has chaired the Budget and Facilities Committees. A recent audit of TDSB Trustee expenses revealed that Jerry had spent the least of all 22 Trustees. For Integrity, Experience and Commitment re-elect Jerry Chadwick as Trustee for Ward 22, Scarborough East. More

  • Image of Joseph KHARGIE
    Joseph KHARGIE
    About Me:

    Born in Georgetown, Guyana, Joseph Khargie immigrated to Scarborough at the age of three with his family. He has been raised in the same educational system that he believes needs to be updated. With over ten years of youth leadership experience and seven of those years spent directly affecting community development, Joseph has the versatile skills to positively impact our community and education system. More

  • Placeholder image of Glenn KITCHEN
    Glenn KITCHEN
  • Image of Robert MARSHALL
    Robert MARSHALL
  • Image of Roxanne WRIGHT
    Roxanne WRIGHT
    About Me:

    Roxanne is a lifelong resident of Scarborough East and a graduate of Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute. She is known throughout the ward for her extensive volunteer work within the community. Roxanne's community involvement includes working as a school mentor through the Big Brother and Big Sister organization. She works with children and youth volunteering her time and she is a certified sport’s coach and mentor at the Scarborough Boys and Girls Club. Roxanne is also a volunteer with the Toronto Parole Board. Roxanne's academic background includes a degree from the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology in Criminology and Justice Policies. She is also a graduate from Durham College and obtained a diploma in Law and Security Administration. Roxanne is a self-employed business entrepreneur, actress and professional model. She is a member of ACTRA. She also worked as a Developmental Service Worker assisting challenged and disabled individuals on a one to one basis. Roxanne has enjoyed meeting and talking to the residents of the ward and noted that "many residents have expressed that they are troubled by negative media reports such as the internal audit of trustee expenses, reports of trustee behaviour characterized as threatening and some senior staff feeling subjected to abusive and insulting comments by elected officials, and even a call for police presence at board meetings, among other issues". Roxanne believes elected officials particularly those involved with education should conduct themselves in a professional manner and be positive role models for our students. As such Roxanne will work hard to eliminate partisan politics on the board, and focus on the most important mandate of the school board, namely, to ensure that each student receives the very best education that can be provided. Roxanne would like to see parents and school board staff work together and have the students benefit in every way possible. More