2022 Election

York Region District School Board

Headquarters: Aurora
Voting Regions: 12
Total Trustee Seats Available: 12

Georgina and East Gwillimbury

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Cynthia CORDOVA
    About Me:

    I am Cynthia Cordova the current YRDSB Trustee, I have put my name forward to continue the role as Georgina and East Gwillimbury’s Trustee. My dedication to the role of trustee stems as far as 2014, when I ran for trustee in the last 2014 municipal election and filled the role in the current 2017 by-election.

    Since being elected in 2017 as Georgina’s Public School trustee, I have immersed herself in the school board serving on such committees as chair’s, policy and by-law, property management, director performance review, multi-year plan, student disciplinary, celebrating student success, staff award, well-being, indigenous and a director of the Ontario Public School Board Association. I have been directly involved in the hiring of a new Director, the implementation of the Human Rights office, hiring of the new Integrity Commissioner, as well as highly involved in the 22 directives set out in 2017 by the Minister of Education.

    I want to continue my work as the Georgina and East Gwillimbury Public School Trustee and see through the initiatives I have already started to put in place for our students. I have been active in the education and safety of children, youth and adults for over 25 years in a number of roles, as a former Private School teacher and an Early Childhood Educator. I work as the Georgina Public School trustee, Salvation Army for homeless shelters throughout York Region, self-employed Health and Safety trainer, and most importantly, a mother of 2 girls aged 17 and 14 years old. I am highly respected in our community and continues to be actively involved throughout our community through past and present events, committees, local media and as Chair for Jericho Youth Services.

    “As a working mother of two children in our School System, I understand what it takes to try to balance and juggle family and life challenges. We all have an interest in our community and our children and would like to find the time to voice what we need. Please allow me to continue to be your voice and a link between the School Board System and Georgina/East Gwillimbury’s residents.”

    “Our goal of improving our education system is the same; we must work as a team to achieve needed growth for our students.”

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    Jeremy SMITH
    About Me:

    My name is Jeremy Smith and I'm seeking the position of YRDSB Trustee for East Gwillimbury and Georgina in the upcoming municipal election on October 24,2022.

    I have spent the last 33 years in public education working in a variety of roles from an elementary school teacher, to leading 5000 members of ETFO-YR as their Vice President. My VP responsibilities included solving complex member welfare issues, negotiating contracts, implementing Occupational Health and Safety protocols, and leading various committees at the local and provincial level. After retiring in 2018, I have spent three years as an occasional teacher, much of which was spent during the pandemic. My accumulated experiences over these years helped me to establish cooperative working relations with other union groups, parent associations, school administrators and senior administration at YRDSB.

    The landscape of education in East Gwillimbury and Georgina is changing and evolving. Two years of COVID-19 protocols has left public education facing some tough decisions on how to move forward. If elected trustee I will work with parents, educators and board staff to help students reconnect socially and academically in order to help them meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Aurora & Whitchurch-Stouffville

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Bridget KILGALLON
    About Me:

    First time School Board Trustee candidate for Aurora/Whitchurch-Stouffville, mother of 2, self-employed business professional, 20 years of childcare experience & volunteer work in schools & community. Putting Students First & Empowering Parents is my Platform promise. Committed to Board decisions & voting that prioritizes the best interests of all children & brings parents values & input to the Board Table. More

  • Image of Asim SAYED
    Asim SAYED
    About Me:

    My three daughters, my wife, and I moved to Stouffville in 2018. It took no time for us to fall in love with the community and grow a deep connection with the town and the people. In 2021, we opened a local business, to bring STEAM camps, workshops, and extra curricular programs to inspire kids’ minds and ignite a child’s imagination with experiential learning in a fun-filled environment. I strongly believe the strength of our community comes from our diversity. It showcases our natural ability to partner together and share broadened perspectives on important issues that affect each of us.

    My background in education, teaching and project management allowed me to bring the STEAM education to our community. In my management roles, I take pride in bringing people together to collaborate, innovate, and grow.

    I am an Ontario Certified Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, with over 10 years of experience in the classroom, and 8 years of Mathematics curriculum development and project management. Locally, I keep myself engaged with our schools, as Treasurer for the Parent Council, and as a treasurer for our community little league sports team.

    As a teacher, curriculum developer, project manager, and most importantly, as a father, I have gained valuable experience in the public education system and have a strong vision of technology’s role in education to promote equal opportunities and student achievement.

  • Image of Elizabeth TERRELL
    Elizabeth TERRELL
    About Me:

    Hello, My name is Elizabeth Terrell & I am seeking re-election at York Region District School Board.

    I started my local political journey in 2006 by running for councillor, then running for trustee & finally becoming elected in 2018.

    For the past 4 years I have been honoured to serve my community as your locally elected public school trustee.

    I believe in Freedom of Speech, Public Education & Democracy. I have experience with policy, budget, audit, board, property & finance.

    Advocating for Student Success, Positive Student Mental Health & Balancing the Budget! Re-elect Trustee E.T.

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    Melanie WRIGHT
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King & Vaughan, Ward 1

Number of Available Seats: 1

Markham Wards 1 & 8

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Jenny CHEN
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    Sarma DONEPUDI
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    Susan GELLER
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    Srdjana JAKSIC
  • Image of Nafiseh POURHASSANI
    About Me:

    Nafiseh will bring:

    • Meaningful contribution

    • Experience with policies and business procedures

    • Advocacy for students & parents

    • Effective Communication

    • Experience with collective agreements & bargaining. Negotiations with CUPE are here! We can not have another compromised school year.

    • Committed to fostering healthy minds & bodies.

    I am a working mother, a professional environmental engineer, with 25 years of fulfilling career, all in service to the public.

    Our education system must evolve and grow to keep up with the changing times.

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    Karen WALTON

Markham Wards 2 & 6

Number of Available Seats: 1

Markham Wards 3 & 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Ben HENDRIKS
    About Me:

    My name is Ben Hendriks and I am running to be the 2022-2026 YRDSB trustee for Markham Wards 3 & 4. I am a single parent of a child who attends Fred Varley public school and I'm excited at the possibility of continuing to serve the residents of Markham.

    I have been a resident of Markham for over 10 years. During this time I have been on the Board of the Markham Public Library (MPL) and the Ontario Library Boards' Association (OLBA), working to provide equitable, valuable, community focused library services for almost 8 years. For 3 of those years I fulfilled the role of Chair of the MPL Board, and for 2 years I was President of the OLBA. Some of the initiatives I was involved in during my time as Chair of the MPL Board include:

    - Opening a new branch location in the Aaniin Community Centre

    - Overseeing negotiation of a new collective bargaining agreement

    - Implementing a new Enterprise Risk Management system

    - Focusing more on our community partnerships, and expanding partnerships with First Nations

    Behind my governance leadership experience you’ll find a hard working individual who truly cares about ensuring that our institutions are here for everyone in the community. As your YRDSB trustee I would bring that passion to every area, whether it’s setting the policies that will help our students and staff bring their best selves to school each day, or ensuring fiscal prudence through annual budget setting, or actively advocating for high quality public education. Importantly though, I would love the opportunity to engage those in Wards 3 & 4 and bring your voices to the table at YRDSB.

    I do feel a person's career can sometimes give context to what an individual might bring to a volunteer role so I think it's worth mentioning that I am a Senior Consultant working in the Office of the Chief Risk Officer for the Ontario Public Service.

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    Ed LAW
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    Jerrica LIN
  • Placeholder image of Xu Dong LU
    Xu Dong LU
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    Alyssa SHI
    About Me:

    Occupation: Law Student at Lincoln Alexander School of Law

    Address/Ward: Markham Wards 3 and 4

    Contact information:;

    Position you are running for: English Public School Board Trustee

    Why have you decided to run?

    My decision stemmed from a study that I read during my undergrad that reflected the inequalities in educational opportunities for children, and wanted to bridge the existing gap in applying effective research in real life in crucial fields such as education to advocate for egalitarian in opportunities for all students.

    How will you embrace and champion diversity in this role?

    As a Chinese immigrant, I experienced diversity as a student in Markham where different cultures were respected and celebrated. If elected, I aim to continue to advocate for a school environment that aligns with the principles of pluralism, where different beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles can be recognized for peaceful coexistence.

    What are your top three issues?

    First is to resolve the inequality in educational resources while recognizing the need for additional programs for higher academic achievements. I aim to advocate for increase accessibility to mental health support and the destigmatization of related issues amongst students. Finally, I intend to promote principles of pluralism in the community.

Markham Wards 5 & 7

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Ali CHATHA
    Ali CHATHA
    About Me:

    Occupation: Policy Professional & Project Manager

    Contact information: email, twitter, facebook etc.


    Instagram: @iam_alichatha

    Twitter: @iam_alichatha


    Position you are running for:

    York Region District School Board Trustee, Markham Wards 5 & 7

    Education background:

    1. Bachelor’s in Political Science from York University

    2. Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Queen’s University

    3. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

    Why have you decided to run?

    I want to transform the educational journey of students and set them up for success. Our children deserve the highest quality education experience delivered by qualified teachers and fully resourced schools that provide excellent mental health services and a 21st century curriculum to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

    How will you embrace and champion diversity in this role?

    I will first be inclusive in my own role and continue challenging my own beliefs, reaffirm discrimination has no place in our schools, collaborate with diverse community groups, cultivate open and safe environments, champion diversity of thought, and push to ensure our educators and administrators reflect the populations they serve.

    What are your top three issues?

    1. Increasing mental health and special education services

    2. Preparing students for the jobs of the future by teaching them the critical skills necessary to take the knowledge learned in the classroom and employ it in the real world.

    3. Partnering with parents to give them more say and sway.

    If elected, what do you plan to accomplish in your first 100 days?

    1. Call for tabling of a committee report on deficit of mental health and special education services with recommendations.

    2. Push for passing a motion for greater integration of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and self-development in students’ learning.

    3. Hold community townhalls with parents to listen to their concerns and ideas.

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    Michael CHEN
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  • Image of Ruby RATNASINGHAM
    About Me:

    An Ontario Registered Social Service Worker and Registered Early Childhood Educator, Ruby is a resident of Markham with a strong record of contribution to the community.

    For the past 23 years, Ruby has worked effectively with all levels of government to build community, increase student and parent engagement, and deliver results for Ontario’s children, youth and communities.

    This includes coordinating community mobilization of Markham residents, providing supportive counseling for youth and families in Markham, and the development and funding of York Region Community Services Grant for youth programming.

    Ruby has also worked with the City of Toronto, United Way, and the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services to implement programs such as, Access and Equity Training, Early Years, and Family Support.

    During COVID-19, Ruby was recognized for Ontario’s Tamil Heritage Month Tribute of Frontline and Essential Workers. She continued that tradition of successful collaboration, to ensure consistent and quality community education, through speaking engagements at University of South Florida, Aram Foundation, Global Women Wellness & Cannabis Conference, and United Nations International Albinism Awareness Day.

    Before politics, Ruby worked in TDSB, Canada’s largest Board of Education, as a Parenting Worker for Ontario’s children and families.

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    Shusmita SHARMA
  • Placeholder image of Geetha THAMBIAH
    Geetha THAMBIAH


Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Pamela MCCARTHY
    Pamela MCCARTHY
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    About Me:

    Top 3 Priorities

    1. Student and teacher safety policies.

    2. Inclusivity and anti-racism programs.

    3. Academic excellence, financial literacy programs.


    School and classroom safety is a priority. More policies, procedures and support staff will be put in place to ensure that all teachers and students can attend school without fear.

    Inclusivity and anti-racism programs will continue to be a priority.

    We will strive to achieve the highest academic excellence in our schools, including financial literacy. To compete and beat the academic scores of other school boards.

    Building school spirt and connection through clubs and sports.


    I am a married “hockey mom" of 2 active children, 11 and 14.

    I have been an active member of their school parent council, organizing fundraisers and snack programs.

    I have a professional background in mental health nursing, teaching and financial education.

    I have volunteered with,

    Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada, helping children.

    Beauty Nights, helping women in shelters.

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    Jessica NETO
  • Placeholder image of Donald J. SMITH
    Donald J. SMITH

Richmond Hill, Wards 1, 2 & 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Robert KOLOSOWSKI
    About Me:

    For almost two decades, I have been a proud resident of Richmond Hill and I have always been passionate about giving back to our society.

    I have worked with parents and teachers to improve our education system, both as a volunteer in our YRDSB schools and as a community organizer. I have started large petitions and met with MPPs to discuss policies that will improve the education system. Knocking on 10,000 doors to speak with Richmond Hill residents has taught me a lot about your experiences.

    I work as a business solutions analyst for one of the largest companies in Canada. Previously, I worked for the Ontario government where I dealt with education-related matters on a daily basis. I hope to bring my problem-solving skills from both the private and public sectors to our school board.

    Like most of you, I am tired of candidates who just offer slogans, “priorities” and self-centred autobiographies. Our children deserve better than that.

    I'm proud to be the only candidate in this race who has put forward a clear platform for how we can improve our school system. You deserve the ability to make an informed choice when voting.

    I am running to be your trustee so that we can:
    Improve education by:

    • Keeping schools open for in-person learning

    • Hiring teachers based on merit, qualifications and experience, not just seniority

    • Starting to teach lessons on personal finance, mental health and critical thinking

    • Admitting students into specialized programs (IB, AP, sports, arts, French, gifted etc.) based on merit, not unfair random lotteries

    Keep our schools safe by:

    • Reversing the recent ban on police officers visiting schools. Create a positive, educational relationship

    • Addressing the root causes of crime (mental health, moral values, peer pressure etc.)

    • Ending the "no exceptions" ban on self defense so that we stop punishing students who use necessary/minimal self-defense to protect themselves from violence in schools

    Keep our children healthy by:

    • Teaching students about mental health strategies

    • Purchasing air conditioners for schools

    • Ensuring that schools have air filtration systems

    Protecting your tax dollars by:

    • Strengthening conflict-of-interest rules and selecting contracts through a competitive bidding process

    • Reducing excessive red tape and bureaucracy costs

    • Reinvesting savings into small class sizes, more mental health counsellors and more special needs supports

    Respecting parents by:

    • Surveying parents annually on important issues

    • Respecting parents rights and keeping parents informed when developing policies

    Uniting and including all students by:

    • Having zero tolerance for racism, identity politics and discrimination against any background

    • Continuing to play our national anthem and rejecting calls to end this practice

    • Sharing a diverse range of perspectives in the classroom and not imposing political views on students

    Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions for how we can make our schools better. Your experiences guide all of my decisions.

    This election, let's vote for what we deserve: a real plan and real results for our families.

  • Placeholder image of Jonathan NADLER
    Jonathan NADLER
  • Placeholder image of Ali NIKJOO
    Ali NIKJOO
  • Placeholder image of Jyoti OBEROI
    Jyoti OBEROI
    About Me:

    I am Jyoti Oberoi, and I am a candidate for public school board trustee for the city of Richmond Hill (wards 1, 2 and 4).
    As a retired teacher, I believe our children deserve a strong and inclusive public education system, and, if elected, I will advocate for this.

    Quality education is the prerequisite to our children’s self-esteem, their happy social life and their successful adult life. I have the background to help deliver an education system that will ensure our students achieve their potential and become productive members of our society.
    My experience, as well as my character, serve to qualify me for this role. I hold a Master’s Degree in Science and have been an educator for the last 25 years working in Richmond Hill elementary and secondary schools. I have also worked with the Ministry of Education to develop the Ontario science curriculum and conducted Board workshops to implement the curriculum.As your Trustee, I will be focused on bringing sound academic programs to our schools and ensuring our teachers are properly trained to deliver these programs.

    As a mother of two children I know extensive parent involvement leads to higher student achievement. As your Trustee I will actively identify the needs and priorities of my community and ensure these are considered in the decisions that result in practical educational opportunities for students. Together we can create a next generation of clear thinkers, sound academic achievers and successful adults.

    As an immigrant, I understand the importance of education in integrating our children in our new home and helping them to become the leaders of tomorrow. As a long term resident, I understand the importance of bringing these same successes to those who were born here.

    As your Trustee, let me help to overcome the challenges and create opportunities for a better and safe tomorrow where our children will have a strong public school system which is transparent, accountable and equitable.Please vote for me on Tuesday, October 18-24 or in person at your polling station on October 22-24.

  • Placeholder image of Crystal YU
    Crystal YU
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Richmond Hill, Wards 3, 5 & 6

Number of Available Seats: 1

Vaughan, Wards 2 & 3

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Nicole HUSKOVIC
    Nicole HUSKOVIC
    About Me:

    With a background in both Public Relations and Early Childhood Education, I am prepared to fulfill the role as YRDSB Trustee for Vaughan Wards 2 & 3; additionally, I am a mom of three children currently in the school system.

    I have worked with children of all abilities ranging from 3-18. I opened and operated both a before and after school program and summer camps with 4 locations.

    I have experience with parents, students, administrators, unions, teachers, and support staff. I know how policy development can often overlook the logistics of implementation. With my first hand experience working in a classroom since 2002, I can provide the insights necessary to ensure realistic expectations and delivery of new policies.

  • Placeholder image of Elizabeth SINCLAIR
    Elizabeth SINCLAIR
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Vaughan, Wards 4 & 5

Number of Available Seats: 1