2022 Election

Waterloo Region District School Board

Headquarters: Kitchener
Voting Regions: 4
Total Trustee Seats Available: 11

City of Cambridge, Township of North Dumfries

Number of Available Seats: 3
  • Placeholder image of Mandi BOND
    Mandi BOND
  • Image of Jayne HERRING
    Jayne HERRING
    About Me:

    I retired in 2017 after more than 30 years with the Waterloo Region District School Board as the Manager of Corporate Services where I served as the Board’s Parliamentarian and Corporate Secretary. In 2018, I was elected to serve as Trustee for Cambridge & North Dumfries and then as Board Chairperson for two terms from 2018-2020.

    I am a long-time Cambridge resident and volunteer. I have Chaired and/or been a member on many boards and committees both in the community and for the City of Cambridge and Cambridge Hospital. Last year I had an idea for a way to honour our Veterans with an art installation of poppies in Cambridge and it was a privilege to lead the amazing team responsible for the Cambridge Poppy Project (

    If re-elected it would be my honour to continue to serve the students and families of Cambridge & North Dumfries and a few of my areas of focus will include: Student and staff mental health and well-being; making schools safe for ALL; continued focus on student achievement and striving to achieve the best air quality in all of our classrooms and schools.

    You can find more information about me, my complete platform and what I have been doing for the last four years on my website at or please contact me via email at Links to my social media accounts are also on my website.

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    Carla JOHNSON
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    About Me:

    Running for Trustee is a natural extension of my many wonderful years as “Ms. J.” Grade 7/8 teacher. If elected, it would be my honour to serve as a WRDSB Trustee for Cambridge & North Dumfries. I will work to be well researched & informed on the issues we face. Guided by the needs of all our students, I will listen and learn from everyone in the education community. I look forward to supporting our students. Young people are our future leaders and they have much to teach us today. More

  • Image of Courtney WATERFALL
    Courtney WATERFALL
    About Me:

    I am a parent and foster parent with a passion for education and our community. I was previously a trustee in 2017/2018 and sat on several committees during that time. I am the director of a local non-profit organization and am the president of the Foster Family Association of Waterloo Region. My priority is going to be to listen to our students, caregivers, education workers, and community workers and represent them at the board table. More

  • Image of Cindy WATSON
    Cindy WATSON
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    About Me:

    I want to continue to ensure that each and every student is valued, belongs and becomes our primary focus. Students need strong literacy and numeracy skills, mental health supports and gaps in education need to be addressed. Students with disabilities need early intervention and resources that help them succeed. All students are deserving of an exemplary education to achieve their goals. Public education means embracing diversity of opinion, and all students, parents, staff and community members’ voices are needed to ensure that public education is strengthened, transparent and accountable. More

City of Kitchener

Number of Available Seats: 4
  • Image of Stephen ADARAN
    Stephen ADARAN
    About Me:

    As a member of this community, I know the region’s reputation is built on the foundation of good quality education. If successful, I commit myself to being an advocate for the creation of a safe school environment where high quality teaching and learning that supports the growth of our community and province is the focus. I will work with other trustees, the school administrators and other community partners to create school spaces where all students feel welcome and the best interest of all students are protected. I will help to facilitate the development of accountability instruments that will ensure equity and diversity becomes one of the corner stones for measuring employee and student success at all levels. More

  • Image of Barb CHRYSLER
    About Me:

    I've taught at the University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, and Conestoga College and as a student I was a Teacher's Assistant at King Edward School. I've gained experience in curriculum development, operational management, research, and evaluation and have worked in mental health, addiction, and children's developmental services. As such, I believe I have skills that would be useful in contributing to a democratic school board that respects students, parents, and teachers and advocates for the local voice with government. It is critically important to have the ability to listen to concerns and find local solutions.

    I felt a sense of responsibility to contribute to finding solutions. As a teacher, lifelong student, parent of grown children, and aunt to children still in the school system, I became concerned about the impact of recent events such as vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and mask use on children, teens, and educators. In addition, there are significant issues that school boards are dealing with, such as bullying, violence, mental health, addiction, age-appropriate library resources, and ensuring that all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. These issues are made more difficult when democratic participation is prohibited. The graduation rate of the Waterloo District School Board is only 85.9%. This tells me that there were a significant number of students that the academic system was not working for in 2021.

  • Image of Claus DERISMA
    Claus DERISMA
    About Me:

    I’m running because I care. I care about our community and I care about the people in our community. I want our children in the WRDSB to thrive in life so when they travel across country, across North America, across the world and people say things such as how well educated they are, they can be proud to say I got that education in the Region of Waterloo! More

  • Image of Julia DUNHAM
    Julia DUNHAM
    About Me:

    Equity and diversity, centralized around transgender acceptance and care, has become a paramount issue at WRDSB in 2022. As a transgender mother with a daughter enrolled at WRDSB, I am uniquely positioned to contribute to this conversation from a vantage point that few others hold.

    As a member of the LGBT community, I recognize the importance of creating a WRDSB where all students are can thrive. To enable this, I believe that WRDSB schools must be a place where acceptance of all identities is paramount. I also believe that the advantage of our education system is only realized through open-conversation at the level of governance, and I believe that every genuinely held concerns should be engaged. This year, questions were raised about the appropriateness of materials for certain cohorts, and I believe this discussion has merit to continue.

    In the last six months I’ve watched as candidates have delineated towards opposing sides on issues of how best to handle transgender matters in the classroom. For myself, I wish to tread a third path—a middle path—recognizing that the ideals of transgender acceptance and a value-neutral education system are both essential to a healthy education system for our children.

  • Image of Ahmed KASSAD
    Ahmed KASSAD
    About Me:

    I immigrated to Canada from Egypt when I was 12 years old. I came here about a week before the start of the school year, and you can imagine how nerve wracking that must have been. I always loved technology, so by the time I graduated from high school, I had decided to make a career in IT. I am now a Business systems analyst, as well as the owner of a successful fencing company.

    I met my beautiful wife during my college years and we have been together since. We have two amazing young boys.

    When we decided to buy our first home in 2017, we looked everywhere, and we decided to move to Kitchener because we fell in love with the house, the neighborhood, and the sense of community that we immediately felt. There were many other young families in our neighborhood and we knew this was the place for us.

    We raise our boys to strive for success, think critically and always maintain a love for learning.

    As a parent of two young boys who are currently just starting their schooling journey, I was naturally inclined to become more involved in my children's education.

  • Placeholder image of Rachel LILEY
    Rachel LILEY
  • Image of Christina MEEKISON
    Christina MEEKISON
    About Me:

    My name is Christina Meekison and I wish to represent the constituents of my community as a Public School Board Trustee, with several years of experience with my 4 (now adult) children and 6 grandchildren in schools within our region.

    Like so many parents with school-aged children, I know the joys (and challenges) of volunteering within the classroom, the school and the community - bake sales, school councils (at elementary and secondary levels), fundraising and helping out in the classroom as needed. I have also been a volunteer with the Strong Start Early Literacy program and know first-hand how essential it is to reach our at-risk readers and with that extra time help them experience the joy of reading, and learn that success is real for every child.

    Quality daily physical activity is also key for our young learners from JK to Grade 12, in the schools and in the community at large. I have done fundraising for The Sick Kids’ Foundation in the past, participating in the Warrior Dash, and I walk with my grandchildren in The Relay For Life.

    I am currently employed as a school bus driver for 3 of our schools and enjoy safely transporting our ‘precious cargo’ to and from their elementary and secondary campuses.

    When elected as one of your Public School Board Trustees, I promise to do my best to represent the needs of the schools, the board and the constituents. Our children will always come first.

  • Image of Jeff MUSGRAVE
    About Me:

    Every child should have the opportunity to develop their unique talents to the fullest. Your child deserves that opportunity, and that's why I am asking for your vote.

    Am I qualified to be a school trustee? Absolutely! I am a husband and father. I grew up in British Columbia, and I have lived in the Kitchener area for over 16 years. I work as a website developer, and I have a background in graphic design, psychology, and music. As well, I have a multicultural perspective: My wife speaks Portuguese, and my mother speaks Japanese.

    I firmly believe our schools should teach students the knowledge and skills they need for success. Our schools should also teach students to think critically. And our schools should keep parents informed about what their children are learning.

    Please vote Jeff Musgrave for school trustee. Thank you!

  • Image of Maedith RADLEIN
    Maedith RADLEIN
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    About Me:

    Waterloo Region has been by home since immigrating from Jamaica 35 years ago. I worked as a teacher and principal with the Waterloo Region Board of Education. On retirement I continued my involvement in education, as a Field Supervisor in the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier.

    My two children graduated from Bluevale C.I. where I served on the School Council.

    Over the years I have been continuously involved in the community, volunteering with many organizations including Waterloo Minor Soccer, K-W YWCA, the Child Witness Centre and Mennonite Central Committee. I'm currently co-convenor of the Region of Waterloo's Anti-Racism Advisory Group as well as being a member of the WRDSB's Equity & Inclusion Advisory Group.

    My commitment to all students is to create a positive learning environment; to value you for who you are; to nurture your uniqueness and work to ensure that you achieve successful outcomes. My commitment to parents is to listen and work to give your child the resources and conditions to optimize learning. My commitment to school staff is to value your contributions and hard work while working to build/support partnerships that give you the support you need.

    If elected I plan to work with staff and parents to facilitate respectful and open communication. I value partnerships among all members of the school community. Each school is its own community and the best support for its students lies in that relationship. To learn more about my vision visit my website or

  • Image of Mike RAMSAY
    Mike RAMSAY
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    About Me:

    It has been my privilege to serve the children and youth of Kitchener as a Public School Board Trustee since 1989.

    I am running for re-election to give parents, students and staff their voices back. Political indoctrination has no place in our classrooms, and it is unfortunate that the majority of the current Board are sacrificing public interest in favour of a boutique ideology. They have abused and weaponized the Board’s rules to silence their opponents. This nonsense must stop. Trustees have a duty to secure the best public school experience for ALL children in this region, not silence different voices.

    If I am re-elected, my main objectives for the upcoming term are:

    1. To re-direct the focus of the Board toward every student’s academic excellence, preparation for a successful career and civic life.

    2. To ensure the Board honours the rights of all parents and guardians to express their opinions to the Board and for them to be heard fairly and courteously.

    3. To put an end to the divisive identity politics that distracts from the work that the Board should be focused on....student learning and achievement.

  • Placeholder image of Natasha ROLLEMAN
    Natasha ROLLEMAN
  • Image of Tara ROSS
    Tara ROSS
    About Me:

    Born and raised in Kitchener, I returned home after attaining my degrees at Queen's University to raise my family. I am the proud single mother of a 17 year old child in the Integrated Arts Program at Eastwood Collegiate High School.

    I am new to the trustee role, but sometimes that is what we need. With over 20 years of experience in human resources, I see first hand the pros and cons of the skills students graduate with. I know what is needed to be successful in the work world -from general labour to Ph.D level jobs, and everything in between. I feel that my unique perspective, founded in real life experience, is exactly what the WRDSB needs.

    I will also be a strong advocate for students who do not fit/excel in "traditional" education settings -there is a way for all children to be successful. I also believe that we need to continue on our path of diversity and inclusion to ensure that our schools are welcoming places for every student.

    I am on the Board of Directors of the John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington, a volunteer with Shelter Movers, and was a long-time ringette coach. I am dedicated to giving back to the community that has been such an important part of my life.

    Others have been a trustee longer, but if you vote for me, I know that I will represent the learning community successfully.

  • Image of Laurie TREMBLE
    Laurie TREMBLE
    About Me:

    I was born and raised in Kitchener and am a proud graduate of the WRDSB and Wilfrid Laurier University. My husband Jim is a small-business owner and also born and raised here. We have two boys, Luke and Sean, who both graduated from Grand River Collegiate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As a stay-at-home mom, I was highly engaged in my kids’ education for many year as classroom volunteer, a Strong Start coach, a parent representative on the Safe, Caring, Inclusive School Team, and an active member and chair of three school councils. At the board level, I was a member and co-chair of both the Waterloo Region Assembly of Public School Councils (WRAPSC) and the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC), and a parent representative on numerous board committees.

    As a trustee, I have served on numerous committees including:

    - French Immersion Review Committee – brought forward recommendations for changes to the program that will be implemented in the coming year

    - Mental Health Advisory Committee – responded to COVID-19 mental health concerns

    - Discipline Committee & Supervised Alternative Learning Committee – supported students with alternative programing

    - Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) – continued my support of parent involvement in their children’s education

    - Policy Working Group – Co-Chair – co-led development of a new Policy Development and Review Process that embeds meaningful stakeholder consultation

    - Board of Directors Member for the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA)

    As the WRDSB representative on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA), I attended provincial meetings with other trustees and helped that organization advocate for public education, develop position papers for the Ministry of Education and develop OPSBA’s bargaining positions for negotiation with our union partners. I led our Board’s response to the Ministry proposal regarding online education that encouraged the provincial government to listen to the concerns of various stakeholders before implementing significant change.

    In the last two years, our board has participated in a number of very important activities:

    - Managing the COVID-19 pandemic

    - Hiring a new Director of Education, jeewan chanicka.

    - Supporting staff in their work on our first student census

    - Developing a new Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

  • Image of Meena WASEEM
    Meena WASEEM
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    About Me:

    My name is Meena, I'm 21, and I'm running for trustee because our region's young people deserve an advocate who understands their needs at the board table.

    Although I'm the youngest candidate running, I know our school system. I had to grow up very quickly in our schools because youth and families like mine needed a voice. As early as 13 years old, I was advocating for students and families in front of our school board, administrators, city council, and various community groups.

    Coming from an immigrant background, I was walking the line between a student and a third parent. I was translating bank documents, field trip forms, and being the bridge between my family and school staff. I know the pressures on young people, staff, and families today.

    I stand for equity and accessibility in education. I'm no stranger to challenging the status quo and right now we need young people in our region to help inform decisions about our future. A vote for me is an investment in our youth.

    Don't just take my word for it though! Here are some ways I've been recognized for my work locally and nationally:

    - Named KW's Rogers Oktoberfest Woman of the Year in 2019 for my work with youth and families, being the youngest recipient of the award

    - Awarded the $100 000 Loran Scholarship, an award given to only 34 youth across Canada, for my commitment to building leaders in the region

    - Recognized in the House of Commons for my work in youth advocacy

    - Selected from a nationally competitive pool of applicants for a program called Girls on Boards, which trains young women on board skills like ethical governance, financial management, and more

    Take a moment to check out my website for more information. I promise you won't be disappointed. Some highlights:

    - I've run mental health and skill-building programs in our region for 7+ years, working with thousands of students, families, and community leaders. I know the diversity of needs in our community.

    - I've served on 2 boards before and implemented staff well-being and safety strategies, so I'm no stranger to boards.

    - I've grown up in our public schools. I went to AR Kaufman, Forest Hill, Queensmount, and Cameron Heights. I know the landscape of education and where our schools need support.

    Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile! Email me if you have any questions.

  • Image of Joanne WESTON
    Joanne WESTON
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    About Me:

    While raising my three daughters in Kitchener, I volunteered in several Kitchener schools and served on Board committees including the Parent Involvement, Good Schools and Mental Health Advisory committees. I also served as a program coordinator with Nutrition for Learning. In 2018, I was honoured to be elected in Kitchener to serve the community and our children.

    As a trustee, I have served as Chairperson and Vice Chair of the Board, and on an average of seven committees annually, including the Parent Involvement Committee, Policy Working Group, Agenda Development, Waterloo Education Foundation Inc. (WEFI) Board of Directors, the Suspension Review Ad Hoc Committee, Director’s Performance Appraisal and as the alternate OPSBA Board of Directors representative. I enjoy meeting and listening to students and staff during school visits, as well as parents and community members at community events. These conversations help inform my decisions at the board table.

    If re-elected for a second term, my focus will continue to be improving student achievement and student and staff well-being. I believe that each and every student should feel welcome, safe and supported in school, and graduate with the skills they need to live a happy, successful life. I will continue to work to achieve this goal.

City of Waterloo, Township of Wilmot

Number of Available Seats: 3
  • Image of Cristina BAIROS-FERNANDES
    About Me:

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the candidates!

    I'm Cristina,

    A graduate of the WRDSB and empowered mama of two now in the school system with a vision where educators teach, parents parent, and students thrive. We get here with open dialogue, conscious minds, and unity despite disagreement.

    I have had an ear for our educators. They are the experts when it comes to knowing what students in their classrooms need to advance educationally. One of the main elements of my work in healthcare is listening. As I listen to the problem, I learn what the likely solutions are for the outcome they desire. I want to work to give our educators freedom to focus on proven educational methods during class. And, I want to ensure that they are equipped with the support required to foster the potential of every student.

    As trustee, I will work to expand inclusivity, diversity, and equity to embrace differences in viewpoints and ideas in order to achieve unity rather than conformity. Parents will know what is meant by the language used and how it translates into the classroom while having a say every step of the way.

    Together, with the educators' expertise, parent perspectives and student feedback we'll figure out the best way to build student’s skills so they become master of their own successes in their careers, relationships, and overall wellbeing.

    Thanks again, for being here.

  • Image of Madan DHEER
    Madan DHEER
    About Me:

    On October 24, 2022, I will be asking for your support as I run for the position of Trustee for the Waterloo Region District School Board. Having worked in the field of education for the past 30 years as a public school Teacher and Administrator, I am well aware of the strengths of our community, as well as our areas of growth. I am passionate about equitable access to education for all students, and celebrating the diversity of our community. On October 24, please join and support me as we look to create inclusive and welcoming spaces in schools for our students and families, and take on the vital task of ensuring that all students receive the support they need for

  • Placeholder image of Alisa MCCLURG
    Alisa MCCLURG
  • Image of Martin MIRT
    Martin MIRT
    About Me:

    I’m grateful for the educational foundation I got at WCI and I’m grateful for the moral foundation I got from my mom and dad. I still believe that parents should be the main source of their kids’ values.

    My parents are first-generation immigrants from eastern Europe. They taught me to have a strong work ethic, help others and appreciate what I have.

    They are founding members of the Slovenian Association "SAVA" cultural club; I’ve been a member, as well, for 27 years.

    My folks taught me to give back to my community. And with SAVA I volunteered at many cultural events, including Oktoberfest. I was the project manager for the Sava Club's renovation and addition and I served on the board of directors as the treasurer for five years.

    I’ve also been pleased to serve as a coach. I was with Waterloo Minor Hockey, Wellesley Minor Hockey and New Hamburg Hockey Association for 15 years. I also coached and/or assisted with Warhawks Football for six years. For 13 years I coached and for 12 years was Convenor for K-W Minor Ball Hockey.

    Being able to assist young people brings me joy. I enjoyed working with kids to develop hockey skills, build self confidence, and to teach how to be a team player. I see my run for trustee as another way to assist young people.

  • Image of Scott PIATKOWSKI
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    About Me:

    In October 2018, Scott was honoured to have been chosen by the voters of Waterloo and Wilmot Township to represent them on the Waterloo Region District School Board. In December 2020, he was chosen by his Trustee colleagues as Vice-Chair of the Board, and a year after that as Chair.

    He has served on the following WRDSB committees:

    - Agenda Development

    - Director’s Performance Appraisal

    - Policy Development

    - Discipline

    - Past Director's Bursary

    - Waterloo Education Foundation Inc. (WEFI) Board of Directors

    - French Immersion Review Ad Hoc (ending June 2022)

    - School Resource Officer Review Ad Hoc Committee (ending June 2021)

    - Suspension Review Ad Hoc Committee (ending June 2021)

    - Trustee Code of Conduct Review Committee (ending May 2021)

    He also serves as the WRDSB's Voting Delegate (and Alternate Director) for the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA), and previously sat on their Policy Development Work Team.

    Scott is a proud graduate of both Eastwood Collegiate (where he's part of the school's Alumni Wall of Honour) and Wilfrid Laurier University, and the proud parent/step-parent of four KCI graduates.

    In his professional life, Scott works as Ontario Program Manager for a national non-governmental organization that promotes the growth and sustainability of the affordable housing movement across Canada. For thirty years before that, he managed a series of local co-operative housing communities.

    He has also served as the Vice-President of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and as a volunteer facilitator with the Co-operative Young Leaders program. He's a past winner of the Youth Mentorship Award from the Ontario Co-operative Association.

    In addition, Scott is the former President of the AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Area (ACCKWA), the former Chair of the Board for the Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union, a former Chair of both the City of Waterloo's Environmental Advisory Committee and the Waterloo Region Cycling Advisory Committee.

    Scott was a minor soccer coach from 1998 to 2012, often coaching teams at two different age levels simultaneously.

    He lives with his wife and family in southeast Waterloo. With the exception of a brief stint in Ottawa in the late 1980s, he has lived in his community for his entire life. He is dedicated to making it a better place for all.

  • Placeholder image of Franklin RAMSOOMAIR
    Franklin RAMSOOMAIR
  • Image of George SCHMIDT
    George SCHMIDT
    About Me:

    As a trustee, I'll be an ardent supporter of “back to basics” instruction. I think schools are at their best when they focus on core educational competencies.

    I’ve seen in the local media and I’ve heard personally from moms and dads that they have real concerns about the direction of the WRDSB. It would be my privilege to partner with parents to present those concerns to the board .

    You should know my desire to serve on the board comes from my long-time attachment to Waterloo Region. I was born and raised here; I made my life here. I’m a graduate of Eastwood Collegiate.

    Running for the board is new for me but serving my community and dealing with the public isn’t. I have over 60 years of life experience serving the public. I am currently semi-retired and consequently have the time to give to serving you.

  • Image of Marie SNYDER
    Marie SNYDER
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I've just retired from 30 years of teaching high school at KCI. A lifelong resident of Watelroo Region, and former WCI student, I have degrees in philosophy and psychology from WLU, and am going back for more. I have 3 kids who all attended public schools. I'm hoping to make our classrooms more inclusive and welcoming and work to allocate funds to best meet the needs of each and every student in our system. More

  • Image of Kathleen WOODCOCK
    Kathleen WOODCOCK
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I am running for my sixth term as a public school trustee on the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB). With 19 years of experience, I have developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the governance role of trustees and the operational role of staff. Over the years, I have served on many committees as well as in leadership roles (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Past-Chairperson). In 2022, I was elected First Vice-President of the Ontario Public School Boards' Association (OPSBA) after serving two years as Second Vice-President, OPSBA. Emerging from the emotional, physical, social stress caused by the pandemic will involve advocacy for mental health support (aka funding) for staff and students. Through policy development and revision and, using both an equity and a sovereignty lens, I am committed to working together with my trustee colleagues to make sure WRDSB policies are inclusive and student-focused. Getting students and staff back to school safely and in person is my priority. More

  • Image of Wendy WOODHALL
    Wendy WOODHALL
    About Me:

    Hello and thank you for reading my candidate profile.

    My career experience working with students in the areas of teaching, mental health and special needs provides me with a strong base for the role of Trustee. Improving learning must start with understanding the needs of students.

    Student achievement, equity and well-being are central to the role of school Trustee. I bring both education and experience to these areas. I believe that trustees should have experience working directly with children. I have worked with students my whole career and I have always tried to make their lives better. As a trustee, I will continue to keep students as my prime focus.

    In my roles as Teacher, Education Assistant and Child and Youth Worker, my focus has always been on the safety, security, success and happiness of the students. Positive and successful learning as well as feelings of well-being and belonging, occur in safe and secure schools. Students must feel valued, cared for, supported and encouraged by all concerned. As Trustee, I will maintain this student emphasis.

    If elected, I will work towards a united Board of Trustees. Being open minded, flexible, and willing to listen to all people are skills I would bring to the table. I would promote student-focused discussions and parent-conscious decision making. My past roles will assist me with conflict resolution, positive policy development and school board unity.

    I have worked with children from Kindergarten to grade twelve for the WRDSB and taught in South Korea and Bahrain. I have a B.A. in Psychology with minors in Women’s and Religious Studies.

    Three generations of my family have graduated from the WRDSB and most of my family have worked for the school board in various positions. As a parent I enjoyed working with local school board educators while supporting my own children and as a Trustee I look forward to supporting other parents as they care for their children.

Township of Wellesley, Township of Woolwich

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Jen BURKHOLDER
    About Me:

    It has been a great privilege to have worked in a school setting with ECE children for over 25 years and 20 years being in the region of Waterloo. I am a proud wife now working alongside my husband and mother of 4, the youngest attending grade 11 while the others have graduated university, are attending college, or recently married.

    With past roles both in front line work and a Team Lead. This has given me many different opportunities, many chances to collaborate with both families and staff and learn about what they want to see their children achieve in the future. Another was working with the WRDSB, this gave me the opportunity to work with the policies and procedures of the childcare and the WRDSB.

    I have had the opportunity to see what good quality learning means from infancy through age 12 by implementing curriculum and then working with my own four children far beyond that into university, so I believe that providing the best education is paramount for all children, no matter what their abilities may be. So my passion is for our learning system and making all feel included and finding that balanced environment that will shape the children's future, education should come naturally. " Let's get back to the basics Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. I really do believe that we need to make things readily available for everyone to succeed.

    One goal I have is to listen and to hear what the parents of our community want in regards to change and developments in our local schools. I am willing to be that voice for you and your child and those in our community. "Please speak out, I will listen!" Plenty of quality collaboration, for future development and change in our children's lives vs choosing worldly influences.

    I want to promote student achievement, leadership, well being, growth as well as a positive school atomposhere with goal setting, monitoring, accountability for all staff and students for all levels of abilities.

    Finally, I really must say I do believe that the most important aspect in a child's life is the parents "You are their best teacher" and I am 100% behind the family unit . I support all homes that make learning the happiest, healthiest, strongest, and best start we can give a child.

  • Image of Gerhard ENS
    Gerhard ENS
    About Me:

    I am a Canadian citizen who immigrated to Canada (Kitchener) at seven years of age. The rest of my life has been spent in Waterloo Region - raising a family and working locally. Wellesley has been my home for the past 22 years. I was motivated to run in January of this year upon learning of Carolyn Burjoski's stay-at-home order. She dared to question the appropriateness of a sexually explicit book being promoted to elementary students.

    I want to return the focus of the school board to the education and well being of the students under their care. Focus on the three Rs instead of; instilling fear (climate change and covid panic); instilling racism (Critical Race Theory and 'Woke-ism'); instilling confusion (promoting gender dysphoria); promoting lifestyle choices (LGBTQ) leading to sub-par outcomes. I would also advocate for minimizing future covid disruptions. Our children generally suffered more due to their interrupted education than from the pandemic itself.

    Judaeo/Christian values built our society and only continued adherence will sustain it. Our children's innocence and well being is too precious to squander. Turning them into victims of elitist corrupt ideologies will only undermine their, and society's future.

    I am prepared to be a voice for my community, representing concerned parents who are appalled at the direction the WRDSB has taken in recent years.

  • Image of Fred MEISSNER
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I am a lifelong resident of Waterloo region and have lived in the municipality of Woolwich/Wellesley for the past seventeen years. My spouse Terry and I are the proud parents of two (now grown) children who have expanded our family with the inclusion of their wonderful partners and five marvelous grandchildren.

    I have retired from a fulfilling career as an educator for WRDSB in the local secondary school where I was part of the both the English and Special Education departments, and while I am no longer in the classroom, I still find myself intensely interested in the ever-changing developments related to delivering the best possible educational experience for all students. Three areas that I would like to prioritize are on as follows:

    1. Inclusive, accessible, safe classrooms, schools, and communities for all students.
    2. Connecting and collaborating with parents, guardians, and the spectrum of individuals and community groups who have a vested interest in developing an effective educational experience for all students.
    3. Affirming staff and related educational workers, recognizing their expertise in the classroom and their generous contributions to extra curricular activities.

    When I'm not creating a platform for support in my bid to be trustee for Woolwich-Wellesley, you can find me reading, writing, or riding my bicycle on the scenic gravel roads throughout this area.

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    Zach SMITH
    About Me:

    I have been nearly a lifelong resident of Waterloo Region and went through the public system myself. I have been following the direction the WRDSB has been going in for quite a while and am very concerned with it.

    I was motivated to run for several reasons, including the promotion of critical theory, sexual degeneracy, and gender theory. On top of these, I was dismayed by how teacher Carolyn Burjoski was treated following her attempts to expose the pornographic material that is available to students in our schools. When trustee Mike Ramsay tried to bring attention to Carolyn's treatment and the above teachings, he was removed from board meetings. Lastly, a motion by trustee Cindy Watson to look into how much the above ideologies had infiltrated board and school policy was voted down.

    As a faithful Christian I am opposed to these ideologies. They are unbiblical and very harmful to young, impressionable minds and souls. They promote division and judgement based upon immutable traits, such as skin colour, where a person was born, and who their ancestors are. Furthermore, they encourage children to self-identify in contradiction to how God has identified them, causing confusion, loss of purpose, and separation from their creator and Lord.

    Furthermore, the actions of the board in relation to Caroplyn, Mike and Cindy show a lack of honesty, goodwill, and transparency. They are the actions of a board with something to hide. I believe that parents are the primary authorities, under God, in their children's lives, and therefore should have full authority over their children's education, and by extension then those who are educating them (including the board).

    Lastly, academic performance has been deteriorating for years in the WRDSB. I believe this is in part due to the focus on personal identity, sexual degeneracy, and activism.

    I will work hard to protect children, represent their parents, operate with integrity and honesty, and refocus on academic performance and instilling a love of learning in students.