2022 Election

Upper Grand District School Board

Headquarters: Guelph
Voting Regions: 8
Total Trustee Seats Available: 10

Wellington North, Minto, Mapleton

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Natalie BREAU
    Natalie BREAU
    About Me:

    Natalie and her husband and two children live on a hobby farm in Mapleton Township.

    She is a Chartered Professional Accountant, with over 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, and is currently the Vice President of Finance for a software company. She is known for being a caring and compassionate leader, while holding companies accountable to their financial goals.

    Natalie is the founder and co-chair of a diversity, inclusion and belonging group that brings together employees and employers to discuss and advocate for diverse needs in the workplace. She hopes to bring her passion and curiosity for diversity and inclusion to the Board of Trustees.

    As a parent of a special needs child, she has learned to navigate the special needs support system, and advocate for her child's needs.

    Natalie hopes to be a strong voice for all students and parents, and bring together her financial experience, as well as her experiences as a dedicated parent, to the Upper Grand District School Board.

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    Daniel GREER
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    Daniel KELLY
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    Robin S. ROSS
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Centre Wellington Wards 1-6

Number of Available Seats: 1


Number of Available Seats: 1

Town of Erin, East Garafraxa and Township Guelph/Eramosa Wards 1,2,3 & 4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Lynn CLACK
    Lynn CLACK
    About Me:

    Lynn is married with 4 kids and has resided in Rockwood for the past 14 years. Lynn has a business background and has owned and operated her own business for over 20 years.

    Lynn is excited to be running for School Board Trustee as she chaired school council for 10 years, and was a strong advocate for the students and families in her community.

    Lynn was awarded the UGDSB every day hero award in 2017 after many years of volunteering and achieving many goals to improve student life. Upon Lynn’s youngest graduating elementary school a Lynn Clack Benevolent Volunteerism award was created in her honour in 2021. This award is to be awarded to students for years to come that make a positive impact in the school community and beyond on a daily basis.

    If Lynn be elected her commitment is to understand the needs of each community she represents and advocate to support those needs. Areas of focus

    1) Further supports and programs in place to combat mental health issues

    2) Address transportation issues on a day to day basis as well as transportation to IB programs

    3) Practice equity on all levels by catering programs based upon the school and community climate. Advocate to ensure kids are learning the basic fundamentals in a safe and positive environment.

    If Lynn is elected as trustee without a doubt she will advocate her best to ensure positive changes within UGDSB schools.

  • Image of Jennifer EDWARDS
    Jennifer EDWARDS
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    About Me:

    Jen has lived in Erin for 23 years. She is married with 4 kids, though 2 are at university now. As a business owner, Jen runs a daycare from her home. She also does gardening for people and has volunteered looked after the Erin Public school teaching gardens for the last 8 years. Jen is the volunteer vice chair on the board of directors at Wastewise, a reuse store in Georgetown, is the volunteer editor and publisher of the Erin Ontario News email newsletter, and the founder of the Erin Seed Library. She has experience on school councils at the elementary and secondary level.

    As Trustee for the last 4 years, the changes that Jen helped to make that are the most important to her are adding the consideration for the environment into the guiding principals of the board, and having Leading Through Sustainability as a pillar in the new Multi Year Plan.

    Jen's top 3 priorities for the next term if re-elected are

    1. Sustainability meaning both the actual schools working towards net zero, to reduce our climate impact and teach by example, and also outdoor education - having students spend time in nature, learning it's importance, and how to protect it. Learning how to grow food sustainably, and experiencing how nature can improve our mental health.

    2. Equity of access. We have small schools out here, with further distances to programs and sports, but our students should still have the same opportunities as bigger schools in the board.

    3. Students should graduate from high school with a plan for the path that will best lead them to success, and the ability to carry out their plan.

Amaranth, Grand Valley, Mulmur, Mono, Melancthon, Shelburne

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Raymond SETO
    Raymond SETO
    About Me:

    Dr Ray Seto MD, FRCSC

    Resident of Mono 17 years

    Eye Physician & Surgeon at Headwaters Healthcare Center for 20 years

    Hobbies & Interests: reading, hiking, rowing, art

  • Image of Lynn TOPPING
    Lynn TOPPING
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    About Me:

    Challenges Ahead:

    1. Decreasing funding

    2. Unprecendented growth

    3. Curriculum redesign

    4. Rural student transportation

City of Guelph Wards 1 & 5

Number of Available Seats: 2
  • Placeholder image of Victor EHIKWE
    Victor EHIKWE
  • Image of Martha MACNEIL
    Martha MACNEIL
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    About Me:

    Martha is passionate about education and creating positive change that benefits all.

    In her time as a trustee, Martha has been a member of many committees and held several leadership positions, including as Chair of the Board from 2019-2021, as a member of OPSBA's Board of Directors, and as the OPSBA Regional Vice-chair for Central West. In these roles, Martha has had the opportunity to develop a focused vision of an education system that is truly equitable, accessible, and beneficial to all. In this time of pandemic recovery, Martha's dedication to student success and well-being will drive her advocacy and support for addressing learning gaps, providing increased mental health resources for students and staff, and rebuilding relationships. Martha will also continue to work hard to support efforts to dismantle systemic racism, oppression, and other barriers to engagement. She is looking forward to another 4 years of making a difference! More

  • Image of Paul NICHOLS
    Paul NICHOLS
    About Me:

    Family is central to everything I stand for and believe in. I want my children to grow up in a supportive and inclusive society with every equal opportunity to learn and grow and thrive.

    I was born near Guelph and grew up in small town Ontario along the shores of Lake Huron. After starting a family, my wife and I chose Guelph as the idea place to raise our two young children.

    I am active with the Lilliput Land Nursery School in Guelph and am the Secretary & Vice-President of the Board.

    I am running for Trustee because I want to serve my community and influence how our children are educated. I am also inspired by the fond memories of my late grandmother, who taught for many years in Orangeville. I want to do all I can to support the many passionate educators like her.

  • Image of Luke WEILER
    Luke WEILER
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    About Me:

    Luke works as a lawyer operating a sole practice in Guelph. He is committed to public service. He has served in a leadership role on the board of directors of the Guelph Not-for-Profit Housing Corporation, the Hillside Festival, the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation.

    Luke strongly values the public school system and the role it plays in educating and supporting the growth of our next generation. His background in not-for-profit governance, collaborative decision-making, and law would help him participate productively in the work of the school board.

    Luke celebrates our diverse and pluralistic society. All people have equal value, no matter their birthplace, ability, gender, or other identity. Luke believes in listening to all voices, working with underrepresented (for example queer and BIPOC) communities, dismantling historic forms of oppression, and promoting greater understanding and acceptance.

    Luke's three priorities are:

    1) Working with board staff to overcome two years of disruption and recover lost learning

    2) Ensuring students and staff have a safe learning environment to teach and learn in

    3) Providing resources to support children with different learning needs so they receive the same quality education as their peers

City of Guelph Wards 2, 3 & 4

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Charles ALBERT
  • Placeholder image of James GOLLINGER
  • Image of Ralf MESENBRINK
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    About Me:

    I'm a long time resident of Guelph, married, with five children, three have attended UGDSB schools.

    While I am a retired educator, my real navigation of the school system has been as a parent focused on supporting our children to get to their chosen pathways, College, Military, University and Apprenticeship.

    My children have come to the education system with strengths but also needs for special education and mental health supports.

    All of our children come to school with wonderful gifts and varying needs. I would like to use my skills and experience as a parent to ensure that all UGDSB students are successful.

  • Placeholder image of Jamal NASIR
    Jamal NASIR
  • Image of Kyle REABURN
    Kyle REABURN
    About Me:

    Kyle and his wife Sonya are proud to call Guelph home, where they live with their six-year-old rescue dog, Brooke.

    Raised in Palmerston – a small rural town in north Wellington County – Kyle attended Palmerston Public and Norwell District Secondary School before attending the University of Guelph. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Kyle gained a strong sense of community involvement, having served the Alzheimer’s Society of Guelph-Wellington, and was part of several organizations aimed at assisting the student body. These included Political Science Peer Contacts, a volunteer group aimed at connecting at-risk students with friends and mentors to help them succeed in their program.

    After graduation, Kyle worked in a number of key positions for the Government of Ontario, later transitioning to the Region of Halton. Today, he applies his first-hand government relations skills and political knowledge at a national not-for-profit healthcare organization, where he provides help and advocates for Canada’s vulnerable seniors.

    Outside of work, Kyle serves on the University of Alumni Board of Directors, actively voicing the thoughts and concerns of current students and alumni.

    In his spare time, you'll catch Kyle walking his dog in Guelph. While at home, he enjoys tending to his garden and is also an avid reader and keen board game enthusiast.

  • Image of Laurie WHYTE
    Laurie WHYTE
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    About Me:

    Laurie is a dynamic and hardworking volunteer both within and beyond the Upper Grand District School Board. Laurie has been active within the UGDSB for over 15 years as a long-term member and past chair of the Special Education Advisory Committee, and is currently the chair of the Safe, Equitable, Inclusive Schools Steering Committee. Laurie is also a facilitator of the Guelph/Wellington Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Caregiver support group. Through these roles, and her own childrens' school experiences, she has developed strong working relationships with senior administrators, trustees, school administrators, teachers, and other education workers, and is highly respected within the system. She has consistently proven her willingness and ability to collaborate with others and has developed a strong understanding of the role of the trustee. Laurie is eager to serve the community in this role and identify new ways to help all students. More

City of Guelph Ward 6 and Puslinch

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Katherine HAUSER
    Katherine HAUSER
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    About Me:

    My family and I moved to Puslinch when I was 16 and I started my Gr 11 year at Centennial CVI. I later moved into Guelph and attended University. Since then I have been married and had 4 children. 2 have graduated from Centennial and 2 are still attending in Grades 10 and 12. I am looking to contribute and give back to the community and I am excited about this opportunity. If i am elected as trustee my priorities will be to:

    1. Make sure our schools receive proper funding for mental health and destreaming.

    2. Advocate for UGDSB to be an environmental leader in Ontario.

    3. Speak up against this government’s move to further privatize the education system.

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  • Placeholder image of Cliff PEREIRA
    Cliff PEREIRA
  • Placeholder image of Allen REMLEY
    Allen REMLEY