2022 Election

Upper Canada District School Board

Headquarters: Brockville
Voting Regions: 10
Total Trustee Seats Available: 10

Ward 1 - Carleton Place - Mississippi Mills - Beckwith

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Donald CRAM
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    Lynda JOHNSTON
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    About Me:

    My name is Lynda Johnston and I am running for School Board Trustee for the English Public Board in the Beckwith, Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills area. I retired earlier than planned after 35 years experience in admin support in both the elementary and secondary panels because I wanted to take the opportunity to run for Trustee in the 2022 election. I am passionate about public education and I believe that regardless of the position you hold, the answer to all questions in education should be "Is this in the best interest of our students?" I have strong roots in the community and I know the area schools and the students they serve very well. I believe the combination of knowledge and experience I have gained working side by side with students, staff, parents and community will allow me to bring a unique and fresh perspective to the table that is currently missing. I am a firm believer in open dialogue with parents and staff and have a proven track record of being accountable, approachable and trustworthy. I am prepared to be a strong voice for ALL students. For more information, please check out my Facebook page Lynda Johnston | Facebook.

    The UCDSB's mission statement "We prepare students for a successful life" is not just a phrase found in a document to me. I have dedicated the last 35 years of my life to help to make that true and if elected Trustee of Ward 1, I promise that I will continue.

Ward 2 - Lanark Highlands - Drummond/North Elmsley - Montague - Perth - Tay Valley

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Carole DUFORT
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    About Me:

    I am a bilingual educator, vice-principal and principal who has spent a lifetime working in Public Education. I have lived in the Lanark area for over 25 years and have served my entire educational career in small and rural schools. I have championed numerous anti-bullying, healthy and safe schools initiatives, was honoured alongside the Caldwell Street Public School community in Carleton Place with the prestigious national Promoting Healthy Champion School Award and I am a recipient of a Canada’s Outstanding Principal Award.

    I am a passionate and tireless advocate for students and families. I was President of the Upper Canada District School Board Champions for Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students and families in need and have presented provincially on parent engagement and equity and inclusive education for the Ministry of Education Ontario. I have worked for a non-profit educational organization promoting healthy eating, classroom gardens and hands-on learning for students and I believe in the value of trades, experiential and outdoor learning. I am known for my proven track record of bringing people together for a common goal, for my commitment and compassion for everyone around me and my willingness to work alongside the people I am advocating for. Currently, I am a kitchen volunteer at The Table Community Food Centre in Perth, and I am on the Board of Directors for Lanark Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health.

    People have asked why I am running in this election. First and foremost, I am running for our kids and to give back to the communities where I have served, worked, and lived. I also believe in the power and energy of our small and rural schools. Our rural schools are the heart and hubs of our communities. I am running as your Trustee for Drummond/North Elmsley, Lanark Highlands, Montague, Perth and Tay Valley (UCDSB Ward 2)…

    To be a continued champion and voice for all our small and rural schools

    To support and grow community partnerships that bring world class innovative curriculum, trades and experiential learning opportunities to our region

    To ensure mental health, special education, equity, wellness, and safe and healthy schools are a priority

    My experience, involvement in innovative educational opportunities and my commitment to being a strong voice for all our students make me the right person to serve you as Trustee and I respectfully ask for your support and vote. For more information, please go to or

    Thank you/Merci

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    About Me:

    Dear Constituents, Friends, and Neighbours:

    I am asking for your support to re-elect me as your Trustee for Ward 2 of the Upper Canada District School Board.

    A bit about myself, I know Ward 2 very well having lived in Lanark County all my life, attending our local schools, as have both of our children. My wife, Sue Brison along with our son, David, operate a small, sustainable farming operation. The farm began as a modest dairy operation, with my father, Philip and mother, Virginia, with a gradual transition to beef cattle. After the recent loss of our main barns to fire, we are now a cash crop operation with the focus on hay and small grains. Our son is employed locally and runs a small firewood business. Mackenzie our future daughter-in-law is now part of our family as well. Our daughter, Darla, resides in Peterborough after having completed her degree @ Trent U. She is now employed by the YMCA in Lakefield. And of course, our dogchild – Marcy.

    I personally have a life-time involvement in many community-based organizations. Having been active as both a member and adult leader in our county 4H program as well as Junior Farmers. I have also served on North Elmsley municipal council and was a member of the Perth Library Board. I am currently an active member of the Lanark Farmers Union, the Lanark County Plowmen's Association as well as serving as recording secretary of the Snow Road Snowmobile Club.

    During my tenure on the board, I have been involved heavily as a long-time member of our Special Education Committee, serving as chair for several years, and am seen by my colleagues as the voice of Spec Ed at the board table. I have served on various committees - finance, by-law, executive search and currently chair the PD planning committee for trustees. I have recently served as board vice-chair for several years.

    My agenda is simple-

    To secure the funding and construction of a new secondary school in Perth.

    To continue to champion for the implementation of stop arm cameras on school buses.

    To continue to serve and speak as the VOICE OF our COMMUNITY at the UCDSB.

    In closing, I offer these final comments, as a trustee, if you call me or contact me, I will always respond ASAP, as a parent, I know of the hurdles involved in special education and sadly I know personally, the challenges that mental health imposes on many that we love. As a veteran school bus driver, I am all too aware of the hazards facing our children and families when boarding Big Yellow on their daily journey to school.

    On Oct 24, please help me return to the UCDSB as your trustee for Ward 2.

    Thanks, and take care – Bill

Ward 3 - Merrickville/Wolford - Rideau Lakes - Smths Falls - Westport

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Colleen MARIONA
    About Me:

    I am excited to be running for Public School Board Trustee-Upper Canada District School Board-Smiths Falls and Rideau Lakes- Ward 3 on October 24/22.I have three decades of experience in teaching French and ESL. I can also speak Spanish and am familiar with ASL as I have worked within the deaf community.I served on the Board of Directors at Frontenac Youth Services from 2014-2021 dealing with high-risk youth and mental health wellbeing.I have teenagers myself therefore I understand the importance of obtaining a quality education which encompasses academics and also the social and emotional aspects of student life in a constantly changing world.I am here to advocate on your behalf and represent the concerns of students, parents and taxpayers alike in these challenging times. I will endeavour to provide ethical leadership in our schools. Elect me as Trustee on October 24! More

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    Jamie SCHOULAR
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Ward 4 - Athens - Elizabethtown-Kitley - Front of Yonge - Gananoque - Leeds & the Thousand Islands

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Mike KENCH
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Ward 5 - Brockville - Augusta

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Michel LABONTE
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    About Me:

    I have happily and proudly lived in Brockville since 1980.

    I am a retired professional (chemical) engineer. I worked at the DuPont/INVISTA plant near Maitland for almost 30 years where I served various roles from process engineering to major project leadership teams and technical personnel management.

    I have always had high regard and value for our educational system. It is a big part of what makes us Canadian. As a professional engineer, I was on the local chapter executive for 14 years, 5 years as chair, and much of that time as the “Education Outreach Director”.

    In late 2018, I was appointed by the School Board Trustees to be a Member-At-Large on the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) for 4 years. I have been Chair of SEAC since January 2022.

    Having attended almost every school board meeting since 2017, and as my work has taken me through many roles and experiences, I strongly feel that I understand the trustee role very well and would significantly contribute to quality decisions and related communications from the School Board.

    As I did when I ran in 2018, I enthusiastically submitted my trustee nomination papers on the day that nominations opened on May 2.

    I am married, and we have successfully raised two wonderful daughters of whom we are very proud. Our eldest daughter has been a teacher in this school board for 14 years. I also have several other relatives and friends who are teachers in ours and other school boards in Ontario. I have always valued and had the greatest respect for our Canadian educational system, recognizing that it supports and moulds the essence of what we are as citizens.

    For the last 7 years, I have volunteered at several of the schools in our area, mainly supporting the elementary music programs.

    I can conduct a conversation in French, but, wouldn’t call myself fluently bilingual.

    For more information and updates, please check out and “Like” my Facebook page at:

    Please vote for me between October 17th and the 24th.

    Thanks for considering my nomination!

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    John MCCREA

Ward 6 - Edwardsburgh/Cardinal - North Grenville - Prescott

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    John PALMER
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    Heidi PIPER-WARD
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    Lisa SWAN
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    About Me:

    I am a married mother of 2 UCDSB students, one who has graduated, and one who currently attends South Grenville HS. I was a Municipal Councilor when I decided to run as Trustee in 2010 after the UCDSB closed my daughter's school against much community opposition. I have over 20 years experience in legal fields, mostly as a government Fraud Investigator. After being elected as Trustee, I opted to become a stay-at-home mom and pursued a Business Management Certificate through the Ontario Management Development Program.

    A Champion of small schools and rural communities

    I am tenacious and for 5 years never gave up on my goal of getting Oxford on Rideau off the closure list. This goal was realized in September 2022 and was an unprecedented move in Ontario. I am currently looking at solutions to remove Maynard PS from the closure list, in my home community, Augusta.

    Education, Mental Health and Wellness

    I advocate for returning phonics and memorization of timetables to our classrooms. I am also a huge supporter of the trades and our Specialist High Skills Major programs in which we are a Provincial leader. Currently, I am advocating for our construction students to be eligible to get their co-op credit at the Habitat for Humanity build in Kemptville, which will involve removal of an age restriction. I support the implementation of our new Mental Health Strategy, which involved hiring a Mental Health Lead and additional training for Board Staff. I want to work harder to ensure that our schools are safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for all. We need to listen to the student voice and act on it to make more meaningful improvements in this area.

    Fiscally responsible

    In 2022 a $12 million deficit (our share after a legal settlement with STEO) was turned into a balanced budget with $5 million invested back into our classrooms. In the past I worked with stakeholders to find untapped areas of funding to save the positions of library workers. I recognize there will always be a shortfall in Spec-ed funding and understand the importance of maximizing available funding sources. Recently, we increased our share of Provincial funding by $3 million by offering more Power UP classrooms. I am currently working on a proposal to look at anticipated long term cost savings if we sell the Board Office in Brockville and enter into a long-term lease on a building at the Kemptville Campus,


    I sit on the Code of Conduct, the Policy Workgroup, and Chair the Suspension and Expulsion Committee.

    I am a constant advocate for my communities needs and concerns and I hope to return as your Trustee. Please message me with any questions, ideas or concerns.

Ward 7 - North Dundas - South Dundas

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Larry BERRY
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Ward 8 - Cornwall

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Ryan MACKAY
    About Me:

    My campaign is focused on the promise and commitment to bring a Fresh Perspective to the Board and all matters pertaining to education locally.

    My livelihood, and that of my entire family, is rooted in our education system. For the past 19 years I have been employed at Carleton University in Ottawa, currently serving as the Departmental Administrator for the Department of Neuroscience. I have witnessed many changes over the years and have a unique perspective on what our students need to be successful in their post-secondary pathways, wherever that might lead them.

    My wife of eight years is a Registered Early Childhood Educator at Rockland Public School. Seeing her work and dedication has given me a deeper appreciation and respect for the work all educators do to support our kids and foster a positive environment for growth. My daughter attends Eamer’s Corners Public School. I have experienced her learning firsthand, and like all families, have had to navigate and adapt to the challenges of online learning these past two years. This fall, my son will enter junior kindergarten. As he enters his first year of school, I am hopeful for a return to normalcy in routine and the resumption of extra-curricular activities.

    Within our community, I have long been active in local politics as a volunteer on multiple municipal, provincial and federal campaigns. My work ethic and commitment to be of service to constituents comes from the example I witnessed as a staffer to former Member of Provincial Parliament, John Cleary. Most recently, for the past two years I have served as the secretary to the executive board of Bereaved Families of Ontario – South Eastern Region. This passion for politics, the drive to volunteer, and duty to be of service has led me to this candidacy.

    Education is deeply rooted in our daily lives. I see the system from multiple perspectives. I am ready to take this real-world knowledge and turn it into practical decision making. On October 24th, I am asking the residents of Cornwall to make a change and give local education a Fresh Perspective.

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    David MCDONALD
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Ward 9 - North Glengarry - North Stormont - South Glengarry - South Stormont

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Curtis JORDAN
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    Andrew SHANKS

Ward 10 - Alfred and Plantagenet - Casselman - Champlain - Clarence Rockland - East Hawkesbury - Hawkesbury - Russell - The Nation

Number of Available Seats: 1