2022 Election

Toronto District School Board

Headquarters: Toronto
Voting Regions: 22
Total Trustee Seats Available: 22

Ward 1 Etobicoke North (City Ward 1)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Yasmin ADEN
    Yasmin ADEN
    About Me:

    Yasmin is a long-time resident of Toronto with a passion for public policy and education. She is running for the Toronto District School Board Trustee position in Ward 1 (Etobicoke- North).

    With many years of community service experience and strong ties to the Etobicoke-North community, Yasmin is best placed to be a voice for this community in the Toronto District School Board. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs and Policy at Carleton University and gaining valuable experience working in schools, Yasmin relocated to Toronto to apply her policy analysis skills and experience in one of the best communities in the country. She has also volunteered to support continuing education programs and community organizations for many years. Reaching out to community groups has assisted her in determining the priorities to champion in this role. These priorities include:

    • Addressing the unique education and mental health needs of students following the lengthy COVID-19 school closures

    • Strengthening safety and security in our schools

    • Promoting Equity and Inclusivity in Education

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    Tahir AHMAD
  • Placeholder image of Dennis HASTINGS
    Dennis HASTINGS
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  • Placeholder image of Gurjeet PABLA
    Gurjeet PABLA
  • Placeholder image of Amandeep PHUL
    Amandeep PHUL
  • Placeholder image of Marinka RANASINGHE
    Marinka RANASINGHE
  • Placeholder image of Avtar RANDHAWA
    Avtar RANDHAWA

Ward 2 Etobicoke Centre (City Ward 2)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Thomas HALL
    Thomas HALL
  • Placeholder image of Zak JONES
    Zak JONES
  • Placeholder image of Ponnvinoth KANAGASABESAN
    Ponnvinoth KANAGASABESAN
  • Image of Dan MACLEAN
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    About Me:

    I'm running for re-election after serving a four year term. Our family has lived in Central Etobicoke for 30 years. My daughters attended six of the Ward 2 schools. Before becoming Trustee, I served 9 years on the Princess Margaret J.S. School Council. The TDSB has 10 Community Advisory Committees, over my first term, I spent at least one year serving on each of the 10 committees. It was important for me to try and fully understand/appreciate what the community thinks and believes needs to be improved. I strongly believe in collaboration, not only between my trustees colleagues but also with the Director of Education and senior team. We serve students, families and our community best by providing students the best educational experience possible. Thanks for your consideration. More

Ward 3 Etobicoke-Lakeshore (City Ward 3)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Jenneen Marie BEATTIE
    Jenneen Marie BEATTIE
  • Placeholder image of Patrick NUNZIATA
    Patrick NUNZIATA
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  • Image of Ireneusz SADKOWSKI
    Ireneusz SADKOWSKI
    About Me:

    I am the son of an immigrant family and a proud first generation Canadian. I have been a resident of ward 3 my entire life and grew up in a multicultural and diverse neighbourhood. This gives me a true understanding of some of the barriers children may face along with the belief that there is always opportunity for growth and success.

    I was a Sports instructor and camp councillor with Toronto Parks and Recreation for over 12 years and taught at our local middle schools. Community work is my passion and I am ready to continue my work with the children, youth and parents of our community.

    I currently am employed in the shelter, support and housing administration within the city of Toronto. I have been a youth advocate and have been a liaison to diverse organizations in the city of Toronto. I approach all interactions with community members with an open willingness to listen and support. I learn alongside our community members collaboratively with a common goal of student success.

    Why Vote for me?

    1) My career has been in the social work sector and I have the skills and ability to listen to issues and move forward with adequate solutions

    2) I have been involved in our ward for many years working directly with the students in our community and advocating for those that rely on support to move forward in life

    3) I am eager to learn and have dedicated my time to being knowledgeable and productive in the roles I have attained

    4) I am well connected to working professionals in our community that are willing to offer their time and expertise to give the children and youth in our ward exposure to various career learning opportunities

    5) It is time for a CHANGE and I am ready to talk about it and do something about it. I do not come from generations of political family members. I come from an environment where I have been the one advocating for change on the frontline with the citizens of our ward and our city. I won't rely on a name, I rely on my actions, commitment and results.

Ward 4 Humber River-Black Creek (City Ward 7)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Nicole DASON
    Nicole DASON
    About Me:

    Nicole Dason is running to be your Toronto District School Board (TDSB) School Trustee in Humber River – Black Creek. As a mom of two young children, Nicole is dedicated to making the education system in Toronto better for our community, especially when it comes to growing our community’s schools and keeping funding in classrooms.

    Nicole is a graduate of York University and works in the banking sector. She has been honoured as a recipient of the Women in Capital Markets Emerging Leaders Award and is passionate about women’s rights and giving back to our community.

    Nicole has lived and studied in Uruguay and volunteered in Peru working with women who were survivors of domestic violence. She is skilled in problem solving, managing significant budgets, working with others and is a strong communicator. Nicole also speaks French fluently and conversational Spanish.

    Nicole’s key priorities:

    • Community: ensuring our community is prioritized so that our children may benefit and succeed alongside children all over Toronto.

    • Consensus: collaborating with parents, community members and fellow trustees to make strong choices for our students

    • Commitment: making sure that every dollar spent enhances our community’s schools and children’s learning experiences.

  • Image of Matias DE DOVITIIS
    Matias DE DOVITIIS
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    About Me:

    Working in Humber River-Black Creek for the public good for almost 20 years has been a privilege. My wife and I made this our home and it is the place where we hope to raise a family one day. I love our neighbourhoods, our green spaces, our diversity, our festivals, our spicy food places and our youth. But it is a fact that society does not give our kids the same opportunities that they could get in other parts of this city. This I want to change and I want you to join me in this fight. That is why I am running for Trustee for Ward 4 in Humber River - Black Creek.

    I believe in public education, because it is the only ladder available to many of us for personal development and success. I saw my mother struggling to pay the bills when the only work she could find in her profession was as a volunteer due to a lack of Canadian experience. I know what it means to have to work multiple frontline part-time jobs to get an education. I finished my own post-secondary studies with over $60,000 in debt, which took me years to pay off. I also know there is much I do not know and have not had to experience such as anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, homophobia, sexism, and ableism. I want to work alongside the many advocates who are fighting to create a more just, fair, education system in our community and city. I want to help build a system which listens to different voices and is flexible and responsive and can provide high, quality education and be a springboard for the disenfranchised.

  • Placeholder image of Kim KING
    Kim KING
  • Placeholder image of Rameshdath MAHARAJ
    Rameshdath MAHARAJ
  • Placeholder image of Pragneshkumar PATEL
    Pragneshkumar PATEL

Ward 5 York Centre (City Ward 6)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Nick BALASKAS
  • Placeholder image of Angela BRANDT
    Angela BRANDT
  • Placeholder image of Senai IMAN
    Senai IMAN
  • Placeholder image of Agnes KAUFMAN
    Agnes KAUFMAN
  • Placeholder image of Alexandra LULKA ROTMAN
    Alexandra LULKA ROTMAN
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  • Placeholder image of Nigel MOHAMMED
    Nigel MOHAMMED
  • Placeholder image of Rowena MORIN
    Rowena MORIN
  • Placeholder image of Anthony PEITTELLI
    Anthony PEITTELLI
  • Image of Nicola SIMPSON
    Nicola SIMPSON
    About Me:

    I was born and raised in May Pen, a small Jamaican town, to a relatively poor family. My father was a self-taught civil contractor and my mother ran a small family grocery store. After years of harassment and discrimination due to my sexual orientation, I escaped to Canada in the winter of 2010. Thinking the worse was behind me, I was arrested a charged with a crime I did not commit and wound up in a shelter for abused women. During the two years at the shelter and with the pro-bono help of social workers and lawyers, the criminal charges against me were withdrawn and I made a successful refugee application, granting me the right to live a full and meaningful life here in Canada.

    Upon leaving the shelter in 2012, I enrolled in the Paralegal Education diploma program at Humber College. I subsequently earned my bachelor of art degree (honours) in Legal Studies at Ontario Tech University, a master's degree in Criminology and Social Justice at Toronto Metropolitan University and a Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa, Common Law Section – completing my final year at Osgoode Hall Law School in 2021. I successfully wrote the Ontario Bar exams in June 2022, secured a placement at the Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic and currently pursuing an LL.M in Dispute Resolution at the University of Missouri. I am also the Founder and Managing Director of the Roxy and Lascelles Simpson Foundation, a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to community building, in honour of my deceased parents. I have overcome several obstacles on the journey to achieving my goals, including extreme poverty, and as fate would have it, homelessness a second time while pursuing my law degree.

    I am a firm believer in the value of world-class education and/or skill. However, news reports and my consultation with members of the community point to the fact that our schools and education system were not designed with historically disadvantaged children in mind. Trustees are tasked with the responsibility of advocating for the rights and interests of all students but it is often the case where only the rights and interests of a selected group or class are properly represented. We have the capacity and resources to do so much more than the status quo.

    We can make Toronto's education system the envy of the world. However, we must first re-imagine a system where equity, diversity and inclusion become our top priorities. As a trustee, my vision would be to promote teamwork, cooperation and group cohesion among all school board stakeholders. This includes improving the flow of information, encouraging parents to become more active in their children's education and engaging in meaningful and sincere consultation on matters that may adversely impact our students. I also envision working with all levels of government to ensure equitable investments in the operation and maintenance of all schools, further investments in mental and special needs children and promoting a diverse curriculum and support systems for our children.

    As a city, and as a nation, we cannot afford to spare any resources in preparing all our children for the future. We cannot afford to exclude our most vulnerable and disadvantaged students from any opportunity to reach their full potential. York Centre needs a leader who has the passion, skills and experience to advocate on behalf of our children. I do believe that every child is a priority and no child should get left behind.

Ward 6 York South-Weston (City Ward 5)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 7 Parkdale-High Park (City Ward 4)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Paul DHAMI
    Paul DHAMI
  • Image of Theresa FRANCIS
    Theresa FRANCIS
    About Me:

    I’m Theresa, Your New Ally!Most people complain about the things they don’t like within the education system. Now we have an opportunity to do

    something about it. I believe that school is for education, not indoctrination. This is why I am committed to:

    1. Addressing racism, discrimination, and injustice in every form against every human head-on in a way that is conducive to the betterment of all youth and children

    2. Honoring parental rights by allowing parents to be the first educators providing guidance and support to their child(ren) under all circumstances and at all times

    3. Establishing clear boundaries and guidelines when instructing children on controversial topics such as sexuality, gender ideology, sexism, contraceptives, and abortion

    As a mom, wife, and businesswoman with plenty of experience balancing budgets, mentoring youth, speaking up for the underserved, and standing for what is right. I am ready to be the change your family needs. To learn more send us an email or visit our website.

  • Placeholder image of Christina GRAHAM
    Christina GRAHAM
  • Image of Roxanne GURAL
    Roxanne GURAL
    About Me:

    As somebody who grew up and attended schools in Parkdale-High Park, I know the community well, understand its needs and have a knowledge of its unique history. With my work experience as a treasury professional, combined with my community volunteer work in fundraising, safety and local improvements my background provides a unique skillset.

    The three main areas that I address in my platform are (1) Advocate for more investment for our schools, teachers and students (2) High quality education with modernized curriculum to prepare our students for a bright future (3) Prioritize student safety and wellbeing.

    I'm prepared to work collaboratively with school administrations, government leaders and the community to build on creating an inspiring educational environment for all stakeholders.

  • Image of Debbie KING
    Debbie KING
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    About Me:

    Debbie King is a community organizer, communications professional, accomplished athlete, and public education champion who is ready to fight for Parkdale—High Park on the Toronto District School Board. As a parent, she knows how important good schools are, and how important it is that the TDSB leads on providing world-class education.

    As a founding member and Co-Chair of the Black Student Success Committee, Debbie has championed equity in the education system and helped to create safer school environments. She has also served as the Co-Chair of the Dr. Rita Cox – Kina Minogok (formerly Queen Victoria PS) Parent Council, supporting community initiatives and student success.

    A first-generation Canadian born and raised in Toronto, Debbie has lived in Parkdale—High Park for over 15 years, raising a family and working in the community. In 2021, her work was recognized at the Urban Alliance on Race Relations’ Annual Awards. Debbie is a proud graduate of the University of Windsor.

    Steadfast, engaged, and determined, Debbie is ready to bring Parkdale—High Park’s voice to the TDSB.

  • Placeholder image of Christopher SEVERN
    Christopher SEVERN
  • Placeholder image of Daniel TARADE
    Daniel TARADE

Ward 8 Eglinton-Lawrence and Toronto-St. Paul's (City Wards 8 & 12)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Cornelius HERELLE
    Cornelius HERELLE
  • Placeholder image of Samantha KIRSH
    Samantha KIRSH
  • Placeholder image of Natalie KWAN
    Natalie KWAN
  • Image of Shelley LASKIN
    Shelley LASKIN
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    About Me:

    From a young age I was taught the importance of directing your efforts towards the good of your community. I love having the opportunity to speak with people and work to craft solutions to the challenges we are all facing in the public education system. That’s what I’ve done as a trustee, and with your support, that is what I will continue to do.

    Inspired by my Grade 10 Geography teacher, I pursued the study of map-making, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree at Carleton University followed by a graduate diploma in Cartography from the University of Glasgow. After working in the field, I chose to open my own graphic consulting business to combine work and family life.

    I have an extensive background in project management, strategic planning, business processes and policy development in both the public and private sectors.

    When my children began public school, I became an active and engaged parent at both the local and board level. Locally, I was instrumental in developing and implementing new initiatives including innovative vehicles of communication between home and school, greening projects, piloting Greenest Cities, The Walking School Bus and ensuring parent voice on school committees. As an active member of Area North in the former Toronto Board of Education, I co-authored The Essential School – A Model for Public Education in Ontario, developed by the Parents’ Working Group on Education Finance and endorsed by the Toronto Board of Education just prior to amalgamation.

    I was first elected to the Toronto District School Board from 1997 to 2003 where I served as Chair on two separate occasions. In the early years of the amalgamated board, I was able to effect changes that strengthened neighbourhood schools – everything from launching ground breaking policies on community involvement, Eco-Schools, equity, literacy, academic excellence, school safety and healthy schools to finding creative solutions for rebuilding schools as evidenced through North Toronto Collegiate Institute. During those years, as Vice-President representing Toronto on the Ontario Public School Boards' Association, I worked with fellow trustees, elected officials and civil servants to rebuild and improve the quality of education across the province.

    In 2004, I joined the Ontario Public Service and continue to put my skills to work most recently as Senior Advisor, Agency Support where I provide strategic direction, liaison and leadership in the development, communication and implementation of the mandates of adjudicative Boards.

    I was re-elected to the Toronto District School Board in 2010. During the 2010-2014 term, I championed the implementation of Full-Day Kindergarten. In the 2014-2018 term I championed the Board creating a standing committee on Policy and Governance and served as its first Chair. In the 2018-2022 term I championed the Board documenting incidents of hate which led to the Board's Combatting Hate and Racism - Student Learning Strategy. I am proud of our work on building the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan with its goals of creating a culture for student and staff well-being, providing equity of access to learning opportunities for all students, allocating human and financial resources strategically to support student needs and building strong relationships and partnerships within school communities.

    I have been a leading voice for regulation changes for the TDSB to receive Education Development Charges (EDCs) and for the acknowledgement of urban issues in the Grants for Student Needs. I continue to advocate for compulsory Genocide Curriculum to ensure that students graduate with a better understanding of human rights, and how to protect those rights and take effective action if they or others experience hate, racism or other forms of discrimination and violence. I currently serves as an alternate Director on the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association and represents the Central East Region as Vice-Chair of the Policy Development Working Group where I advocate for changes to provincial policies to improve the experiences of all Ontario students.

    I am an experienced trustee, bringing a track record of strengthening public schools and healthy communities. My experience can be measured.

  • Placeholder image of Dewitt LEE
    Dewitt LEE
  • Placeholder image of John VASSAL
    John VASSAL
  • Image of Neel VENUGOPAL
    About Me:

    I have been volunteer for many years at Schools, local charities, and many sports organizations. I served as volunteer coach and convener for NTSC (North Toronto Soccer Club) for 7 years. Both my sons study in TDSB schools. I have an MBA from University of Toronto's Rotman School of management and 20 years of business experience. I hope to combine my experience and passion to bring changes to TDSB. More

Ward 9 Davenport and Spadina-Fort York (City Wards 9 & 10)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Aaron ANDERSON
    Aaron ANDERSON
    About Me:

    As a long-term resident of ward 9, and one who works in youth athletics, I am dedicated to improving the lives of children in our ward and across the city.

    There are improvements in our local education system that need to be made, and I want to go to work for you and your families and make real changes. Also, as both a former student and educator of the TDSB, I have significant experience and knowledge of our education system.

    My priorities include:

    - Improving transparency and accountability within our local education system.

    - Increasing flexibility with school choice.

    - Build brand new facilities.

    - Collaborate closely with all levels of government.

    I look forward to your support on election day.

  • Image of Alexis DAWSON
    Alexis DAWSON
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I am a twenty-five year Ward 9 resident and working mom of two, committed to high-quality public education for every single child in this city.

    Our public schools need a passionate, experienced, hands-on advocate to ensure equity, well-being and academic achievement in TDSB policy and practice. Previously an appointed interim trustee and long-time school council co-chair at my children's TDSB school, I understand how to navigate the system in order to get things done and ensure that board policies are implemented in schools and represent community interests.

    Together with you I will focus on:

    Covid Recovery - providing the best learning and mental health resources for students.

    Equity - deeply embedding equity, antiracism, anti-oppression in all schools to close persistent achievement and well-being gaps.

    Community Voice - engaging you in issues like school building & development, community spaces and funding.

    Now, more than ever, we need a strong advocate with a proven track record. I hope I can count on your support on Election Day, October, 24th.

  • Image of Antonio DEMICHELE
    Antonio DEMICHELE
    About Me:

    Your Ward # 9 Candidate TDSB Public School Trustee

    Davenport resident for all my my life ( 54.5 years )

    Realtor for over 28 years ( Experienced New & Resale Homes )

    Loyalty and Trust are my main attributes

    twitter: @asktonyd

    instagram: @asktonyd

  • Placeholder image of Randall GORDON
    Randall GORDON
  • Placeholder image of Geoff MIRACULA
    Geoff MIRACULA
  • Placeholder image of Mychael PACHECO
    Mychael PACHECO
  • Placeholder image of Voula STEVENS
    Voula STEVENS

Ward 10 University-Rosedale and Toronto Centre (City Wards 11 & 13)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Kaamil HASSAN
    Kaamil HASSAN
  • Placeholder image of Peter MINUK
    Peter MINUK
  • Placeholder image of Alam MUHAMMAD
  • Placeholder image of Hashim NOUREN
    Hashim NOUREN
  • Image of Deborah WILLIAMS
    Deborah WILLIAMS
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    About Me:

    Vote Deborah Williams for TDSB Trustee Ward 10 (University-Rosedale and Toronto Centre).Deborah “D.” Williams is a parent active in the community and an active supporter of public education. For more than a decade, she has led many initiatives as:

    • a parent volunteer co-chair on school councils

    • a co-chair of the board’s parent involvement committee

    • chair of the TDSB Ward 10 council

    • a volunteer and director for non-profit community groups which support improved achievement, mental health and well-being for students

    D. Williams actively supports well-maintained schools that are community hubs, putting schools at the centre of our neighbourhoods as spaces for activities that build a healthy and thriving community.

    Endorsements in support of Deborah Williams include Trustee Chris Moise, Councillor Mike Layton, MPP Jessica Bell, and Campaign for Public Education.Elect Deborah Williams because she brings collaborative leadership experience to work with all stakeholders in building a strong Ward 10 community for University-Rosedale & Toronto Centre at the TDSB.

Ward 11 Don Valley West (City Ward 15)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 12 Willowdale (City Ward 18)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Alexander BROWN
    Alexander BROWN
  • Placeholder image of Randall PANCER
    Randall PANCER
    About Me:

    I was born June 10, 1960 in Toronto, Canada. I graduated from Newtonbrook Secondary School in 1979. I cured my aunt of lung cancer in 1992 with taheebo. It is inner tree bark from the rainforest in Brazil. The Canadian government banned taheebo after I spoke about it on June 11, 1992 at a conference on ethics in law and medicine at the Constellation Hotel in Mississauga. Now it is in Toronto health food stores as pau d'arco. You have to take a lot to get results. My poetry book on amazon is Wisdom From A Phool.

    I want a course in natural medicine taught in our high schools. By natural medicine I mean vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements.

    I want Red Bull energy drink banned from Toronto schools.

    I think that a person should be judged by their ability to imitate Curly from The Three Stooges.

  • Placeholder image of Weidong PEI
    Weidong PEI
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Ward 13 Don Valley North (City Ward 17)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 14 Don Valley East (City Ward 16)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Frank CHU
    Frank CHU
    About Me:

    Frank is a social worker serving newcomers, children and youth, adult learners, and families as a front-line worker and administrator. He works in school boards, community agencies and a national non-profit organization throughout his career. Frank is involved in the community and was a relief foster parent for over 10 years supporting treatment homes for the hard-to-reach population. He understands your individual and community needs as a social worker with a background in business to ensure future board policies can fit the need of Don Valley East. He is experienced in board governance and financial management with his years of experience in the social service sector.

    Frank holds a Master of Social Work degree from University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from York University. He also graduated from Schulich School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and is a Certified Human Resources Leader.

  • Placeholder image of Alicia HARRIS
    Alicia HARRIS
  • Placeholder image of Sean Michael HARRISON
    Sean Michael HARRISON
  • Image of Karen HYMAN
    Karen HYMAN
    About Me:

    I was born and raised in Toronto. I love living here, and I'm so proud to call the most multicultural city in the world home. I'm married with 2 great teenage kids and a dog named Lizzie. My son just graduated from grade 12, and my daughter is entering Grade 11. I'm a product of the TDSB, too: I'm a York Mills Collegiate grad. I earned a BA from McGill and an MBA from Ivey, and I worked in marketing and advertising for 25 years, most recently as General Manager of Spark 44 Canada.

    My connection to and respect for the public school system goes deep. I come from a family of educators. My mom taught Physical Education and was an Adult Education teacher for many years. One of my sisters is a Department Head for Alternative Education; my brother-in-law is a Vice Principal. Through them, I've learned about our public school system from the inside out.

    I believe strongly in volunteering and supporting our community. Since 2016, I've been lucky enough to run North York Challenger Baseball at Bond Park--a program that gives kids with physical and cognitive disabilities a chance to play ball. And I love my work delivering meals and spending time with seniors for Meals on Wheels. In my spare time, I like to watch documentaries, read and play mahjong.

    I'm excited to bring all of my skills and experience to the role of Trustee. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to advocate for the parents, caregivers and students of Ward 14.

    Find out more about Meals on Wheels

    Find out more about Challenger Baseball

  • Image of Farzana RAJWANI
    Farzana RAJWANI
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I am first-generation Canadian with family roots in India, Uganda, and Tanzania. My Canadian education is a gift my parents gave my brother and me. It’s the reason why my family moved from East Africa to Toronto’s east end.

    At a young age, I learned that it takes a whole community to help our children excel in school: families, neighbours, and teachers.

    When my mother – a newcomer with a limited understanding of the education system – realized I was struggling in school, her neighbours helped her make a plan and ensured I had both tutoring and the advocacy I needed to succeed at school.

    Today, I have university degrees and a successful career in the nonprofit sector. But without my community, I wouldn’t have achieved everything my parents dreamed possible.

    I believe passionately in the ability of education to solve many of society’s problems. With your vote, I’ll work hard to empower our community’s children through education. Because when children succeed in school, they change the future for themselves, their families and for all of us.

  • Placeholder image of Ed SCHOLZ

Ward 15 Toronto-Danforth (City Ward 14)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Sara EHRHARDT
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Sara Ehrhardt (she/her) is passionate about protecting and improving public services and working with neighbours to build a better community for everyone.

    Soon after moving to Toronto with her spouse and their newborn child in 2015, she advocated for better children’s services with community-based organizing.

    As a co-founder of Toronto East Enders for Child Care, her advocacy generated national attention and helped lead to government action on creating affordable child care.

    In 2017, when the neighbourhood pool was threatened with closure due to budget cuts, Sara worked with other parents as part of a Save Our Pool community group to advocate for more swim programming across the east end. When the SH Armstrong/Duke of Connaught pool was saved, Sara went on to co-chair a reference group that worked with city and school staff to deliver facility and program improvements.

    During the pandemic, while her son was enrolled in the virtual school system, Sara maintained connection and involvement in the local school, sitting on the Duke of Connaught School Advisory Council in 2020-21.

    Sara, her spouse, and their 7-year-old live in a little purple house. She currently works at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. She took up rug hooking in the depths of 2020, and also enjoys cycling and gardening.

  • Image of Matt FARRELL
    Matt FARRELL
    About Me:

    As a long-time resident of the City of Toronto, I am proud to work and raise a family in such a vibrant community. Coming from a long line of educational professionals, I have a deep respect and appreciation for our public education system and its value to our communities. This respect is only deepened through my experiences as a contract lecturer at various GTA universities and colleges.

    With an extensive background in labour relations and negotiations, I am uniquely suited to provide insight and leadership as the Board considers upcoming union contract negotiations. Goals of fair compensation and fiscal responsibility may appear to be opposing interests but I know from experience a mutual solution can always be achieved. This is the perspective I will bring as the TDSB enters into negotiations with its unions with a “students-first” mandate underlying everything.

    In my current role, I also have responsibility for facility renewal and capital planning. I believe this puts me in an ideal position to support TDSB staff to address the challenge of a $4 billion repair backlog.

    I have also been fortunate to contribute to my community as a volunteer board member and professionally have worked closely with municipal agency boards, setting priorities and providing leadership.

    I am looking forward to using my experience and energy to focus on this new opportunity as TDSB Trustee for Toronto-Danforth – thank you for your support!

  • Image of Sukhpreet SANGHA
    Sukhpreet SANGHA
    About Me:

    I am a progressive lawyer and educator because of the strong, public education I received growing up as a working-class kid in Kitchener, Ontario. I moved to Toronto in 2010 and have lived here ever since, while becoming increasingly frustrated with the growing inequalities and shrinking opportunities for residents who are not wealthy. Good public education is a key path to fulfilling futures for youth.

    I teach law and run related programming in eight TDSB high schools through U of T Law. Two of the schools I teach in are in Toronto-Danforth, and one is just north of it. I work in schools that are under-resourced, with learners that are primarily racialized and from low-income households, as well as with many newcomer students in ESL classes. This work, coupled with my previous work as a practicing lawyer, is what led me to run for TDSB trustee. I know what our schools are like from the inside, and how to improve them.

    My three priorities are funding, fairness, and facilities. I want to ensure that the TDSB fights for adequate funding from the province and strengthens its commitments to decolonizing our schools and battling anti-Black racism within them. I also want to fight back against regressive attacks on sex education, gender identity, and anti-racism education. I will devise creative solutions to ensure that students feel cared for and valued, not distracted by decrepit, overheated buildings. Many education workers’ contracts expired at the end of August, so this is an important time to elect trustees like me who will support workers’ rights if the province fails them.

    To learn more about me and my priorities and to hear from those who have endorsed me, please visit Vote Sukhpreet Sangha for Toronto-Danforth TDSB Trustee! Thank you.

  • Image of Nicole UFOEGBUNE
    Nicole UFOEGBUNE
    About Me:

    I’m running to be your Toronto District School Board Trustee for Ward 15, Toronto- Danforth, and I’m seeking your vote because I value education and believe that by addressing some major priorities, we can take action on delivering the quality education every student in this city deserves.

    I grew up in many of Canada’s most vibrant cities — including Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa — and during my school years, I stayed busy with academics, the school band, swimming and almost every school sport on offer, and more extracurricular activities. I made my first foray into politics as a teenager, in my bid to become the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Student Trustee for my local community. I’ve had a first-hand look at democracy in action — while completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours, Finance degree at the University of Ottawa, one of my jobs entailed working for Elections Canada through two election cycles. I have always valued the power of education and took the opportunity to serve as a Mentor in Ottawa’s public schools, where I inspired students in Grades 8, 9 and 10 to stay in school by describing the benefits of completing post-secondary education and explaining the skills required to succeed in the ever-changing workforce.

    I decided to explore my interest in politics further by completing a bilingual Master of Arts in Public Administration degree, and while completing my studies, I worked as an Economist in the public sector, and then travelled across Canada to study important policy issues and to connect with Canadians on the topics that matter most — including finance and public sector performance — when I joined an agency of the Department of Finance. I then moved out West to travel across Canada to collaborate with senior leaders and C-Suite executives on real solutions for city challenges as a Senior Corporate Consultant.

    Through these experiences and research findings, I further recognized the importance of building a world-class education system and I believe this can be enhanced through my campaign platform, which entails:

    1. Ending Academic Streaming — Classrooms should be integrated. Students should be encouraged and inspired to dream big and consider a wide variety of career paths and options.

    2. Fostering Safe, Healthy and Inclusive Schools — It's time to leverage a proactive, human-rights based approach to foster safe, healthy and inclusive school environments that are responsive to the complex, and diverse needs of students.

    3. Bolstering Parent & Caregiver Engagement — When parents and caregivers take an active interest in their child’s education, everybody benefits.

    4. Supporting Efficient Financial Stewardship — I will strive to continue to deliver on quality public education within current budget constraints.

    I plan to leverage my expertise in public administration and my experience driving efficiencies in large, complex organizations — to create exceptional learning environments for students.

    I welcome the opportunity to serve as your representative and your TDSB Trustee for Ward 15 Toronto-Danforth; please visit to stay posted on my campaign updates.

Ward 16 Beaches-East York (City Ward 19)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Michelle AARTS
    Michelle AARTS
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    I grew up in a large farming family in rural Ontario. My family was highly engaged in school and community, fostering my own love of learning and service. My family set high expectations for work and study, which motivated me to pursue a M.Sc. and then Ph.D. in biomedical research. I eventually settled in Toronto and have called East York home since 2000. I am the parent of three children, two attending TDSB schools and one now in university, and an active community volunteer.
    I first became involved in public education when my oldest child entered school. As I learned more about the education system I shifted from local school involvement to board-wide advisory roles with the TDSB Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC). In 2018 I was elected as the Trustee for TDSB Ward 16, Beaches - East York (BEY), which afforded me the opportunity to work with TDSB staff and Trustees on improving board-wide programming, equity, and best practices. It has been my pleasure to work with local school staff and communities, and BEY elected officials, to support our local schools.We know that children succeed in education when families and communities are engaged and welcomed in their local schools. As Trustee (Beaches-East York) my goal has been to foster community engagement while providing sound governance for education programs, so that our children have the best chance to succeed. I am committed to keeping Ward 16 residents informed about school board events and resources, listening to feedback on policies and programs, and advocating to the Provincial government for greater resources for education.Serving as a public school Trustee and education advocate in TDSB Ward 16 (Beaches - East York) for the past 4 years has been both challenging and rewarding. We've made great strides in improving system equity, promoting inclusive school communities, increasing access to programs, increasing outdoor education, improving mental health resources, increasing city and community partnerships, and creating flexible work and learning environments. But there is still more work to do.My focus is to ensure our education system continues to improve, to serve student needs in a manner that is transparent and accountable, communicates effectively with school communities, and fosters collaborative relationships.Current committee memberships and roles:TDSB Governance & Policy CommitteeTDSB Board Self Improvement CommitteeInner City Advisory Committee (Co-chair)Urban Indigenous Advisory CommitteeBlack Student Achievement Advisory Committee2SLGBTQ+ Advisory CommitteeSpecial Education Advisory CommitteeOntario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA) Board Executive CouncilOPSBA Education Program Work TeamOntario Active School Travel CouncilApplegrove Board of Management

  • Image of Chris JONES
    Chris JONES
    About Me:

    Happy Fall Everyone! My name is Chris Jones and I'm running for TDSB Trustee for Beaches-East York. I was born, raised, and attended public school in our ward and now my wife and I are proudly sending our two children to the local public school. As parents of young children, we are at the beginning of a 14+ year relationship with the TDSB and our priorities will naturally evolve over that time. The public school board of a world-class city like Toronto should be prepared for those changing priorities and the evolution of our culture in order to best prepare children to be the leaders of tomorrow. The Board should be in constant connection with the community and always be responsive when concerns are voiced, that is the role of a Trustee. I vow to fulfil that role, stay connected and be present!

    Why vote for me? I have relevant experience leading the board of the local unionized day care centre, an MBA from a top business school, my mother was a TDSB teacher, I married a teacher and most importantly, I will bring a strong voice for our community to the Board. My specific priorities centre on ensuring that any new focus that has been implemented due to the pandemic to better our children's mental health or to temporarily upgrade school infrastrure will be made permanent and evolve. Some children, much like some adults, weathered the lockdowns and restrictions better than others and our school programs need to be viewed through that lens to ensure equal opportunities going forward. I also plan to support teachers in the invaluable role they play in the learning environment to address equity and inclusion on every level.

    Read more about me and my platform at or contact me anytime!

  • Placeholder image of Sanjai KUMAR
    Sanjai KUMAR

Ward 17 Scarborough Centre (City Ward 21)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Deborsee CHATTERJEE
    Deborsee CHATTERJEE
  • Image of Opa Hope DAY
    Opa Hope DAY
    About Me:

    Be The Change That You Want To See In Your Life And In Your Community.

    My name is Opa Hope Day and I am asking for your vote for trustee for TDSB Ward 17, Scarborough Centre. Please see my website, for a complete list of my education priorities and details about my background.

    I have been active within Scarborough and within the TDSB, advocating for children for over 20 years. My efforts have been supported by numerous TDSB Principals and Vice Principals with letters of character reference. In 2017 our Member of Parliament, Mr. Shaun Chen awarded me the “Canada 150 Medal” for my service to youth.

    School should not be a place for indoctrination of political views and special interest groups’ agendas. Following are five of nine specific commitments:

    1) Removing all curriculum materials that directly or indirectly contain the blame and shame of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

    2) Addressing head-on, teachers that blame any student’s academic performance on ancestry, ethnicity, race, or gender.

    3) Honoring the rights of guardians and parents by acknowledging them to be the first educators responsible for providing guidance, instruction, and support to their children under all circumstances.

    4) Reallocating funds from special interest groups and political curricula to fund the enhancement of core subjects. Reducing spending in areas that are essential is a slap in the face when money is being designated to implement a social engineering curriculum. The TDSB doesn’t have a lack of money issue; it has a lack of priorities issue.

    5) Addressing the issues of our children’s physical learning environment as it pertains to the maintenance of our schools: leaky roofs, boiler issues, etc.

    I am dedicated to improving the safety in our schools, enhancing our children’s academic performances, and expanding mental health and wellness programs so that everyone, including our teachers can feel empowered and supported to reach their full potential.

    ~ Opa Hope Day

    The Change You Want To See.

  • Image of Dakk MARRELLO
    About Me:

    Above all else, Dakk Marrello is a father of two wonderful children, both of whom are attending a school within the TDSB. He has been active with the TDSB for six (6) years, sitting as the chair of his children’s school, and volunteering in his local community to ensure that the education experience they have, and other students in the community have, is the best that it can be. In addition to his direct experience with TDSB’s governance, he also sits on other community boards, where he has decades of experience with general meeting procedures and working with others to enhance community living.

    His work experience and educational background is in engineering, project management, property management, long term planning, and he is currently a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. He also has experience with Human Rights and holds a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which assists when dealing with complex situations where parties with different views must work constructively together.

  • Placeholder image of Zamir ul Hassan NADEEM
    Zamir ul Hassan NADEEM
  • Placeholder image of Terry NG
    Terry NG
  • Placeholder image of Muhammad Waseem QADEER
    Muhammad Waseem QADEER
  • Placeholder image of Neethan SHAN
    Neethan SHAN
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  • Image of Kareem SOUTH
    Kareem SOUTH
    About Me:

    My name is Kareem South and I am running to be the next TDSB trustee in Ward 17. I have worked alongside the students and residents in Scarborough Centre and have listened to their needs and concerns. I will continue to do so as a trustee for the community at the school board.

    I currently hold a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of California-Berkeley and work to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the mental health field. From my experience I have been fortunate to have a seat at the table when making decisions to support the well-being of all Canadians, especially those that are most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

    With the needs of Scarborough Centre at the heart of action, I am ready to find ways to improve the safety in our schools, enrich student achievement and expand mental health and wellness programs so that everyone can feel empowered to succeed and reach their full potential.

    Join me on our mission and learn how you can make an impact at

  • Placeholder image of Kostadinos STEFANIS
    Kostadinos STEFANIS
  • Placeholder image of Aylwin THENGAMPALLIL

Ward 18 Scarborough Southwest (City Ward 20)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 19 Scarborough-Guildwood (City Ward 24)

Number of Available Seats: 1

Ward 20 Scarborough-Agincourt (City Ward 22)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Darren FRAKE
    Darren FRAKE
  • Placeholder image of Omar MOHAMMAD
  • Placeholder image of MarkPaul ST. BISHOY
    MarkPaul ST. BISHOY
  • Placeholder image of Manna WONG
    Manna WONG
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Ward 21 Scarborough North (City Ward 23)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Ria ARORA
    Ria ARORA
  • Image of Mahboob MIAN
    Mahboob MIAN
    About Me:

    I am Mahboob Mian running for TRUSTEE for TDSB from Scarborough North ward-21 (City ward 23). Master of Science (M Sc), Professional Environmental Scientist.

    I have been Living in Scarborough North for 22 years. My four children studied in Scarborough Schools and I know very well the school system.

    Participated nearly in 100 international conferences/seminars as a speaker and chair person. I elected president of students college union and achieved two (2) Rolls of Honours.

    Presently president of ITEC Environmental company and president of a welfare society supporting free education and health programs. Involved in community socio economic activities in Toronto. Member of different Environmental organizations in Canada.

    My top priority in TDSB as a Trustee if elected would be to work on educational debt, funding for school maintenance, road safety, hate crime, anti black racism, anti Asian sentiments, Islamophobia, special needs education and society sustainability issues.

    Ensure that schools operate in compliance with law and consistent with other standards established by the province. Identify and meet the educational needs of the society. Prioritize students health, safety and wellness. Creating environmental awareness among educational institutions.

    I believe in diversity, community welfare, peace and harmony. I will make your education in Scarborough North my priority. My whole carrier is covered in serving humanity as a student leader, Social worker, Politician and Environmental Specialist.

    Together, let's build our Scarborough community strong and united.

  • Placeholder image of Yalini RAJAKULASINGAM
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  • Placeholder image of Sonny YEUNG
    Sonny YEUNG

Ward 22 Scarborough-Rouge Park (City Ward 25)

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Zia CHOUDHARY
    About Me:

    A local volunteer and resident of Highland Creek in Scarborough Rouge Park TDSB Ward 22.

    I feel that there is a need for a strong representation in TDSB. I aim to be the voice of all communities inclusive of the marginalized at the board table.

    Innovative approaches are needed to provide additional school spaces, repair and replace aging school infrastructure, improve school buildings and grounds, increase childcare services and expand on the use of school facilities across the community. My aim is to advocate allocation of additional and more stable funding from the province, including reimbursement of pandemic related expenses and other revenue losses incurred.

    As a TDSB Trustee, I will work with great conviction and a strong focus on student safety, student achievement, well-being and equity and ensure students have access to the programs and support services they need to succeed in their careers and in life.

    I will work to ensure equity across school boards, so that every student has the opportunity to succeed regardless of background, identity or personal circumstances.

    Today's healthy and well educated kids will grow up to be tomorrow's leaders, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, IT experts, innovators and administrators and it will be my responsibility to pave the path to progress and empowerment for them.

  • Placeholder image of MD Mahbub MORSHED
    MD Mahbub MORSHED
  • Image of Dianna ROBINSON
    Dianna ROBINSON
  • Placeholder image of Anu SRISKANDARAJAH
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