2022 Election

Thames Valley District School Board

Headquarters: London
Voting Regions: 6
Total Trustee Seats Available: 12

Oxford County

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    David Edward CRIPPS
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    About Me:

    Dave grew up just outside of Ingersoll in rural Oxford County. Dave currently lives in Ingersoll with his wife, Cathy, of 22 years and their two dogs - Apollo and Evie. Cathy and Dave have four children who were all students at TVDSB schools and who make their mom and dad proud on a daily basis.

    Dave is a Project and Change Management specialist and entrepreneur with a consistent record of leading successful projects and managing risk involving significant process and change management.

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    Leeanne HOPKINS
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    About Me:

    Described by family and friends, I am an ambitious woman, wife, mother of 4 who enjoys the simpler things in life. My strong rural routes, family and friends are important to me. I am a compassionate, courteous and empathetic person.

    My strong understanding of the school board comes from having over 20 years of experience within the education system, having graduated with my teaching degree in 2006. I’m an organized individual whose strengths are hard work, being able to have tough conversations and can solve routine problems with a mindset of ‘what is best for the community’.

    Leeanne is a natural teammate who has the ability to quickly learn new processes and has the desire to take on challenges. She naturally builds strong relationships with her trusting rapport, excellent communication skills, and integrity. Leeanne’s passion for serving others and her community is one of her WHY’s for fueling her campaign.

    As your next Thames Valley District School Board Trustee for Oxford County, I would dedicate myself to representing and advocating for the Oxford County communities and pushing for better governance within the board to ensure your elected officials are the ones making the decisions that are best for our students and the communities that they live in.

Elgin County

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    John ALLEN
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    Meagan RUDDOCK
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    Bruce SMITH
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Middlesex County

Number of Available Seats: 2

London: Wards 1,11,12,14

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Christine MORGAN
  • Image of Lori-Ann PIZZOLATO
    Lori-Ann PIZZOLATO
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    About Me:

    I was elected to the Board of Trustees in October 2018, representing London Wards 1, 11, 12 and 14. I was twice elected Board Chair by my fellow Trustees. I have been involved in 15 committees of the Board including Policy, Past Director of Ontario School Boards Association, and Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee. I have been a mentor to student Trustees.

    I have 15 years of experience advocating for families and the community through involvement with Home and School Associations, School Councils, and the Thames Valley Home and School Association.

    I am passionate about empowering and engaging students and their families, building community, supporting, and elevating student achievement, and supporting anyone in the roles that help to accomplish those outcomes.

    I am currently a partner in a local geological consulting firm, and I am raising three children with my husband in ward 11.

    You can reach out to or 519-642-4640.

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    Sheri POLHILL
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  • Image of David SABINE
    David SABINE
    About Me:


    Your child should have classroom materials and lessons that are age appropriate. Let’s restore common-sense boundaries for topics like sex, racism, and politics.


    Taxpayers’ money should never be used to influence your child through political and ideological activism.


    Your tax dollars should be used responsibly and transparently – and not a dollar more than necessary.


    Your parental rights and your family’s values are to be respected.


    Children should not be further subjected to panic-driven policies like closing schools and playgrounds, mask mandates, and segregation based on the medical procedures they do or don’t have. In today’s environment of increased anxiety, irrational fear, and societal division, the school board needs pragmatic, balanced, and reasonable voices.

  • Image of Tristan SQUIRE-SMITH
    Tristan SQUIRE-SMITH
    About Me:


    I hope this provides you with the opportunity to get to know me and why I’ve submitted my name to become a School Board Trustee for the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) in Wards 1, 11, 12 and 14. As always, you can learn more about my background and current endeavours by visiting the About Me and Blog pages on my website (; alternatively, follow me on Instagram and Facebook. To get to know more about my life and work as a frontline Registered Nurse, be sure to read my book entitled: The Wrinkly Ranch: Unbelievably funny, shocking and poignant anecdotes of life and work in long-Term Care.

    I come from a family of teachers and I have provided post-secondary instruction both clinically (within Nursing and allied health professions) and as a guest lecturer at both Fanshawe College as well as at Western University. Serving as a leader, mentor and advocate within healthcare as well as in the private sector, have allowed me to demonstrate that I value investing in education – not only in the classroom but to life-long learning as a philosophical approach to continuous self-improvement. Indeed, my track record speaks to my commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.

    Simply put: I value education and am committed to giving back to my hometown. The opportunity to serve as a School Board Trustee is intrinsically interesting and is aligned with my values and strengths as a leader and advocate within our community.

    Should you wish to reach out, email me anytime:

    On Monday, October 24th, please vote for Tristan Squire-Smith as TVDSB Trustee.

    Thank you,

    Tristan Squire-Smith, RN, MBA

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    Alejandra VALENCIA

London: Wards 2,3,4,5,6

Number of Available Seats: 2
  • Image of Tracey AQUILINA
    Tracey AQUILINA
    About Me:

    Hello, my name is Tracey Aquilina, and I am running on a platform of promoting inclusion and cancelling bullying.

    As a person of mixed ancestry ( Swedish and African) I was often teased in school and asked “What are you?’ Like I was an exhibit in the Science Gallery.

    I have witnessed first hand the adverse effects of being targeted. I have had school mates targeted as well for being members of the LGBQ community.

    I have witnessed first hand physical bullying , emotional bullying and sexual harassment. All of these issues make for a destructive learning environment.

    I see people as humans first! We are all uniquely different and deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of colour, creed or gender identity.

    Nobody deserves to be abused, physically, mentally or sexually!

    I have a strong history of fighting for the underdog and putting bullies in their place! While attending UWO I was involved in a number of groups : I was a residence representative for Henderson House and Brough Hall, where our job was to support inclusion and deal with issues like suicide and eating disorders. I was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta where I supported a number of charitable causes.

    I am also a founding member of The Masonville Neighbourhood Association and Paws for Thought, A nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for genuine underdogs of the 4 legged variety!

    If your values align with mine, I humbly ask for your vote !

  • Image of Laura GONZALEZ
    Laura GONZALEZ
    About Me:

    An experienced researcher passionate about education, communication, and community engagement. Track record of building productive community relations. Dedicated team builder committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. More

  • Image of Paul GRAY
    Paul GRAY
    About Me:

    My name in Paul Gray and I’m a candidate for Thames Valley District School Board Trustee, in London’s municipal elections. Our education system is an integral part of our community, and how we educate our students, sets the stage for the next generation of future citizens. I’ve always been an advocate for education because it’s the foundation for sustaining the quality of life we all enjoy within our society. I’m running for trustee because I care about the educational needs in our community. I believe in honesty, personal dedication and integrity, and if elected as a trustee, I’d bring those attributes to the table. As a trustee I want to be role model for our students, and having been a successful technical college and university graduate, and a contractor for over 20 years, I want to give hope to our students who are nowadays feeling like they’re living in a world of turmoil and uncertainty. Our students need constant reassurances that their future will be brighter, and that a good education will point them in the right direct. But there seems to be an impediment in our education system as of late, with the advent of radical activist ideologies being introduced to our children. In fact, I’d go out on a limb and say that they’re being indoctrinated by them. What do I mean? We have some disconcerting ideologies in place like critical race theory, gender identity theory, intersectional theory, white privilege and the explicit Sex-ed curriculum, that was written by Ben Levin, a former deputy education minister under the Kathleen Wynn Liberals, who’s a now convicted pedophile. A news article in Toronto Life stated that “Ben lived in a digital world filled with fantasies of rape, incest and child abuse. A place where, as Levin wrote in one of his chat room profiles, “nothing is taboo.” Every parent should be concerned about this and If I’m elected as a trustee, I’ll do everything within my power to fight for our children who are being exposed to this. None of this material is beneficial for our students in fact, it’s detrimental. I’ll be that voice, for the many people whom I’ve met in my campaign, that have thanked me for speaking out. More

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    Lamise KABLAWI
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    Marianne LARSEN
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    About Me:

    Hello. I am Marianne Larsen and I am running to serve as the TVDSB trustee for wards 2-6. I want to become a TVDSB trustee because I would like to serve the community I live in, drawing upon my life-long experience, skills, and knowledge about students, teachers, schools and education systems. I understand how public education systems work as I have been embedded within education systems for my whole life as a student, teacher, professor of education, education researcher and parent. Specifically, I have over 30 years’ experience working in education. For thirteen years, I was a classroom and substitute teacher in Ontario public schools, and in the U.S. and England. And for the last 20 years, I’ve been an education professor in university Faculties of Education. Within that capacity, I've developed a solid understanding of the broader and complex contexts of Ontario public education, as well as knowledge about teaching in public schools. The breadth and depth of my educational experiences, along with my skills and knowledge, position me well to serve as a public school board trustee.

    Above all, I have always believed in the importance of serving one’s community. My active engagement as a volunteer in London demonstrates my commitment to the people of this city I call home. These include serving as an ESL Mentor to newcomers through the London Public Library, working as a Circles Ally building intentional relationships with leaders transitioning out of poverty, supporting refugee settlement in London through the London Ecumenical Refugee Committee and now through the London-Middlesex Ukraine Helps group, and being a BGC London MAP tutor helping secondary school students with their homework. I also volunteered at my son’s elementary school, Victoria P.S., and served on the School Council, Safe Schools Team, and healthy food team. I currently serve as School Council Co-Chair at my son’s school, London South C.I. And I am also the President of the Johansen Larsen Foundation, a charitable foundation which I founded, that provides funding to educational programs for marginalized children and youth. I am a strong proponent of volunteering as I believe that giving your time to your community encourages civic responsibility and the idea that each of us has a role to play in making a positive difference in our communities.

    Finally, I would like to become a trustee to be an advocate for those whose voices are often not heard by the ‘powers-that-be’. I will work to ensure that every student has an opportunity to succeed regardless of their background, identity, or personal circumstances. My priorities revolve around equity, inclusion and diversity, especially in terms of ensuring that those students in our board who are marginalized, find a meaningful place in our schools where they feel they belong and have the opportunities to realize their full potential. Over the past 50 years or so, many strides have been made in our schools in Ontario to better meet the needs of those whose needs have been neglected in the past due to their gender, race, social class, etc. Still, more work needs to be done in this area.

    Becoming a school board trustee will build on my existing educational strengths, skills and experience be an extension of my long-standing commitment to give back to the community where I live, advocate of public education, as well as my desire to champion the needs of TVDSB schools, students and parents/guardians in the wards I will represent when elected. I hope I can count on your support.

  • Placeholder image of Violet LEMA
    Violet LEMA
  • Image of Leroy OSBOURNE
    Leroy OSBOURNE
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    About Me:

    My name is Leroy Osbourne, and I am running to be your trustee for the TVDSB in wards 2-6. I’ve been in London for over 20 years advocating for positive change for different communities and supporting those who want to achieve their goals.

    My community involvement has ranged from serving as a community representative for the Supervised Alternative Learning Committee with the TVDSB, to serving as the Vice Chair for the Diversity Inclusion and Anti-Oppression Advisory Committee to the City of London, the Vice Chair of the Block Parents and in different capacities supporting the mental health of diverse and marginalized communities as a phone volunteer with the London Distress Centre and a Counselling Intern.

    I value all paths to success in education. I have earned a BA in Psychology and a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselling. I am currently an MBA student.

    I am a university administrator passionate about seeing all students succeed academically and strive to ensure that all our residence students find their university experience rewarding and purposeful.

    I believe there is enough opportunity in the world that everyone can find success.

  • Placeholder image of Gabrielle STURM
    Gabrielle STURM
  • Placeholder image of Julie WEDLAKE
    Julie WEDLAKE

London: Wards 7,8,9,10,13

Number of Available Seats: 2
  • Image of Mike BLOXAM
    Mike BLOXAM
    About Me:

    I believe that schools belong at the core of neighbourhoods. If a student is within walking or cycling distance to their local school, they should have priority for enrollment over those who would be bussed or driven in.

    Schools need to be safe and healthy places for students to optimize their learning experience. Ensuring that all classrooms have proper indoor air quality is of extreme importance in light of what we have learned so far in the COVID-19 pandemic. Tackling violence and harassment must be taken seriously to ensure all students feel safe in their school.

    The board must also strive to be the most sustainable school board in the province by making all board facilities are green as possible, in light of the global climate emergency.

  • Image of Shari HALL
    Shari HALL
    About Me:

    Hello, my name is Shari Hall. I am a Mom of 3, two are currently attending and one who has graduated TVDSB. I am a graduate of the TVDSB. I am not entering this role to progress a career, I am entering this role because from my perspective, parents, educators, and communities are being removed from the decision making process. Decisions are being made “for” us instead of "with" us. I will never claim to know better than those involved and will always strive to be a voice for them, for you. I expect to be asked where “I” stand on situations and am happy to provide my opinions and perspectives, but please keep in mind that my preferences are to understand the perspective of all those involved, not bully my opinion through.

    Over the last 15 years, as a parent, I have felt unheard, I have heard teachers and principals and administrators say their actions are limited. I have heard parents and teachers saddened by the politics of education. I intend to have an influence in steering our board to remain focused on education. Not politics, not political correctness, but education. There are lessons in life that are just not meant to be taught in school. And there are life lessons that are being thrown out the door. I intend to focus on learning to learn, being kind, a productive member of society, and providing an enjoyable experience for our children.

    Please contact me, I welcome ALL thoughts, questions, concerns and will reply to everyone who reaches out!

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    Mike JONES
  • Image of Beth MAI
    Beth MAI
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    About Me:

    If you haven't already met me at your door over the past months, attended one of my weekly virtual meetings, met me at one of the city events where candidates were included (I've attended them all), or spoken with me on the phone, allow me to say HELLO for the first time. I hope it will be the first hello of many.


    Some of my experiences that make me an "ideal candidate" (see my endorsements on my website):

    - certified Ontario educator with more than 22 years of experience

    - innovative leader in education

    - advocate for student rights in public education who has worked pro bono for nearly a 10 years helping 100s of kids get what they need

    - advisor to educators and educational institutions

    - collaborative team member

    - a longtime community volunteer helping to improve our community

    - business person with experience on organization executives and boards.

    I know the realities of our system and what's legitimately possible to make change.


    My priorities are as follows:

    1. Proactive Planning that results in fiscally responsible decisions that result in meaningful and positive results for our classrooms.

    2. Classroom Connection: Words on paper in the boardroom make a real difference to those in the classroom. As a leader, I'm committed to supporting decisions that I am confident will have a positive impact on our community. It's critical to connect with experts and use reliable evidence and data to guide the work of the board. This includes how we teach, support, and assess/evaluate our students so that they are ready to meet the challenges that await them upon graduation from publicly-funded education.

    3. Community Safety and Belonging: I am a firm supporter of ensuring our learning spaces are safe and healthy for everyone physically, socially, and emotionally.

    4. Engaged Leadership means that serving as your trustee will be my only work focus so that I can dedicate the time that's needed to do this job well. That means having the time to sit on many of the 14 committees where the work is done, reaching out to the community through regular meetings of my constituents, having the time to answer your emails and calls (and follow up!) and bring your voice to the board so that you are heard.

    5. Meaningful Community Engagement: TVDSB has a stated commitment to public input in advance of decision-making. In the past 4 years alone, I have witnessed first-hand how experts in our community, parent and student groups, and committees of the board itself have not been provided with the opportunity to provide meaningful input into changes being contemplated. This has eroded trust in public education and it's the role of a trustee to ensure that this is remedied. I'm committed to ensuring that the existing policy and procedure are followed and to advocating for a proactive approach to community consultation. Your voice matters.

    I've been sharing my contact information regularly on social media since June, inviting members of the community to connect with me. I invite you to connect with me at any time so that, when you vote, you feel great knowing that TVDSB will be in good hands with me as one of your trustees.


  • Image of Sherri MOORE
    Sherri MOORE
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    About Me:

    My three children all went to TVDSB schools in wards 7, 8, 9, and 13 and now that they are grown I am able to put my years of experience advocating for them into serving my community. In 2018, I ran as Trustee for Wards 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13, landing in a solid third place against the two incumbents. When they both unexpectedly resigned late last year, I was one of 17 candidates who applied for the role and was appointed to the Board of Trustees in December 2021.

    Since then I've been hard at work making student success my top priority. I am committed to values of equity and diversity, and I believe in teamwork, transparency, and being accessible to you. It is a privilege to be your voice at the school board and I'm asking for your vote on October 24th so I can continue to represent you with integrity and accountability. There's more information about me at or you can reach out to me at 1-226-909-3009 or

  • Placeholder image of Christopher MORGAN
    Christopher MORGAN
  • Image of Eric Michael VALLILLEE
    Eric Michael VALLILLEE
    About Me:

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and your options when voting for your TVDSB trustees this fall! I’m a family lawyer here in London, who often represents parents in “regular” family court. I also do a lot of work in cases involving Children’s Aid Societies. One of the most rewarding things that I do is my work as children’s counsel – meaning that I also represent children and teenagers in family court and CAS cases. Kids are my clients, and my work focuses on advocating for them in court and with service providers. I’ve shifted to a practice based on the idea that giving kids a voice, and helping parents work through challenging situations gives kids a better foundation, which leads to better futures. I’m hoping to extend this outlook and bring my perspective to the Board responsible for English public education in London, Ontario – the Thames Valley District School Board.

    My volunteer work has included coaching high school mock trial teams through the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) at A.B. Lucas Secondary School prior to COVID, having served as a member of OJEN’s London area committee organizing various events for local students and volunteering in-school, helping teachers prepare students for their EQAO testing one-on-one and also acting as a classroom assistant through the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation while I was in university, and currently volunteering as a Big Brother here in London. I am not an educator by trade, and I readily admit that my perspective and experiences are different from what we often see in trustee candidates. But I am passionate about giving kids and families a voice, and in safeguarding their right to have a say in their own path forward. I strongly believe that my background and specialized skillset in serving families and children will serve you and the community well if you send me to the Board as your representative this fall.

    Throughout my career, I have seen and continue to see the impact on families and kids when institutions make decisions from the top-down, and don’t really give the people they serve a real chance to have their voice heard during the process. Consultation needs to mean checking in with parents, students, and front-line educators before a decision is made. Throughout the election period, I would love to hear from you about the issues that you feel are most important. If you’d like to contact me to discuss your thoughts and ideas, or to ask any questions, I welcome your messages at, or you can give me a call directly at 226-884-5263!