2022 Election

Rainbow District School Board

Headquarters: Sudbury
Voting Regions: 8
Total Trustee Seats Available: 8

Area 1: Sudbury Wards 1,2

Number of Available Seats: 1

Area 2: Sudbury Wards 3 & 4 and the Unorganized Townships of Cartier, Cascaden, Foy, Hart, Harty, Hess, Moncrieff, Shining Tree and Trill

Number of Available Seats: 1

Area 3: Sudbury Wards 5,6

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    About Me:

    A trustee since 2014, I am a strong advocate for students and their families living in Greater Sudbury “Valley East” (Area 3, Wards 5 and 6). In the past eight years, I have sat and continue to sit, on a number of board committees including Special Education Advisory Committee, Accessibility Committee, Parent Involvement Committee, Equity and Inclusive Education Committee, Labour Relations Committee, and Supervised Alternative Learning Committee. I am the Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA) Director for Rainbow District School Board at the OPSBA provincial table. My 34 years’ experience working for the Provincial Government has given me a solid knowledge and understanding of budgeting and financial processes, governance and accountability requirements, and the importance of teamwork. I proudly consider myself a life-long learner. I embrace equity, diversity and inclusion; integrity and respect; responsiveness; and success for ALL students. Please consider me on October 24. More

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    Matthew MORRIS

Area 4: Sudbury Wards 7 & 8 and the Municipalities of French River, Killarney, Markstay-Warren, St. Charles, and the Unorganized Townships of Burwash, Cox, Davis, Eden, Hawley, Hendrie, Henry, Janes, Laura, Loughrin, Secord, Servos, Street and Tilton

Number of Available Seats: 1

Area 5: Sudbury Wards 9,10

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Doreen DEWAR
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    About Me:

    My Name is Doreen Dewar and I’m seeking re-election for Rainbow District School Board trustee in area 5 (wards 9 and 10).

    I was born and raised in Sudbury, attended schools in the Public System and began my career as an elementary teacher but soon became a stay-at-home mom for 4 children. Prior to becoming a trustee, I was an occasional teacher until I opened my own successful retail business in Plaza 69 for 12 years.

    I am the longest serving trustee on the Board with over 33 years of experience, including nine years on the Sudbury Board of Education. I have been a member of each of the standing committees of the Board, served as Chair of the Board for multiple years and made presentations to the Ministry of Education.

    Covid has negatively impacted education in our province but I have the experience and the dedication to advocate for the additional support that is needed to enable our students to fully reach their potentials.

    I believe that each trustee serves all students in every school and that includes schools in Greater Sudbury, Espanola and Manitoulin Island.

    My years of experience have taught me that what works well in the large urban centers of Southern Ontario does not necessarily fill the needs of the students in our region and the trustees for this Board must be knowledgeable and determined to advocate for our students.

    There have been many changes in education over the years but my focus has always been on our students. I continue to enjoy working with trustees, staff, parents/guardians, community partners and, most importantly, students.

    Over the years, I have proven that I have ability and resiliency.

    I am more than prepared to dedicate the time and energy that I know is needed to fulfill the role of trustee.

    Thank you.

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    Dylan GIBSON
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    Javier Rico PAEZ
    About Me:

    A life long learner, a strong belief in quality education and, interest in contributing to my community have pushed me to come forward as a potential candidate.

    As someone who prioritized family and education, I am excited to be running for this position. My wife and I are raising two young children, one of which currently attends SK in a local RDSB school, my youngest will be joining JK in a few years time. We cherish our local school and our teachers and staff who make our children’s learning journey fun, educational, creative and a warm and safe place. I want to put my time and effort into ensuring quality education for our children.

    I moved to Canada from Madrid, Spain in 2013 where I have completed by M.A. in Applied Science at Laurentian University and work in Sudbury as a Mining Engineer.I continue to learn and grown within my career and beyond. I have travelled the world and have settled in Sudbury with my wife who grew up in the area, a community I love very much.

    My hopes for contribution as trustee surround; transparency- ensuring parents are in the know of the direction education is taking for their children, family based values- ensuring all children are seen in their education journey, a right to choose the education experience parents want to ensure for their children.

    I thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and would be happy to answer any other questions and have a dialogue.



Area 6: Sudbury Wards 11,12

Number of Available Seats: 1

Area 7: Manitoulin

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    About Me:

    About Lisa: Born and raised on Manitoulin Island and of First Nations descent, Lisa comes from a strong family of Educators and Business owners. A 3rd Generation Teacher for over 26 years at Manitoulin Secondary School, she has been steadfast in her support for students, parents and teachers across Manitoulin Island. She has served many roles including over 8 years at each of the OSSTF Provincial -FNMI Advisory Committee, OSSTF District 3 Communication and Political Action Committee, and was part of the Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Review Team - Algoma, Cochrane, Manitoulin and Sudbury Region. Lisa works consistently for the betterment of Manitoulin Island, while being a Mother, Grandmother, Retired Teacher, Business Owner and Coach. She enjoys volunteering, advocating for people's rights, outdoor education, and a variety of sports. Lisa has many new ideas and goals for Manitoulin's Rainbow Schools, she is in touch with the "Heartbeat of Manitoulin".

    For : Island wide trustee, Fresh Ideas and Educational Experience, Steadyfast Support for Students, Parents and Staff

    Lisa Corbiere- Addison is ready to advocate for Manitoulin's Concerns!

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    Margaret STRINGER

Area 8: Espanola

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Robert CLEMENT
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