2022 Election

Peel District School Board

Headquarters: Mississauga
Voting Regions: 12
Total Trustee Seats Available: 12

Mississauga Wards 1,7

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Alexa BARKLEY
    Alexa BARKLEY
    About Me:

    Alexa Barkley is endorsed by OSSTF and Secondary Teachers in Peel, and by Peel Regional Labour Council.

    A Chartered Professional Accountant, active member of PDSB’s Parent Involvement Committee, involved school council executive, and mom of three teens, Alexa Barkley has the skills and experience necessary to be a highly effective school board trustee. An executive with experience on several board of directors, in recent years, Alexa has worked to advocate for safe schools as a member of the committee that developed Consent Culture, an initiative that puts PDSB on the forefront of progress around the prevention of gender-based violence.

    Alexa supports the Ministry Directives and will advocate that they are completed robustly and with adequate and appropriate community consultation. The process leading up to the installation of the supervisor highlighted the need for robust communication opportunities for parents and community members wherein their concerns are validated and constructive conversation on areas of potential change can take place. Alexa has worked hard during her time on the Parent Involvement Committee to champion parent inclusion and education, recognizing the critical role that the community plays in supporting student success.


    1. Completion of the Ministry Directives as part of a system-wide shift towards equality.

    2. Establishment of functional communication channels to increase community engagement and feedback opportunities.

    3. Petitioning the provincial government for additional funding to support public education as a tool for societal equality.

    To learn more about Alexa’s professional experience, visit Alexa Barkley, CPA, CA | LinkedIn

  • Image of Vijay BHOSEKAR
    Vijay BHOSEKAR
    About Me:

    Action Plan: Having strong education background and passion to deliver quality education services to my community. As a community advocate for public education focussing on student achievement and well- being that benefit my constituents.

    Having lived experience as a member of racialized person community would have sound understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion for making practical and meaningful decisions. As a Trustee, to build and maintain friendly relationship with the entire community ensuring students would get equal opportunity (all ethnicity) to reach their full potential.


    (a) Critical governance and budget oversight

    (b) Funding needs Top Priority: Speciality program planning for special needs children

    (c) Equity and accountability for student achievement - all aspects of K -12 education.

    Having oversight on administration accountability that directly affects the educational lives of all students across Peel. Making sure resources are allocated based on equitable distribution with monitoring for ensuring effective stewardship. Bringing the voice of everyone (indigenous students, newcomers/ immigrants, low socio- economic and various ethno-cultural backgrounds) to the board table.

  • Image of Leeann COLE
    Leeann COLE
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    About Me:

    As a Mental Health Registered Nurse and former OPP officer, Leeann understands the complex issues facing our school board issues today. Leeann Cole has tremendous experience in school issues and will work hard to ensure ALL concerns are addressed in a timely manner with input from the community.

    Leeann has election experience and is an effective leader in Ward 7 and Ward 1 as current school council and acts as an advocate on several safe schools initiatives. Leeann is a former officer with OPP, and has addressed many school based issues towards violence and cultural/ gender based issues.

    Leeann believes in a fair, community based initiative that works with parents and concerned community members in addressing school issues. Leeann has always remained open to input from her community in Wards 1 and 7 and has implemented many actions including speed control in school zones, the school bus camera new initiative in Mississauga and healthy children as a community school nurse.

    Leeanns top priorities are:

    1. To create a safe and inclusive student classroom setting.

    2. To create equal opportunity and effective communication directives with parents and the surrounding community to hear YOUR VOICE

    3. Allowing for petitions to be created by me to honor the public views in order to bring current concerns to the forefront without delay

  • Image of Mohit HARDIKAR
    Mohit HARDIKAR
    About Me:

    I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and I am currently working in the banking sector. My strong educational background gave me the knowledge and confidence to move from India to Canada in 2007. Education is fundamental to the development and growth of a community. That is why I feel passionate about public education and privileged to stand as a candidate for school board trustee in this community.

    School board trustees are locally-elected representatives of the public, and they are the community's advocate for public education. I understand the important role that a trustee plays in the community and will work to maintain a focus on student achievement, well-being and equity and to participate in making decisions that benefit the board's entire jurisdiction while representing the interests of my constituents. My platform focus is advancing the interests of students, community and educators as follows:

    Serving the Students

    • Enhance health and safety measures in schools

    • Increase resources in classrooms

    • Improve bussing services

    Serving the Community:

    • Reduce systemic discrimination and inequality

    • Enhance partnerships between students, staff and communities

    • Provide more resources for special education needs

    Serving the Educators:
    • Increase fill rates and reduce staffing shortages

    • Ensure safety for school staff and reduced workplace violence

    • Increase resources for online educators

    I am hoping to get elected and serving this community with passion and to the best of my abilities.

  • Placeholder image of Areeb Jasper KHOKHAR
    Areeb Jasper KHOKHAR
  • Placeholder image of Lina PAVLOVIC
  • Placeholder image of Robert POLLARD
    Robert POLLARD
  • Placeholder image of Shivakumar SETHUMADHAVAN
    Shivakumar SETHUMADHAVAN
  • Image of Paul SKIPPEN
    Paul SKIPPEN
    About Me:

    Paul Skippen is a first time candidate that has lived in Ward 1- Port Credit since 2007 with his husband and two children. He’s been on Parent Council for both the elementary and middle schools his children attended.

    He’s a former Governance, Risk & Compliance Partner that used to lead the cross serviceline activities for Risk, Fraud prevention, Anti-money laundering, Compliance and insider risk.

    He has volunteered in various community organizations including:

    • Senior advisor to Start Proud

    • Founding sponsor of Leaders To Be Proud Of

    • Helped successfully advocate for flying of Pride flag Peel wide

    • Inaugural winner (2016) to the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Award Business Leader of the Year

    Now he and his husband are social good / enterprise entrepreneurs. They have a Property Technology community building business and separately run expert academies that help to accredit people in the area of Risk Management; with more expert academies being planned.

    Paul is a long-time practitioner and speaker in the diversity, equity and inclusion space.

    Paul is campaigning on making the school system more inclusive, accountable and transparent. With a clear plan to focus on Security for our Children and Youth - including stopping Cyber-bullying. He would like to reimagine schools as Community Hubs - a one stop shop for the community to meet our needs. And he will bring professional Management challenge to the Trustee Board recognizing they spend $2B a year and are the largest land owners in the region.

    Check out to see a series of co-hosted Zooms and video highlights from experts on how we can #reimagine a Public School System that works for all.

  • Image of Scott WALKER
    Scott WALKER
    About Me:

    Scott Walker will contribute to the success of our students by bringing back a common sense approach to education. As a resident of Wards 1 & 7 as well as a parent of a child enrolled in the public school system, he is highly motivated to ensure that students receive the highest quality education with a focus on science, technology, and math. Students need unobstructed in person education as well the opportunity to socialize with their peers in order to grow and develop in a natural way. As a CPA Scott not only embodies the values of a CPA, act with integrity, foster excellence, be accountable, work collaboratively and respect others but he knows that in any organization there are difficult cost benefit decisions that must be made. Scott will work to ensure a high-quality education for our children while keeping excess spending under control. More

  • Image of Melanie WILSON-NIKOLOV
    About Me:

    Melanie Wilson-Nikolov hopes to contribute to her Mississauga community by sharing her expertise in education as a school trustee in Wards 1 & 7, where she resides. She has Ph.D in Education from McGill University and Masters in Educational Technology from Concordia University, and she currently works as a Senior Instructional Designer at Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS). Additionally, she teaches college-level evening classes on e-learning design at Queen's College of Business, Technology and Public Safety in Mississauga. Her perspective is informed and unique, and as a mother she intimately knows the challenges that parents sometimes experience navigating the public school system. As an academic and an instructional designer, she is also well versed on the multi-layered challenges that teachers, administrators, and support staff experience. However, an ardent optimist with a can-do attitude, she brings a clear vision of the possibilities and potential that a strong educational system can bring to young people and to the future. She hopes to help make informed decisions towards sustainability, innovation, diversity and inclusivity. For more information about Melanie, or to contact her directly, visit her LinkedIn page: More

Mississauga Wards 2,8

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Shawn ABRAHIM
    Shawn ABRAHIM
  • Image of Brad HUTCHINSON
    About Me:

    Brad Hutchinson is a dynamic, award-winning community leader, with more than 25 years of business experience including planning, business development, and project management. As an avid community volunteer for over 15 years, Hutchinson brings experience and expertise in policy governance processes to the role of School Board Trustee. He is the former Chair of the Mississauga Library Board, Restorative Justice Teacher, and a Black Sash Shaolin Kung Fu Teacher. He has worked for many school boards in Ontario teaching Restorative Justice to educators as well as facilitating circles to resolve conflict restoratively. Brad Hutchinson has lived in Mississauga all his life and currently resides in Lorne Park with his wife and two boys. More

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    Natalie KWAN
  • Placeholder image of Brad MACDONALD
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  • Image of Adam PARMENTIER
    About Me:

    Adam Parmentier has been involved in the education system for more than 20 years as a teacher/administrator/textbook editor and writer. On top of that, he grew up and went to school in Ward 2. Now that his kids go to public school there, he sees a growing disparity between what they are learning versus what they need to be learning. He wants to use his background in education to help make better informed decisions for his constituents and apply the knowledge he's learned over the years to help the community he grew up in achieve excellence.

    He also knows the community is diverse, but with his experience of living abroad (learning and being able to speak Mandarin), travelling and teaching in foreign countries, and being a single dad to two wonderful daughters, he will genuinely do his best to include all viewpoints and ideas to promote a brighter future for our kids, his and yours included. For more information and to contact him, please visit or dm directly at

  • Image of Nicole SUTTON
    Nicole SUTTON
    About Me:

    Graduated High School from Blakelock Secondary School, Oakville 1991

    Graduated Sheridan College, Oakville, ECE Program

    Supervised 1 daycare and 2 Nursery Schools 1992 - 2002

    Teacher/Tutor, ECE Oxford Learning Center Oakville & Brampton 2002 to 2012

    Graduated Ashton College, Human Resources Management in Canada, 2014

    Currently, Education Director, Oxford Learning, Oakville South

    Single Mother of 2 ages 15 & 23

    Godmother of 1 grade 5 in Halton

    Nana of 1 in Peel

    This is what I stand for:

    • Each day I watch children try to figure out how to navigate our education system after our education was ravaged by covid. • We need a plan to see these children catch up.

    • The Peel Public school system is currently under the control of the Provincial Government since 2019, it's time to take that back and give our children a safe school environment.

    • Children with Super Powers, disabilities, and differences need a curriculum and support that work for them, it's time to reconsider how things are failing and make the corrections.

    • In our diverse community, we need to consider and be sensitive to the beliefs of the many diverse people, parents, students, and communities when considering our curriculum.

Mississauga Wards 3,4

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Mahmoud AHMED
    Mahmoud AHMED
  • Image of Lucas ALVES
    Lucas ALVES
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  • Image of Jad GHALI
    Jad GHALI
    About Me:

    Jad Ghali studied in various schools, including an American Community School, a Canadian public school, and a British International, before attending the University of Toronto, double majoring in Political Science & Sociology while pursuing a minor in Semiotics and Communications. He has been privileged enough to benefit from a variety of educational programs, curriculums and perspectives, giving him lived experience of different schooling approaches.

    Throughout his academic career, Jad has been committed to public service and being a leader in improving our societies. He has worked with Elections Canada and Elections Ontario and served on several Mississauga constituencies' youth councils. Most recently, he worked as a compliance analyst with the G20 Research Group and is a diligence researcher with Exiger. In addition to his professional experiences, Jad also enjoys tutoring individuals in Political Science, Sociology and other social sciences.

    When Jad believes in something, he will study it until he understands it inside and out. Then, he will advocate for it tirelessly – whether that means lobbying politicians or speaking to students about the importance of their voice in society.

    That is precisely what happened when he became interested in electoral trends and the absence of youth voters. Jad joined Future Majority as a provincial media representative, researching and advocating the importance of including youth issues in the political limelight.

    After witnessing the detrimental effect of COVID-19 on our society, Jad presented a thesis at the Quebec Undergraduate Security Conference, analyzing the far-reaching implication of the pandemic.

    Today, Jad hopes to bring this attitude, expertise and commitment to the Peel District School Board as a trustee – so that students can be assured that they have someone fighting for them every step of the way.

  • Image of Hameez IQBAL
    Hameez IQBAL
    About Me:

    Hameez Iqbal is your neighbour, grew up his whole life in wards 3 & 4, attending public schools for the entirety, most recently graduating from Glenforest Secondary School.

    During his time at Glenforest, he was a member of the Student Council achieving the position of President. Through his tenure, he tackled issues such as discrimination, bullying, equitability, and resolved student concerns related to student leadership and participation. He counseled 100+ student-run organizations, rewrote the school activities constitution, and organized various in-person and online events. He created budgets for all student-run activities and presented financial statements as asked. He is a strong believer in student leadership, participation, and achievement. He is no stranger to the business of the school board having attended multiple Peel Students Presidents’ Council meetings and invited to many more. He completed his 3-year tenure with a 100% meeting attendance rate. He was awarded by the Ontario Principals’ Council for Student Leadership this summer.

    Hameez wants to make school a safe place for all. Too many times at school Hameez and his peers were ignored when voicing concerns. When reporting to people of authority regarding bullying, assaults, and harassment, no action would be taken. He knows what students are going through. He knows what needs changing.

    When students at his school did not like how extracurriculars were run and organized favoring a certain group of students over others, he took action, creating policies that would prevent such things from happening again. When student morale was down over the pandemic, he initiated numerous events and activities to increase morale. Whenever there was help needed for charitable events, Hameez listened. Whether it was collecting non-perishable food for students at his school, raising funds for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, or making orange ribbons for Orange Shirt Day (The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation), Hameez was there. This constant example of Hameez taking immediate action and serving the community is what he will bring to the school board.

    Hameez hope’s to tackle many issues in the school board including, but not limited to: sexual harassment at schools, discrimination, student mental health, and well being. All of these have played a vital part in Hameez’s experience in school.

    Hameez Iqbal is endorsed by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation and secondary teachers in Peel.

  • Image of Bojan MITROVIC
    Bojan MITROVIC
    About Me:

    Starting from grade 1, keeping up with schoolwork was a challenge for me because my hands trembled because of my disability. This made it difficult to keep up with class notes and timed tests. It took perseverance to overcome challenges in school and to graduate with a high school, a bachelor’s degree, and eventually a master’s degree.

    While Ontario is one of the best and most inclusive places in the world, there is always room for improvement and the basis for our society to continue to prosper lays in making sure that our public education system enables every child to reach their full potential. We must ensure that going forward barriers are removed for every child to reach their full potential. This is not only important for our children, as we look to find tomorrow’s leaders in them, but also for the prosperity of our economy and society in a time when our province has identified labour shortages.

    When a child faces challenges in school and needs accommodation, it is often the parents who fight these battles themselves, however, we must ensure that we continuously improve our education system so that every student has the best opportunity to reach their full potential through systemically promoting inclusion and a positive setting within our public school system – this is where School Board Trustees play an important role. As someone who has overcome challenges myself and as someone who currently assists inclusive employers connect with the under tapped talent pool of persons with disabilities, it would be my passion, privilege, and honor to serve as your School Board Trustee for Wards 3 & 4 to help ensure that all our children are empowered to reach their full potential.

    As your School Board Trustee, I will always be accessible to you and would be pleased to hear from you to discuss any concerns, issues or ideas that you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or (647) 243-3541. If you share my vision and passion, please consider supporting me with your vote on Election Day.

  • Placeholder image of Matt RIGGS
    Matt RIGGS
  • Placeholder image of Mashkoor SHERWANI
    Mashkoor SHERWANI

Mississauga Ward 5

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Susan BENJAMIN
    Susan BENJAMIN
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  • Placeholder image of Avtar GHOTRA
    Avtar GHOTRA
  • Placeholder image of Ahmad KHAN
    Ahmad KHAN
  • Image of Van NGUYEN
    Van NGUYEN
    About Me:

    Let a parent represent the parents! Your children and my child matter to me because I AM, FIRST and FOREMOST, a mother. A mother who cares about the children and youth of today. A mother who sees the issues that are running rampant, confusing and hurting our children in the school system. A mother who will listen to you so that TOGETHER we can implement the best solutions for a better future for our children. A mother who believes in accountability and integrity in our school board, schools and staff. We must have high acceptable standards because our children deserve the absolute best from us. If elected, I will stand up and be a BOLD voice for YOU and your children.

    My top priorities:

    1. Propose a re-evaluation of our sex education curriculum –stop any ideologies that hypersexualize and confuse our children.

    2. Propose banning of dangerous woke ideologies like critical race theory – racism has no place in our school system.

    3. Propose alternative learning & career strategies other than universities & colleges because every child matters!

  • Image of Romana SIDDIQUI
    Romana SIDDIQUI
    About Me:

    Romana Siddiqui is endorsed by the Peel Regional Labour Council and by OSSTF D-19 (Secondary Teachers in Peel).

    Romana has been heavily involved in public education advocacy for several years. As Chair of PDSB's Parent Involvement Committee, Romana administered $194,000 of Parent Engagement Funding. She has chaired countless meetings, organized numerous workshops for parents/caregivers and school council members, advised and consulted on several PDSB working groups and committees to implement Policy and Program Memorandums issued by the Ministry of Education. She has directly worked with the Ministry of Education, Inclusive Education Priorities and Engagement Branch and routinely collaborates with the Director’s Office, Superintendents of Education, various Departments, Trustees, school administrators, School Councils, students, parents, caregivers and community members.

    Romana has directly worked and collaborated with education groups and unions including Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF), Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), Ontario PIC Association (OPICA), Ontario Parent Action Network (OPAN), Peel Families for Public Education (PFPE), Muslim Parents of Peel (MPOP), OntarioSAFE, #SavePeel, Parent Ambassador Program (PAP), the Parent Ambassador Project Education Resource Guide for Parents & Caregivers in Ontario, and York University Faculty of Education Summer Institute (FESI) Conference Session: Rising Up: Race, Power, and Movement Building with Parents.

    Romana was born and raised in Toronto and is a product of the public education system. She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science at York University, with a specialization Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies. As the sole proprietor of a corporate gift business, The Gift Factor, she was the recipient of the 2004 North York Chamber of Commerce Business of Excellence Awards, Entrepreneur of the Year. Her family has lived in Mississauga Ward 5 for almost 30 years. As the oldest child of a multigenerational family, the wife of a healthcare worker, mother of three adolescent student-athletes, a community organizer, and public education champion, Romana understands all too well the challenges of navigating the public education system. She advocates for transformation of and investment in public education to ensure the health, safety, well-being and success of all children, youth and families in our community. Romana has a proven track record of being an effective and powerful community advocate and public education champion. She has invaluable vision, knowledge and experience in navigating the education system to protect, defend and support children and youth.

Mississauga Wards 6,11

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Glynis D'SOUZA
    Glynis D'SOUZA
    About Me:


    PDSB trustee candidate Wards 6 and 11, October 2018, trainer in 2018 provincial elections, door-knocking volunteer in three federal and two provincial candidates’ campaigns


    Bullying is a serious problem in public schools and can take the ultimate toll on our kids’ mental health. I myself was bullied in the corporate world. I’m running to be an advocate for our children, to empower them to confidently fight bullies through effective public-speaking strategies.


    I believe all human beings are created equally and here in Canada we all have the same rights and freedoms under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. I will defend each and every student and staff against discrimination, irrespective of race, sex and gender.


    1) Providing public speaking and confidence training for students, to combat bullying

    2) Hiring additional teachers' assistants to resolve student disruption in classrooms

    3) Empowering parents to be first educators of children in relation to sex, race and gender issues, as well as moral values like responsibility and accountability


    1) Introduce an eight-week youth leadership program for students through Toastmasters.

    2) Propose that schools provide printed textbooks that will give parents a clear idea of the year’s curriculum, fostering greater parent involvement

    3) I will advocate speedy hiring of additional teaching assistants so teachers can focus on teaching curriculum.

  • Image of Bill MCBAIN
    Bill MCBAIN
    About Me:

    Bill is a professor of Government Relations at Seneca College. He is also an accredited mediator who excels at helping find common ground and resolving problems — skills both our schools and the school board need to move forward.

    A Mississauga resident for 26 years, Bill has been a Parent Council Co-Chair at Ray Underhill Public School and a volunteer at Dolphin Senior Public School in Ward 11. He knows that a safe and healthy learning environment is vital for students and teachers.

    Bill is running for school trustee because through his career he's learned that real change begins at the local level. With his skills as a mediator, in government relations, and in public affairs, he can have a positive impact in making a fresh start for Peel schools.

    Bill believes that every student, teacher, and education worker has the right to feel safe and respected in their school or workplace. He's committed to channeling the resources necessary to meet the diverse needs of our students.

    Through his previous work in government and with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Bill has:

    • advocated for clean water in Indigenous communities

    • promoted health equity for underserved communities

    • coordinated a review of addiction treatment services with the provincial Anti-Drug Strategy

    His previous volunteer work has included:

    • co-chair of the East Mississauga Community Health Centre's Community Advisory Board

    • spokesperson for the Peel Poverty Action Group

    • volunteer with the Special Friends Network, a social group for neurodiverse young adults

    • teaching candidate training workshops for the Canadian Labour Congress

    Bill is a Wilfrid Laurier University alumnus who is committed to better preparing our students for the job market and post-secondary education.

    Bill's priorities are:

    • Ensure funding for resources goes directly into classrooms

    • Safe and healthy learning environments for all, including addressing bullying in schools and support for mental health initiatives

    • Transportation services and traffic safety in school zones

    • Meet with parents, school officials and community members to ensure everyone is heard, and that the board's priorities reflect those of the school community.

  • Placeholder image of Bijay PAUDEL
    Bijay PAUDEL
  • Image of Jill PROMOLI
    Jill PROMOLI
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    About Me:

    As the parent of two children attending local Peel schools in Mississauga, there is nothing more important to me than ensuring all our kids have access to high-quality education that will give them the tools they need to thrive and succeed. Growing up, public education opened every door for me.

    For the last six years, I have been working to help improve public health and to make our schools stronger and safer. After the loss of my son to a school flu outbreak in 2016, I founded For Jude, For Everyone, and have worked across all levels of government to better protect our classrooms and communities.

    The last few years have been difficult for all of us, including our children, who have seen their activities cancelled and their learning interrupted. Meanwhile, our school board has required oversight because of a culture of dysfunction and inequity that has left far too many Peel students at a disadvantage. There's a lot of work to do.

    As we move forward, we owe it to our children to work together that every child in our community is given the best start possible. Peel students lost more in-person learning and time together with peers than other Ontario students, and it's time to prioritize their learning and well-being.

    If elected, my priorities include:

    - The health and mental health of students, teachers, and education workers.
    - Ensuring equitable access to services and programming for all students.
    - Ensuring our schools are safe, comfortable, well-maintained, and at appropriate staffing levels.

  • Placeholder image of Audrey SIMPSON
    Audrey SIMPSON

Mississauga Wards 9,10

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Sabina ALAM
    Sabina ALAM
  • Image of Nuhad AYAD
    Nuhad AYAD
    About Me:

    My name is Nuhad Ayad and I am running to be the English Public School Board Trustee in Ward’s 9 and 10 Mississauga. I have lived in this community since 1994 and have been working as a dentist in Credit Valley for more than 16 years. I am a proud mother of four daughters and have been raising them in this community since my eldest daughter was born in 2009. When I am not caring for my patients, my time is wholly dedicated to helping my girls shape their futures. As a Peel Public School Board Trustee I hope to use the skills and knowledge I have acquired as a mother, dentist, business owner, and fellow community member to do my part in advocating for students and parents in Mississauga. I will make sure to be accessible to you, your families and friends at any time.

    My top 3 priorities:

    1. Pandemic learning loss and placement of safeguards to prevent future interruption to student learning.
    2. Promoting Mental and Physical Health programs with particular focus on equity and inclusion.
    3. Special education awareness, accessibility, and support.

  • Placeholder image of Jeff CLARK
    Jeff CLARK
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  • Placeholder image of Javed FARUQUI
    Javed FARUQUI
  • Image of Kiran SAWHNEY
    Kiran SAWHNEY
    About Me:

    I’m running to be your next Public School Trustee in Wards 9 & 10 in Mississauga. I have currently left my job as an educator with the Peel District School Board to run for this position. The pandemic has amplified many of the problems of our education system and I feel compelled to try and help address these issues as a trustee. I have been on the front line in education witnessing the gaps in learning, and advocating for the increased support we need to implement at the school board. We can’t let a generation of kids fall further behind. In addition to my experience as an educator, I have been an EQAO Gr. 10 literacy exam scorer for five years. I have also been a lead teacher training adult ESL teachers to carry out specific programs mandated by the government.

    Aside from my education experience, I am a mother of two kids who graduated from Peel schools. I was also an active member of many parent councils for over 10 years. I currently volunteer with an organization helping international students who are in vulnerable situations while at colleges in Ontario. Most recently, I initiated a high school students' advisory group to guide me on issues that students are facing in their high school years. I understand the power of strong advocacy and have never shied away from bringing issues to the table and working collaboratively to resolve them. Building engagement from the ground up and listening to all the stakeholders is integral to healthy, thriving communities. I have been endorsed by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation and the Secondary School Teachers in Peel.

    I hope to embody the words of journalist Gwen Ifill, who famously stated that, “change comes from listening, learning, caring and conversation.” On October 24th, I hope to earn your support. Good representation is being accessible, accountable and active. I hope to be your education candidate representing you at the Board. Please visit my website at

Brampton Wards 1,5

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Harparminderjit Singh GADRI
    Harparminderjit Singh GADRI
  • Placeholder image of David GREEN
    David GREEN
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  • Image of Sophia JACKSON
    Sophia JACKSON
    About Me:

    Sophia is a Jack of all trades, well more accurately a Jill of all trades, and she accepts this sometimes negatively charged cliché as a major compliment. The complete saying originally is, “A Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” A May 2021 Forbes article entitled, ‘Why being a Jack of all trades is essential for success’, very much encapsulates why Sophia always has a few projects on the go simultaneously. She will tell you that her unyielding drive for success is rooted in helping, supporting and encouraging others to find their own success, happiness, mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing and ultimately the best version of themselves. Helping yourself by helping others, that’s what makes life so robust and worth living, doesn’t it? Well Sophia absolutely feels so. She brings her unique and creative ways to everything she does. Author, Speaker, Singer, Songwriter, Financial Wellbeing Coach, Child and Youth Counselor, Investor and now Candidate for PDSB Trustee Brampton Wards 1 & 5. Sophia has a unique set of skills and experience that has prepared her specifically for the role of Trustee. Almost 7 years with the Peel District School Board as a Behaviour Teaching Assistance, supporting young people in group homes and youth justice. Trained in conflict resolution through restorative practices, which are grounded in a holistic, mindful and Mental Wellness approach. Along with being an affirmation colouring book author and her creative performance arts background, she will bring a fresh and innovative perspective as a connector and advocate for the community. Select the name JACKSON when voting this October 24th , it's the perfect time. To restore hope and for change that will spark what the future of education needs to be for our young people and communities. More

  • Image of Ali QAMAR
    Ali QAMAR
    About Me:

    By profession, I am a Chartered Professional Accountant. I am fully vested and committed to education as a priority with my own two children attending elementary school in Ward 5. For me, education is a passion.

    I have previously served as an elected Academic Director for Local 28 CFS (Student Union at York U). More recently I have volunteered for: SMILES Canada working with Children of different abilities, Junior Achievement, working with High School Children and Assistant coach on my children's soccer team

    Why have I decided to run:

    Democracy works when capable people step-up to serve their communities. I have been a fierce advocate for education and community building. For a better future, a new vision, change is needed after almost two decades to ensure the voices and needs of our community are reflected in policy and strategy.

    Embracing and championing diversity is my top priority

    I persevered academically and socially after years of struggle as a first-generation Canadian. We succeed because of our diversity, not despite it. I want to be an advocate for all our children. We must embrace a supportive and purposeful environment that allows all our children to reach their full potential.

    Top priorities once elected:

    Equity is a priority. No student and educator should ever feel isolated, embracing an aggressively inclusive and safe environment for all our children. Addressing socio economic factor is critical to ensure student well-being. Embracing technology to bridge learning opportunities for children of different abilities, to unleash their individual potential.

    My first 100 Day Plan:

    In my first 100 Days, I want to ensure I meet with at least 5 different parent councils to listen and reflect on the community needs. Accelerating focus on student well-being and equitable learning environment.

    Strengthening collaborative working relationship with other Trustees to establish high standards and organizational effectiveness

  • Image of Vipul SHAH
    Vipul SHAH
    About Me:

    I have been living in the Peel Region for over 21 years. I hold P.Eng designation. With a Masters of Engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University and a successful career as an aerospace engineer, I decided to pursue a management degree (MBA) from Ted Rogers school of business. I am currently working in the digital transformation sector with a vision to bring digital revolution in partnership with several universities in Ontario.

    I have served on the Environmental and Heritage Board Committees with the City of Brampton which aims to protect the natural environment and the historic heritage within this city. I am equally committed to ensuring that all Peel students get a state of the art education.

    As a married father of two children currently attending PDSB, I have seen many educational gaps which is why I chose to run. Providing equal academic opportunities for every student is my mission and vision for the Peel District School Board. I am an active volunteer with Krish Hope Services, a Not-For-Profit organization whose priority is to spread awareness about various nonvisible disabilities and create youth community leaders to advocate for students with special needs.

Brampton Wards 2,6

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Arun ALEX
    Arun ALEX
  • Placeholder image of Yvonne AZAGLO
    Yvonne AZAGLO
  • Image of David W. BOSVELD
    David W. BOSVELD
    About Me:

    David is a founder of the Black Education Fund, a fundraising organization dedicated to providing Black students with scholarship money for post secondary studies. He is a Field Services Support worker at Bell Canada who has previously worked as a trainer during a career that spans more than 25 years,

    David was the first elected President and served in a variety of roles within CEP Local 6006, now known as UNIFOR. He also spent 3 years as Organizing Director at Communications Workers of America (CWA-SCA Canada) advocating for workers in the media and communications sectors.

    David is a community worker and advocate who has dedicated countless hours fighting against anti Black racism, particularly in education, policing and municipal government here in Brampton.

    As a Coach and Board member with Peel Region Football, David connects directly with young people and supports their growth in the community and athletics. He also works directly with families and individuals who have been impacted by police violence. David is an active volunteer in his community and serves as President of his Condo Board Association.

    Most important to David are his two children Tristan and Gabriella who are students within PDSB.

  • Placeholder image of Will DAVIES
    Will DAVIES
    Image of checkbox
  • Placeholder image of Nicardo FRANCIS
    Nicardo FRANCIS
  • Image of Blair NITCHKE
    Blair NITCHKE
    About Me:

    I am a fighter for fairness, equal opportunity and government accountability. Even before becoming a lawyer I’ve always loved litigation and had a keen sense of justice. My track record in the courtroom speaks for itself.

    As a mom to two children in the PDSB, I know our schools are not all equal. I know where we need to make drastic improvements. When the lockdowns were put in place, I knew that I couldn’t just sit back and watch our children suffer.

    My promise to you:

    I believe that school trustees should be approachable as a direct means of parent involvement in our public education system. I promise to personally respond to each and every parent or member of the community to address their concerns, raise their concerns, and to fight for all of our children’s well-being and academic future.

    I don’t pretend to know all the answers to your questions and concerns but it is my goal to make sure I listen, respond and advocate for everyone in our community. Brampton is rapidly growing with new residents and housing developments and your trustees need to adapt to this constantly evolving community.

    What I hope to achieve:

    An education system that we can be proud of. Not only bringing the children back to where they should be if lockdowns hadn’t happened, but propelling them much further ahead. Let’s get our public education system stronger. Let’s get lower class sizes. Extra help for students who need it. Tutoring. Mentorship. Identification of social and racial inequalities and obtaining community input for directly addressing systemic discrimination. Competitive athletics and after-school programs. Extra help for parents to support the success of their children (bussing, after-school care and youth programs, lunch and snack programs, etc..). Inclusivity for all.

    In the end, confidence in our public education system.

  • Placeholder image of Prasanth PANDA
    Prasanth PANDA
  • Image of Abdul RAHEEM
    Abdul RAHEEM
    About Me:

    Abdul Raheem is a father of three and a supportive husband for 10 years. He's been a Peel resident for 20+ years going through Peel public schools from elementary to high school and engaging with the local communities as an entrepreneur to launch digital services in the web and mobile app space since 2005.

    Abdul Raheem holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Finance from the University of Toronto - Mississauga where he also founded Orphan Run. After working for the largest retailer in Canada, he became a Project Management Professional and continued to complete his Masters in Technology and Innovation from McMaster University where he still mentors students and alumni with start-up ventures.

  • Image of Paula SCHULZKE
    Paula SCHULZKE
    About Me:

    Paula Schulzke has been a resident of Brampton for the past 19 years. She is the mother of four young children currently attending three PDSB schools. She believes in public education as a means to improving the quality of our lives and theirs and a path to reaching happiness and success. She believes we need to strengthen it, improve upon it, and fight to preserve it in a way that works for the community.

    Paula has been involved with the PDSB since 2013 when her oldest child started kindergarten. She has served in all the different positions of school council and also has experience as member of the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) where she chaired the events subcommittee and the outreach subcommittee during the 2020-2021 school year. She has worked with and communicated with various departments within the school board, Superintendents of Education, Trustees, school administrators and parents. Paula has no other political experience but a keen interest in public education. In 2018 she planned and organized a trustee candidate meeting for the nominees running in wards 2 and 6 at the time and it was then that she realized she would be well suited to the job.

    Paula is currently a graduate student completing the second year of her MA in Development Studies at York University. Her research topic delves into education and how indigenous knowledge can be incorporated into education. She also holds a BSc in Marriage and Family Studies, a diploma in Early Childhood Education, a TESL certificate, and a FLE (Family Life Education) certificate, and has several years of experience as a stay-at-home mother. Some of her previous work experience also includes teaching Spanish at the Boards International Languages School. Paula has a keen interest in education which is reflected in her educational path and volunteer pursuits. She is a fierce advocate for her children and the community and would love the opportunity to advocate for you and your children at the school board level as a Trustee.

    If elected, during her first 100 days as trustee, she is committed to reaching out either virtually or in person to each working school council and to the administrators of the schools where school councils are not formally organized to find out how the parents and families in these communities would like their voices to be heard. She would also like to set up a weekly virtual office hour to regularly connect with the community. She wants all the children and families to be listened to and know that their concerns matter. Her goal is to listen to the community and let their priorities guide me.

  • Placeholder image of Nirpal SEKHON
    Nirpal SEKHON

Brampton Wards 3,4

Number of Available Seats: 1

Brampton Wards 7,8

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Karla BAILEY
    Karla BAILEY
    Image of checkbox
    About Me:

    Karla Bailey is a longtime resident of Brampton. As a graduate of the Peel District School Board herself, she recognized that even though there are serious challenges within the board, there were also opportunities to make the PDSB a place where children receive a world class education. That is why Karla chose to raise her children in Peel.

    Karla currently uses her degree and diplomas in education and business to support children and families in her role as the Director of Family Services for a nonprofit organization in the Region of Peel.

    Karla is an active and engaged community member. She is involved in community organizations such as:

    *Parent Involvement Committee for the Peel District School Board

    *Served as active Board of Directors member of Boys & Girls Club Peel

    *Active Board of Director of Brampton Neighbourhood Watch

    *Big Sister for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Peel

    *Active Board of Directors member for Roots Community Services – formerly United Achievers Community Services

    As your Trustee, Karla will :

    • Advocate Strongly for your student.

    • Represent You and your concerns.

    • Keep you connected to ensure your student can thrive.

    • You can support Karla’s campaign by donating or getting involved.

    Vote for Karla Bailey because she believes every child deserves a high quality education and she will advocate for it.



  • Placeholder image of Pushproop BRAR
    Pushproop BRAR
  • Image of Michael J. GYOVAI
    Michael J. GYOVAI
    About Me:

    Proud husband, father, son and grandfather

    Executive Director - BGC PEEL (formerly Boys & Girls Club of Peel)

    Ontario Paralegal - Social Justice

    Community Volunteer:

    • City and Regional Committees with Peel Police, Region of Peel, City of Brampton & many Not for Profit service agencies

    • Brampton School Traffic Safety Council

    • Brampton Sports Alliance

    • Board Member – North Bramalea United Church

    I am about ACTION and RESULTS and this is what I continue to provide year after year. This will be the same as your NEW Trustee.

    Michael J. Gyovai Campaign PLATFORM will focus on these 5 Key areas:

    1. COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Effective and Consistent Lines / methods of Communication with you the parents, students, teachers, educational professionals and other elected officials representing Wards 7 & 8, Brampton & the Region of Peel.

    2. Representation YOU Deserve: Through Actions and being accountable to you, bringing back respect, hard work and collaboration to the role of Trustee, always remembering to put you 1st. "Here to serve, not to be served."

    3. Collaboration with ALL levels of Government: Addressing, supporting and working with our Provincial Government to ensure that children, youth and families have equitable, diverse and inclusive access to all educational and supportive resources for you and your children. For Teachers and Educational Professionals, ensuring you know that your input is valuable, is heard and actioned, in the Board and school communities. Mental Health, Physical Education, Financial Literacy are just a few to mention.

    4. Special Education: Working with your MPPs / MPs to ensure that the School Board is getting the access to the right programs, funding and infrastructure to ensure that NO STUDENT is being impacted in a negative way and that every IEP (Independent Educational Plan) has the required tools, milestones and elements that your child needs and deserves.

    5. A Curriculum for Tomorrow's Leaders: Working with our Provincial Government to ensure that the curriculum our children and youth are learning not only meets the current needs but is preparing them for life beyond school and the tools and skill sets to be tomorrow's leaders.

  • Image of Jamie PEDDLE
    Jamie PEDDLE
    About Me:

    Jamie Peddle

    "Fighting For Our Children"

    I have been a resident of Brampton for the past 40 years.

    I have worked in the construction industry for over two decades. I am a father of four children, one of whom has special needs.

    I have been an advocate for autism treatment and I am the founder of the Canadian Autism Treatment for Medicare Coalition which seeks to promote autism treatment delivery through Ontario's healthcare system. I have lobbied all levels of government for better funding models to improve access to healthcare and the strengthening of OHIP coverage for medically-necessary treatment services.

    I am running for School board trustee in Ward 7 and 8 because I have experienced first-hand, and seen an education system that is not living up to its fiduciary duty to provide an education for EVERY child. Changes are needed NOW. For example, the special education system for students with special needs is sorely lacking in resources including sufficient numbers of qualified staff such as Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) and education assistants (EA). The individual education plan (IEP) program needs to be done by a BCBA and the teacher to address the child's needs.

    It is my goal to contribute to the development and implementation of policies and programs that will ensure that the school infrastructure has capital, financial and human resources to do the job properly and help all students learn and become the best that they can be. The teachers need to have the resources to be able to get the training and updating that they need in this increasingly complex world. The schools and the teachers need to be able to provide the students, including those with special education needs, with all the support they need to have an equal opportunity to learn and excel. Students with complex needs require one-on-one teaching with properly trained and qualified staff. I will advocate and push for the hiring of additional teaching staff and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) to ensure that every disabled child is able to get the best education Ontario can offer.

    Folks, it is time for a roll-up-your-sleeves, stop-the-talking and take-some-action kind of advocacy in our school district. I want every child to have access to an education. I want every child to have opportunities to have physical education after school and for every child to have opportunities to participate in homework groups after school. Our children need access to quality physical education and quality tutoring after school. I will work hard to make this happen.

    My commitment is to seek to improve the system so that our Ontario public education system will be considered world class.

    My door will always be open to hear your concerns and discuss what actions need to be taken to improve public education for all students in our ward.

  • Placeholder image of Pardeep Kaur SANGHERA
    Pardeep Kaur SANGHERA
  • Placeholder image of Enver Singh SUMBAL
    Enver Singh SUMBAL
  • Placeholder image of Raheel YOUSAF
    Raheel YOUSAF

Brampton Wards 9,10

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Robbie BASSI
    Robbie BASSI
  • Placeholder image of Atif EJAZ
    Atif EJAZ
  • Placeholder image of Yadwinder GOSSAL
    Yadwinder GOSSAL
  • Image of Therese GUIDOLIN
    Therese GUIDOLIN
    About Me:

    Lucky me, I work in a field where I get to make positive impact in the lives of youth daily. That keeps me in the frontline not only on youth issues, but the issues that parents deal with everyday. My days are filled with simple advice on how to make life better for the child and the parent by opening simple lines of communications, to advising a youth on her pathway to continuing education and educating parents on the diverse choices that their children can have. I spend my year teaching young people the importance of community and civic engagement as well as their overall responsibilities of creating a better world for themselves and those around them.. And no, I am not a teacher. My official title is Coordinator, Youth Specialized Programming. I can only appreciate the hard work and commitment that educators have in the overall development of our kids.

    Why do I want to be a Trustee, I believe that my experiences have given me the necessary insight to bring together community and the education system. I believe that in my community, a trustee who has my experience can be the bridge that can make our community safer, kinder and more proactive in ensuring that our children have the necessary equipment to ensure their success.

  • Placeholder image of Satpaul Singh JOHAL
    Satpaul Singh JOHAL
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  • Placeholder image of Muhammad Idrees KHAN
    Muhammad Idrees KHAN
  • Image of Andre S. LEVY
    Andre S. LEVY
    About Me:

    I’m running for School Board Trustee because I believe our city deserve a better education system that reflects the needs of the students. If the current system was working we would have no need for places like Kumon.Parent voices must be heard and our children must be treated with respect and dignityWe must Build more on diversity and inclusion. This starts with defining diversity as broadly as possible. Ensure teachers and staff are well equipped. More


Number of Available Seats: 1