2022 Election

Greater Essex County District School Board

Headquarters: Windsor
Voting Regions: 7
Total Trustee Seats Available: 10

Windsor West - Wards 1,2,9

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Fazle BAKI
    About Me:

    A lifelong learner and leader, Fazle Baki has served a variety of organizations, boards, and committees. Fazle is a professor and an associate dean at the Odette School of Business. He is a member of the board of governors of the University of Windsor, representing the senate, and an elected co-chair of the Windsor Police Service’s Community Consultative Committee. Fazle is president of the Bangladesh–Canada Association, Windsor-Essex, and past president and current director of the South Asian Centre of Windsor. He has served on the City of Windsor’s Seniors Advisory Committee. Fazle has education in engineering and business. He has an MBA from the University of New Brunswick and a PhD from the University of Waterloo. He has been living in the city of Windsor for the last 22 years, raising his family, working, and volunteering in the community.

    Better Education, Better Future

    Dr. Baki supports the following:
    • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education
    • Job skills programs
    • Financial proficiency programs, improved math programs, and French immersion programs
    • Anti-oppression and allyship training; equity, diversity, and inclusion training; indigenization of curricula; anti-racist learning environments; Black and Indigenous students; multilingualism
    • Environmental leadership
    • Mental health knowledge, literacy, and support
    • Students with special education needs

    Fazle loves listening to and making decisions in consultation with others.

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  • Placeholder image of Malek MEKAWI
    Malek MEKAWI
    About Me:

    I’m a recently graduated GECDSB student heading to the University of Windsor to study Electrical Engineering. As someone just coming out of the system, I have first-hand experience and knowledge of exactly what our students need and solutions to move forward. Trustees are responsible for representing all community members that make up our respective regions – students, parents and staff alike. Throughout high school, I was heavily involved within my school community and beyond. I’ve constantly heard out from my peers, mentors and teachers, administrators and members of the community. I’ve come to develop a deep concern for issues surrounding education.

    Growing up, most students hear the phrase that as "youth", we are the leaders of tomorrow. It is time that we face the challenges in education by first addressing the need for a youthful voice and engagement. I not only offer fresh ideas and a unique perspective, but I strive to better the education offered across the GECDSB for all students, reaffirming the belief that no student, regardless of their learning style, interests or pathway should ever be left behind. The GECDSB strives to build a better tomorrow, together. A motto I couldn’t agree with more. If we truly want to see a change in education, we must elect trustees capable of looking beyond their constituents and realize that the solutions to our problems are our learners.

    Elect Malek Mekawi for GECDSB Trustee Wards 1, 2 and 9. Learn more about what I’ve done and what I have planned at!

Windsor Central - Wards 3,4,10

Number of Available Seats: 2
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    Sarah CIPKAR
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  • Placeholder image of Sushil JAIN
    Sushil JAIN
    About Me:

    I am a passionate and experienced educator and researcher of education related matters, who is dedicated to student learning, achievement and well-being.

    -listens and values dialogue

    -embraces parental input

    -promotes transparency, consultation, accountability

    -supports schools teaching in an impartial, apolitical, unbiased way as to not undermine the diverse family values, cultures, religions within our public education system, respects parental rights

    Academic Qualifications:

    M.Ed. (University of Windsor), PhD in Politics (University of Leicester, UK), Graduate of law school (Sussex University, UK)

    Over 25 years of teaching experience (school and university level)

    Current volunteer instructor at Canterbury ElderCollege

    Civic and Community Involvement:

    Chair, South Asian Political Action Committee

    Past member of the University of Windsor's Faculty of Education Advisory Council

    Past chair/member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the City of Windsor

    Past member of the City of Windsor's International Relations Committee

    Past member of the Essex Law Association's Truth and Reconciliation Committee

    …and more

    Vote for a trustee who brings concerns of parents, students and supporters of the board to the attention of the board, pursuant to the Education Act. Vote for SUSHIL JAIN, I will be YOUR voice!

    To request a lawn sign or for more information, please email

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    Christie NELSON
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    About Me:

    As a long time resident of Windsor, a University of Windsor and St. Clair College graduate, I have supported public education ongoing as a student, parent, and a trusted community collaborator for over 25 years.


    From legal service, to health, wellness, media, and supporting priority groups, my professional experiences have mainly been through non profit agencies and social justice driven efforts.


    I am passionate about community and want the best public education experience for all youth and their families. From volunteering for Hospice, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Police Auxiliary and Greater Essex County District School Board Parent Involvement Committee, collaborating to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens are supported and empowered has always been a key focus of mine. In public education I believe that it is important to have the perspectives of many for the best academic outcomes.


    Black, Indigenous, racialized, people living with disabilities, LGBTTIQ2SA, and others may experience barriers to academic success. Now is the time to be seen and heard for best academic outcomes. Let's create a better tomorrow together.

  • Placeholder image of Margaret A. STANLEY
    Margaret A. STANLEY
    About Me:

    Vote MARG STANLEY for school board trustee

    Taught in the GECDSB for twenty years

    Small business owner for ten years

    Boards previously served on - W5, Solidarity Towers, Artcite

    Missionary work in Guatemala

    Taught in China and Cuba

    Sponsor of ESL bursary

    My goal is to give a voice to students, teachers and the public. Give oversight to policies and the implementation of them. Student achievement is key.

    Bullying in schools is a problem that must be addressed.

    STANLEY stands for education

Windsor East - Wards 5,6,7,8

Number of Available Seats: 2

Leamington, Pelee

Number of Available Seats: 1

Lakeshore, Tecumseth

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Connie-Lynn BUCKLER
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    About Me:

    I am an experienced trustee having served for 8 years.

    I am a passionate lifelong learner.

    I am a staunch advocate for ALL students.

    I am reliable, dependable,available, dedicated and passionate.

    I am eager to get back to work service g the people of lakeshore/Tecumseh to the best of my ability in education.

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    Chris LANMAN

Kingsville, Essex

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Julia BURGESS
    Julia BURGESS
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    About Me:

    I've been honoured to serve in a leadership capacity on the Greater Essex County DSB, including as Chair and Vice Chair of the Board. I bring valuable skills and broad knowledge to this public service, keeping what's best for our kids and our communities at the centre of all my decision making. I have deep roots in Kingsville-Essex, exemplary attendance and participation in numerous school board committees, as well as external not-for-profit organizations that benefit children and youth and families. I have no conflicts of interest that would prevent me from voting on any matter. My record shows an understanding of local and provincial issues: deliberating on the $557M combined operating and capital budgets we've presently adopted for '22-'23. I offer thoughtful governance of resources for ALL learners in ALL schools, including those with special education needs. Attendance at Ontario Public School Boards' Association (OPSBA) Annual General Meetings as a voting delegate, a Director on OPSBA Board of Directors, Labour Relations & Public Education Symposia, etc., requires much reading and analysis, listening and keeping current, and has allowed me to help shape teaching and learning policy in many areas with direct impact on public education and student success. Union contracts expired on Aug 31, 2022, and this round of negotiations is predicted to be a challenging one with media signals from our provincial government as our funding partners (our 'banker') and the many unions and federations who are also looking for fair bargaining and reaching a collective agreement. As the employer, district school boards through OPSBA and local bargaining want the process to be one without disruption to students. Twenty+ years of experience on the OPSBA will prove a valuable asset (Western Region Chair, Director/ Voting Delegate, Chair of Education Program Work Team, Member of Policy Development Work Team, Symposium Planning, Scholarship review, Governance, etc.,) Local priorities will be completing the build of the new K-12 FI/ENG dual track school on the south shore, serving students from Kingsville and Harrow, and subsequently ensuring the properties of JMPS, KPS, Migration Hall, KDHS, GAHS, WD Lowe campus amongst others land in the right hands to honour the legacy of a century of taxpayer support for those community assets. Addressing the loss of momentum in student achievement and recognized added mental health concerns amongst students of all ages, their families, and our staff as we emerge from pandemic teaching and learning conditions remains a key focus. We have much work ahead which will draw on our resilience and experience, and I'd be honoured to have your support as we tackle it together.

    You can reach me at or call/text: 519 981-4455.

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    Sherry DUCEDRE
    About Me:

    My name is Sherry Ducedre & I am running for Public School Board Trustee representing the Town of Kingsville & the Town of Essex (Harrow & McGregor).

    Trustees are locally elected representatives with an obligation to focus on student achievement & student well-being but also to communicate the views & decisions of the Board back to their constituents. I would like to work as a Team with all the Board Members to build a reputation that the GECDSB is one of the finest in Ontario.

    My 13+ years as a Committee of Adjustment member has provided decision making experience based on legislation, policies & procedures. Appointed members must have a commitment to attend monthly meetings; they must contribute time and knowledge to fulfill the Committee’s mandate. Public School Trustee has much of the same requirements.

    Combined with my 21+ years of professional employment with the Corporation of the City of Windsor providing service to the community & gaining knowledge of political structures, I believe, has prepared me for this next step. I hope this provides insight of my commitment to working hard with a drive to do more in the community and be your voice as Public School Board Trustee.

  • Image of David KELLER
    David KELLER
    About Me:

    From Harrow Ontario

    Former transportation technology teacher

    Auto mechanic

    Attended university of western Ontario

Amherstburg, LaSalle

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Ron LECLAIR
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    About Me:

    Ron LeClair is a life long resident of the Town of LaSalle. He has represented the Towns of LaSalle and Amherstburg since 2014. As a Trustee, Ron has served as both the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board. Ron has focused on student success throughout his two terms as Trustee.

    Ron advocated and successfully obtained defibrillators for all high schools in the GECDSB, at no cost to taxpayers.

    Ron was successful in obtaining funding for two new schools in the two towns.

    Ron was a police officer for over 30 years. It was his work in Youth Crime investigations that resulted in his pursuit of a Trustee position. Ron learned that many young people engaged in criminal activity where struggling in school. Ron felt these young people lacked a voice. Since his first election, Ron has become a champion of marginalized students focusing on processes to ensure their success.

    Ron has considerable experience in governance, as a Board member of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and past member of the Windsor Police Association.

    Today, Ron works for the Solicitor General's office as a Police Advisor, providing governance advice to Police Services Boards.

  • Image of Geri SALINITRI
    About Me:

    I am proud to be a candidate for School Board Trustee for the GECDSB representing the communities of LaSalle and Amherstburg. With over 40 years of service in education at the elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels, I bring passion and a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position.

    Here is a brief description of my journey.


    PhD in Education, University of Windsor, 2004

    Masters of Education, University of Windsor, 1998

    B.Ed., University of Windsor, 1978

    B.Sc. University of Windsor, 1977

    Member of the Ontario College of Teachers since 1978


    Associate Dean of the Faculty of Education from 2012-2020 (retired Professor Emeritus)

    Associate Professor from 1999-2012

    Secondary School Science Teacher and Counsellor from 1980 – 1999

    Service to the Academic Community

    Supervised over 50 graduate students in the Faculty of Education

    Received over $150000 in research funding

    Developed the 1st Ontario University International Baccalaureate Program for Teachers

    Published and presented over 60 articles, papers, reviews and book chapters

    Edited the Handbook of Research: Leadership Experience for Academic Directions, Program for Student Success based on a service learning program I established in 2006

    Service to the Community

    Board of Directors for the Alumni Association of the University of Windsor since 2019

    Board of Directors for the ProsperUS group of the United Way since 2021

    Board of Directors for the Canada South Science City of Windsor from 2000-2010

    Ministry of Education Curriculum Review Board 2006

    Chair for Windsor Regional Science Fair from 1994-2004

    Chair of the University of Windsor Science Olympiad from 1999-2012


    CIBPA Professional Italian of the Year Award, 2019

    University of Windsor Alumni Award of Merit, 2016

    Champion in Education presented by the GECDSB, 2016

    Student Advocacy, Faculty of Education, 2016, 2015

    UWSA, University of Windsor Student Alliance Teacher of the Year Award, 2012

    University of Windsor Alumni Award for Distinguished Contribution to University Teaching, 2009

    University of Windsor Alumni Excellence in Mentoring Award, 2004

    Chemical Institute of Canada Award, Bayer Rubber Award for excellence in the teaching of High School Chemistry, 1999

    Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in Mathematics, Science and Technology, 1993