2022 Election

District School Board of Niagara

Headquarters: St. Catharines
Voting Regions: 7
Total Trustee Seats Available: 11

St. Catharines/Niagara-on-the-Lake

Number of Available Seats: 4
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    Kate BAGGOTT
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    About Me:

    Kate Baggott is seeking re-election as a DSBN trustee. Over the past four years she has become known for her accountability to the electorate and for helping parents under all circumstances. Her professional background in academic research, technology industries, journalism and content creation helps to inform her work as a trustee. She is a single parent with one child in university and one in high school. More information can be found at More

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    Alex BRADNAM
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  • Image of Mike BROUSSEAU
    About Me:

    The five big priorities for my campaign are as follows:

    -Fighting hate and keeping students safe
    -Increasing funding for science, technology, engineering, arts & math (STEAM)
    -Increasing transparency between the school board and the community
    -Working together to build equitable and inclusive communities
    -Championing 21st century skills for students:

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    Jonathan FAST
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  • Placeholder image of Kris VRCEK
    Kris VRCEK
    About Me:

    Mission Statement - With my leadership, I’ll ensure equity across our school board so that every student, regardless of ethnicity, identity, or personal circumstance has the opportunity to succeed. My responsibility as a school board trustee is to represent all voices, particularly those of disadvantaged groups. More


Number of Available Seats: 1

Grimsby/ Lincoln

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Margaret BOWMAN
    Margaret BOWMAN
    About Me:

    I am running for the position of School Board trustee because I believe that our children are our number one priority, and that I can contribute, through my experience and skills, to the continued building of a strong public school system to serve them.

    I am a long-time Grimsby resident, whose daughter is a graduate of Grimsby public schools. I saw first-hand the benefits of schools that welcome parental involvement and work to provide the best programming to meet individual student needs. This experience is what I would wish for our grandson and for all of the students in the District School Board of Niagara, and I would work hard toward that goal.

    I served for many years as a teacher in elementary and secondary schools, and as a viceprincipal and principal in the public school system. Now retired, I have worked with trustees, parents, and school councils for many years to meet students’ learning and social needs.

    I have experience serving on a variety of Boards of Directors. I am, for example, a former member and past chair of the Board of the provincial Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies; a former member and past chair of the Board of the Hamilton Children’s Aid Society; and a former member of the Grimsby Museum Board. In these roles, I have had experience in overseeing large budgets, developing and carrying out strategic plans and, in one case, hiring a new CEO. Being involved in the community has always been important to me.

    My priorities as trustee:

    • to oversee budgets carefully and to ensure that moneys are spent to best support student learning ;

    • to keep schools safe by championing equity, diversity and inclusion so that all students and school staff feel safe and respected; and to keep schools safe by monitoring covid protocols so that schools can stay open;

    • To help students bridge the gaps in learning and social skills caused by in-school interruptions due to covid;

    • To make sure that there are resources for special education needs and supports for mental health and quality programming;

    • To be a strong link for parents and the community so that concerns and issues can be heard at the board table.

    It would be an honour to serve as a trustee to benefit children, and to build a strong public school system.

    For more information, please visit

  • Image of Elizabeth KLASSEN
    Elizabeth KLASSEN
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    About Me:

    Elizabeth Klassen is a 30 year resident of Vineland seeking to be re-elected as a District School Board of Niagara Trustee. Since 2018, Elizabeth has had the opportunity to liaise with parents, students & community members and ensure that their voice is heard. Even when tough topics arise she is willing to speak for the concerns of our community. She works tirelessly with staff and students and ensure that their voice is heard and they are an active part of leading the direction of their education. Elizabeth was able to successfully advocate for the building of the greenhouse and agricultural program at the new build at West Niagara Secondary School. She was able to liaise with our MPP Sam Oosterhoff to expedite funding for the build of the High School as well as the funding for Forestview Public School in Niagara Falls.

    Elizabeth is a strong advocate for her community, students and parents even in the most difficult of circumstances so that our students get the best education and experience they deserve. For more information please visit

  • Image of Matthew STANTON
    Matthew STANTON
    About Me:

    I am a lifelong and proud resident of Lincoln, graduate of Beamsville District Secondary School, and former Student Representative. I am also a lawyer and have experience advocating on behalf of others.Most importantly, I am passionate about representing Lincoln & Grimsby and supporting our public education system.

    As your Public School Trustee, I will:

    - Advocate for your interests while holding myself accountable to our community;

    - Be transparent by encouraging more open communication between the DSBN, students, and parents;

    - Collaborate with trustees in other constituencies across Niagara; and

    - Develop policies that promote equity, inclusivity, and respect for all students.

    Overall, my priorities are Student Success, Community Engagement, Teacher Support, and Good Governance.

    For more information about me and my platform, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or by calling 905-329-1752.

Thorold, Pelham

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Nancy BEAMER
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    Linda BORLAND
  • Image of Lisa FUCILE
    Lisa FUCILE
    About Me:

    Who & why I’m a Candidate for Trustee for Pelham/ Thorold.

    All of the other candidates for this role have a wide variety of experiences, some in the role as trustee, as well as in various other positions within & out of our education system. What the others do not have, however, is a first hand look at how our education system has changed over the last ten years.

    Even before the pandemic caused an incredible shift in our education system; how we deliver content, how important mental health and relationships are, and the need for structure and routine in the lives of our youth, the landscape in education drastically changed. Technology - its benefits and limitations, Special Education - how to navigate an inclusive model of education, and Equity - ensuring all of our children and young adults are safe, comfortable and treated equally and fairly, are all examples of areas that continue to significantly change every year.

    As a newly retired teacher and consultant for the last thirty years, I have lived these changes along with our students and their families. This experience allows me to not only understand educational issues from an adult and parent’s perspective, but also through the eyes of the children, teachers, support staff and administration that continue to be the important cogs in our education system.

    I am passionate, driven and excited to use my unique experiences to help everyone involved in our education system and community to be heard, represented, and valued in all decisions being made.

    Vote Lisa Fucile for School Trustee in 2022

  • Image of Rene NAND
    Rene NAND
    About Me:

    As a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional, with over 18 years of experience in progressive Crown Corporation and Municipal government roles, I have led transformative change, recognizing the unique needs of the community to ensure the connectivity and engagement of all people.

    Why Am I Running as a School Board Trustee Candidate:

    I am a mother first and foremost. I moved to Thorold in 2020 and my son is currently enrolled at E.L. Crossley Secondary School in Pelham. As the parent of a current student, I have the firsthand and real time experience to advocate for the needs of students and parents. We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, however our children suffered from both an educational and mental health perspective.

    It's time to get our children back on track. Let's commit to keeping kids in school and learning. My experience with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has made me keenly aware of the gaps in the services to our special needs community. I want teachers, administrators, and guardians to work together to ensure that no child falls through the cracks and that all children are set up for future success.

    My knowledge and experience in government leadership has equipped me with the skills to execute policy and advocacy work. I am continually learning about the unique needs of our fast-growing Region. My volunteer and advocacy work with the Niagara Region Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Commitee has provided with insights in how best to service the most vulnerable members of our community.

    I commit to representing and advocating for the needs of parents and children.

West Lincoln/Wainfleet

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Image of Deanne MACINTOSH
    Deanne MACINTOSH
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    About Me:

    I feel very qualified to be a DSBN Trustee with my experience and community ties.

    I am a caring, woman of action, with heart and I am not afraid to challenge something I feel strongly about.

    My history of advocacy for mental health and children's fitness allowed me to speak up for kids that may not have a voice. I was once that child without a voice.

    For anyone who volunteers with me here in Smithville they will vouch for me and my work ethic, my empathy and sense of urgency when issues arise.

    My top 3 issues that most concern me in our school system:

    **Mental Health*** – Keep improving on getting children the help they need, many having mental health issues and not enough support systems in place.

    **Special Education**- staffing, improvements in their classroom, advocate for children who have no voice, stop letting these kids fall through the cracks! Special attention for gifted students as well.

    ***Inclusivity for all students*** no matter race, financial stature or learning abilities, social status, sexual orientation and gender identity. I want to ensure the kids do not experience harassment or bullying about these issues, their focus needs to be on learning.

    Here is my background of related community experience:

    • Canadian Delegate for the Curves Franchise Association Board Member

    • Ontario Fitness Council: The Child Fitness Tax Credit- passed.

    • Coached my daughter's soccer team and was a warm up trainer for their Rep hockey team.

    • Two term Co-Chair Parents Council John Darling Public

    • Lunch Volunteer for Pizza Days for Driftwood Public school

    • Program Manager 4 years for Forest Heights Community Centre I managed all children, youth and teen programs.

    • Special Children’s Event coordinator for 4 years all of the kids/teen programming, children’s events, promoting inclusivity, making sure special needs children had helpers and made them feel like they belong and could be part of team sports.

    • Managed a baseball team for Coed for 2 years in Waterloo

    • Founder and Manager- 75 Mixed adult Community Choir,

    • Board member FHCA Kitchener, Volunteer coordinator, I ran all the special kid’s events, Pizza with Santa, Fun Day for 5 years, Halloween events and Easter events.

    I currently have been a very active volunteer in Smithville with Kiwanis of West Lincoln as publicity and Facebook manager where our mandate is raising monies for local kids and senior programs, I also volunteer for most of the Kiwanis events in town.

    I look forward to earning your vote and being your voice.

  • Image of Jessica VANSYDENBORGH
    About Me:

    I have lived in West Lincoln for most of my life. I am a wife and mother of 4. I have 6 years of professional teaching experience, have been and continue to be involved in school-related committee(s). I am pro-family and pro-parental rights and am running as a concerned citizen. It is my goal to improve the quality of education in public schools as these students will be the future decision-makers for our community (and others). In short, I am running for the children's sake.

    If given the opportunity to be a trustee, I will focus on:

    - Accountability to parent/caregiver

    - Education focused on academic excellence

    - Equipping children with critical thinking skills

    - Key skills for student success like reading, writing, math

    - Ensuring that all students in public schools receive a solid education

    - Effective stewardship of the Board's resources

Fort Erie, Port Colborne

Number of Available Seats: 1
  • Placeholder image of Gregg DAME
    Gregg DAME
  • Image of Susan JOVANOVIC
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    About Me:

    My current and relevant involvement and experiences make me the ideal candidate for Trustee.

    For many years I have been an active member then led the parent councils at Peace Bridge Public and GFESS and am a member of PIC (Parent Involvement Committee) working with administrators and trustees in addressing board wide issues. I have four children that are currently enrolled in the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Two of my kids are Special Needs and I have had to advocate for them for years so they received the resources they needed to progress.

    Our students currently face educational gaps as a result of lockdowns, school closures, and the sudden launch into online learning. Trustees and administrators will need to work collaboratively, act quickly, and make the necessary sacrifices to provide teachers in the classrooms with additional resources to help accelerate student achievement. I am prepared to hit the ground running to address that challenge.

    I strongly believe Education Elevates us all and I will work to Elevate our student's Education.

  • Image of Owen RIEL
    Owen RIEL
    About Me:

    I believe I have unique experience that equips me to address modern issues facing students, parents, and education workers alike. After working in Provincial and Federal politics, working with community groups, and experiencing first-hand the challenges the pandemic thrust onto students I am ready to tackle those challenges.

    Talking to folks across Fort Erie and Port Colborne, student mental health has been a major concern for all community members. Our kids deserve to have a full time social worker in every school to address this need. We must also work towards an inclusive and accepting environment in education, so all students can flourish.

    As trustees, we are 1 member among a board of 11. It is imperative that your trustee be collaborative, positive, and create goals that are ambitious and achievable. After consulting with parents, students, and trustees I believe that I am ready to deliver these qualities.

Niagara Falls

Number of Available Seats: 2