2022 Election

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

Headquarters: Hanover
Voting Regions: 6
Total Trustee Seats Available: 6

Brockton Wards 34,36

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Jean HEDLEY
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    Linda STRADER
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    About Me:

    My name is Linda Strader and I am the incumbent Separate School Trustee for the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board. I have been involved in the Catholic School system for virtually all of my life; starting in Kindergarten and continuing until I retired from my career as a teacher of 30 years with the BGCDSB. Once retired, I was elected as Trustee in 2018 and continued my involvement with Catholic education. All of my 8 children/step-children are graduates of the BGCDSB system, providing me with the insight of a parent into the Catholic school system.

    My priorities/goals for the next four years, when elected are:

    - focusing on a faith filled, well-rounded education rooted in the Catholic culture of deep caring and based on the Catholic Graduate Expectations

    - continuing a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills, following the curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education

    - continuing to use Religion and Family Life curriculums in our schools, that have been approved by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario

    - further advancing a welcoming school community, where all students, staff and families feel included, accepted and valued for the unique individuals that they are; created in God's image

    - approving balanced budgets

    - overseeing and participating in the implementation of the recently approved Equity Action Plan

    - developing a new multi-year strategic plan

    I believe that with my combined experience as a teacher, parent and trustee, I am very qualified to continue in the role as trustee for Brockton Wards 34 and 36. I have a strong understanding of how a publicly funded Catholic school system operates; from budgets to curriculum. I recognize the successes and needs of staff, students and families. I am a dedicated supporter of the Catholic School system in Brockton, and Bruce-Grey.

Grey Highlands, Hanover, West Grey, Southgate

Number of Available Seats: 1
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Huron-Kinloss, Brockton Ward 31, Kincardine

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Lori DI CASTRI
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    About Me:

    My name is Lori Di Castri, I am the current English Separate School Board Trustee representing Brockton Ward 31, Huron-Kinloss and Kincardine. I call Point Clark home and have done so since the 80’s. I raised my daughter here and she is a proud graduate of Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board (BGCDSB) and is now completing her dual degree at the University of Guelph. While both of my parents were educators (my father as a Professor and my mother as a K-8 Teacher), I work in both healthcare and education equally. I divide my time between my finance role at Wingham Hospital and postsecondary teaching at Conestoga College. The majority of my community involvement is my volunteer work serving as Chair of the BGCDSB.

    I am a graduate of McMaster University with my BA in Sociology and diploma in Business Administration. I have further certificates in Human Rights, Critical Thinking, Leadership and Governance, and I am currently engaged in a Masters of Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University.

    I was asked to run for the Trustee position by my parish priest thirteen years ago. I had served with him on the Parish Council and St. Anthony school council at the time. Over my years of service as Trustee I became thoroughly educated with regard to the role and responsibilities of Catholic School Trustee in the province of Ontario. It is a position of trust as well as a position governed by the Ministry of Education at Queen’s Park.

    As a Trustee my role has been one of commitment to Catholic Education and to the students, parents and communities that BGCDSB serves. I have worked diligently over the years to create and maintain excellent relationships with the families I represent and our community stakeholders. What keeps me focussed in the role is respectful, effective, and open supportive relationships where we are all working together for the common goal of student achievement and well-being. I hope to be able to continue the good works we have in progress and see Catholic Education thrive in Bruce and Grey counties.

    My main objective in running for English Separate School Board Trustee in the Fall 2022 Municipal election is to continue to support and promote Catholic Education in Ontario. There is a constant pressure for Catholic Education to prove its value and place in the Ontario education system. It is something I will continue to fight for as I believe in the benefits of faith based education and, moreover, it provides choice for our families when it comes time for school registration!

    I have been proud to support BGCDSB as a community member, a parent volunteer and currently as member of the Board of Trustees for many years. The last few years have been challenging ones for our entire country and indeed the world. We continue to work through this pandemic and provide safe and successful learning spaces for our staff and students.

    If I am the successful candidate in the upcoming election I will continue to work with my community and school board to ensure we are providing the highest level of Catholic Education in the best and most fiscally sound way possible. We have always prioritized technology in our learning, and we benefitted greatly at the onset of virtual learning as we had already begun the process of providing devices to our students. Programs such as 1:1 devices and our comprehensive strategic planning keep our students on the cutting edge of education in Ontario. Afterall, this work is all about meeting the Catholic Graduate expectations and preparing our youth for their futures.

    Please feel free to email me directly at should you have any questions or concerns.

    Confirm that you are on the voter’s list as a Separate School Supporter with your local municipal or township office.

    Municipality of Brocton

    Township of Huron-Kinloss

    Municipality of Kincardine

    Thank you for your support

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    Allan KEMPERT

Owen Sound, Meadford, Blue Mountains

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Michael BLACK
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    Bruce MUISE
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    About Me:

    For 12 years Bruce was a member of the Board of Trustees and served as Chairman and Vice-Chair at two different Catholic School Boards in Northern Ontario.

    He moved to Owen Sound two decades ago to accept a position with the City.

    Husband to Janice, proud father of three professional working adult children, and 6 grand-children all who attended Catholic schools.

    Bruce has enjoyed an extensive career in the Environmental field having worked in management positions with the Ministry of the Environment, the City of Owen Sound and the former Henderson Patton Consulting Engineers.

    Bruce values his involvement in community service as a supporter of the local Mental Health Unit, Special Olympics and Families for Autism through the Knights of Columbus Radio Bingo. A former Grand Knight and District Deputy, he is an active member of St. Mary’s Church community as a member of the Cemetery Board and helps out with Catholic charities.

    He is humbled to have this amazing opportunity to carry on the legacy of former Chairman and Vice-Chairman Norm Bethune who served our Board for many years.

    He believes in working with the Catholic Community in a collaborative manner to ensure our students are provided with the greatest opportunities to practice their faith and to realize their individual potential.

    Priorities for Bruce are facilities, including addressing the capacity issues at St. Mary’s High School, student support and the safety of students and staff.

    Bruce is looking forward to meeting Catholic ratepayers to learn about their thoughts and insights: Your vision of Catholic Education in the future and to share his with you.

Saugeen Shores, Arran-Elderslie, Chatsworth, Georgian Bluffs, Northern Bruce Peninsula, South Bruce Peninsula

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Lucie DESBIENS
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    About Me:

    I am Lucie Desbiens and my husband Fern and I have been residents of Port Elgin for 44 years. We are proud parents of 4 adult children with 10 grandchildren.

    My support for Catholic Education is evident with my involvement as a parent, an educator and a promotor. I am fluently bilingual. During my 15 years teaching career with the BGCDSB, I was part of the Faith Formation Committee. I was also invited to facilitate workshops.

    I volunteered at the school and helped publish the 50th anniversary yearbook and helped organize the gathering of information for the St. Joseph Parish 50th Anniversary Time Capsule.

    I have been a volunteer at the Huron Shores Hospice in Tiverton.

    I am willing to work hard as I bring the community voices to the table and help set the conditions for every student to reach their full potential.

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    Jeannette LEE

South Bruce

Number of Available Seats: 1
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    Richard ZETTLER