Trustee Organization

Orientation for School Board Trustees

At the start of the term of office, each school board provides an in-depth orientation session for trustees to acquaint them with roles, relationships and responsibilities within the board and to provide an overview of the specific environment of the school board.

If you are thinking of running to be a school board trustee, you are invited to visit: This website offers a comprehensive set of resources about the role of today’s school board trustee.

Honorarium for School Board Trustees

School Board Trustees are entitled to be paid an honorarium while in office. The amount varies from board to board and is guided by Ontario Regulation 357/06. The honorarium is made up of an annual base amount, an amount related to the school board’s enrolment, an amount payable to the trustee for attendance at meetings, and a distance amount in the case of boards covering large areas. The chair and vice-chair of a board are entitled to additional amounts for the responsibility of their office. An honorarium is not intended to be a salary; the honorarium amount across Ontario ranges from $6,000 to $26,000.

Board Administration

The chief executive officer of the board is the director of education. One of the most important leadership relationships in the school system is the one that exists between the Board of Trustees and the director of education. While their roles are distinct and different, they must also be complementary for the system to operate effectively. Each board’s success depends on the direction provided by the board and on the leadership of the director of education. Each director of education’s job is greatly influenced by the successes the board achieves and by the challenges it faces. Both parties need to be cognizant of their inter-dependence, and willing to work cooperatively for the successes of the system and the students in the schools.

Organizational structures differ among boards. However, the school board’s administration manages the day-to-day functions of operating the school system.