L’Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques

Our raison d’être

Founded in 1998, the Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques (AFOCSC) is the voice of French-language Catholic school boards in Ontario. It serves its members by defending their interests and by promoting French-language Catholic education to government and to the people of Ontario.


French-language Catholic schools reflect a unique philosophy of education. The schools and the boards that operate them are inspired by faith in Jesus Christ, a characteristic that is evident in various aspects of the learning environment, such as the Catholic curriculum, faith education, pastoral support, and community action.

Our mission

“Led by the Spirit of Jesus, rooted in the Christian community and enriched by French culture, French-language Catholic schools are student-centered communities that are based on the Gospel and make a world of difference by providing stimulating learning environments and by promoting social change in support of God’s Kingdom.”

This mission statement, common to all French-language Catholic school boards, is found in a policy document published in 2005 by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario.

Our vision

AFOCSC is a leader in ensuring the growth and vitality of the French-language Catholic education system in Ontario.

Our values


We have well-developed skills in Catholic and French-language education, and we find creative ways to offer our services in order to ensure success for all school boards.

Collaborative leadership

We promote dialogue and networking among Catholic school boards, community partners and governments, in order to ensure the development of the French-language Catholic education system in Ontario.


Our interactions demonstrate a culture of mutual respect, we are upright in our decision-making, and we promote social justice.

Commitment to Catholicism

We are committed to the transmission of Christian values by living up to our faith in Jesus Christ.

Cultural Identity

In all our relationships, we take pride in the French language, our Catholic faith and the diversity of Franco-Ontarian culture, in order to ensure visibility for our school system.

For more information, please visit afocsc.org.